Saints Row: The Third Collectibles Guide – Sex Dolls, Money Pallets, Drug Packages, and Photo Op

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You will need a lot of cash if you want to unlock everything in Saints Row The Third – especially those classy vehicles. So, we are left with the fundamental question of life, how to earn the damn money ?

There are several ways, you can earn money in Saints Row: The Third, just like real-life, but one of the easiest is by collecting all the collectibles throughout Steel Port. Saints Row: The Third collectibles include Drug Packages, Sex Dolls, Photo Op and Pallets.

Note. Spend some money on GPS treasure map (also shown above) – it will lead you to all the collectibles in Saints Row: The Third. Because it’s an open world game, it’s hard to pinpoint any particular position. You will have to search the sections properly to find these collectibles.

For more help on Saints Row: The Third, read our Unlock Guide, Weapons Guide, and Crashes troubleshooting guide.

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Saints Row: The Third Drug Package Locations

Each drug package you collect will earn you $1000 bonus and 1000$ more with every five packages you collect. There are 20 drug packages that you can collect, which will earn you easy 24000$.

Drug Package #1
Location. Second Meth Lab, follow the road one block southwest, and go towards the northern side of western Island of Steelport. You will come across suburban houses, look in the backyard of these houses.

Drug Package #2
Location. Go to the gun store ‘Friendly Fire’ and take your vehicle south down the room and stop it as you pass under the bridge. Drug Package is on the roof west of this road.

Drug Package #3
Location. Take the western street from ‘Planet Saints’ clothing shop and search the roofs of the buildings in south between Planet Saints and Organ Blackmarket.

Drug Package #4
Location. Look for this drug package on a container east of the earlier drug package.

Drug Package #5
Location. Inside the hidden cave in the area where Shaundi’s Ex lives. The cave is up at the top of the cliff and you can reach it using a flying vehicle.

Drug Package #6
Location. Go south from where Shaund’s Ex lives and you will come across a cliff overlooking the water. The drug package is hidden by a tree, south of the cliff. Use the flying vehicle to reach it.

Drug Package #7
Location. Go west from Friendly Fire and you will come across a dock underneath the bridge. The drug package is hidden among the shipping containers, so search and retrieve it.

Drug Package #8
Location. West from Handy J’s Tune and Lube one block, go south, and search the exterior area of the first block of buildings you come across.

Drug Package #9
Location. Look behind a garage under the half bridge that runs north from Chupacabra Casino.

Drug Package #10
Location. Southwestern island of Steelport, search the area between the three bridges for this drug package.

Drug Package #11
Location. Below the three bridges in the southwestern island of Steelport, on the alcoves overlooking the water.

Drug Package #12
Location. On the central Island of Steelport, look for this package on the skyrbridge between the two large buildings.

Drug Package #13
Location. There is a park between those two buildings, search the grass for this drug package.

Drug Package #14
Location. Look for it in the south of Planet Saints, behind the first set of buildings.

Drug Package #15
Location. Across the street, west of Saints HQ, look behind the first set of buildings you come across.

Drug Package #16
Location. Look for it in the eastern island of Steelport, in the alley between behind the two buildings by the roads between the two highways.

Drug Package #17
Location. Across the street, north of Curly’s Chop Shop, behind the buildings.

Drug Package #18
Location. Search the gaps between the shipping containers, off the shore, in a large bay area, in the northeast side of the eastern Island.

Drug Package #19
Location. Go south one block from where you found previous drug package and you should come across another set of buildings. Search the exterior area of these buildings and you should find the drug package.

Drug Package #20
Location. Entrance of the Church in the eastern most Island of Steelport.

Saints Row: The Third Sex Dolls

In Saints Row: The Third, if you can use dildos as weapons then presence of sex dolls shouldn’t be that surprising. If you find these dolls, each one of them will get you $1000 and there is an extra $1000 on every fifth doll you collect.

Sex Dolls #1
Location. From the central Island in Steelport, head north from west side docks. After you cut through the island (from the highway direction), search for the dolls around the concrete bay looking over the docks.

Sex Dolls #2
Location. To the south of the central bridge, look for dolls in the eastern section from Angel’s Casino. The dolls are under a concrete balcony near water.

Sex Dolls #3
Location. You need to look for an alley in between the two buildings in the south-west part of the central island of the city.

Sex Dolls #4
Location. There are more dolls on the roof a building in the central Island. You can find the building just left to the three-way junction in the northeast section of the territory.

Sex Dolls #5
Location. There is an airport to the north of eastern island. Search the northwest corner of the airport to find more dolls.

Sex Dolls #6
Location. There are some roads in front of the airport which cannot be reached unless

Sex Dolls #7
Location.You can find more dolls in a store (Leather and Lace) in the southwest direction from the airport. Head inside the door to find the dolls.

Sex Dolls #8
Location. To the north of Meth Lab 1 in the central section eastern Steelport, you can find the dolls in the backyard of a house. The house can be found to the right side of T-junction.

Sex Dolls #9
Location. In the eastern island of Steelport, there are underground highway tunnels. You can find the dolls in these tunnels.

Sex Dolls #10
Location. There is a house just across the street form Friendly Fire in the southeast direction. Get the chopper to land on its roof and get the dolls.

Sex Dolls #11
Location. In the north part of the power plant (which in Western island) is a road towards the east that will you to some dolls.

Sex Dolls #12
Location. In the north-east direction of Red Onion Herb Dispensary is a street across which is house with a fenced backyard. Head there to find the dolls.

Sex Dolls #13
Location. If you head south from Red Onion Herb Dispensary, you will come across these dolls on a road in between some houses.

Sex Dolls #14
Location. To the east of the previous location, you will find a power line tower. Look for a trashcan to find more dolls inside.

Sex Dolls #15
Location. Follow the path to the power line tower for more dolls at its base.

Sex Dolls #16
Location. If you follow the railway that passes through the southwestern of the Steelport, you will find some dolls are on one of the containers.

Sex Dolls #17
Location. As you move across the street from Let’s Pretend, you will find a cue of trucks outside a big warehouse. The dolls are on the truck with red container on it.

Sex Dolls #18
Location. From the factory of Crackhouse,move along the road to the west and then to the north. At the next intersection, you will find some buildings cluttered together on the left side. To the west of this road, you need to search for a house which has the dolls in its back.

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