How To Craft Bombs in Assassins Creed Revelations

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Assassins Creed Revelations features crafting but it has been limited to Bombs only. There is also an achievement for crafting 30 odd bombs ‘Craft Maniac’.

As as Assassin, these bombs will play a pinnacle role in completing your objective – you can take enemies in cluster or just use them as a distraction to escape an area. If you find yourself outnumbered and outgunned, bombs are way to.

There are three types of Bombs you can craft in Assassins Creed Revelations and they are: Lethal Bombs, Tactical Bombs, and Diversion Bombs. Bombs can only be crafted at designation crafting tables inside Assassin HQ, Assassin Dens, and several other locations around the city.

To craft these bombs, you need three types of ingredients: Bomb Effects, Bomb Casing, and Bomb Gunpowder. You can purchase these ingredients at stores, find them in chests, loot them off dead bodies, steal them from bomb stashes you come across, or get them as a reward for successfully defending Assassin Dens. You will earn these ingredients when you send Assassin Recruits on missions.

You can combine these three ingredients to create your custom crafted hand-made bomb. The trick is to mark the objective of the bomb and then pick the right ingredients.

You can craft more than 300 bombs but you can only keep 9 at start. If you aren’t content with 9 bombs, you can increase your capacity to keep the bombs by upgrading your bomb pouches later in the game.

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Assassins Creed Revelations Bomb Crafting Ingredients

All the ingredients and their effects needed to craft bombs in Assassins Creed Revelations.

Bomb Effects

Caltrop Bomb (Tactical)
It covers the area with metal spikes which slows down and stuns the enemy. If you want to block a narrow path or escape your pursuer, use this.

Lamb’s Blood
Blood Bomb (Tactical)
It sprays blood in an explosion, which causes fear and panic. Enemies may incapacitate, but that would last only a short amount of time.

Splinter Bomb (Lethal)
Blast of this bomb sends shards of metal in every direction, which damages anyone they hit.

Salt of Petra
Smoke Decoy (Diversion)
As the name suggests, it’s a decoy which can be used for diversion. It releases a thick smoke that draws guard to it, breaking their line of sight. It helps you reach your objective by silently moving around guards.

Smoke Screen (Tactical)
If diversion doesn’t work, you can go tactical. Create a smoke screen to blind the guards. Switch to your eagle vision and finish them off.

Datura Bomb (Lethal)
It creates a cloud of poison which damages everyone who gets caught inside.

Coal Dust
Thunder Bomb (Lethal)
If you don’t like killing, simple stun your enemies with this bomb.

Skunk Oil
Stink Bomb (Diversion)
If you want to saperate your target from the rest of the crowd, use this bomb. Anyone who gets caught in the stink will stop until the effect has gone.

Cherry Bomb (Diversion)
Create a diversion with a loud noise. It will attract the guards even for the far off places. Helpful if you want the guards concentrated in an area while you do your objective elsewhere.

Pyrite Coins
Gold Bomb (Diversion)
It will explode and spread gold coins in area. Nearby civilians will become hostile to guards who come to investigate the explosion.

Bomb Casings

Fuse Shell
It’s the default shell for bombs – helps the bombs bounce off the Surfaces/NPCs and explode after three seconds.

Impact Shell
This casing will make the bomb explode on impact. You can use this casing when you want your bomb to explode immediately. It’s a great for bombs that are meant to take out large group of enemies.

Trip Wire
Trap – it will explode only when the enemy will activate it by walking near it. You can take out guard patrols using Trip Wires.

Sticky Pouch
Want to create Sticky Bombs ? use this casing. The bombs you create with Sticky Pouch can stick on any surface or NPC, and then explode after five seconds.

Bomb Gunpowder

Indian Gunpowder
It has a blast radius of 2m. You should use it when you want to limit the civilians or your aim is to precisely take out the target with minimum casualties.

Arabic Gunpowder
It has a blast radius of 3m. Good for taking out medium groups of enemies.

British Gunpowder
It has a blast radius of 4m. If you want to take out a large group of enemies, craft the bomb using the British Gunpowder and you won’t regret your decision.

So Assassins, tell us your favorite crafting recipes of Bombs in Assassins Creed Revelations.

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