Skyrim Skills and Perk Tree Guide

By   /   Nov 11, 2011

On this page, we have detailed all the Stealth Skills and Perks. How you can level up certain skill, how you can use that skill, and which perks you should level up for maximum benefit.


Art of brewing potions and poisons in Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. As you level up the skill with perks of your choice, your ability to create effective potions and poisons will increase.

You can remove the positive effects from poisons and negative effects from potions. It will also help you gather twice as many ingredients from plants.

You can create a potion by combining two or more ingredients with shared magical effect. If the shared effect is positive, you create a potion. If the shared effect is negative, you create poison.

You can also create multiple effect potions if the combined ingredients share more than one effect in common. You can test these effects with Experimenter perk and as specified below – Each ingredient as up to four effects.

You can discover the first effect by tasting the ingredient and for more effects, experiment ingredient combinations to find successful combinations for effective potions.

To perform Alchemy, you will need an alchemy laboratory or cooking pot. The strength of the potion or poison you create will depend on your skill to create potion or poison. Create more potions and poisons, and test as many ingredients as possible to level up this skill.

Alchemy Perk Tree

Potions are 20% stronger

Two to four effects of the ingredient are revealed when you test them – you need to level up to show the maximum effects of a given ingredient.

Potions you mix that restore health, magicka or stamina are 25% more powerful.

Potions you mix with beneficial effects have an additional 25% greater magnitude.

Poisons are 25% more effective.

Concentrated Poison
Poisons last for twice as many hits.

Green Thumb
Two ingredients are gathered from plants.

50% resistance to all poisons.

All negative effects removed from potions and all positive removed from poisons.

Skill Bonus
Choose these races to get starting skill bonus:

  • Bosmer, Breton, Dunmer, Khajiit

Light Armor

This skill dictates your ability to move and fight in light armor. It makes your more effective in combat when wearing Leather, Hide, Elven, and Glass armors. As was the case with heavy armor skill, you don’t need a matching set of light armor for maximum benefit from this skill.

Light Armor Perk Tree

Agile Defender
Increase armor rating for light armor by 20% but you will have rank up this perk for maximum benefit.

Custom Fit
25% armor bonus when wearing a full set of light armor.

Light armor weighs nothing and doesn’t slow the player down when worn.

Wind Walker
Stamina regenerates 50% faster when wearing a full set of light armor.†

Matching Set
Additional 25% armor bonus if wearing a matched set of light armor.

Deft Movement
10% chance of avoiding all damage from a melee attack while wearing a full set of light armor

Skill Bonus
Choose these races to get the starting skill bonus:

  • Argonian, Bosmer, Dunmer, Nord


Improving this skill will help you a lot. You will be able to open locks without any key and that is important for several reasons – for looting chest, for stealing items, and much more, because most of the rare items are either locked in chests or behind keys locked doors.

You can either go and find the DAMN! key or just pick the lock and open the thing to get your desired item. With Lockpicking skill, you can open more locked doors and containers faster with fewer broken lockpicks.

Before you attempt to pick a lock, you need a lockpick. When you try to pick a lock, it will start a lockpicking mini-game, which requires to carefully align a pick in the lock and then try to rotate it.

You need two things to become a successful lock picker. First is precision and second is luck, and a lot of it. Your skill level will dictate how effectively you can pick a lock. Remember, opening a chest owned by an NPC will result in a crime.

Lockpicking Perk Tree

Novice Locks
Novice locks are much easier to pick.

Apprentice Locks
Apprentice locks are much easier to pick.

Quick Hands
Able to pick locks without being noticed.

Wax Key
Allows you to make a copy of a key for a lock you just picked.

Adept Locks
Adept locks are much easier to pick.

Golden Touch
Find more gold in chests.

Treasure Hunter
50% greater chance of finding special treasure.

Expert Locks
Expert locks are much easier to pick.

You start lockpicking with your pick closer to the sweet spot.

Lockpicks never break.

Master Locks
Master locks are much easier to pick.

Skill Bonus
Choose one of these races to get starting skill bonus:

  • Argonian
  • Bosmer, Khajiit


This skill helps you steal items from a person. Level up this skill to become an effective thief. Leveling up and good mix of perks will make sure success in your attempt to pick a pocket.

It also enhances your stealth skills – killing people silently with poisons, increases your maximum encumbrance, and your ability to steal equipped items. The trick is to make sure, the target doesn’t suspect you or it will be a failed effort.

Sneak up on a person and you will be able to view the person’s inventory. Viewing the inventory is not considered crime so make sure you don’t get caught for an item that wasn’t worth stealing to begin with.

Chance of how successful you will be in stealing an item, also depends on the item being stolen. For example, heaving and more valuable items are harder to steal and if you fail, target will see through your attempt and you will receive a bounty.

Pickpocket Perk Tree

Light Fingers
Pickpocketing bonus of 20%

Night Thief
+25% chance to pickpocket if the target is asleep (Pickpocketing sleeping people almost always works).

Place poisons in other people’s pockets silently to harm or kill.

Pickpocketing gold is 50% easier.

Extra Pockets
Carrying capacity is increased by 100.

Pickpocketing keys almost always works.

You can pickpocket equipped weapons.

Perfect Touch
You can pickpocket equipped items.

Skill Bonus
Choose these races to get starting skill bonus:

  • Argonian, Bosmer, Khajiit


It allows you move undetected and silently take out your enemies. If you rank up few perks in this skill, it will become even harder for enemies to detect. You can do more damage with sneak attacks and will be able to step on trap pressure plates without activating them.

When you sneak, your character crouches, which indicates that you have entered sneak mode. As level up this skill, your changes to perform a successful sneak improve.

Sneak gets easier if you are in a terrain, where it is difficult to see and hear your character. Heavy armor and large weapons make more noise while daggers are silent. So, you may want to switch to daggers when you want to enter sneak mode.

Don’t cast any spells since they create both sound and light which will compromise your sneak. Move rapidly if you want to remain undetected and it also improves your chances of successful sneak.

When you are sneaking, your sneak status is displayed in the middle of the screen using an eye-shaped icon. It will tell you how good your sneak is at the moment. If it’s a closed eye, that means you are completely hidden.

Slightly open eye means your enemy knows something is out there, so you need to be careful. If the eye is medium opened, enemy is searching for you so it’s better to hide yourself.

If the eye is open, that means your enemy has found you. Detected will appear on-screen indicating that they are coming after you. You can only perform a sneak attach when the enemy hasn’t detected you. Perform Sneak Attacks and Sneaks to level up this skill rapidly.

Sneak Perk Tree

20% harder to detect when sneaking.

Sneak attacks do 6x damage with one-handed weapons.

Deadly Aim
Sneak attacks with bows do 3x damage.

Assassin’s Blade
Sneak attacks with daggers do 15x damage.

Muffled Movement
Noise from armour reduced 50%.

Light Foot
No longer activate pressure plates.

Silent Roll
Sprinting while sneaking performs silent forward roll.

Walking or running does not affect detection chance.

Shadow Warrior
Crouching can make hostile enemies lose sight of you and search for a target.

Forces your attacker to focus their attacks on another when entering combat in sneak mode.

Skill Bonus
Choose any of these races to get starting skill bonus:

  • Khajiit
  • Argonian, Bosmer, Dunmer


Level up this skill, if you want to go the diplomatic route in the game. With this skill, you can effectively talk people into doing tasks for you. Simply, you can better persuade people and barter with shopkeepers.

Level up the perks and you will get better deals when trading, buying and selling any kind of item to any merchant. Speech is also one of the skills that will help you a lot in getting information from different NPC about your tasks. You can intimidate or persuade any NPC to reveal information to you.

During your dialogues with NPCs, you will given different Speech challenges, along with percentage chance of success. You can choose to accept or reject these challenges. If you accept a speech challenge and fail, you can’t retry it.

You have several dialogue options available to you that help you extract the information you need from these NPCs and they are:

Speech skill plays a greater role in persuading any NPC and chances of success are dependent on your speech skill.

Force NPCs to reveal the information you need. Intimidation depends on your overall level and your speech skill.

You can pay NPCs for information, works.

You can fight and good blows can do the trick. You don’t kill anyone during brawl and guards also don’t interfere so it is completely safe practice.

Speech Perk Tree

Buying and selling price 10% better.

10% price buying from opposite sex.

Invest 500 gold in shops and increase available gold permanently in invested stores.

Master Trader
Every merchant in world gains 1000 gold for bartering.

Buy and sell from any merchant regardless of what they normally buy and sell.

Intimidation attempts twice as successful.

Persuasion attempts more likely successful.

Lets you make guards forget about your bounty.

You can sell stolen goods to any merchant you have invested in.

Skill Bonus
Choose any of these races to get starting skill bonus:

  • Breton, Nord

If you have any other tips on how to mix different skills with perks that compliment a specific race, don’t hold back, share your thoughts in the comment below. If you are confused about anything, ask away!

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