LA Noire PC Tweaks, Crashes, Controls, Freezes, Errors, and Fixes

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LA Noire has been released on PC and so far, it has proved to be a good port. Though, you may find few difficulties in learning the controls but if you consider the experience, it’s well worth the trouble.

If you have been looking to fine tune LA Noire on your PC or fix other technical issues, read the workarounds listed below. More importantly, the PC Tweaks to customize the LA Noire experience on PC.

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1# Can’t LA Noire On PC – Steam
When you try to launch the game from the Steam, nothing happens. If you encounter this problem, follow the instructions below to solve it.

Turn off UAC

  • Open Control Panel.
  • Select User Accounts.
  • Select ‘Change User Account Control Settings’.
  • Change the slider to Never Notify.

Run Steam as Admin

  • Locate the Steam Shortcut on your desktop or within your start menu.
  • Right Click on the shortcut and select ‘Run as Administrator’.

2# Main Menu Missing in LA Noire (Steam PC)
If you can’t find any options Menu when you launch LA Noire on PC, follow the instructions below:

  • Close down steam.
  • Open the directory where steam is installed. (Default directory – C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steam.exe)
  • Open ‘Steamapps > common > l.a.noire’
  • Delete the file labelled ‘Cases’
  • Re-launch steam
  • Select ‘Library’ and right click on ‘L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition’
  • Select Properties’ followed by the ‘Local Files’ tab.
  • Select ‘Verify Integrity of Game Cache…’
  • Once verifying has finished, run ‘Defragment Cache Files’
  • After defragmenting is complete, also defragment your hard drive.
  • Then run the game.

Also, make sure C++, .NET, and DirectX are updated.

If the issue still doesn’t resolve, try the following workaround:

  • Try launching L.A. Noire from the main “LANoire.exe” rather than “LANLauncher.”
  • Make sure the game is booting to a native resolution by changing the settings in the launcher Options.

LA Noire PC Tweaks

You can tweak LA Noire on PC using the command line parameters. They aren’t officially supported but work. To use these command line parameters, you need to create a text file and name it ‘commandline.txt’.

Place this file in the LA Noire folder with your desired command line parameters in it. Or you can use these command line parameters on the go by directly putting into the Command Line Field of the launcher. To access Command Line Field of the Launcher, launch the game using LANLauncher and access the options menu.

Following are the command line parameters you can use to tweak LA Noire on PC:

Run game in a window.

Don’t pause the game if you alt-tab or click out of its window.

Allow mouse outside the game window. (Requires windowed mode).

Enable single threaded renderer, which may improve performance or compatibility on some systems.

Disable the ‘D3D_PUREDEVICE’ flag from device creation. May help if you have graphics compatibility issues.

Disable all sound.

Change the language – use English, French, German, Italian or Spanish. E.g -L french

Force a specific directinput controller type. Can be used to try different controller button layouts if your controller isn’t specifically supported.

If you find more useful command line parameters, share with us in comments.

LA Noire Supported Controllers *PC

Below is the list of supported PC controllers for LA Noire along with their ID Numbers, which you can use to force certain button layout using the command line parameter. For example – -joysticktype 1

  1. DirectPad USB gamepad adapter
  2. SmartJoyPad USB gamepad adapter
  3. Microsoft SideWinder Game Pad Pro
  4. XK PC 2002 Gamepad adapter
  5. Dual Joypad Adapter
  6. Dual USB Force Feedback Joypad adapter (MP-8866)
  7. Kiky X series USB gamepad adapter
  8. Logitech Wireless Gamepad
  9. PSX for USB gamepad adapter.
  10. XBCD Xbox Controller driver
  11. TigerGame Xbox to USB adapter
  12. Xbox 360 Gamepad
  13. Logitech Dual Action Gamepad
  14. Logitech G25 Wheel
  15. Saitek P2500 Rumble Pad
  16. Saitek P2600 Dual Action Gamepad
  17. Saitek P380 Gamepad
  18. Saitek PS1000 Dual Analog Gamepad
  19. Saitek P2900 Wireless Gamepad
  20. Saitek P3200 Rumblepad
  21. Saitek R220 Wheel
  22. Saitek R440 Wheel
  23. Gravis Eliminator Gamepad Pro
  24. Medion Dual Analog Gamepad
  25. Generic USB controller

3# How To Install LA Noire PC Patch – After Failing The First Time
If you can’t somehow install LA Noire PC Patch, you can follow the instructions below for another go!

  • Navigate to C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\L.A. Noire
  • Remove any file with a .patched extension
  • Remove Social Club v1.0.5.0 Setup.exe
  • Run Patch_2382_02393_1.exe
  • Press Update
  • Start Game via launcher

4# Fix LA Noire PC Crashes, Freezes, and Errors
LA Noire PC versions requires latest version of .Net Framework, DirectX, and Microsoft Visual C++ Libraries so if you don’t want to encounter any random crashes, freezes, and errors, install and update these pre-requisites.

Note that LA Noire doesn’t support .Net Framework 4.0, it supports .Net Framework 3.5 – You may have to uninstall .Net Framework 4.0 and install 3.5 to run the game smoothly.

5# Run As Pop-UP Error – Windows XP
When you launch LA Noire on PC on Windows XP, you may encounter ‘Run As’ pop-up message if you aren’t logged in as Administrator. Easy fix is to run the game as administrator.

6# Security Programs Blocking LA Noire On PC
Disable anti-virus software reporting threat when you launch LA Noire. It is a false positive.

7# “Failed to load d3dx9_43.dll” error in L.A. Noire for PC
DirectX related error that will pop-up when you try to launch LA Noire. To fix this, update your DirectX.

8# Can’t Save Progress – LA Noire PC
LA Noire on PC require social account to play and save progress. On the Title Screen, you will have the option to sign in to an existing Social Club account or create a new account. If creating a new account, you can choose whether to register an online Social Club account or create an Offline Profile.

Note that a full Online Social Club Profile is required to access certain game features such as online Social Club statistics, achievements, and Ask the Community.

To sign in or out of different profiles, access the Social Club screen from the Main Menu. Click on the current profile in the upper-right and observe the commands in the drop-down menu, such as Sign Out.

9# In-game Button Icons For Keyboard Keys – LA Noire PC
If you can’t figure out the button icons in LA Noire since it’s a console port, refer to the explanation of the default icons.

  • Single arrow pointing left: Backspace
  • Single arrow pointing left with small vertical tail: Enter/Return
  • Arrow pointing left with arrow pointing right immediately below: Tab
  • Wide, flat “U”-shaped symbol: Space bar

10# LA Noire Comodo Error
You may not be able to launch the game with Comodo anti-virus enabled. To fix this, run the game with Defense+ disabled.

  • Load Comodo.
  • Select Defense+ and select settings.
  • Select Execution Control and then select exclusions option.
  • Add ‘LA Noire.exe’ to the exclusion list.
  • Disable Defense+ and launch the game, it should now load.

11# How To Change The Language in LA Noire PC
The language setting can be found in the L.A. Noire Launcher. To access this, launch the game using LANLauncher. In the launch dialogue box, you will see separate drop-down menus for language and keyboard region.

12# Where To Find The Save Files
Save files are located in:

C:\Users\\Documents\Rockstar Games\L.A. Noire\Profiles\\L.A.Noire\SaveGameX.lanoire

13# Crash To Desktop – LA Noire PC
Here is a possible workaround to fix LA Noire randomly crashing to desktop. In the Nvidia display driver settings, set the Maximum pre-rendered frames option to zero.

  • Open the Nvidia display control panel.
  • Click on the Manage 3D Settings option in the list box on the left hand side of the control panel.
  • Click the Global Settings tab
  • Set the Maximum pre-rendered frames option to 0.
  • Click the Apply button.

You can also do this specifically for LA Noire by creating a custom applicaton profile for the game in the Program Settings Section of the driver control panel. Locate LANoire.exe executable in the folder where you installed the game to do this.

Alternatively, when the above workaround doesn’t fix the issue, make sure your system is not configured to use the /3GB switch in the Boot.ini file. This switch is used to increase the amount of memory available to programs, and can cause issues with 3D games in some circumstances.The option is not enabled by default, and if it is enabled it’s because a user with administrator rights has added it for some reason.

To check if this option is enabled:

  • Open the System control panel, in the XP control panel.
  • Click the Advanced tab
  • In the Startup and recovery section click the Settings button.
  • In the System Startup section click the Edit button.
  • If /3GB appears on the line which shows your windows version, then the option is enabled, and you could consider removing it.

multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS=”Microsoft Windows XP Professional” /3GB /fastdetect

Try the above workaround at your own risk – Any bad change you do to this file can result in your OS failing to boot. It’s an advanced tweak that you should be very careful about. You can read this tutorial if you decide to play with Boot.ini file anyway.

If you face any other issue running the PC version of LA Noire, comment and we will try to help you out.

Zawad is the lead editor of SegmentNext. He primarily manages what gets published on the site. He is a finance student and PC games enthusiast.
  • Slei8ht

    Greetings all,
    Firstly to Zawad, well done on this extensive approach to handling such an array of problems and fixes. And to anyone else who shares knowledge, thank you.

    On to my problem: I had received LA Noire from a good friend happily updated, patched, but couldn’t get it working. I then downloaded the rockstar social club v1.0.5.0 installer, steam installer from other game(skyrim), and recopied the skidrow patch to game folder. Also tried renaming game path without spaces:
    (c:/program filesx86/rockstargames/L.A.Noir) on win7 system capable of handling game.

    Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • Rachael

    I don’t know why but on the level where I am supposed to talk to Mrs. Bishop the game crashes! Can someone help me please?

  • aztekka

    Am I reading this correctly? do I have to uninstall .NET 4.0 and re-install .NET 3.5 to play this game? this is crazy!!

    I already spent 2 hours installing the game and 1 more dealing with the “required patch failed to install”.

  • Nick

    Application load error P:0000065432
    how to fix this one ??

  • Aaron


    Im a having a similar problem to some of you and that is once the game gets past the launch stage it freezes with the LA Noire Logo with the music in the background. Ive been forever just getting to this stage .

    Im running it on Windows Vista Home Premium edition.

    Any help is much appreciated .


  • zac

    this game makes me want to shoot my self, and i havent even played yet… ive installed it twice now and still when i open it up, it takes me to the “game launcher”… once i click on that, it says an error has occured and will not open… ive tried EVERYTHING

  • Sami

    HI, i just bought La Noire and i can install it, but when i launch the game, either says delete settings.ini and restart the game. i do that and then i come to the Patch installation and it says that u have to relaunch the game after the patch installation, after that it wants to install the patch AGAIN! and says patching error binary patching file. . then the flickering neon sign turn ups and just stay there ! please help me !

  • Shade

    everytime I try to install the mandatory patch it stops and says binary failure in LAnoire.exe or something like that and I don’t know what to do I tried reinstalling and I tried deleting that file neither worked

  • Stephanie

    Hi. I ran into several problems getting this game to run. Currently, it’s installed correctly as far as I know, and downloaded the patch. I’ve updated DirectX, .NET, and C++, disabled anti-aliasing, filtering, V-sync, and all background programs to include the antivirus. But it still only runs sporadically – sometimes it will not launch, sometimes it does, but it crashes to the desktop at random times – sometimes during the intro, sometimes during gameplay. Any help?

    I’m using Windows XP Home Edition,
    Intel Core 2 Duo CPU
    3326MB RAM

    My video card is:
    NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT
    1024 MB total memory.

    I’d love any suggestions anyone can offer. The game is almost unplayable with it crashing so randomly!

  • BrianE365

    My PC version of L.A. Noire starts out ok with the credits then it suddenly freezes near the end of the credits, or at the still images of 1940’s L.A. immediatly. I’ve uninstalled it and reinstalled it, but it still is freezing up all the same. I could use some helpful suggestions, Thanks


  • Whatever

    @ Captain and JoJo
    You should check if you have your audio in windows set to 5.1 or 7.1 when in fact you only have stereo equipment; because with surround it will send audio to the center speaker, if you set it up like this you will only hear background music from your speakers/headset but not voices;
    So check you audio settings and set them to stereo

    Of course it could be something else but this is most common imo

  • JoJo

    i have the same fricking problem man and i cant find the solution anywhere and there seems to be no kind of help on the internet about it, so plzzzzzzz is there anyone out there who can help us??!!

  • Captain frost

    Hi guys
    Looks like i’m the only one so far with this problem would love it if you are clever than me and can sort this out :-)

    I start the game everything works 100% except i can’t hear the people talk in the scenes. The voices in the game works just when it skip to a scene there is no sound…:-( any suggestions?

  • Adi Bin Slamet

    Add this word..-opengl (-str-opengl)

  • 0_0

    -str works at me but i see my mouse in game fking anoying some1 help

    srry for bad english

  • Nick

    Got a whole new problem for you. I can run the game just fine on my PC and have played through 5 of the cases. The problem is that I only have the 5 DLC cases listed on the case desk… Not sure how the original content could be missing but no other cases are listed.

  • Shin

    still not work :( i’ve been update my directX, update my Graphic driver and re-instal WIN 7 32bit to 64 still not working ;( ??? any solution again

  • Shin

    AD9J: Failed to create d3d resource. Please restart your computer

    Any solution guys ??

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Re-install directX and verify the game cache.

  • Stefan

    I have a problem with LA noire. I have installed the game and it starts up fine (it shows the Rocstar and Team Bondi logo as well as the text about copyrights) but when it is supposed to show the main menu the picture freezes and the mouse arrow turns up (though i can still hear the music in the background). I am not the first person to come accross this problem but i haven’t found a solution yet. Can anyone help me ?

    • zidane

      Stefan.. I have the same problem .. did you found a solution ?!

  • michael

    @rikyy ,so where do i type the command parameters? plz i need help with this

  • Danijel

    The game always crashes after i start the launcher… Before i update the patch.. All seems normal. After i download the patch.. Shit happens

  • captain

    Pedro667 What is u r PC spec?

  • captain

    What is u r PC spec?

  • Mickey_rat

    Guys i need i help i wanna play L.a noire with gamepad and i cand control de right anolog the view only up and down right and left is impossible i try lot of combination with that command for gamepad !! I have a Trust Dual Stick Gamepad (GM-1520) for PC & PS2 ! Can any one helppp meee pls !!!

  • Pedro667

    Thanks Rikky, Game now running like charm even on highest details.

  • LoboFH

    Another fix for the game failing to patch: don’t use spaces in your installation path.

    i.e. C:LANoire

  • rikyy

    I founded a way to play LANoire with no lag… some pc maybe will lag so in the launcher, type in the command box “-str -npd -nonv” without quotes and the game will be boosted… but a pointer will appear in game (very annoying). Just download nomousy and run it with the parameter /hide . Hope this will help many people (sorry for my english…)

  • Luk

    HEY PEOPLE LA NOIRE’s port is crap masterpiece… even worse than GTA IV… those requirements are just a little bit too freakin’ high…

  • tmy

    when i starts the game it crashes to desktop and show a fatal error named box.. there it shows

    AD9J: Failed to create d3d resource. Please restart your computer

    please tell me the solution in detail.