Modern Warfare 3 Survival Armory Unlocks and Leveling Guide

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One interesting and value adding feature of Modern Warfare 3 is its Survival Mode. Which is a fight against endless enemy waves till you die. The catch ? survive as much as you can.

Survival mode falls under Special Ops section of Modern Warfare 3, which features Survival and Coop Mission mode. Survival Mode has a ranking system like multiplayer, in which experience that you earn, allows you to buy weapons and equipment.

Modern Warfare 3 Survival Mode – Unlocks and Levels

These are the weapons and you can unlock in Survival Mode followed by the levels you need to reach to unlock these. You can read our Survival Mode Strategy Guide to learn you can level up fast and survive in different survival mode maps.

Modern Warfare 3 Survival Mode Weapons

Assault Rifles

  1. M4A1 for $3000
  2. M16A4 for $3000
  3. SCAR-L for $3000, unlocked at lvl 5
  4. ACR 6.8 for $3000, unlocked at lvl 14
  5. Type 95 for $3000, unlocked at lvl 50
  6. G36C, unlocked at lvl 39
  7. FAD, unlocked at lvl 32
  8. CM901, unlocked at lvl 43
  9. AK-47 for $3000, unlocked at lvl 24
  10. MK14, unlocked at lvl 47

Sub Machine Guns

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  1. MP5
  2. UMP45, unlocked at lvl 4
  3. MP7, unlocked at lvl 13
  4. PM-9, unlocked at lvl 23
  5. PP90M1, unlocked at lvl 38
  6. P90, unlocked at lvl 46

Light Machine Guns

  1. M60E4 for $7000
  2. PKP Pecheneg for $7000
  3. ShotgunsEdit
  4. Model 1887
  5. USAS-12 for $2000
  6. Striker

Sniper Rifles

  1. MSR for $2000


  1. Five seven (Starting weapon)
  2. USP. 45 for $250

Machine Pistols

  1. G18 for $1500
  2. Skorpion, unlocked at lvl 3
  3. MP9, unlocked at lvl 17
  4. FMG9, unlocked at lvl 37


  1. Red Dot Sight for $750, unlocked at lvl 7
  2. Holographic Sight for $1000
  3. ACOG Scope, unlocked at lvl 30
  4. Shotgun Attachment, unlocked at lvl 45


  1. Extreme Conditioning for $2000, unlocked at lvl 36
  2. Sleight of Hand, unlocked at lvl 50
  3. Steady Aim for $2500, unlocked at lvl 8
  4. Stalker, unlocked at lvl 22
  5. SitRep
  6. Last Stand for $5000
  7. Quickdraw for $3000


  1. Frag Grenade Refill for $750
  2. Flashbang Refill for $1000
  3. Claymore x5 for $1000 (10 Max), unlocked at lvl 2
  4. C4 x5 for $1500 (10 Max), unlocked at lvl 3
  5. RPG-7 x2 for $2000 (4 Max), unlocked at lvl 27
  6. Sentry Gun for $3000, unlocked at lvl 17
  7. Sentry Grenade Launcher for $4000, unlocked at lvl 37
  8. Body Armor for $2000, unlocked at lvl 10
  9. Self Revive for $1500
  10. Riot Shield for $3000, unlocked at lvl 37
  11. SAM Turret for $2750

Air Support

  1. Predator Missile for $2500
  2. Air Strike for $2500, unlocked at lvl 4
  3. Delta Squad for $3000, unlocked at lvl 14
  4. Riot Shield Squad for $5000, unlocked at lvl 21
  5. Perk Care Package
  6. V-22 Osprey Package Drop

For more help on Modern Warfare 3, read our Weapons and Equipment, Perks and Strike Packages, and Crash Troubleshooting Guide.

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