Grand Theft Auto V Setting, Multiplayer, and More!

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Today, Rockstar Games shared more information about Grand Theft Auto V after its premier reveal yesterday. It’s not much if you have been busy dissecting the trailer, but since GTA V, we can’t miss anything right ?

GTA V is set in Los Angeles inspired city called Los Santos, just like in San Andreas. It’s a re-imagined, present-day Southern California that includes some of L.A.’s surrounding hills, countryside and beaches.

GTA V will bring back online multiplayer but at this point, we aren’t sure how will it work. One thing is certain, Rockstar is taking GTA V into a ‘bold new direction in open-world freedom, storytelling, mission-based gameplay and online multiplayer’. You can expect only good things when Rockstar games promises something like that, Right ?

We can’t really judge Grand Theft Auto based on just a début trailer but judging from the strong press statement like the one above, prepare yourself for another big change in GTA franchise. Much like the third-person 3D world of GTA III and serious direction of GTA IV.

Grand Theft Auto V is another radical reinvention of the Grand Theft Auto universe,” said Rockstar founder Sam Houser. “We are incredibly excited to share our new vision with our fans.

There are no words on when the game will be out but I was a betting man, I would bet, it will either be April or May next year considering Rockstar has had atleast one big release during that period for the last three years.

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12 responses to “Grand Theft Auto V Setting, Multiplayer, and More!”

  1. N00sks says:

    Stupid article poster. GTA V is coming out this year not next yyear NOOB

  2. azo00oz.07 says:

    الشركم على كل الجهود

  3. dgfdg says:

    No puedee salir esta mierda recien le estoy jugando al IV ¬¬

  4. razak.razak39 says:

    شكرا موقع رائع

  5. miguel says:


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  6. WSD says:

    You`re callig this “Full Information”?
    I was sure to find game pc requirements, and not just data about the trailer.

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