Lord of the Rings: War in the North Crashes, Freezes, Stuttering, Lag, Coop, and Fixes

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If you are facing technical difficulties in waging War in the North with your fellow dwarfs, don’t worry! we got you covered. Just read through the workarounds to fix any issue you may come across when playing Lord of the Rings: War in the North.

There aren’t many issues with this game, so your experience should be smooth after few tweaks. For more help, read our Walkthrough.

1# Stuttering Fix
If you are experiencing severe stuttering when playing Lord of the Rings: War in the North on PC, update your drivers and if that doesn’t work, roll-back the updated drivers to some previous stable version. It’s a driver issue so it should be fixed by doing just that.

2# Can’t Save Game in Coop ?
You can’t save a coop game if your coop partner is lagging behind you in-game progress – I mean if you are ahead of em in the single-player progress so you just can’t save the game for both because you aren’t at the same level.

Let your coop partner host the game to fix this issue. You may start from the level you have played, but atleast progress will be saved.

3# How Do I Save ?
War in the North saves automatically. The indicator is a golden ring. You will see it appear after visiting a shop. Your progress saved after each proceed point as well.

4# War in the North Crashes On Exit ?

5# Audio Stuttering Fix
Run the game in 44k Stereo settings. You can change your sound settings by opening Sound Manager (Say Realtek). Go to the properties of your sound device and change the option in advanced settings.

6# Inventory Management – Upgrading AI Characters
It’s a waste of resources and equipment since they take care of themselves and auto-loot the same chests you loot. So, in a way they upgrade their gear and equipment as you progress.

7# In-game Map Black Boxes
These boxes on in-game map show points of interests which you will visit later in the game.

8# How To Reset Your Skill Tree ?
Go to Sarn Ford, the vendor. It Will cost you around 12,000 silver.

9# War in the North Freezes
If you are experiencing random freezes that force you to exit the game, you may want to check the RAM available to your PC when you play the game. Trick is to close all the applications and then monitor the graph on Task Manager.

If it is jumping to 100% and all of your RAM is being used when you run the game, it may be causing your PC to freeze when it runs out of memory. It can be due to a bad driver among other things, so update your drivers or try rolling back your drivers to a more suitable version to fix the issue.

10# No Games are Found – Coop
Try adding War in the North to your firewall exceptions list or just disable all your security programs and re-run the game.

11# War In The North Random Crashes and Lag
Update your drivers to fix the issue.

12# Crash To Desktop, Can’t Start The Game
If your game crashes to desktop when you try to start the game – first verify the integrity of the game cache in Steam then run Steam as administrator and make sure your firewall/antivirus is not blocking War in the North.

If you face any other issues, let us know in comments and we will try to help you out.

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  • Gareth

    Nowander you guys put it on Humble Bundle.. even after all these years its still full of unfixed bugs and crashes even on my $3000 pc… awesome game… crappy dev team.

  • Serthor

    None of the solutions above helps me. Game crash seemingly randomly, but it don’t. Reducing screen resolution makes the game crash less often, but still enough to make you kill yourself. Since there are many conveniently placed auto saves I only miss about 2-3 min of gameplay.
    First crash always occurs when defending the elf twins in Fornost. In the Barrow Downs the game crashes more frequently (about every 5-15 min). To get past the long hallway with a Barrow-Wight Boss at the end I have to reduce graphics to lowest possible.
    The game don’t seem to crash so much after that. My suggestion to others is to change screen resolution (especially in the Barrow Downs) and try to remember where the game crashes so one can be prepared.
    The game NEVER crashes out-of-combat (OOC) EXCEPT when destoying too many crates/urns in the Barrow Downs. Think it’s because there’s too many details that’s trying to get registrated. I also have no problem with Launch/Start-up and autosaving.

    • Serthor

      One more thing. It is possible to save your game. Go to ‘Settings’ and change something slightly and the game will save. You still have to replay the area, but items you found should be in your inventory.

  • Gangstarabbit

    Hi, I have checked the things that may help me with the crashing problems I have done all that was said there but it still crashes please reply I don’t now what to do thx anyway :)

  • Spencer

    When i try to start the game it crashed my desktop

    I’ve tried the items listed above and none work

    Although whenever i check the integrity of the game in steam, it says one item failed and it proceeds to re download it.

    Help would be much appreciated, Thanks

  • Petr

    Is there a way to restart a level?

  • J

    Your fix for stuttering doesn’t work, nor will that ever solve it. It’s *NOT* a driver issue. A quick look at your system performance during areas that induce massively low frame rates and stuttering also reveal that the game is trying to eat up as much CPU time as possible, on my rig basically 90% on all six cores. This is the same behavior that others have noticed and reported to snowblind, and there is a large discussion going on about it on their forumes.


    • Gareth

      it takes 50% of my CPU…

      i5 2500k Overclocked to 4.8Ghz x4

      its a CPU eating bug….which causes all the FPS/freezing and stuttering glitches.

  • GuyWithProblems

    My game still freezes and lags even if I update or downgrade the graphics drivers

    • Mavrik

      Same here, didn’t downgrade drivers though. strange how there are still not many reports about this problem.

  • PiercedMandy

    My boyfriend and my friend are playing this game on co-op and my friend’s status says \Andriel:Waiting on other players…\ all the time. They will be right next to eachother fighting and it still has that. Anyone else have this problem?

  • lazyassgamer

    Strange, it’s not out yet over in the UK :(

    Im guessing it is already released elsewhere.

    According to steam 3 weeks!! :(