Batman Arkham City Riddler Guide – Riddles, Trophies, Cameras, Statues and Heads

By   /   Oct 18, 2011

Riddler has a unique way to keep Batman busy working out several clues to solve his puzzles. In Arkham City, he has given Batman a daunting task of finding all the hidden trophies, deactivate all the cameras, and find other objects of value.

You will need specific gadgets and upgrades for some of these and if you come across any trophy that you can’t collect, just mark it on your map so you can collect it later.

How should you mark the location of that trophy on your map ? Well, during Steel Mill part of the game, you will learn how to mark riddler trophies on your map, so remember that.

Table of Contents

Park Row

Amusement Mile

Industrial District



Steel Mill



Park Row

All the collectibles in the Park Row area of Batman Arkham City.

Riddler Trophy Locations

  1. Go east of ACE chemicals and you will find a gargoyle sprayed with Riddler question mark. Climb on it and then drop down to the hidden area below to get the trophy.
  2. There is a roof near a wall with five Riddler question marks east of where you found the first trophy. Wait for the right side Riddler mark to light up and then destroy it using Batarang to get the trophy.
  3. Look on the building north of ACE Chemicals. It is behind the ventilation system and you will have to use remote controlled Batarang to destroy the mark.
  4. Open your map and look for the building with Park Row written over it. It’s on the roof of this building with timed panel just a few steps to the west.
  5. Go northwest from the Solomon Wayne Courthouse. Use your environment analysis and detective mode to find all the four Riddler question marks. Now comes the interesting part, you have four seconds to destroy them. Use explosive gel on the three hidden and Batarang on the fourth mark that is close to the cage with trophy inside.
  6. For this trophy you need to press pressure pads in the area. From northern rooftop over the riddler trophy, glide your way to the southern wall and press pressure pad. From there, glide to the wall on the opposite side and then finally to the pad on the ground close to the Riddler trophy.
  7. You will need to destroy the wooden panel with explosive gel after you have activated the pressure pad on the highest rooftop that is east of Solomon Wayne Courthouse. It will open a gate, activate it and then glide down into the area with Wooden Panel.
  8. It is southeast from the previous trophy. The question mark is on the chimney on top of the roof. You can use Batarang to activate it.
  9. Go on top of the northern roof edge of the large building east of Solomon Wayne Courthouse. You will find four riddler marks, destroy them with explosive gel.
  10. You will find it in a passageway at the northern part of the Park Row. It is behind a chain fence with a weak wall on the right. There is a Tyger Camera guarding the place.
  11. Search beneath the destroyed overpass for a structure with a weak wall. Destroy the wall with explosive gel to get the trophy inside.
  12. Look for the riddler signs on a building that is opposite to the building with ‘The Back Canary’ sign, each of the building between north side of the restricted area and the The Church. You will need your detective mode to analyze the items of interest and among them are question marks. You need to use the remote-controlled Batarang to get this trophy.
  13. Look for the cages with electromagnets on the roofs of the buildings west of ACE chemicals. Get the REC gadget and use the electromagnets to get the riddler trophy out of the cage.
  14. Go towards the western side of Arkham City and look for a roof behind a set of bars. There is a Tyger panel that you can hack into. Hack this panel to get the trophy.
  15. Look for this trophy in a short passageway along the west wall of Arkham City.
  16. Go to roof of the building west of ACE chemicals that run through the Arkham City. You need to activate the panel by gliding from top of the nearby gargoyles on the Bank of Gotham then use dive bomb to land on the panel. Finally, you can destroy the riddler mark using Batarang.
  17. In the cage at the ground level below ACE Chemicals. You will need freeze grenades to freeze the hot air and access the cage.
  18. Look for an abandoned car west of ACE Chemicals. You will need to slide underneath it to collect the trophy.
  19. You will find it behind a set of iron bars west of ACE Chemicals, next to a short barrier with ‘Do no Enter’ sign on it. To reach this location, you need to glide from the roof of the building to the north and enter by destroying the weak wall.
  20. Look on top of the Church’s roof that is locked by a nearby Tyger Panel.
  21. Look for a short passageway on top of the church. It’s the one separated by an electrified fence and a destructible wall. You can use the REC on the fuse to overload the electric fence and then use explosive gel on the wall to collect the trophy.
  22. There is a cage with a set of pressure pads in the alleyway behind the church. You need Line Launcher to get access to it. Trophy is in the cage and stepping on the red riddler pressure pads will close the trophy cage.
  23. Look for it near the waterside close to the center of Arkham City’s northern wall. You can use Batarang to activate all five marks here.
  24. There is a passageway between two buildings west of Solomon Wayne Courthouse. They are protected by a locked Tyger Panel and en electrified floor. You can overload the floor fuse and hack into the panel to get the trophy.
  25. There is a huge building west of Solomon Wayne Courthouse. It can only be accessed through a destructible wall from the north side wall. Trophy is inside this building protected by a power gate that you can open using REC.
  26. Go east from Solomon Wayne Courthouse’s entrance. The trophy is inside a cage that is restricted by the vent of hot air.
  27. You can destroy the wall of the second confessional booth. Destroy it to get the trophy.
  28. Grapple on the gargoyle above the entrance of the church and drop down on the edge to the left with a destructible wall. It’s a bit tricky so if you can’t do it now, you can return when you have the Line Launcher. This makes it easy.
  29. Go on top of the bell tower. Take the stairs at the ground level and grapple up to the next level, turn around and look for the riddler trophy stuck to the wall. You can use the Batclaw to retrieve it.
  30. Look for a roof inside the small structure with a destructible wall northeast of ACE Chemicals tower. You will find the trophy in the center of the roof.
  31. Go west of the ACE Chemicals tower and you will find an alleyway opposite of Gotham Casinos. You will need REC and once you have it, you can use it to open the gate and collect the riddler trophy.
  32. Take the stairs down at the back of the building inside Solomon Wayne Courthouse. Turn around and use Batclaw to collect the riddler trophy above the doorway.
  33. Inside Solomon Wayne Courthouse, throw a remote Batarang from the rear entrance through the nearby electricity and then guide it downstairs. Move it over the bars in the first room to hit the fuse on the far wall.
  34. There is an alley southwest of Solomon Wayne Courthouse and there is small gap that you need to slide underneath after leaping a chain link fence to collect the trophy.
  35. There is a small chain cage protected by land mines east of the Confiscated Goods Vault. Open it to get the trophy.
  36. You can find this riddler trophy in the northeast corner between the border of Park Row and Amusement Mile. You can freeze grenades to create a platform and get access to the trophy.

Riddles Locations/Solutions

This question can only be answered from an unusual perspective. Can you get yourself there?

  • Grapple up to the roof of Solomon Wayne Courthouse and walk to the pole there. Switch to your detective mode and scan the area to find the hidden Riddler mark.

DA campaign special: get two votes, for the price of one.

  • When you are moving towards west from Solomon Wayne Courthouse, find Harvey Dent’s DA campaign poster.

It’s far from PURRFECT, but she calls it home.

  • Go up on the roofs of the central northern building in Park Row, which is northeast of Solomon Wayne Courthouse. The window there will enable you too look into the room below. Use your detective mode to scan that room.

You’ve been warned. People aren’t the only unstable part of this city.

  • Go towards the broken overpass and scan the ‘Catastrophic Subsidence’ sign.

If you find the name, does the Cash come hand-in-hand?

  • Get inside church, and search the west side of the room at ground level. You will find a small room with a desk. Scan the photograph for the riddle.

This den is where the vicious animals take your treasure, is it theft, if it’s already stolen?

  • Scan the Confiscated Goods Vault on the west wall of Arkham City.

Do you have Strange thoughts? Maybe you should seek help?

  • There is an abandoned store called Strange Minds on the road to Monarch Theatre. Scan ‘The Stacked Deck’ sign beneath the orange.

I am an actor who can transform a film with the final cut. Who am I?

  • Go to the Monarch Theatre and scan the poster ‘The Terror’. You will find this poster on the wall left of the entrance.

Six legs went in and only two came out. Where am I?

  • Find an alley to the right of the Monarch Entrance behind a chain link fence. Scan the ‘Crime Alley’ sign here.

Who’s crazy enough to date this guy?

  • Look for Calendar Man downstairs in Solomon Wayne Courthouse. He is locked in a cell, scan him to solve the riddle.

BANG! BANG! Order in the court.

  • Find the acid bath in Solomon Wayne Courthouse and look for the platform nearby to climb on to look into the closed booth. Zoom in and scan Two-Face’s gabble to solve the riddle.

Acing the chemistry test will illuminate you.

  • Grapple up to the top of the ACE Chemicals building and scan the large neon sign.

Has this flower turned over a new leaf?

  • Go east from the Confiscated Goods Vault to the Baudelaire store. Scan it to solve the riddle.

I wonder how you can land an appointment with this milliner? Perhaps it would be best to book?

  • Inside the building that you can get access to after you have defeated Mad Hatter.

Catwoman Riddler Trophies Locations

  1. Get yourself on the chain ceiling and access the cage using the grid to get this trophy.
  2. Remember the alleyway behind the church with pressure pads on the floor? get the catwomen trophy above by climbing across the ceiling.
  3. Get access to the large building west of Solomon Wayne Courthouse by destroying the weak wall. Look for the trophy on the ceiling grate.
  4. You will find this trophy beneath a billboard at the top of the most northwestern building in Park Row.
  5. Look for it behind a set of bars west of ACE Chemicals. These are iron bars are next to a short barrier with a sign ‘Do not enter’. Grab it by climbing on the ceiling.

Tyger Cameras Locations

  1. On the building west of destroyed overpass.
  2. Next to alleyway at ground level west of ACE chemicals. Read trophy 17 for detailed description of location.
  3. It is on the road between ACE Chemicals and Bank of Gotham. If you can’t find it look for it next to an ACE Chemicals sign.
  4. Northeast corner of the Bowery building.
  5. Northeast of destroyed overpass, near the north wall.
  6. It is east of Confiscated Goods Vault. Look for in the corner of the first building nearby.
  7. Corner of the building, east of Solomon Wayne Courthouse entrance.
  8. Take the road east from Courthouse entrance and look for it behind a blue neon ‘Lounge’ sign in the corner of the nearby building.
  9. Get yourself on the road leading to the Solomon Wayne Courthouse and look in the west of the Church and you will find it.
  10. It is south of the church. Look for it at the dead-end blocked by a wall to the Wonder Tower.
  11. It is northwest of the church, opposite to barricades of the destroyed overpass.
  12. It is southwest of the entrance to the Courthouse.
  13. South of Solomon Wayne Courthouse, near the Monarch Theatre’s entrance.

Amusement Mile

All the collectibles in the Amusement Mile of Batman Arkham City.

Riddler Trophies Locations

  1. Look for a ventilation system that open and close on top of the Krank Co Toys building. You can throw a remote Batarang and control to get successfully through the door. The mark on the right stops the shutters that open and close, while the mark on the left opens the trophy cage.
  2. There is a cage with six pressure pads on the east side of the Krank CO Toys building. You can use the line launcher to reach the cage by aligning yourself with the right-wall.
  3. There is a pressure pad on the platform sound of Krank Co Toys. There are five riddler marks on the north wall. Step on the pad and watch the patterns the marks light up in, and use your Batarang to hit each mark in the same pattern. Do it twice to open the trophy cage and get the riddler trophy.
  4. Raise the crane’s hook by using REC on the electromagnet and get the riddler trophy.
  5. Look for a pressure pad on the roof of the building to the northwest of the bridge leading to the industrial district. Glide your way to the pad on the south visible from the pad then immediately glide to the last pad. Glide and grapple back up to the reach the trophy cage at the top and get the riddler trophy.
  6. Look for it on the middle platform of the GCR radio.
  7. There are three riddler pressure pads beneath Amusement Mile on the map, east of the church. Walk across these pressure pads to get the riddler trophy.
  8. Look for a cage along the west wall blocking entry to the Wonder Tower. It is filled with landmines so once you have the disruptor, use it on these mines to walk through the cage safely and retrieve the trophy.
  9. Look for it on the underside of the raised overpass leading to the entrance of the Industrial District. You can throw a freeze grenade below the trophy and get it with Batclaw.
  10. When you enter the GCPD building, continue down the first corridor and find a cell locked with a Tyger Panel. Unlock this cell, then use explosive gel on the destructible wall to get the riddler trophy.
  11. Grapple up on to the platform above near the entrance of GCPD building. Now, use the Line Launcher to reach each of the three pressure pads in turn without touching the ground.
  12. Locate the morgue inside GCPD building. It is in the east side of the building.

TYGER Cameras Locations

  1. It is north of the church, start of the overpass.
  2. On the wall of the building south of the overpass, east of the church.
  3. Southeast corner of the large building with rooftop garden – it is north of the previous camera location.
  4. To the left of the Gotham Casino Sign.
  5. It is west of the GCPD building, south of Ivy’s sanctuary.
  6. Close to the destroyed overpass, on the building to the right of Ivy’s sanctuary.
  7. Look for it on the building connected to Ivy’s sanctuary.
  8. You will find it in the center of the rooftop garden building – overlooking frozen swimming pool.
  9. It is to the right of the REC controlled door leading to the entrance of the museum.
  10. Look for it on the wall northwest of the raised overpass leading to the Industrial District.
  11. North side of the raised overpass.
  12. South side of the raised overpass.

Riddle Locations/Solutions

This questions can only be answered from an unusual perspective. Can you get yourself there?

  • Look for REC-controlled door and activate it. Glide to the building opposite and look for the other half of the Riddler mark under the billboard.

Which acrobat family gambled with their lives, and has now been left to fly solo?

  • Search the poster with Cancelled writing across it on the north-wall on the east-side of the building with rooftop garden.

If she is the ROOT of evil, how could anyone be expected to CONTAIN her?

  • Find a cabinet near the roots of Ivy’s sanctuary.

Always a shining example of justice? Not if you ask me.

  • Scan any of the GCPD Building’s spotlights to solve this riddle.

Would an invitation to party like the gods be a bolt out of the blue?

  • Find Gotham City Olympus sign and statue – It is above the weak wooden wall with riddler trophy inside it.

This place has taken a TURN for the worse. Is it a little BEAR for your tastes?

  • Scan the large neon sign above the Krank Co Toys building.

If you’re afraid, don’t be scared to crow about it.

  • There is a pile of hay on top of the raised overpass leading to the Industrial District. Scan the mask on the ground here to solve this riddle.

Look out! Can you see where the madness began?

  • Scan Arkham Island from the rooftop of the GCPD Building.

Park in his spot and you may just get a ticket.

  • Get access to the underground section of the GCPD building using the wooden wall along its north side. Use the Line Launcher to get yourself across the water. Scan James Gordon’s parking space to solve this riddle.

Joker Balloons

  1. It’s on the west side of the building, on the railing above the blue Gotham City Olympus sign.
  2. Southwest corner of the large building with garden rooftop that is west of the Gotham Olympus building.
  3. Look for it on the top of a set of speakers near the raised overpass leading to Industrial District.
  4. West of GCR mast, end of a destroyed ventilation system.
  5. It’s attached to a broken ventilation system south of Ivy’s sanctuary near the northern section of the destroyed overpass.
  6. Top of announcement speakers, outside GCPD building.
  7. Top of short tower south of GCPD building.
  8. Small building west of the large building with garden rooftop.
  9. Top of the Gotham Casino sign.
  10. Second floor of the GCR mast.
  11. West wall of the area, attached to a set of speakers.
  12. It is attached to the center of the raised overpass leading to Industrial District.

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