Might & Magic Heroes VI Crashes, Freezes, Errors, Lag, Connection, and Fixes

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After an extensive beta testing and demo, Might & Magic Heroes VI has finally been released, and it is sad to see few DRM related issues popping up post-release.

Ubisoft has already released an emergency day 1 patch to address some of these issues and they are working hard to coördinate with the community to address the remaining issues.

So, expect another patches in the coming days if things don’t get fixed. Meanwhile, you can refer to our troubleshooting guide for quick-workarounds to get you started with Might & Magic Heroes VI.

1# Installing and Playing For The First Time
You need to activate the game online to play the game. If you don’t have an internet connection, your case rests with Ubisoft Support. Contact them! You can play offline as long as you want after you have verified your game copy for one time – by activating it online.

That would obviously require internet connection and you will need Ubisoft Account to activate the game online. After you have verified your game, you can use that account to play it on any machine you like as long as you are logged into your account.

2# Connection Failed Passed-in Key Does Not Activate The Expected Privileges
If you received multiple keys for the game when you bought it from Ubishop – Extra Bonus Content Keys. You may want to wait a bit as Ubisoft resolves the issue. That is, if you are receiving the wrong key error messages. Try contacting Ubisoft, it the situation is not fixed in a day.

3# Heroes VI Crash To Desktop, Can’t Launch The Game
If you are trying to run the game on Laptop or your graphic card is not supported by the game or if you are experiencing random crashes with Might & Magic Heroes VI, delete the settings file the game generates when it runs for the first time.

If you can’t find the settings file in Heroes VI, try this – go to Settings of Ubisoft Game Launcher and select radio button that says ‘Enable Save Game Syncing’. Now delete these files:

Windows 7
C:/Users/user/AppData/Local/Ubisoft Game Launcher/savegame_storage/alphanumeric code/numbered folder/

Windows XP
C:/Documents and Settings/user/Local Settings/Application Data/Ubisoft Game Launcher/savegame_storage/alphanumeric code/numbered folder/

After deleting these folders, relaunch the game. If the above workaround doesn’t work – Try the workaround below:

Go to Documents/Might & Magic Heroes VI/(username)/ Open the folder ‘ProfileData’ with a notepad – make sure Word Wrap is on.
Find this line:


and change it to this:

<gfx_Fullscreen2 >Windowed</gfx_Fullscreen2>

You may want to lower your resolution – To change your resolution, find this line of code:

<gfx_Resolution >1600×900</gfx_Resolution>

and change it to this:

<gfx_Resolution >1360×768</gfx_Resolution>

4# How To Bypass The Intro – BlackScreen Fix
Search Skipopening in the Profile Data file, and change it to:


5# Problems Downloading Heroes VI From Ubishop
Some of you might be having troubles downloading Heroes VI. If you bought the game from Ubishop and got multiple bonus keys. Try this:

  • Go to the Ubistore. Make sure you are logged in.
  • Go to your account and on the right there is a place for your order number and password.
  • Enter your order number and password.
  • It will take you to the bonus/extras page with a download link to the game.
  • Click the download link and there you go!

6# Can’t Install The Game “Existing Installed Instances Detected”
Uninstall any earlier versions of the game – Demo and Beta. Once you have removed the earlier versions of the game, restart and do a fresh install.

7# Can’t Launch Ubisoft Launcher – Heroes VI Connection Issues
If you can’t launch the game with Ubisoft Game Launcher and every attempt results in an error like – ‘An internet connection is required to play this game. Failed to connect to the Ubisoft master servers’.

There are few things you can try at your end to resolve this. First is to add the Ubisoft Game Launcher to your firewall exception list and Antivirus. Or disable your antivirus, since it may be conflicting with the software. Finally, if you are connecting through a proxy, you can do this:
Open “settings.ini” and add the following snippet at the end:


Now change the “proxyhostname” and “proxyport” to the ones you are using and save the file. In case you don’t know which proxy host and port you are using for connecting to the internet, you can find it by:

Open internet explorer>tools>internet options> click on the “connections tab” and then click on “LAN settings”. You will find proxyname and all the port information in this window.

8# Heroes VI Blinking Cursor

9# Can’t Connect To Conflux
If you can’t connect to Conflux mode in Heroes VI, you may want to take a look at Heroes VI connection issues for the workarounds.

10# Missing Icon in Heroes VI – Can’t Find Executable
Let me guess, you installed the game from Steam and have no executable on desktop or in the Steam Folder ? Well, you can always launch the game from Steam Library in these situations.

This happens because the game hasn’t been fully decompressed yet. Once it finishes decompressing, the icons will appear. Run the game once from Steam Library, and the icons will appear.

11# Heroes VI Day 1 Patch
Don’t forget to update your game with Day 1 Patch to fix most of these issues – or any other technical difficulties you may encounter.

12# Multiplayer Timeouts
You may experience random timeouts during your multiplayer sessions. Now, I haven’t exactly figured out why this occurs because it’s a bit random. You may end up playing fine with your friends across the ocean but may not be able to play the game with a friend living close by. You can always check the ports/firewall/antivirus though – The hit and trial starts from there.

13# No Anti-Aliasing in Heroes VI
Yes, Heroes VI doesn’t support this feature but if you have good enough graphics card, you can force it through Nvidia/Catalyst Control Panel but it may result in random crashes/freezes.

14# How To Change Your Username ? – Ubishop Store Name
Once you have activated the game with a username, there is no going back. You are stuck with the same name and you can’t change it. If you are so conscious, change it before buying Heroes IV using that account. Even Ubisoft Support can’t help you on this, if you miss the train.

If you face any other issues with Heroes VI, let me know and I will try to help you out.

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  • Kim

    I keep getting black screen when going to combat, or at least some combats. It varies a lot, sometimes I can play 30 minutes without experiencing any troubles and some times I cant even play. It’s really annoying, I get black screen but sound keeps playing.
    I just bought new PC with newest specs (i7 processor etc.) I’m running windows 8. Can any1 pls help fix this?

  • Lehem

    hey, i’ve bought this game a few months ago via steam, also bought the deluxe game.

    now when i try to log into ubisoft using my email and password, it says ” if this is your first time using uplay on this computer you need to log in online atleast once before using offline mode” tho this isnt my first time, and if i try to log in offline i cant play as it says i dont have the correct content.

    • rattlesnake_906

      do you have any other game on Uplay?

  • Peglazus

    Mine doesn’t even start :S
    I mean it says something about a Windows desktop management has stopped working, WTF?! :( Please heelp!!! What do i have to do to get it working?

  • Aenima

    The true helped me out (but you have to fill it in yourself, as it doesn’t exist in the ProfileData file any longer… you just have to be careful not to place it last in the Profiledata. This is the most buggy release I’ve seen in a very long time, even with my 350+ PC games collection, and I almost regret buying the game. The Heroes series, however, is an old favourite. I hope my money goes into patching the game stable and better (i.e. MUCH better) support for laptops.

  • mex

    How to download games online mode, if you play with a friend? we can save the game but we dont find everywhere to load it

  • Jon

    Where is the settings.ini file for the proxy configuration? I found a few but none are referencing anything with Heroes VI.

  • gtjune2

    Very Very thank you.
    Finally I’ve fixed the black screen issue.

  • Spiros

    I have the same problem…really annoying when it comes to online games.Plus now after i updated my graphic card driver i cant get connected to the conflux….

  • Sashi

    Heroes VI Crash To Desktop, Can’t Launch The Game

    My game crashes during random battles! other than that everything works perfectly.. I tried your solutions and still it does crashes! My graphic card is up to date and applied on really low graphics and its running on windowed version. I can’t get around solving this crash problem.. NEED HELP !! PLEASE

  • aaa

    hello, maybe someone can to upload ProfileData file and share link? very needed this file !