Age of Empires Online Errors, Crashes, Connection, GFWL, and Lag Fixes

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Microsoft brought Age of Empires back from its grave with the launch of Age of Empires Online, a history based free to play realtime strategy game. It features standard Age of Empires gameplay in addition to persistent city that functions when the player is offline, coop multiplayer quests, and trading. Age of Empires Online blends real-time strategy with Massively Multiplayer Online gameplay and introduces several new features like crafting items and earned materials that can be used to strengthen your civilization. You can also buy premium content in the form of booster packs, Civilization packs, special items and blue prints.

Our only concern – it’s a Games For Windows Live title. That makes bugs, errors, and connection issues undying fate of this MMO and that is exactly what happened when the game launched on August 16. But worry not, Gas Powered Games technical staff has been providing good support on forums and if that wasn’t enough, we have this troubleshooting guide just for you.

Note. Before you proceed, delete all the beta related files/folders if you were part of the game’s beta. Most of the issues are caused by the beta files’ conflicts. Age of Empires Online requires that your OS is updated. Certain issues will arise otherwise.

1# How to Find Your Live Access Code
When you launch the game, you will be prompted to input your Live Access Code. If you don’t have it already, follow the steps below to get it.

  • Open the Games For Windows Client
  • Click the Downloads tab
  • Click the icon for Age of Empires Online
  • Click View Keys
  • You will see a numerical code under LIVE access code. Enter this code when prompted in-game.

Alternatively you can refer to this Microsoft Support Page, Which uses images to demonstrate each step.

2# Failed to Download Age of Empires Online
If your download fails, you can follow the steps below to resolve the issue.

  • Uninstall Age of Empires Online from within the Games for Windows – LIVE client.
  • Uninstall the Games for Windows – LIVE client.
  • Reinstall the Games for Windows – LIVE client.
  • Reinstall Age of Empires Online from within the Games for Windows – LIVE client.

3# .Net Framework and Random Map: Scenarioloader Caused An Unhandled Exception
Age of Empires Online requires updated .Net Framework to work properly. If you don’t have latest version installed, it may cause conflicts in the game. The Random Map Error is just one of those conflict caused by the latest version of .Net Framework.

To run Age of Empires Online properly, you need to install .Net Framework 3.5 installed since the game engine doesn’t recognizes .Net Framework 4.0 or higher at the moment. If you have .Net Framework 4.0 installed, you will have to remove it and go back to 2.0 and update to 3.5.

4# Can’t Purchase From In-Game Store ?
If you reside in Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, or South Africa, you may not be able to purchase civilizations, booster packs, vanity items, or bundles through the Age of Empires Online store found in the game. Developers are looking into this issue and suggest that you buy these items via Games For Windows – Live Client. Go to Marketplace Tab to buy these items.

5# XINPUT1_3.dll is Missing
Re-install/Update your graphics card drivers and your DirectX.

6# Egyptian Premium Pack Not Working
If you bought the premium pack and can’t run it, make sure that you log out/in of “Games for Windows Live” and the game. Log back in and it should work fine. Make sure you complete at least one quest with your Civilization – It is mandatory for your premium content to work.

7# Spartan.exe File Corrupted
Try to run the Spartan.exe as administrator.

8# Can’t Play Coop in Age of Empires Online
There are four mandatory things you need to check before you will be able to play coop with your friends without any connection issues.

9# Age of Empires Online Black Screen Crashes – Overheating Issue Fix
You may experience random crashes after sometime into the game. The fact that they are pretty random confirms the overheating issue. The reason behind is that the game overuses the resources available because it currently doesn’t have framerate cap. You can delay the occurrences of these crashes for now by forcing V-sync. Turn off shader and shadow quality.

10# Can’t See Your Capital City ?
If you just created the Capital City and this problem occurred. Log out of the game, delete, and recreate your capital city. That should hopefully fix this issue for you.

11# Got Banned ?
Wait three days and it will be lifted.

12# Direct3D Failed To Install
Direct3D is part of the OS. If it’s corrupted, try to install the latest update of your OS – Service Pack or try to update your DirectX Installation.

13# Can’t Authorize Game – It asks To Download Again
Remove your copy of the game and re-download using the launcher.

14# Error 8008013D When I push “Play”
Update your Windows OS. Install the latest updates and try again.

15# Error LF004 with Servers Up
This error only occurs when your local servers have gone down. The longest expected delay is 1 hour so I would suggest try again after an hour.

16# How to Fix Corrupted Spartan Catalog
You need to run the executables that can be found below as administrator. The error occurs because the file doesn’t have permissions to write.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires Online\AOEOnline
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires Online\Spartan

17# Live Service May Be Unavailable – Can’t Log in To Games For Windows Live
Run CMD; Start>All Programs>Accessories>Command Prompt, right click to run as administrator. Now, type this command;

netsh interface ipv4 set subinterface “Local Area Connection” mtu=1500 store=persistent


netsh interface ipv4 set subinterface “Wireless Network Connection” mtu=1500 store=persistent

1500 is default setting for Games For Windows Live – Any lower and it won’t work. Once you have done that, make sure your ports aren’t blocked and firewall is not coming your way. Add game and client to firewall exceptions list and disable UPnP in your router or modem. Restart your router and try again.

18# How To Install Age of Empires Online – Installation Failed
Try this Video Tutorial.

19# PC Restarts After Playing Age of Empires Online
Lower the graphics settings to resolve this issue. Go to options, graphics options and for Anti-Alias Quality turn off. Shador Quality on Low. Shadow Quality Off. Water reflection, smooth fog of war and UI Blur effects, Uncheck them all.

19# An instance of the game is already running
Run the game as administrator.

20# UI Not appearing
Update your graphics card drivers, Windows, and DirectX.

21# How to Fix Try Again Later Bug When Purchasing
Go to the in game store, purchase Xbox points, then purchase from in game store.

22# Missing Files Fix – granny2.dll
After you have installed the game. Launch AOEO from the /Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Games/Age of Empires Online/AOEOnline.exe. Once that is opened, go to the top where it says Options and click on Full Scan. It will scan to see if all files have been installed properly and download any missing file.

23# Getting an Error Upon Log in ?
Uninstall the download, Redownload from Windows live client. You can reach it here – Start Menu > Games > Games for windows marketplace >GFWLClient.exe.

If you face any other issue, let us know in comments and we will try our best to help you out.

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  • Paul

    summer pacht- when the game is paching , it stops at “sound loc…” what can I do????? :'(

  • akash

    hey plzz help!!
    during the screen ages of empire launcher it is taking more than 1 to 2 hrs to proceed futher.some extension like 7 to 99 goin on nd the blue bar below isnt proceeding further wat shud i do
    plzz help??

    • akash

      i am not able to play as it stops at one poit and the bar.7 like extensions just increase
      plzz help asap

  • Galacticruler54

    My game worked fine for a week, now when i run it it freezes and flips between the newest and directly previous frames.
    I am runnin on minimum graphics.

  • Shane

    hi there i yet have had no luck fixing these issues
    when i log into my profile for GFWL it does not connect as the following Network Status shows,
    Network Adapter: Wireless
    Internet IP Address: not signed in?
    Local IP Address: 192.168.*.*.* (* hiding numbers)
    System Link: not active?
    PC Account: PC.000000.E**7*2
    UPnP: not signed in?
    as you can see 3 issues show when i tryed signing in, i find this very unusal because when i downloaed AOE Online the first time i was able to play, but when i tryed to log in the secound time that is what happned!!
    Have no idea why this is happening i have checked my firewall and i dont think there is any problems there have also tryed checking my MTC setting and its set (Default) 1500 ? could this be a problem, to high or not high enough.
    As i dont have knowledge about computers and the way rounters work and what not i am finding all this very frustrating.
    Im not to sure also if i have to forwards ports manually info on how i know to do these thing as i have searched online and have come accross these things that i may have to check

    Anyway if someone can please help with my 3 issues to get me playing AOE Online i would be much appreciated
    thanks Shane

  • UnKnownMcCloud

    well I have looked at a few suggestions but, I seem to have A LOT of trouble connecting for multiplayer co op, I can play solo just fine, and the suggestions I have found, quite frankly seem to be just run of mill crap lol, no one seems to really know WHAT causes this issue, sometimes I can connect and sometimes I cannot, I have a wired connection and as far as firewall ports I have the firewall turned off on my computer and router, I have the NAT as “OPEN” and I can play on Xbox live stuff without a problem, I have UPNP turned on at the router, Im just not sure why everything is fine until I try to do some co op, and it sucks because I REALLY need some help with a quest too lol..could be a cool game but microsoft screws it all up, and you cant even report issues in the game or problemms with players other than what you can do with Xbox live

  • David

    I just spend six hours trying to fix a bug – partly witht he “help” of Microsoft phone support. When trying to launch Age of Empires Online – I get the message “Your Games for Windows – LIVE installation appears to be corrupted. Please try reinstalling.”

    NB @ Annoying Ali Asif
    YES – I did uninstall all – then reboot – then install all according to instructions.
    Yes – I do run Windows Vista and only original programmes.
    Yes – I did install and run all as an administrator.
    NO – There are no other users on this computer.
    NO – there are no help in any manuals explaining this.
    YES – I did run the process several times.
    YES – I did talk to Microsoft Support for almost ½ hour carefully describing the problem.
    NO – They couldn’t solve the problem.
    YES – My firewall is allowing the game.
    NO – I am NOT going to purchase Age of Empires Online or going to try to install and/or play that game ever again.
    YES – that must be what Microsoft wants.

  • Maurizio

    Well, I have a frustrating problem, the game works fine, I started playing and noticed that I can be Premium Greek if I buy it, so I did it, I paid for it, it took my money! Now I don’t have the premium pack and the money!!!! Its really a pain in the ass. I couldn’t access the market place over the game, because something is not working, so I went to their official page on the GFW marketplace and paid for the add on, it has took the money, but it says that i have to download it via the GFW Live client, but I cant find the client on my comp, it ever says file GFWLive.exe is missing, can soneone help me pls…TY

  • Justin

    When I try to start the game it says it cannot run it because it does not have the proper permission to access the device or that I need to adjust the parental controls in the Explorer games catalog… seeing as I’m the only account on the computer and I’m a 40+ female I’m really confused as to why I’m getting these messages.

  • michel

    Hi people from AoEO, i need help cuz i coundn’t fix a huge problem.
    when i log in into mi account i start my kingdom i cant see mi capital city(i already tryed to delete and recreate it), i just can only see a little part of the map, and i cant move to anywhere i can only be on a little part of the map, and the minimap is crash: take a look of mi problem

    if u know how i can fix this problem plz let me know how, im desesperate.
    my email is:

    p.d. sorry for the bad english.

    • opse

      i have exactly the same problem
      been talking with support all day and all the say is uninstall reinstall
      which doesn’t change anything
      man this is lame

  • Jeroen

    I’ve installed the game, made sure everything is up to date but the game won’t run. Tried to reinstall it but nothing seems to work.

    I’m getting the launcher screen but there is no text in it, I can’t click the play button, or the full scan.

    Anybody knows what this is all about?

    • Tomma

      Jeroen, i have the same problem. Can anyone answer this?

    • Sabine

      I have the same problem. What to do?

  • Jacob Foster

    My game is up to date, and everything, but every time i click launch it says the game has launched a few seconds go by and a window pops up saying this exactly, Localized text could not be loaded. Please run a full scan from the launcher and try again. what does this mean? and how do i fix it, i have a windows vista home basic, if this helps any, and i always run the game as administrator.

  • Crusader

    I recently installed the game, and I have deleted it. Instead of doing it right i just deleted the folder. Now I want to reinstall so it downloads it. After that you need to run the game and normally you get a screen where everything gets patched and you get the rest of the files, but with my it just says your game is up-to-date and I don’t get the other files. If somebody can help me, that would be much appreciated.

  • blablablagra

    i have problems with running the game when i hit the play button, it says
    “In Age of empires online has encountered a problem en needs to close”

    ive tried everything to solve it nothing helps

    can someone please help me..

    thank you very much

    • Ali Asif

      Which Operating system you are using. Did you run it as administrator? Is your firewall allowing the game?

  • Tivar

    @22# Missing Files Fix – granny2.dll
    If you de- und re-install this game throw the “Games for Windows Marketplace”, you may have to “complete download” instead of “full scan” to fix this error.