Dungeon Siege 3 Character Abilities, Proficiencies, Talents

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Dungeon Siege 3 features a complex mix of Abilities and Talents which govern the strength of your character as you level up in the game.

These abilities can be upgraded with certain proficiencies as enhancement or strengthen their effect and when combined with certain talents can deal maximum defensive or offensive blow to your enemies.

There are four main characters in the game, you will be accompanying each of these in the story during different quests but it is the coop during which you need to know the strength and weaknesses of these abilities, talents, and proficiencies.

Follow this comprehensive guide and know how you should play with each of these characters when the need be.

Table of Contents

How to Play With Lucas Montbarron

How to Play With Anjali

How to Play Reinhart Manx

How to Play With Katarina  (Coming Soon)

  • Abilities and Proficiencies
  • Talents

How to Play With Lucas Montbarron

Lucas is a melee Warrior, son of the former Grand Master of legion. He is good in defense and melee attacks.

Lucas is good with swords and is master of two combat stances. He can either fight with a sword and shield to effectively counter single targets or when outnumbered he can use his two hands sword to deal maximum damage to multiple enemies and knock them back.

Lucas like any warrior is good in close combat, but vulnerable to long range combat since he has very few ranged attacks. You can use his roll to quickly squeeze the distance and strike your enemies, or you can avoid multiple enemies by rolling him into different directions and then isolating single targets and taking them on one by one.

Lucas’s Abilities and Proficiencies

As a close range warrior, Lucas abilities and proficiencies focus on dealing high damage and restoring his Hit Points (HP) quickly.

Shield Pummel

33 Focus Points per use, 1 Powered Sphere when empowered.
Lucas strikes the enemies with his Shield dealing 20 percent damage to everyone and stunning the opponents for 3 seconds. The powered Shield Pummel affects all the enemies in area of effect.

Brutal Pummel
Additional 20% damage per rank.

Impetuous Slam
Additional 20% chance to knock down an opponent.

You can use Lucas’s Shield Pummel to inflict damage or to make a hasty escape route for yourself in case you get stuck in multiple enemies. It stuns the enemies you strike for 3 seconds, making it first choice ability in thick of situations. Don’t forget to upgrade it to Brutal Pummel to increase the damage.

Blade Dash

50 Focus Points per use, 1 Power Sphere when empowered.
Blade dash lets Lucas slash his enemies with his blade in a lightening fast speed. An empowered blade dash will let him move from enemy to enemy until he runs out of power.

Additional 20% damage per rank to bleeding targets.

Lightening Precision
10% chance per rank to critically hit with Blade Dash.

Lucas can combat multiple enemies using this ability and its efficiency is greatly increased if you fully rank up Lightening Precision. It would increase the chance of landing a critical hit with every strike. So, instead of investing in both proficiencies, invest all in Lightening Precision.

Grace Repose

1 Power Sphere per use, 2 Power Spheres when empowered.
Upon using this ability, Lucas will enter a state or Repose, regenerating 50% of his health for next 30 seconds. Party enjoys the benefits when you use his empowered ability.

Live by the Sword
You gain 5% life steal per rank under the effect of Grace Repose.

Combat Rage
You get 5% more power from the damage taken per rank in Combat Rage.

You unlock this ability when you reach Level 2 but you need at least 1 power sphere to activate this ability. Block your enemy attacks to accumulate power and then activate Grace Repose to recover health. Go for Live by the Sword if you want to recover your health while damaging opponents on the go.

If you like it tough, rank up Combat Rage and you will gain extra power to unleash your rage on your enemies. It will also help you activate other defensive abilities since you accumulate power quickly. It becomes very beneficial ability late in the game.

Heroic Charge

25 Focus Points per use, 2 Power Spheres when empowered.
A charge followed by a powerful strike. When empowered, this charge will be enough to knock down an opponent and inflict significantly more damage.

Willful Charge
Additional 20% damage per second (DPS).

Executioner’s Charge
Heroic Charge with this proficiency automatically lands a critical hit on any enemy with less than 10% health. With 2 talent points invested, it lands a critical hit on any enemy with less than 20% health and so on with each additional rank.

While with Lucas you will be relying greatly on Shield Pummel during the early stages of the game, Heroic Charge will become your primary option against the foes that you encounter during the later stages. Rank Up executioner’s charge to increase Lucas’s ability to land critical hits.

This will also help you fight against the bosses. You should avoid spending points in Shield Pummel while you can, rank up Blade Dash and Graceful Repose instead. Buy Heroic Charge when it becomes available.

Wind Shear

25 Focus Points per use, 1 Power Sphere when empowered.
A vortex is created when Lucas Slash through the air damaging everyone in its path. After it hits at least eight enemies, it disappears. When it is empowered, it knocks down every enemy it strikes.

Wounding Gale
Additional 20% chance per rank.

Slowing Shear
Those affected by Wind Shear are slowed by 10% per rank.

It’s a second tier ability and makes an interesting combo with Blade Dash. Rank it up fully in Wounding Gale proficiency with Blade Dash’s Hemorrhage proficiency. First bleed your enemies with Wounding Gale Wind Sheer and then cut them down with extra damage of Hemorrhage Blade Dash.

Shield Wall

1 Power Sphere per use, 2 Power Spheres when empowered.
A defensive wall that increases Lucas’s armor by 20% for 30 seconds. When empowered, its benefits are extended to the whole party.

Deflecting Shield
Increased defensive blocking up by 20% per rank when under the effects of Shield Wall.

Reflexive Defenses
You will be able to reflect 10% damage back to your enemy when this ability is activated.

Good defensive ability that helps you hold longer against the odds. You can combine Shield Wall with Graceful Repose to make Lucas an unstoppable warrior. You can rank up Reflexive Defenses to reflect the damage your enemies inflict upon you.

Or rank up deflecting shield to block enemy attacks for longer period without wasting your focus points. This will help you reserve your power which in turn will help you unleash empowered attacks on your enemies more often.

Vanguard’s Strike

40 Focus Points per use, 2 Power Spheres when empowered.
Lucas unleashes a powerful attack from the air and knocks down its enemies while inflicting damage. When empowered, it knocks down even the enemies standing nearby.

Vanguard’s Gale
When activated pushes the nearby enemies to 1m and slows them down 10% for 5 seconds. Each additional rank adds 1 meter push and 10% slowness.

Valorous Renewal
When you defeat an enemy with Vanguard’s attack, you gain 5 Focus Points per rank.

Vanguard Strike is very effective against single targets. You can use it against powerful enemies to deal them maximum blow or you can use it to slow down your enemies to find an escape route. When fully ranked, Vanguard Strike’s damage is unmatched.

Earthrending Strike

50 Focus Points per use, 1 Power Sphere when empowered.
Lucas draws energy from the ground by slamming his sword into the ground which in turn damages everyone in the damage radius. When empowered, Earthrending Strike creates a circle around Lucas, knocking down every enemy around him.

Additional 20% chance to be knock down the enemies per rank.

Each rank extends the range of Earthrending Strike by 2m.

Great ability to counter multiple enemies at once, it will be sometimes your only hope to survive the large group of enemies. Rank up Tremor to ensure you knock down all enemies, leaving them defenseless for several seconds while you recover.

Unbridled Wrath

1 Power Sphere per use, 2 Power Spheres when empowered.
Lucas regenerates 200 Focus Points over the span of 30s when this ability is activated. When empowered, the entire party benefits from this ability.

Unstoppable Wrath
20% more chance per rank to avoid getting interrupted by enemy while under Unbridled Wrath.

Endless Wrath
Lucas Focus regeneration is increased by additional 10% per rank in Endless Wrath.

Activating this ability will let you use combat abilities far more often. Rank up Endless Wrath to generate as much focus as you can. Use all your abilities while under its effect so that you don’t waste any available Focus.

Lucas Talents

Devastating Criticals
Critical Hits deal an additional 10 percent bonus damage per rank. This talent perfectly combines with Blade Dash ability when upgraded with maximum ranks in Lightening Strike. Upgrade Devastating Criticals as you rank up Blade Dash and you will considerable advantage against your enemies in early phase of the game.

Victory Rush
4% chance to regain health as Lucas defeat an enemy. If you want to make the best out of Victory Rush. Rank up the abilities that are best against multiple enemies at a time like Blade Dash and Wind Shear. Once you have them ranked up, rank up Victory Rush and enjoy 20% health regeneration every time you kill an enemy.

Force of Will
10% of will power granted as attack with each rank. Rank Up Force of Will and equip good Gear and your DPS will increase up to 50%. Now, you need to enhance your will to maximize damage output.

Wrathful Might
4% bonus to attack per rank. If you are looking for high damaging talent, look no further. You can easily add up to 20% more damage to every attack by ranking up Wrathful Might.

Focused Strikes
4% chance in Focused Strikes to generate additional focus when attacking enemies. You can easily gain 5 bonus focus points each time you kill an enemy. More focus means you have access to more devastating attacks against your enemies.

Increases healing by 4% per rank. You will be in the middle of battle almost all the time so recovering health after these encounters becomes a top priority. You can recover health in multiple ways and if you want to get the best out of each healing point your receive, rank up this talent.

Death Defying
When you are low on health under 25%, you will receive 7 additional chance per rank to shrug off attacks. You will be able to survive for extended period of time but it will depend on how you have upgraded your other abilities and talents.

Trade Master
Sell items for 4% more Gold. Rank up this talent and you will be seeing an increase of 20% profit as you sell items. You can loot a whole lot of items but it’s the rare items in Dungeon Siege 3 that sell for most profits.

Focused Rage
5% chance to generate focus in Rage when damaged by enemies. You can combo this talent with other focus-based abilities to generate extra focus that you would need to unleash your combat abilities even more on your enemies.

Cull of the Weak
Additional 2% chance to land a critical hit on weakened enemies per rank. You can rank this talent along with other related abilities to make your strikes even more lethal.

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