Fear 3 Alma Dolls Locations ‘Doll Collector’ Guide

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The Alma Dolls in Fear 3 spawn randomly at different locations in each Interval. So, it makes it difficult to correctly describe the exact location since there can be multiple locations spawning the same doll.

In this guide, we will describe all the many possible locations of where you can find these dolls. You can find all the Alma Dolls in Fear 3 to unlock Doll Collector achievement or trophy.

Note. Don’t forget to contribute, wherever you find any doll, give it your best try, and describe it in comments. It would help a lot.

Fear 3 Alma Doll Locations

Interval 01 – Prison

As you go down a set of stairs in the dark during this mission, you will come across a door that you can open half way down the stairs. Look left to the door behind a locked fenced door, you will see a body that you can do Psychic Link with. (You can destroy the lock to reach there).

From there continue down the bottom of the stairs. Now, you need to get below the stairs. You can crouch to get below the stairs, and once you are there, look in the corner to find the Alma Doll.

Interval 02 – Slums

Location #1. When you open the door and see three enemies chatting in front of you in a building with no wall on the second floor, kill them all, and walk up a set a stairs. Take a left and you will be heading towards the end of the building at the top of the stairs and end up in an open area with crates lying around.

From here go down the stairs, and you will see a door that you have to go through to continue the mission. Instead of opening the door, go inside the other room and look to your left. You will find the Alma Doll in the corner.

Location #2. When you come across a road going uphill and notice a transport vehicle that arrives to drop off enemies and when you fight a small mech. You will notice there are several rocket launchers in the building to your right. To the left of the street you should see a hole in the wall, you can easily locate it left to the first car on the street. The Alma Doll is in this hole.

To reach there continue up the street and take a left before the transport vehicle. Go to the high elevated ground and jump on the ledge, from there you can jump in the hole.

Interval 03 – Store

Location #1. Exit the Men Washroom and come down a few hallways to a door you can open. Open the door to enter a room with lots of crates. As you enter the room, take a right and you will spot a shelf in the corner. The Alma Doll is on top of that Shelf. In order to get this doll, you will have to climb to the top of the shelf beside it and then sprint jump across it.

Interval 04 – Suburbs

Location #1. When you fight the enemies in the backyard of houses with fences surrounding the area. You will come across a fence that you can pass through. As you exit this area, you will see a shed ahead of you.

The Doll is inside this shed. Remember, you will have to take the broken fence and exit through it, don’t go through any other area, or you will miss it. There is also another spot with table on top of an air conditional, letting you go over it and reach outside. Don’t go from there or you will miss this Alma Doll.

Interval 05 – Tower

Location #1. When you start the mission, you will see ground sink in front of you and an ambulance fall in. Take the road to the left and enter a building with an open door. Now, you should spot a door that is partially open. Open this door and continue down the hall.

Keep going till you come across a locked door at the end of the hall. In order to open this door, go through the open door beside and take a right. Open the door and it will get stuck. Look at the locked door and you will see a lock.

Shoot down the lock and then go back through once locked door. Go through the door and look behind the door that got stuck earlier, there is an Alma Doll in the corner behind the desk.

Location #2. When you come back outside, you will encounter enemies. Clear the area and wait for the gate to open. Continue down and you will see ground break apart. If you look ahead, you will spot a tower and sign labeled “Harbor Market”.

Now, you need to pass through the fence. There are three entrances to the fence area on the other side of the ground that broke apart. In the middle fence entrance is the Alma Doll. Stick close to the fence and the pavement will support you to make it to the doll.

Location #3. In this mission when you are required to climb up the two ladders to the top of the building. Look to the other side and you will see a street with cars parked. You will spot a soldier retreating there with zombies chasing him. Drop down to the ledge below and you should see a doll on the ground below the two ledges. It is between the brick wall and a building at the back.

Location #4. The place when you get access to a control panel to open the gate but it doesn’t open and you are force to defend for a while until it finally opens. When it does open, you will have access to another control panel. Go through the gate that opens and you will have to open some fenced doors to continue. Fences surround you will have green sheets on them.

When you exit the last fenced door, you will be on the road leading to a building with a sign “Harbor Arket”. Walk in the direction of the building but instead of going through the gate that opens, take a right to enter the area between fence and a building. The doll is at the end of this area which looks similar to an alley.

Location #5. When you face Harbor Market “Harbor Arket”, you will come across a gate that is closed but open automatically after tower sends a shock-wave. Continue forward and ground will break apart, go around it and continue. Ground will break apart again beside Fairport Terminal.

You will see a bus falling in, and you end up jumping on the bus to climb at the top of Fairport Terminal. As you jump off, the Harbor Market sign becomes more messed up and will read “H RO A ET”. Jump off and stay as close to the wall as another hole appears.

Keep going forward and you will see ground breaking apart again with a bus falling in vertically inside. You will see a white delivery truck beside the hole. To the right of this hole and delivery truck along the building of the Harbor Market is the Alma Doll.

Interval 06 – Bridge

Location #1. When you see a train sliding down beside you to your left and ahead is another train balancing on some rocks to you right. You will find the Alma Doll on the right side second train. You walk around the train to get it.

Location #2. When you confront the two enemies after passing underneath the trains. You will see a helicopter crashing into them. When it happens, go straight into the train ahead of you and take the first door to the left inside the train. Go into the next train and look to the right beside the door to the left of the seats for Alma Doll.

Interval 07 – Port

Location #1. In the area with restaurants on the second floor, look for an elevator in the middle of the circular room. There is a door between the Janus Cafe and Sophie’s Pizza stores.

In order to reach there you will have to go down a set of stairs and then go up a set of stairs. You can find the door to the right of ATM machine just near the stairs you just went up. Open the door and look for the Alma Doll in the corner.

Location #2. Inside the Sophie’s Pizza store. Crouch and go under the gate and you will see it in front of you; slightly to the right when you enter.

Interval 08

Location #1. At the start of the level, go down the first stairs you come across to the right. Look at the wall, it reads “Gymnasium” to the right, and “Medical” to the left. Take the Gymnasium route and keep going through the hall. At the end of the hall, there will be a room with cage door. Open the cage door and you will find it in front of you.

If you face any problem playing the game, don’t forget to check our Fear 3 troubleshooting guide.

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    • John J.

      Interval 08: When you enter the lab in order to rip the coloring book. After ripping the coloring book, enter the room with the x-rays posted on its wall. To your right, just as you enter the room, you can find an Alma doll.

    • John J.

      Interval 06: After Fettel makes a comment about poking an ant hill with a stick, hop into the side of the train leaving that particular area. Next to that train, through the use of the train beside it, you can find an Alma doll.

    • John J.

      Interval 04: When you reach the powerplant and clear out the initial wave of enemies, enter the building in front of you. An Alma doll can be found in the room to your right.

    • John J.

      Interval 02: When you first climb out of the sewers and the guards are trying to get people to open their doors. After clearing out that area and entering a building to go around the transport that is in the way, head forward and to your right (when you reach a broken brick wall you can use for cover) you should find the Alma doll in that small corner/alley way.

    • ramen

      Interval 7: In the same restaurant area as the other two locations. “Zelig’s Downtown Deli” (?) has its gate up. Go through its kitchen door and the doll is in the back right corner.

    • Dan

      I found a fourth location for Interval 06 – Bridge. After getting the Power Armour, continue forward past the little drop between the segments of the bridge. At the 2 roadblocks saying ‘Do not Cross’, exit the Power Armour and go left. Turn back towards the bridge and the doll is in a little nook next to 3 yellow barrels. Hope this helped :D

    • nick

      In the interval 4 there is another 1 when alma destroys the gate and u jump over it when u see the robot look to the left of it and it will be by the corner

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