Yakuza 4 Locker Keys Locations Guide

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The locker keys are not very hard to find in Yakuza 4. They are glowing – mostly where there is no light/night. There are a total of 100 locker keys in the game and all of them are mostly at common places.

The locker keys are used to unlock the bus lockers, these bus lockers have various items which you can collect such as weapons, armor, items etc. You can find these keys on the streets and inside the buildings (shops, rooms etc).

Taihei Street Lockers Keys

Tattered Scarf
Chapter: 1-2
At the front of “Cafe Alps” which is situated at the place where Nakamichi St. and Nakamichi Alley intersect with each other.

Steel Mail
Chapter: 1-2
Accept the “See the babes” offer which is given to you by a guy at the Pink Street. He will now allow you to Asia. The key is lying on the lobby’s floor.

Demon Stone
Chapter: 1-2
At the corner of the beam you’ll find a plant along with the key.

Spicy Knife
Chapter: 1-2
Find a file cabinet at Kamuro Theater. It is at the top of it.

Eye of the Dragon
Chapter: 1-2
Showa Street, the 2nd store of Poppa convenience.

Hyper Stun Gun
Chapter: 1-2
Taihei Blvd, go over the tunnel which has the locker bank and look for a sign, then zoom on the left side of it.

Shape Memory Spring
Chapter: 1-2
It is in the far corner of the alley (champion district).

Chapter: 1-2
It is in the Ebisu pawn shop at the left side to the entrance.

Mystery Stone
Chapter: 1-2
At the ventilation tube which is next to Kamiyama Weapon shop.

Mystery Stone
In the alleyway behind Kotobuki Drugs, on a pipe above a couple of blue trash cans.

Ancient Steel
Chapter: 1-2
Look outside the Kanrai (Shichifuku St. East)

Broken Radio
Chapter: 1-2
It is near the black wall (M Store).

Blackjack Amulet
Chapter: 1-2
The blackJack is on the table (Bantam’s Back Wall).

Tauriner Maximum
Chapter: 1-2
Go towards the western side from the Taxi Stop of the Northern Side (Park Blvd).

Zero Jewel
Chapter: 1-2
Near the counter (Kotobuki Drugs).

1-1-1 Card
Chapter: 1-2
At theater square look for a blue vending machine, the card is on its top. It is in the Shichifuku Street.

Toughness Emperor
Chapter: 3-1
In one of the bathrooms in the alley which comes from the homelands front door.

Silver Plate Locker Keys

Physimagic Jersey
Chapter: 1-2
At the Showa Street you’ll find some parked bikes. The jersey is in the basket of one of the bikes.

Charisma Ring
Chapter: 1-2
Go to the eastern side of the Parking lot. It is at an empty space (Taihei Blvd-Eastern Side)

Piss Mountain Stone
Chapter: 1-2
The stone is placed at one of trees near the entrance of Millennium Towers.

Goddess of Children Amulet
Chapter: 1-2
If you don’t find this during Akiyama’s part of the game, you may actually need to talk to a doctor about your eye-sight. In the middle of Tenkaichi Street – right outside New Serena.

Small Motor
Chapter: 4-2
At the corner of New Serena, on top of a light fixture.

Gravity Converter
Chapter: 1-2
Look through the pile of collapsed cardboard boxes of the Western Entrance (Showa Street). The Locker Key Radar must be equipped.

Antique Chain Mail
Chapter: 1-2
There is a dead tree in the children park. That’s where you need to look.

Staminan Spark
Chapter: 1-2
At New Serena Block, the stamina spark is at the top of the building left to the vending machines. You will have to zoom-in.

Chapter: 1-2
In the Orchid Palace, near aisle – between the tables.

Comfy Shoes
Chapter: 1-2
The key is right in front of the back door of the Kyosho.1…near the clerks counter.

Mystery Liquid
Chapter: 1-2
At Millennium Tower North in a tree.

Royal Joker Card
Chapter: 1-2
It is in the Nakamichi Street Club SEGA.

Even Goro’s Beads
Chapter: 1-2
This is the street where you rescue “Zhao”. The beads are on the second floor of the near-by buildings.(Senryo Evenue)

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