DiRT 3 Custom Car Setups For Tracks

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Following are the custom car setups for DiRT 3 you can play with on the specified tracks. There are also general car setups that can be used for all cars and tracks.

Regardless of why you are reading this article, we are very much interested in learning your own custom car setup for different tracks so do share them with us.

Gear Ratio: (Short) 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 (Long)
DownForce: (High) 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 (Low)
Suspension: (Stiff) 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 (Soft)
Ride Height: (Low) 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 (High)
Differential: (Strong) 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 (Loose)
Brake Bias: (Rear) 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 (Front)

This will be the format of these custom car setups and in case you would like to share your own setup, do the same. Big Thanks to our friends at Racing Department.

Ford Fiesta – Gymkhana

Car: Ford Fiesta
Track: All
Gear Ratio:2
Down Force:5
Ride Height:1
Brake Bias:3

Note. No Assist / Steering Wheel / Xbox 360

Subaru STi – Monaco

Car: RallyCross Subaru STi
Track: Monaco All Tracks
Gear Ratio:2
Down Force:5
Ride Height:1
Brake Bias:2

C4 WRX – Michigan, Kenton Descent

Car: Rally C4 WRX
Track: Michigan, Kenton Descent
Gear Ratio:4
Down Force:5
Ride Height:1
Brake Bias:2

All Cars – All Tracks

Car: All
Track: All
Gear Ratio:4
Down Force:5
Ride Height:1
Brake Bias:2

If you are experiencing any issue correctly setting up your game, check DiRT 3 Steering Errors, Crashes, and Wheel Settings. Share your experience of these DiRT 3 Car Setups in comments and let us know which setup you use online and most importantly why ?

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  • gr8ned

    how about a good setup for outbreak? thx

  • agressive driver

    good snow setup that works for me is
    G.R.= 2
    Down.= 3
    Susp.= 3
    R.H.= 4
    Diff.= 4
    B.B.= 2

  • ASDF

    hey can anyone tell me what is meaning of these setups?game explains it when you press but ı cant understand some words… (sorry for bad english)

  • TTD Marsbar

    @RedBullet, That’s pretty much my Trail Blazer setup aswell just a couple of minor changes. 😛

    @SwanSongCoda, Great Tarmac set up bro it works well. I have beat 80% of my PB’s using this setup Thanks. :)

    Below are some other setups i use.

    Rally Cross Setup.
    Gear Ratio: 2
    Downforce: 2
    Suspension: 3
    Ride Height: 2
    Differential: 4
    Brake Bias: 2

    Gymkhana Setup.
    Gear Ratio: 2
    Downforce: 5
    Suspension: 2
    Ride Height 1
    Differential: 1
    Brake Bias: 1

  • thiago

    great setups guys! i’m using and loving it. thanks

  • SwanSongCoda

    Nice set up RedBullet, it was close to mine and I like yours better for Trail Blazer and Rally in snow.

    I find each car is a little different however and most cars run pretty good with standard settings.

    On RWD 80’s, 70’s,60’s cars I like to go one strong on steering and something like this in most tracks. If it’s a gravel/rally I go with 3’s and if it’s tarmac I go with 2’s.

    Gear Ratio: 2 or 3
    DownForce: 2
    Suspension: 2 or 3
    Ride Height: 2 or 3
    Differential: 2
    Brake Bias: 4

  • RedBullet

    Here is a setting I find really useful in snow rally and trailblazer stages


    Gear Ratio: 3 or 4
    DownForce: 3 or 4
    Suspension: 4
    Ride Height: 4
    Differential: 4
    Brake Bias: 5