Black Ops Zombies Call of the Dead Strategy Guide

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Call of the Dead is inspired by legendary horror writer and director, George A. Romero, who is also featured in the map alongside Robert Englund, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Michael Rooker and Danny Trejo.

It is the biggest zombie map released to date (Previous maps include: Der Riese, Kino Der Toten, Ascension, and The Five) and much more difficult then what you are previously used to.

If you are looking for assistance in prolonging your survival in Call of the Dead, start reading below. Before starting out, you should read our following guides on the basics of weapons and perks.

Black Ops Zombies – Call of the Dead General Strategy

Avoid Ramero as much as you can and proceed to turn on the power. In order to turn on the power you need to go to the boat.

The power is at the top of the boat and if you are lucky you will find the Mystery Box there as well. Once you have turned on the power, you will see the Zipline has moved back to the starting area. Watch the video below for visual guide to do the same.

How to turn the Power on in Call of the Dead

How to Kill George Romero – Call of the Dead

Weapon: Scavenger Upgraded or not
Reward: Death machine, Four Free Perks

Note. George Romero re-spawns after every two rounds.

Make your way towards the lighthouse. From the lighthouse door, make your way down the stairs which lead to the basement of the lighthouse from the outside. Do not open the door to the lighthouse yet. Once you have reached the bottom of the lighthouse you will see a big metal door.

Go towards it and you will hear the zombie time travelers inside the door. Listen to the their conversation, at the end of the conversation they will ask you for a fuse. You will find the fuse on the next floor up lying on one of the tables. You can pick it up by pressing the interaction key.

Come back and place the fuse in the door panel. They will start to talk again and will eventually turn on the security system which you need to de-activate.

There are generators near you, one is right next to you, and once it is on, you can clearly differentiate it with its flashing red light. You need to destroy the generators. To destroy the generators, you need a frag grenade or Semtex. If you don’t have frag grenades or Semtex you can watch the video below to find these:

Black Ops Zombies – Call of the Dead Semtex Locations

Black Ops Zombies – Call of the Dead Perks Locations Guide

JuggerNog Location in Call of the Dead

Where to Find Pack-A-Punch Machine in Call of the Dead
Pack-a-Punch machine in Black Ops: Call of the Dead moves with the light of the lighthouse. Light of the lighthouse basically points towards the spot where the Pack-a-Punch machine is now. Most of the players have found it in the following places: ‘The Starting Area, Area Near JuggerNog Perk and behind a building viewable from the top of the Lighthouse’.

Call of the Dead Co-op Ensemble Cast – Guide

Complete guide on how you can get the Ensemble Cast achievement. It will require you to have map knowledge and know how to navigate the map as well as key points. (This is for CO-OP).

All actions are completed by holding the “X” button or Square button depending on what console you’re on.

What is Required
You need four people. You need the VR-11 (DOES NOT have to be upgraded) for the last few steps.

1# Turn power on
Simple, just turn on the power. If you have read through the general strategy and specific tips above, you should know how to by now.

2# Listen to people behind door / get fuse / put fuse in door
Go to the door where you can hear the people from the other zombies maps talking. Listen to their entire conversation.

They will say something about a fuse. Once they’re totally done talking, go up one floor and there should be a fuse on either one of the tables or in the corner right by the stairs. It’s a gray cylinder.

Take the fuse back to the door and put it in the panel to the right of the door. They will talk some more and tell you to destroy the generators.

3# Destroy the generators
There are four generators around the map that you have to destroy by throwing grenades in them or hitting them with an explosive weapon. They glow red on the top.

  • Right by the door
  • Through the window by the Stamin-Up machine
  • Off the left side of the front of the ship in the ocean
  • One in the catwalks in the middle of the ship on the lower levels

If you’re having trouble finding them, you can watch the video below:

Call of the Dead – Fuse, 4 Generators, Vodka Locations

Go back to the door once you’ve destroyed all four of them (the red light on the top will go out when you’ve destroyed it).

4# Get them vodka
Look around the railings on the map. You should see a hanging bottle or sack frozen to a railing somewhere (the placement is random). Once you find it, have someone stand on the floor below under the bottle. Have a person on top knife the vodka. It will fall, and the person under it will catch it. Take the vodka back to the door and put it in the pneumatic tube to the left of the door.

5# Listen to BROKEN radios in correct order
There are many radios around the map, but four of them don’t have recordings that play. Instead, they just beep. Turns out that the beeping is Morse code. The letters they correspond to are V R I L, presumably for the weapon VR-11 Lazareth.

  • In a container after opening the large bulkhead to get to the back of the ship.
  • On top of a tall green cabinet in the room containing the stairs that lead to the power room on the ship. Open the stairs with the boxes that cost 1250 points, and go into the room on that level. That’s the room.
  • On top of a barrel by the Stamin-Up machine.
  • In the room under the door with the people, there’ll be one on top of a cabinet.

Press them in this order:

  • Near power room
  • Stamin-Up
  • Back of ship near bulkhead
  • Room under door

If that doesn’t work, listen to the tones and look up a Morse code dictionary. The order should end up being VRIL.

6# Bring up submarine
After listening to the radios, a gold star should start blinking in the sky off the back of the ship. Go to the captain’s main room (where the power switch is) and turn the captains wheel so that the spoke with the brown tape is pointing to the bottom right.

There will be three switches to the right of the wheel, but the middle one doesn’t move. Move the one of the left down one click, and the one on the right down until a submarine comes up off the back of the boat. You will know it comes up because you’ll hear water splashing.

7# Put code in lighthouse
In the lighthouse, there is a knob on each floor. Top floor is yellow, second is orange, third is blue, and bottom is purple. The code should go like this.

Yellow = 2, Orange = 7, Blue = 4, Purple = 6

There is an algorithm to solving it, since each knob moves the ones that are touching it in order of floors. The top doesn’t turn the bottom knob, and the bottom doesn’t turn the top. Keep trying you will solve it. Don’t have detailed instructions on it since it was a hit and trial and don’t remember now.

8# Hit the foghorns
Next, there are four foghorn things on the map. They look kind of like metal mushrooms. There are two of them in the Stamin-Up lagoon and two in front of the lighthouse in the area next to the lagoon.

You have to play them in a certain order while the submarine is up. If you play it wrong, the sub will go back down, and you’ll have to wait until the next round for it to come back up. I will explain the order in terms of pitch of the horns.

1 = Highest, 2 = Next to highest, 3 = Next to lowest, 4 = lowest

Play the order 2 3 1 4 in quick succession. Make sure each tone slightly overlaps the last one. If there’s a break, the sub goes away and it won’t work. If you do it correctly, the sub will shoot a green light up to the top of the lighthouse. When you go in the lighthouse, the green light should be going down the stairs all the way to the bottom.

9# Shoot zombie with VR-11
You need the VR-11 for this step. Hopefully someone has it by now. It doesn’t have to be upgraded. Lure a zombie or a crawler into the bottom of the lighthouse. It will be easiest for the rest of the steps if you finish a round with two crawlers. When one is near the green light, shoot him with the VR-11. He will turn into a human and start floating up the green light.

10# Kill human
As soon as his feet leave the ground, blast the crap out of him with everything you have. You’ll probably have to chase him up the stairs. The goal is to kill him. He will stop flailing and lay on his back when he dies.

11# Grab the Golden Rod
Once you kill him, the golden rod will slowly descend from the top of the lighthouse. Grab it once it reaches the bottom floor.

12# Put the Rod in Pneumatic Tube
Take the rod to the door and put it in the same pneumatic tube you put the vodka in. They will talk for about 15 years. Just hold out and don’t die.

13# Patiently Wait While They Talk
After they talk for an obscene amount of time, the fuse in the door will start sparking. Knife it and it will stop sparking. They’ll go on talking for a while again.

14# Achievement Unlocked!
Once they finally finish talking, that’s it. The achievement should unlock. A power-up also gets dropped. It’s the Wonder Waffle, and once you pick it up, you have it until you die or it runs out of ammo.

Black Ops Zombies: Call of the Dead 4 Player Co op Strategy

Split into teams of two, one team goes to the turn on the power and the other works there way through the lighthouse. Send your best players towards the boat to turn on the power since that place is more isolated hence the chance of getting cornered and dying is relatively more than lighthouse area.

Don’t open the lighthouse right away, go down the Phd room instead and work your way to the part of the ship with a square walkway and hold off to get points for juggernaut, it’s a very important perk for this map. Since the Lighthouse team will have the first door open, after the power has been turned on, the power team should on the flinger to meet up with the lighthouse team at juggernaut.

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  • duffers31

    Great strategy Rick.

    I only just bought COTD but its already my favourite map. My best round is 23 rounds but this is because some guy was going the glitch thing by the lighthouse (and not down to skill).

    If anyone fancies playing for fun my name is ‘duffers31’ on the PSN.

  • snappingturtle1

    Rick_Hunter, you seem to have your stuff together. im on ps3, and everyone i know seems to be hoplessly addicted to kino and wont even entertain the idea of playing ascension or call of the dead. i play like the group needs me to in order to move forward. check me out if youre in the mood to train someone. snappingturtle1

  • Rick_Hunter

    Hi Thomas, I’d like to respond to your unintelligent remarks. First of all, you said I sound like a boring person to play with. I find that interesting since I fight just about everywhere in Call of the Dead since I frequently have to leave my spot to revive people. You couldn’t even imagine the bad situations I have thrown myself into just to revive some player who was playing like a NOOB. I also don’t understand how you think fighting in close hand to hand combat with the sickle is boring. I have a very quick and intense style of play that is anything but boring. I suppose you think exciting is sitting on the stair glitch shooting at a closed door, while you refuse to revive a player who is more than 30 feet away. Well, I guess I shouldn’t speculate since you didn’t acctually offer up a strategy of your own. You were too busy being ignorant. Next I’d like to comment on your math in context. There are 3 doors on the way to the sickle from the starting area. These doors combined add up to just shy of $3,000.00. The sickle costs $3,000.00, plus I always purchase the M14 off the bridge as the first thing I do. When I say that I typically end wave 6 with about $3,400.00, if you learn how to do math, you would know that I have already spent about $6,500.00 before earning back about $3,400.00 from using the sickle. This means that I typically have a little over $6,000.00 by the end of wave 5, and if you were to add everything I spend and earn, then by the end of wave 6 I will have seen about $10,000.00 in total. Thirdly, I never professed to be a Pro. Infact I beieve in my brief opening disclaimer I said that I was just an average zombies player. What is ironic is that I acctually made an effort to say that I wasn’t the best because I had the foresight to know that a numbskull like yourself would want to feel special by adding your stupidity. Fourthly, I never said that it was foolish to purchase the MP40. The MP40 is arguably the best non- upgraded wall weapon in the new Zombie maps. Unfortunately in Call of the Dead, the MP40 is in an undesirable place. Just like the AK74u is in an undesirable place in Kino. The reason people very rarely buy the AK74u in Kino, is because they know that they will just have to shell out another $1,000.00 on the MP40 or the mystery box because of the Kino circuit. Basically, people who know something about false economy will realise that the AK74u in Kino is just a bad investment by virtue of its bad location. The argument that I tride to present is that the same can be said about the MP40 in Call of the Dead. Iknow that people love to buy it, but I think it is mostly because they don’t know what else to do. Consider this scenario. You are playing a game with 3 randoms who all turn out to be NOOBS. They all purchase Olympias in wave 1 because they are more concerned with stealing each others kills than acctually getting points. During insta-kill and times 2, they make every effort to piss off George and throw grenades at your Zombies. They all die at least 1 or 2 times pror to wave 4. The NOOB with the highest points, ($2,500.00) decides to rage quit because he thinks everybody else sucks, and he has nothing to gain by watching you play when you had the audacity to calm George down before trying to rescue his frozen caracas. NOOB number 2 decides he wants the Ray Gun from the box in wave 4 so he can show everybody what it looks like. He prematurely opens the door that leads up to the lighthouse so he can hit the Mystery Box with his only $950.00. You decide that these people are going to get themselves killed and you don’t want to be stuck without a weapon, so you use about $2,000.00 dollars to open the 2 blockades leading to the MP40. You spend another $1,000.00 dollars on the MP40. NOOB number 3 has followed you so he also can get the MP40. Suddenly, NOOB number 2 has killed himself by the lighthouse with splash damage from his shiny new Ray Gun. \SAVE ME!!! I HAVE THE RAY GUN!!!\ NOOB number 3 decides he feels heroic, so he doubles back to the starting area by dropping down to the cliff bridge. He sustains some damage during the fall right when a zombie pops out of the ground and whacks him to the ground. Now you have to save 2 downed players by yourself with the MP40 and no Jugger Nog you double back to help NOOB number 3 since he is closest. Because you too sustain some damage, you carefully back up and take aim at the Zombies heads. You know you need to get head shots because you have spent nearly all your money. In your cautious head shooting, you realize that the Zombies just keep climbing up the cliff so you just can’t save NOOB number 3. You notice that NOOB number 2 has rage quit because you couldn’t save his Ray Gun. A few seconds later, NOOB number 3 dies right in front of you while you continue to take careful aim at zombie heads. You are frustrated because not only could you not save anyone, but the 2 deaths took several hundred dollars out of your pocket. At the close of wave 4, you have earned about $1,200.00. You still have 2 doors to open to get to power, a third door to get to Jugger Nog. you need $2,500.00 for Jugger Nog, and you only have about 60 bullets left in your MP40. You look to the NOOBS to maybe open a door or two in wave 5, but unfortunately they don’t even have enough money to buy back their Olympias. Now your strategy requires either $500.00 for more ammo, or for Treyarch to bless you with a max ammo. You decide to fight your way back to the MP40. During a reload of your MP40 on the boat you are accidentally and suddenly surrounded by 2 zombies who get off a lucky double tap. You fall to the ground and curse because you know you don’t usually suck this bad. You decide that your strategy would have worked if you had been playing Solo, or with players who knew what they were doing. You decide to rage quit and restart with players who can play intelligently. Meanwhile, in my game, all the NOOBS died in wave 4. I carefully used 3 torso shots with my M14 before finishing the zombies off with the knife. I was happy that NOOB number 2 opened the first door to the light house because now I only need about $4,800.00 dollars to have the sickle in my hot little hand. With about 17 zombies still giving chase, I fly down the ice slide and grab the sickle off the wall. I pull out my 1911 and I put a clip into each zombie before I finish them off with the sickle. I end wave 4 with $2,960.00 and a one hit kill weapon that I don’t have to reload or buy ammo for.

    • Mysyk

      Dude, you are epic, I have a PS3 and BO. and I would LOVE to play with you. just look up RedeemerofLight. that’s me. so anytime man, would love to play with you!

  • Mike

    How to play call of dead past level 50. It’s simple instead of reading about it watch the two viedos I posted on YouTube , channel name miketvjones , there are 2 videos watch enjoy and play like a pro. Seeing a strategy that works is much better than reading about one that might be made up and not work.

  • Thomas

    you sound like the most boring person to play zombies with! sickles good till round 11 btw and its not foolish to pick up the mp40 since it does the job as well all the way to round 18 or so. professional my ass!
    and theres no way to buy all perks on round 7 unless all the zombies went towards you. having 3 grand by round five isnt that great either since im peaking 6 grand by then

  • Legefy

    A tactic that I use a lot is by using the start room for extended periods.
    #1 pick up a sub machine gun and turn the power on.
    #2 open the rout to the broken ship and go below the stairs back to the centre room.
    #3 each time you run out of ammo or are in a bad situation take the right route to buy more ammo.
    #4 once you have enough money get jugganog (you will need it)
    #5 once your gun loses its use open the rout to the top of the light house (DO NOT OPEN THE FRONT DOOR!!!)
    #6 that gives you two rape-train routes and also enough time to find and use the mystery box.
    #7 when you have enough pack-a-punch your best gun (RPK or such) and start to buy some perks
    You should be able to rape-train the zombies for quite a while and since it is such a large route George shouldn’t be in your way too often.
    I was able to last up to round 40 using this technique on 1-player.

  • lee

    hilarious and informative, thank you.

  • Rick_Hunter

    Hi everyone. This is Rick_Hunter again, this time bringing you my work in progress strategy for Call of the Dead. Some of you may have remembered my unconventional Kino strategy where I mostly use the Teleporter to fry Zombie hoards so as to save ammo and money. Well my Call of the Dead strategy is also very different from nearly everybody you have probably played with. First of all let me give my brief disclaimer. My player name is Rick_Hunter. I play Black Ops on the PS3. I don’t profess to be the worlds greatest player because I’m far from it, but I am a team player who cares more about team revivals and high wave counts then I do about points, gliches, and trips to the mystery box. For those who remember Kino and Ascension, you will no doubt remember the team chemistry, bond, and edicate that develops in the first 5 waves or so. You know, 4 zombie doors divided by 4 players equals success. Well in Call of the Dead, all would be rules of edicate are instantly tossed out the window. Let me tell you how every first wave starts. First your game will be comprised of 2 split screen budies who don’t have mics, and 2 people with mics but rather then communicate in a friendly way with each other, they will instead compete with each other to see who can get the most kills early on to achieve alpha dog status. As soon as the first wave starts, at least 1 or more idiots will run into the water so they can waste ammo attacking George and putting the team into early Jeopardy. 1 guy will try their luck on the path by the boat, because they don’t want to compete with the 3 people stealing each others kills at the starting spawn. The 3rd guy will have allready gone down because he never greened up and thought it would be fun to have George constantly attack the 4th guy trying to revive him. And finally the 4th guy is wondering if he should keep putting his life in harms way to help revive player 3, or if he should steal as many points as he can because he knows that guy 1 and 2 are richer and are obviously not going to be the ones to revive anybody in the future. Does this scenario ring true for any of you??? Well I have made some general observations. The player that goes after George typically doesn’t care about anything. He is the one who plans on dropping out of the game for one reason or another prior to wave 10. Player 2, who made a foothold on the path by the boat, is the one obsessed most with getting the power on, “FIRST”, at any and all cost. He will typically be one of the 2 players with a mic. and will deffinately be clearing or ordering another player to clear the boat blocking the stairwell to the ship. Player 3 who has finally joined the game in wave 3, after having died twice, will not realize that player 4 was the one bringing him back to life in his absence and will look for the mystery box rite away. Player 3 will sort of hope the mystery box is on the way to turning on the power, because he has no money for doors, and he sees player 2 heading in that direction. Now player 4 is me, Rick_Hunter. This is what I do. I realize that you don’t need 4 people running out of money trying to waste their effort and life trying to get the stupid power on, and hoping that their first trip to the mystery box produces an HK. Now don’t misinterpret me. I’m all too well aware that Jugger Nog is the single most important perk or thing in the game, but there is a rite way to get it and a million wrong ways to get it. I can count on one thing and one thing only from that mystery box. It will take my money and give me the worst piece of crap it possibly can. That being said, I won’t even risk destroying my game by leaving anything to chance in Call of the Dead. When the other 3 players go for the power, I open the fewest possible doors to the ice slide under the light house. My mission…… buy the Sickle off the wall by or before wave 6 because that’s when players 1 and 3 are going to start dying. It is unlikey that player 2 will be able to bring them back as he may have clinched his precious power and picked up an MP40, but he is a long way away from opening up and buying Juggernog, much less the needed quick revive. Inevitably, one or more players will likely die and disappear between the waves 6 to 8. The only reason I don’t save them isn’t to spite their strategy, it’s just that getting the sickle before power and mystery box is crucial to long term success, and at about the time your team mates are dying, you can’t save them because you just bought the sickle and don’t have money to open the doors that lead you back to their dying bodies. Now here is where the anger starts setting in from your teamates. Player 1, who pissed off George in the begining of wave 1 was of course the lucky bastard to get the ray gun first try in wave 5 and now that it’s wave 6 and he is bleeding out, he wants to know why Rick_Hunter is not useing his $3,000.00 sickle to open all the blockades in an attempt to save him and his precious ray gun. With no thought to the fact that Rick_Hunter has no Juggernog, no money, and no quick revive, he decides that if Rick doesn’t save his life, then he is going to drop out of the game. Now player 3, who started the game late was an unlucky guy whos only thousand bucks bought him a sniper rifle from the box. He too is now bleeding out and he’s like, “Yo Rick, yo player 2, just try to survive man. You guys can bring me back in wave 7. Well, I Like to think that’s what he’s saying anyway, seeing as he doesn’t have a mic. LOL!!!! Well wave 6 is coming to a close and I have basically earned more then a return on my sickle investment, and player 2 has held down the boat, turned on the power, and despite not really having many bullets or money for Juggernog, he at least made a gym class effort to save the lives of players 1 and 3. Player 1 has quit the game, and player 3 has come back to life with no money, and no sniper rifle, but he has a growing respect for player 2 and still feels that going for the power first was the rite thing to do. Now as wave 6 comes to a close, I, (Rick_Hunter), close the round out with about $3,400.00 dollars. My thoughts are 2 fold. First I am so happy to have bought a weapon off the wall that is not only an instakill for the next 3 waves but also a huge money maker, and second, I will earn so much money in wave 7 with this sickle that I will be able to buy Juggernog, Quickrevive, PHD Flopper, and Mustang and Sally. In wave 7 it will be a very testing time for player 3. He will likely die in the first minute since all he has is a pistol. While player 2 is reviving him. I’m opening the doors to Juggernog, and buying both it and quick revive. Suddenly, and without warning, player 2 goes down for the first time and player 3’s triangle turns instantly from white to red. Rick thinks to himself, “Uh oh… Who doesn’t have a Sickle, Juggernog, or Quickrevive? So I run up to the bleeders but I’m just a little late to save player 3. I quickly revive player 2 who who could audibly thank me but chooses not to as he is slightly beside himself. See up untill now, player 2 really thought that he was the cat’s meow, but now he is starting to realize that if he had just abandoned his relentless pursuit of the power switch, and had went with me to the sickle instead, between the both of us we would have had more then enough money to get both the power and Juggernog by wave 7, but we’d also both have a one hit kill weapon. Now as soon as I save player 2, he goes to get Juggernog, while I continue to put half a dozen, AK74U shots into zombies before finishing them off with the sickle. At this point player 3 finally puts on a mic. because he’s been watching me play while he was dead, and during a small paradigm shift, he has something to ask me. “Yo Rick, where did you get that sickle? Is that like the bowie knife? How much is it? I let him know that I’ll not only show him where the sickle is, but that if he runs my ice slide/light house loop with me, he can concentrate on making money while I concentrate on bringing him back to life should he fall. I assure him that I was not trying to be a dick when I wasn’t rescuing him in earlier waves, but that I knew I would have to wait to rescue people untill after I had quick revive and jugg so as to not risk looseing my expensive sickle. You see buying the sickle as early as possible, earns you all the money you need to equip yourself with eveything you need quickly, but you can’t afford to lose the sickle once you’ve bought it other wise you might as well start the game over. This means if you buy the sickle and you don’t yet have Juggernog, then you have to kill very cautiously. I like to do most of my wave 6 through 8 killing on the little piece of land at the bottom of the ice slide. If you keep looking left and right. You will always see the zombies coming. There is plenty of water for mauvering around zombies, without them coming behind you when the water is to your back. Plus when all the zombies follow you down the slde, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Just remember to sickle the zombies after they have hit your shore. Somewhere between wave 10 and 14, depending on multipliers, I will have banked over $25,000.00 without an HK, RPK, or Galil. It is now that I will start hitting the mystery box for my ver first time I’m looking to replace my AK74U with either an HK or an RPK, and I’m looking to replace Mustang&Sally with either a Ray Gun, preferably, or the Scavenger. My favorite strategy for waves after 20 is to hang out on the piece of land at the bottom of the ice slide, and shoot zombie feet off with the Ray Gun, and then finish their torso off with a few sickle slashes. This will save ammo and continue to earn lots of cash, should you eventually die and have to buy back your 4 important perks, (Jugg, Quick Revive, Quick Reload, and PHD Flopper) If at anytime the little peninsula gets over run by zombies, then just Flop off the ice cliff and get back to the top of the ice slide. By the time you get back on the shore of the little peninsula, there will be a big hoard of zombies forming a line at the bottom of the slide. Just unload into their faces with your HK untill you can start managing them wth the Ray Gun / Sickle combination again. Just keep repeating this cycle, occasionally leaving to revive players, or to buy mines for boobie trapping your little peninsula. As part of a perimeter defence, I will usually start making a wall of claymores on the peninsula shoreline, with the lasers facing the water. NOTE: Not along the shore on which the Zombies approach from the slide side. This way, if I’m holding the peninsula and I’m getting in a dicey situation like I’m in an untimely reload, and I’m about to get swarmed from the cliff side and the slide side, I can simply back up into the cold water through my wall of 16 claymores, and BOOOM!!!! 3 or 4 might go off and protect me from a near miss. At the end of the wave or if you get a max ammo, just replace any claymores as needed. This strategy will take you far into the game. Just be really selective in your heroic rescue attempts, because at the end of the day, you will ultimately die because you tried to save someome who put themselves into a bad situation.

    • Thermospher121

      you are or should be a pro writter. Thanks for the info.

  • Numb3rOn3Gun

    no one has been to 79 on xbox live

    • Numb3rOn3Gun

      someone has gotten to 80, but i doubt he got all the way up there just to beat it by one level

      • gameboymyles

        maybe, #1 he did private match, #2 he was doing splitscreen, use your head :)

  • ZoMbIe DeStRoYeR

    this map is challenging but me and my buddy got to round 79 no joke using his strategy 😉

    • thethethe

      On what playstation or xbox cuz highest on psn is 54

  • Xx Meltphace xX

    Details on the knobs inside the lighthouse (#7):

    1. Move purple to 6
    2. Move orange until blue is 4
    3. Move yellow until orange is 7
    4. Move yellow to 2
    5. Move purple the same amount that you moved yellow
    6. Move blue to 4

  • Liam g

    When entering the ice slide room go as close to the slide as posible withought sliding down, and back up to the wall aswell facing the door where the lighthouse stairs are, if you are in the correct posistion the zombies should run litreally to your left and go straight down the slide leaving you invibcible .. Well kind of anyway… Keep an eye to your right for zombies coning through the window and the open space near stamin up, they can get to you, also the one that drops from the ceiling can get you when hes down, be aware if alot of zombies have gone straight past you and then you get hit and pushed down the slide you could get trapped so be careful, ive only tried this on solo, you may find it easier on multiplayer.. Maybe have 1 on the slide and 1 out back covering the door where they come from stamin up, hope this helps and you can understand from the vrief explanation. Peace!