Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword Giveaway Contest

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Good guys at Paradox Interactive have provided us with five Steam codes for the sequel to the action role-playing video game Mount & Blade. We are giving away all in a contest.

Only few rules to follow and you will be on your way to win Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword.

There are three ways you can win your copy of the game, each has limited no. of copies associated with it.

1. You can post a reply on this Facebook Status and tell us your favorite weapon from Mount & Blade and why you like it so much. (2 Copies to Win)

2. You can reply in the comments below and tell us why you want this game. (2 Copies to Win)

3. You can RT ‘This Tweet‘ and recommend your friends to this giveaway. (One Copy to Win)

Each entry counts as unique, so you can do all three and you will have three chances to win the game. Five random winners will be announced next week Friday, May 13.

Good Luck!

Competition has been concluded and Winners are:

  1. Darek
  2. phonic
  3. IDFinners (From Comments)
  4. Cameron Colwell
  5. and Valentin Babarogu (From Facebook Fan Page)

Twitter version wasn’t a success and I couldn’t track any retweet or recommendation so randomly opted for another guy from comments.

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  • IDFinners

    Thanks very much for the game. Congratulations to all the other lucky ones.

  • DrPixel

    Thanks for the code! I still haven’t received it but I just wanted to say thanks for the great contest. ^_^ [This is Cameron Colwell]

  • Valentin

    Thanks a lot for the game! Congratulations to the others who won!

  • Zawad Iftikhar

    Darek, phonic, IDFinners have won each a copy of Mount & Blade With Fire and Sword. From Facebook Fan Page, Cameron Colwell and Valentin Babarogu have won a copy of Mount & Blade with Fire and Sword.

    I will be sending you guys the steam code for the game shortly.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Steam Codes sent to all the winners.

  • Revert

    so who won the gifts Zawad Iftikhar?

  • Angela

    If I won this contest I would get this game for my husband who is a huge fan of the first game. It is one of his absolute favorite games, and any spare time he has for gaming he will spend playing it. He’s been anticipating this game for a long time, but we don’t have a lot of money these days so he refuses to buy it. He says it would be selfish for him to buy a game when his kids want stuff, too, and we can’t afford to give them everything they want. Yet, he just blessed me with one of the best mother’s days ever by taking my children and I to the museum and park, buying me flowers, surprising me with a new pair of shoes and the box set of ‘Six Feet Under,’ and topping it off with a lovely dinner at one of the nicest restaurants in our area. I think he certainly deserves to have this game, but he won’t allow himself to get it. If you guys could help me out you would be making this woman and her beloved husband both very, very happy! 😀

  • handonia

    i’d love to win for my hubby! :)

  • MM

    I want this game because I enjoyed the first Mount & Blade a lot and I’d love to be able to continue the series. Mount & Blade is a unique game with awesome combat and customization options, two features that I really enjoy in video games.

  • newtothegame

    Quite a few of my friends have it, sadly I can’t afford it for reasons I don’t feel like sharing. I want the game so that when I come home, back from work or university, I can sit down, relax, open a drink and play with friends a game that captivated my fantasies ever since the first release. I wish good luck to everyone and special thanks to the staff for making this contest a reality.

  • Fasox

    i want the game because i want to play it ….

  • D32

    I want to win, because I have no money left after buying the previous mount&blades 😉

  • Darek

    First of all: I really liked the book, I think it’s one of the best polish books, because it contains awesome story intertwined with history of my country. Then I’ve found Mount & Blade (first one) first thing that appeard in my mind “would be even more awesome with hussars” polish heavy cavalry
    “There was a huge sound of a collision then, like a toppling mountain, and then a vast ringing as if a thousand blacksmiths were beating on their anvils. We looked again and—dear God alive!—the Elector’s men were all down and trampled like a wheat field scoured by a hurricane, and they… the husaria… were already far beyond them, with lance pennons flickering…” <-quote describing hussars. And now Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword gives you a chance to become a hussar, epic.

    Ps. Sorry for bad english.

  • Michael Deng

    I’d love to win this game because I’m a HUGE fan of the series. I started almost four or five years ago, playing the 0.731 version of the original Mount and Blade…even though it was still under development and there were a lot of bugs, I was hooked the moment I started. I’ve never stopped playing it since then, and though I’ve tossed away a lot of other games, Mount and Blade, and later Warbands, are the two I’ve always stuck with. I probably won’t have the money for it when it comes out, (I spent months scrounging the money to buy the license code for the first two), so I really hope I’m able to win and be able to continue my obsession with the Mount and Blade, and TaleWorlds.

  • Karen

    Thanks for the sweet comment Mike. :) And no worries, I didn’t suffer any neglect despite his infatuation with the game – we had a great time together. I’m an avid gamer myself as well as studying Computer Graphics Art, so even if I don’t necessarily feel the same way, I can easily understand the appreciation of a good game. It’s a wonderful feeling.

    Even though I’m Danish I’ve only had the opportunity to briefly see Christiansborg, but hopefully I’ll get to see more of the castles at some point. I’m glad you and your wife enjoyed your stay.

    Best of luck to you as well. :)

  • Andreas

    I just tried mount and blade: warband and was stunned over the amazing gameplay!! Cant believe Ive havent played it before. And I wanna play the new one so bad, but Im broke :(

  • MonkeyWithAGun

    I think i should receive a copy because i’m new to the series and it looks like a fantastic game.

    Besides, you dont want to cross a Monkey With A Gun…



  • Nikko

    I would like to get Mount and Blade: With Fire and Sword because i’m a huge fan of the game series and i want to support the developer.

  • Mike

    I’m a tremendous fan of M&B Warband and frequently recommend it to PC gamers, especially players who’ve only played big budget titles and never experimented with indie games. I would love to give WFS a try but admit I could probably just pick it up on my own.

    My main reasons for commenting are:

    1) To a lot of the curious/casual entrants in this contest, please do some research on this game and decide whether you REALLY want to win it. M&B series is a fantastic series, but the truth is many players won’t have the patience to learn how to play and build an appreciation for the play style. If you’re the type of player with dozens of other games already in your backlog and an honest lack of interest in committing time to adjust to M&B, it might be better to let someone else win. Seriously, M&B games are incredible, but they deserve to be PLAYED and not just awarded to players that will lose interest after 1hr.

    2) To Karen, thanks for the candid story. Although M&B didn’t catch your interest, you didn’t fail to notice how it did catch your boyfriend’s. I’m surprised you didn’t begrudge him for playing so much all while you were visiting. It’s even more surprising that you’ve taken the time to enter this contest on his behalf. If all guys could be so lucky… =) Also, my wife and I just returned from a visit to “Kobenhavn” one month ago. The castles were incredible (Frederiksborg especially) and Christiania was a surprise. But after reading more about WFS, I’m now very eager to visit Poland. Good luck with the contest.

  • JB

    I would love to get Mount and Blade, from what i’ve seen on reviews it looks like a cool and fun game.

  • Arukardo

    I would like to win Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword because I am interested in game’s story. I am from Lithuania and I am interested how my country is adapted in this game because you can play for Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth faction.

  • Almainyny

    The reason I would like to get Mount and Blade: With Fire and Sword is because I have seen multiple people play this game, and it honestly looks like a very fun game. It doesn’t have much going for it in the graphics department seemingly, but what it does have is a battle system that looks very fun, and the thought of having a huge siege battle with just chaos everywhere (bombs going off, clouds of smoke coming from rifle barrels, swords clanging) makes this opportunity too much to pass up.

  • Redwards

    I want to win because I don’t have any money!

  • phonic

    I would like this game because i love mount and blade and would love to play with fire and sword 😀

  • Matt

    I’d love to win this contest because i have Warband, but i would love to play Fire & Sword. The new additions seem very fun, especially the grenade. This would make me very happy.

  • BionicKitten

    Haven’t played any of the Mount & Blade games yet. But been watching some videos and it looks awesome just haven’t gotten the courage to pull the trigger.

  • drewbian

    i want to win because i loved the first mount and blade & warband, and reeeealy want to try this one out 😀

  • Boerenlater

    I just want to win it because I love free games.
    Simple and short no sad stories.

  • Aleksi

    I ‘d like to win because, i played all the other Mount&Blades, but lack of money i didn’t get to buy With Fire And Sword.

    Played Mount&Blade since 2007 :) The original was a blast for a medieval lover like me!

    And 13th May is my Birthday aswell Lols :3

    Or maybe i would just give the game to my friend and buy the game later when i have the money to play some nice co-op online!

    Steam ID: aleksiursin

  • Karen


    I bought the first Mount and Blade only a few months back. It looked like an interesting Sim and it had been a while since I had bought a game, so I took it home for fun.
    At the time I was studying and living temporarily in Copenhagen, crashing with my boyfriend who has an apartment there. I borrowed his computer and tried the game. About two hours into it I got bored and left it.
    He came home from work that day and asked me how the game was. My reply was “meh.” He quirked an eyebrow, and decided to try it for himself. He loaded up the game and played it.
    And played it.
    And played it.
    He was completely hooked from the first try. For the rest of my stay he’d continue to play it, and even after I left he still played it. He’d continually tell me how much fun it was, and I admit it was really cute to follow all his achievements. The moment he jumped on his CG horse he’d become a knight in his own medieval fantasy.

    The game did not deliver for me, but it certainly did for him, and what more can you ask? So if I were to win this contest, I’d give him the sequel. I’m sure he’d love it as much as he did the first one.

  • Can Sahin

    I want it because i don’t have enough money to get one.

  • Kari

    I want to win this because I heard it’s great and I’d like to try it.

  • oasis789

    I’d love to win this because I loved the original!

  • Ryan

    I’d love a copy of the game because I bought a copy of Mount & Blade for myself and one for a friend while it was in development, and I would love to see the game fully realized now!

  • Smidth

    i would relly like this game so i can play it with my friends have a good time

  • IDFinners

    I would like this game as it is a welcomed departure from the games I have become somewhat saturated with of late, namely the many war based FPS’s, and will hopefully open up a new, more edifying aspect of gaming to me. FPS games have become somewhat of a crux for me, as I know I will moderately enjoy them and be quite good at them, and so I think I need something like this to shake me out of my current state of apathy.
    Regardless of if I win or not thanks for the giveaway,


  • DrPixel

    I’d like to have a copy of this game because I think it looks like a very cool game. I love how they added firearms to the game, it makes it look much more modern! I’m also interested in playing the multiplayer with my friend.

    If you need to contact me you can do so at

  • max_payne00738

    please give the copy, because i want to play a real simulation of middle age, a great rpg and a funnier multiplayer mode. Also because i want to be a king, and conquer all the world.

    my email to contact me is:
    my steam id: max_payne00738

  • Masni

    I want this game because i never played any Mount & Blade game

    Twitter ID masni84

  • Charles

    I’d love to get a copy of this game, because Mount & Blade is without a doubt one of the best and most addicting gaming experiences I’ve come across in a long time. The combat is fun and fluid, and being able to build your own army and storm in with them as a good general should makes you feel like such a badass. No other game does firt person melee combat like this game does. I’d love to see the team behind this game get the recognition they deserve so that they can translate their profits and success into an even more refined experience that will blow our minds. If I get a copy of this game on Steam I will be playing it non stop and everyone on my friends list will take note and realize how incredibly addictive the game is. Then they will all buy the game and further support the developers and eventually encourage them to make and even greater sequel. Mount & Blade 4 will be direct result of you giving me this Steam code. Just saying.

  • ScottyDont

    I’d love to win a code. I got really into the first Mount and Blade but haven’t had enough time or money to get this. Hope I win lol, good luck to all tho.

  • Revert

    because i being follow your site :)

    i have to say that your website help me alot with some games that i play like fallout new vegas, so keep the good job, and i will keep coming here to get my tweaks/info/news/etc 😛

  • Mohsin

    dude u guyz rocks for starting this one of a kind contest in Pakistan, hopefully i will get one coz i would love to play it on steam. cheez