Top 10 Minecraft Texture Packs

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Not satisfied with how Minecraft looks ? want to re-live your favorite game in the world of Minecraft ? install Minecraft Texture Packs.

How to Install Minecraft Texture Pack

There are many texture packs that you can install from the internet, whichever texture pack you choose, same procedure to install applies and that is detailed below.

Note. To install a pack you should enter Minecraft at least once with either the downloadable client or the browser.

Step 1
First of all navigate to:
Windows XP

C:\document and settings\[UserName]Application Data\.minecraft\bin

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Windows 7/Vista


Step 2
Now open minecraft.jar using any compressing software like winrar or 7-zip.

Step 3
Just move the files from the texture pack zip to the ‘minecraft.jar’ zip and overwrite the existing files when asked.

Step 4
Close the zip.

Step 5
Let the game running and you are done.

Step 6
If you want to remove a particular texture pack, just delete the minecraft.jar file and the next time you run Minecraft, it will be replaced with the original one.

Top 10 Minecraft Texture Packs

Here’s our list of top 10 Minecraft Texture Packs that make Minecraft look the way you want.

1. Legend Of Zelda Texture Pack
This pack mostly contains Zelda themed items, mobs, terrain and more. Mostly the textures are taken out of the different games in the series.You can now discover the huge world of Hyrule. Enjoy the pack but keep in mind these textures are being updated and tweaked constantly.

2. Jolicraft Alt (beta 1.5)
This amazing pack contains stuff made by André Jolicoeur which is used to edit the stone and stuff related to it to look less like sand.

3. FN Herstal P90
If you are tired of using the bow in Minecraft then try this pack to use a FN P90 gun with 5.7mm rounds. The skin is made on the Minecraft Original texture pack, but you can also add the P90 by copying the picture that is available in the pack.

4. HALO Minecraft WARS
Fans of Halo franchise won’t be disappointed after applying this texture pack as it is absolutely stunning and comes with many customizations.

5. Craft Wars – The Star Wars Inspired Texture Pack
Fans of Star Wars can get everything they are possibly looking for in Minecraft using this mode which adds everything you love and care about in Star Wars.

6. Retro Ridge Pack 1.5
This texture pack tries its best to improve the blocky nature of Minecraft. It basically designed on the principle of ridged borders and this style is carried out through out the entire game. Some of the features of this pack are:

  • Blacklight glowstone
  • Looks great in creative/freebuild worlds
  • Space Invader clouds
  • Easy to count blocks! Great for builders

7. LB Photo Realism Pack 256×256 Version 4.0.0
The pack is originally made for people who want to make their game look photo realistic. It actually allows the biomes to grow plants specific to that region when used with the wild grass.

8. MarioCraft V1.0 [1.5_01 Ready]
It is based on the New Super Mario Bros. The fans will actually love it a lot. Currently it’s not completed and is still in the works but people who want to give it a try can go for it.

9. Eldpack
One of the most demanded texture packs released til now. It re-skins all the GUI, Mobs, Armor sets and Item icons in Minecraft and also includes a complete terrain overhaul with crispy and vivid colors.

10. Charliecraft V1.4 (MC1.5_01)
Minecraft gets completely new looks with full texture overhaul using this mod.

Want More ? check our list of Top 50 Minecraft HD Texture Packs.

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