Darkspore Crashes, Errors, Connection, Bugs, and Fixes

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Darkspore is a fast-paced, sci-fi action RPG in which you battle across alien worlds in your effort to save galaxy from mutated forced of Darkspore. You can play co-op and solo battles against hordes of Darkspore enemies and bosses. If you come across any technical hurdles in your quest to save the galaxy from the Darkspore forces, you can refer to our troubleshooting guide.

1# Darkspore – Patch fails with no code
Delete the patches folder found in the Darksporebin. Reference the previous entry for paths.

2# Darkspore Error Code 6
Not enough space on your hard drive, Darkspore requires at least 10gb of free space. Free up this much space in the drive you have Darkspore installed. Delete the patch directory which is “\DarksporeBin\Patches” and restart the game.

3# Darkspore – Error Code 14
You may have an old installer and are having locale issues. Completely uninstall the game download the latest installer, and try again.

4# Darkspore – Error Code 18
You may be having problems downloading patches. Download the patches manually and restart the Launcher.

5# Darkspore – Error Code 19
Download the latest installer and follow the steps for Error Code 6.
Initial startup

6# Darkspore – Crash on startup

  • Try reinstalling the client to verify that everything was installed correctly.

If you have the game on Steam, follow these instructions:

  • Open Steam library
  • Right click Darkspore Beta in your Steam list.
  • Click on properties.
  • On the local files tab click verify integrity of game cache.

7# Game Doesn’t Work After Crash

  • Uninstall Darkspore completely.
  • Download/install CCleaner.
  • Run CCleaner in program and registry.
  • Reinstall Darkspore.

8# Darkspore – Random Crashes
Update your Catalyst Control Center.

9# Darkspore – Graphical bugs

Nvidia Video Card

  • Launch the NVIDIA Control Panel:
  • Right-click the Windows desktop, then click NVIDIA Control Panel from the context menu.
  • Click 3D Settings from the NVIDIA Control Panel Select a Category page.
  • Set all settings that you can to application controlled.

ATI video card
Update all drivers and Catalyst Control Panel. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, try full re-install.

10# Darkspore – Lag/slow game play
AMD Athlon X2 Processor? – Install: AMD fix

11# Darkspore General Troubleshooting

  • Try setting CPU affinity while Darkspore is running.
  • Open the Task Manager.
  • Right click on Darkspore and click “Go to Process”.
  • Right click on Darkspore.exe and select “Set Affinity”.
  • Unselect all the boxes except CPU 0.

12# Darkspore – Connection Issues

  • Disable firewall/antivirus. Make sure you have these ports forwarded: 42100-42199 TCP, 10500-10599 TCP, and be able to open an ephemeral port TCP/UDP.
  • Run the game as admin or in compatibility.

If you come across any other issue not listed here, you can ask us in comments and we will try to help you out.

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  • jaime

    guys from what i know, development has ceased for this game. error 73003 has occured numerous times for various reasons, and while there was a dev team it was fixed each time, however now since there is no longer a dev team it will not be fixed. if you get this error, i can promise you, the best thing to do is to get a refund if you can, because senior support will not be able to help you fix this error, take it from me after hours of calls and research online, it’s a lost cause, and it’s so upsetting because i was looking forward to playing this game with my step son and now i cant :(

  • Sharon

    I know this game is old but isn’t anyone coming out with more patches? I just bought the game and it was a COMPLETE waste of money. I cannot even play beyond the tutorial. I just finished the tutorial and now it wants me to edit my creatures. But every time I save it takes forever, then says “Unable to Save Here Error Code 6” then brings me right back to the creature editor. I cannot get past this stage! I haven’t even played the game! What can I do? A lot of the fixes I have seen are kind of hard for me to follow or understand (as far as what to do). Can you explain the steps in plain English? I heard it was something to do with my internet connection being unreliable, so I called the internet company I have and they did something to try to fix it. But still the game doesn’t work. What can I do in plain English to actually be able to play the game??!? Thanks

  • gg

    i have error code 15 wht should i do?

  • reallyfurry

    I get error code 73003 after being disconnected I don’t know how to fix it either I live in Manitoba

  • Dubai dude

    Dude am getting stupid error 73000 in UAE Dubai too… common!!!! It’s soo annoying!

  • Leo

    In Brasil to

  • John

    I’m getting error code 73000 in Afghanistan, too.

  • jeff

    the game worked fine for me back in the U.S. , but when i came back to afghanistan i get error code 73000 then 73003 wish i knew how to fix it

  • Cassie

    Do you know what error code 73000 is? I get this all the time…