Dragon Age 2 Hacks and Exploits – Save Games Editor

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Dragon Age 2 save game editor gives you the ability to access and edit your saved games in Dragon Age 2 on PC, and do whatever you want to.

Dragon Age 2 Save Games Editor, Hacks, and Exploits

Step 1
Download this File and open it.

Step 2
Open the save games editor, now click open from the file open in the top right corner. Find and load the .das file of your game. It is a fairly small, around 200KB file. You can find it here: C:\Users\[username]\Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age 2\Characters\[character name]\saves\[latest autosave directory]. It will be most probably be Checkpoint.das, you will see Das File written infront of its description.
Dragon Age 2 Saved Games Editor

Step 3
The editor will show you a screen shown below, and you can adjust the numerical values to increase your various stats.

Step 4
First Backup your original .das file in another location and then Use Save As on your edited game file.

Step 5
Have Fun!

If you face any issue doing it, let us know and we will try to help you out. If you don’t want to hack your way through the difficult campaign quests, find unique weapons and unique armor that would make your life easier.

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  • Daniel

    what are 1-45 stands for?my mana level are down to zero and remain static at 0 always. i don’t know where i make the mistake.
    can anyone help?

  • Phoenix

    how do i change who my birthright quest is for, it says talk to carver but he died in mine. so how can i use the editor to change which quest i was given or who it was for. as it won’t let me talk to Bethany about it?

  • deusex2

    Can this editor edit romance options?

  • enrico

    i found this solution and i’m going to try right now.
    i hope it’s a working one :

    How to fix the save data:
    Run GFF 4.0
    expand \
    expand 16002
    expand 16208
    expand 16209
    expand 16350

    16350 contains all your characters base stats and modifiers.
    Under 16350, locate 36 & 40. I for get which is which, but one is base dmg resit and the other atk speed
    Under each of those check the BASE and MODFIER. If anything show a negative number, replace it with 0 and click save. Do the same for the other. Then hit file, save as, and overwrite your safe file.

    Keep in mind, if you put either of those people back into your party, the same bug will get you again

    This will let you fix prev playthroughs, etc for future use so you are not slowed down. I highly recommend doing this. BW can usually put out patches in a timely manner, but most game companies cant/wont repair the save files.

  • Dave

    The GFF 4.0 editor works just fine in any of my saves, and can load v1.00, 1.01 and 1.02 save files

  • rich

    I too am trying to fix the damage done by Isabela’s bug but I don’t follow your instructions. I couldn’t find a statproperty index or values for attack speed.

  • enrico

    i didn’t find the statpropert_index in the file.
    i opened the .das file and then i expanded the line SAVEGAME_PLAYERCHAR because i’t the most pertinent line i can see that can contain the stats of my character.
    under it in can only expand the line 16208 SAVEGAME_PLAYERCHAR_CHAR with a lot of lines i can edit but none of them is SAVEGAME_STATPROPERT_INDEX or something like it.
    there is also another line under SAVEGAME_PLAYERCHAR_CHAR with no tag, only numer id 16954 that contains a list of about 50 numbers with values.
    is that what i need to edit?

  • MicManGuy

    enrico. physical resistance and attack speed modifiers have an statproperty_index of 32 and 42. I think that’s respectively. And I think the order they’re listed in the program is 26 and 35. (use the savegame_statpropert_index to verify correct stat) If Isabela or Sebastian are in your party, the mod should be 5. otherwise, 0.

  • enrico

    How can i improve the attack speed?
    i want to solve manually the Isabela’s bug that slows my attack speed on main character.
    which value i have to reset to normal?
    thanks. :)

  • Discordia

    You have to edit your quicksave.Otherwise your savegame won’t work in the game.

  • Shadowman

    Save’s Won’t load after I use it. Ask of Items in foreign language. Might want you fix that problem