Rift – Low FPS Fix, Latency Fix, Connection Fix, Errors, Crashes, and Freezes

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Rift (PC) since its release yesterday has caused a lot of turbulence on official forums regarding massive connection issues, latency issues, and ever annoying graphical bugs. Not to mention random crashes, freezes and performance issues. If you face any of these issues while playing Rift (PC), you can try the workarounds listed in our troubleshooting guide.

Rift – Low FPS Fix, Latency Fix, Connection Fix, Errors, Crashes, and Freezes

The following workarounds have worked for majority of the people experiencing these issues.

Rift (PC) Low Performance, Low FPS, Troubleshooting Guide

1. Try to run the game on low settings if you are experiencing low framerates or performance on your PC. If the game is still facing performance issues, then try updating your video card drivers, and DirectX.

2. If these issues persist try running the game without anti aliasing, vertical sync, shadows and ground clutter.

3. Make sure your GPU/CPU is not bottle necking your system, and in case they are, you may need to tweak the specific settings to increase performance.

4. If you are on ATI video card make sure ‘Anti-Aliasing’ and ‘Anisotropic Filtering’ are set to ‘Application Controlled’ in the Catalyst Control Center. Disabling “Morpological Filtering” in the Catalyst Control Center will result in improved framerates. Disabling “ATI Overdrive” may result in increased framerates in some configurations.

5. If you are playing RIFT on nVidia graphics card then make sure “Power Management Mode” is set to “Prefer Maximum Performance” in the NVidia control panel. Ensure “Anti-Aliasing” and “Anisotropic Filtering” are set to”Application Controlled” in the NVidia Control Panel and “Transparency Anti-Aliasing” and “Ambient Occlusion” are set to”Off” in the NVidia Control Panel.

General Rift (PC) Performance Tips – Low Framerates

Disable Flash, close any program that uses flash. It will save enough memory to make the gameplay smooth.
Close all other applications before running the game, if you are to run it at max settings.
Make sure your video card is not overheated, and if it does it will cause low performance and low framerates. Trick is to run the game at optimum settings supported by your video card.

1# Rift Connection Issues – Your External IP has changed since you authenticated ?
If you are trying to play the game on Wi-Fi, you may end up with this issue probably due to Trion records your IP address when you first log into the game and then verify everytime you run the game. If you use any of these VPN services (VPN4ALL HMAPro VPN) which makes your IP static then you may be able to log in.

Alternatively, when you receive the error while logging in the game, ALT-TAB out of the game and start another RIFT client, and try to log in. This time though it work miraculously. Don’t know the theory behind but it does seem to work. I will repeat again more simply, quit the client, launch the patcher and log in again.

2# Rift – Constantly Disconnected From Server/Shard
If you are experience frequent disconnections while attempting to log in or play RIFT, you may want to disable any antivirus/firewall while playing the game. It may be blocking the client in its attempt to communicate with the server.

3# Rift DirectX Graphics Problems
Game uses DirectX 9 so you may want to download the DirectX 9 redistributable from the official site to resolve any outstanding graphics/direct X issues.

4# Rift (PC) Freeze and Lock Up
If you are experiencing random freeze after 5 – 10 minutes of gameplay, then go into bios and disable all the spectrum settings. It may help resolve the issue.

5# Rift Invisible Cursor Bug
If your cursor during any point playing Rift goes invisible, restart your game to fix this issue.

6# Rift – Error #2005
The common solution which seems to work for most people is to reset your system clock. So just adjust the time and date on it so its correct and you shouldn’t have a problem.

Alternatively, Disable all non-essential startup items and services that are running in the background. The best way to do this is through the System Configuration utility. You can run this utility by following the steps below:

1. Press the Windows + R keys simultaneously.
2. In the Run window that appears, type “msconfig” without the quotes and click OK.
3. In the System Configuration window, click on the Startup tab.
4. Click the Disable all button.
5. Click on the Services tab.
6. Click on the checkbox next to “Hide all Microsoft services”, which will remove all of the Microsoft services from the Services list.
7. Click on the Disable all button.
8. Click OK.

You will then be prompted to restart the computer, which you should do before proceeding.

Next you will need to ping our patching server to get the IP of the closest patching server to you. Do this by opening a CMD window (Windows key + R then type in cmd and hit enter)

When you have the CMD window open type in the command “ping update2.triongames.com” without the quotes. You will see the IP address in brackets next to an Akamai address example being a308.g.akamai.net []. Write down the IP address that is in brackets.

Now you are going to type in a command that will have you manually patch the game using that server specifically. First step is getting into the folder it was installed to in the command window.

For Windows 7 type this into CMD “cd C:\Program Files (x86)\RIFT Game” without the quotes or “C:\Program Files\RIFT Game” without the quotes for XP\Vista.

Now that you are here we will have you run the patcher directly.
Type the following command.
riftpatchlive.exe -hosts update2.triongames.com:80:”ip address from the ping” (remove the quotes) Example: riftpatchlive.exe -hosts update2.triongames.com:80:

This will bring up the game patcher on the computer, go ahead and login and begin to patch. This should allow you to connect to this one patch server. If you had already downloaded part of the patch please delete what you already had and start over so there is no mismatch of data. via developer

7# Rift – Spinning Camera Bug
Make sure you are using MOUSELOOK setting of “2”. If you have set it to 1, you may encounter this issue. Alternatively, it can also happen if you have any USB gamepad attached to your system so unplug it.

8# Rift Automatically ALT-TABS out of the game
If your Rift is automatically alt-tabbing out of the game then make sure you disable anything and everything that is set to auto update. Microsoft Windows Update, Logitech Set point, or any other software with auto update feature.

9# Rift – No Sound on Windows XP SP3
Try running the game on Full screen in case you were running it windowed. Alternatively, make sure under sound settings you have stereo selected as the sound output.

10# Rift has encountered an unexpected error
Report the problem to Trion so that they can look into the issue. This error happens at random for unknown causes so its better for the tech staff at Trion to look into it and fix the issues in the coming patches.

Alternatively, you can Go to device manager, right click my graphics card and select remove. Restart your computer and let windows install its own driver upon reboot and it now works. Re-download the newer nvidia driver again and re-install it, make sure you completely remove old settings (an option that comes in driver installation)(driver 266.58)

11# Rift – Video Card Overheating Issues Fix
Enable Vsync, this will allow for the graphic card(s) to work less as they are synced with your monitor and may reduce heat. Turn shadows to none, Make sure supersampling is off and turn off multipass terrain.

12# Rift – Low Performance and Generally Low FPS
Disable Anti-Aliasing Super Sampling from nVidia Control Panel if you are using nvidia video card. Moreover read the detailed instructions in our Low Performance faq above.

13# Rift ATI Freezing – Black Screen Problems
For ATI guys, if you are experience the game freezes, random lock ups and black screens randomly appearing while playing the game. You can do the following workaround to fix this issue.
Start -> In the search bar type “Verifier” -> Display Information About Currently Verified Drivers -> Add -> For the filename type “amdkmdap” -> Open -> Change -> Uncheck DeadLock Detection -> Ok -> Next -> Next -> Finish.

14# Rift – High End System – Low FPS – Low Performance
Make sure that Supersampling is turned off and use edge smoothing. Shadows have a big impact on FPS, setting shadows to none and turning down the shadow quality will also help for a stable FPS. Multipass Terrain can also be the cause of another big hit on performance.

15# Rift Freezes and Unresponsive Video Card
Restart the game to resolve this issue for now until Trion release a fix for this.

16# Rift Client Corrupted – Unable to Load Data
Run Rift in Administrator Mode and make sure that the box that says ‘Protect my computer and data from unauthorized program activity’ – This option can prevent computer viruses from harming your computer or personal data, but selecting it might cause the program to function improperly.” is NOT ticked.

17# Rift – Downloaded file failed to execute
Follow the instructions below to resolve this issue.
1. Close the error message. The patcher will also close.
2. Open Task Manager by one of the following methods:
— Right-click the taskbar, then click “Start Task Manager.”
— Press Ctrl+Alt+Del, click “Start Task Manager.”
— Open the start menu, type “Task Manager” in the search box.
3. Click “View running processes with Task Manager.”
4. In the Task Manager, click the Processes tab.
Click selfpatchlive.exe (there will probably be two of them, either is fine). Make sure it’s highlighted!
5. Click “End Process”, then “End Process” again in the confirmation window.
6. Repeat 4 & 5 for the second selfpatchlive.exe process if necessary.
7. Close the Task Manager.
8. Right-click your RIFT shortcut and choose “Run as administrator”.

Once you have followed these instructions, the patcher will run fine and start the game.

18# Main menus UI Invisible – Main menu buttons unresponsive
Download latest DirectX and runtime libraries by Microsoft.

19# Rift – High Latency in-Game
Choose server that is closest to your geographical region. Try a proxy or VPN. Alternatively, install and use Leatrix Latency Fix to fix your latency troubles.

20# Patcher is stuck updating – Crashing
Download this launcher only from here. Bear in mind this is the launcher ONLY, it doesn’t patch the entire client. Drop the file into your “/Rift Game” folder, and run rift-live.exe. if you run the launcher it will just try to download from Trion and will resolve the issue.

21# Rift – Account Disabled, error #2001 on Login
Contact Trion Support.

22# Game Doesn’t Launch After Pressing Play
Rollback DirectX to the Windows install disk state then reinstall the latest version of DirectX.

23# Macros and New Abilities Fail to Update
Just go into the macro interface and hit save on each affected macro, the ranks will then update.

24# Insufficient Video Card Memory – Rift
Make sure your video card is supported by game and it meets the minimum requirements.

25# Rift – Stuck at 99% When entering game
Be patient and wait for few minutes, and the game will begin.

26# Rift – Hardbooting, Latest Patch, Graphical Error

27# Rift – rifterrorhandler.exe Blocked by Anti-Virus
It’s a false positive, don’t worry.

28# Constant Flickering Windowed Mode to Full Screen
When you are move on to Full screen from windowed mode, you experience constant flickering, weird graphics and that is happening after the latest update. Uninstall/Re-install video card drivers and direct to resolve this issue.

If you face any other issue while playing the game let us know in comment and we will try to help you out.

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  • Michael

    What did you do to fix the issue? I am having the same problem. ATI 4890 in crossfire but second GPU shows no activity in the CCC. Any advice would be great….


  • cameron

    okay i have the game my computer can play the game on max all settings thats not an issue randomly my game will crash it will give me option to send and reload or send and exit this happens completely random could be 5 min or 5 hrs before it does in gameplay but my problem is sometimes it wont reload and i will recover and i will have to download 200-600 mb update after i hid recover

  • Bryan

    Yea hey, i really found all your adivce helpful but for improving framerate when you talk about adjusting the settings and stuff in the nvida controll panel, my nvida control panel has only display and video settings which are limited and only refer to the desktop and has none of the options you stated, am i doing something wrong? hlp would be most welcome, thank you : )

  • Radus

    Major map (m) has strange patterns and does not work. The mini map is fine, only the large one.

  • Philo

    I think this is either problem #4 or #15, but neither sounds like it is precisely what is wrong. At completely random intervals, Rift 100% freezes my entire computer. this can be anywhere from 5 minutes and up to an hour into gameplay. At first, i figured it was a video card problem, as my screen goes completely black, and it makes that fuzzy crash noise, so then i did some testing with various video settings. at both 800×600 with minimum settings, and max resolution and max video settings, along with a whole lot of in-between, the interval didn’t seem to increase or decrease at all. i surpass all recommended specs except the video card (which is a 3 year old geforce 8800 GT, but it runs this game perfectly fine). i’m not sure what to do, but i’ll try some of these suggestions and see if anything helps.

    • Josh

      Philo the exact same thing has happened to me. Only after the patch my screen chops then freezes then makes odd sounds. Im trying to reinstall rift. I have uninstalled and reinstalled my direct x as well as my video card( Geforce 8600 GS) very strange can anyone help?

  • Dustin

    I seem to be having slow patching speeds! It will start out about 230 kbs which usuallys says it will take about 10 hours to complete then it will drop down to 15kbs or so and it will go back and forth between download speeds slowly scaling up and rapidly going down. Is there anything you know of that will help fix this? I am also encountering in game frequent discconnects about every 5 mins for around an hour of playing or trying to play and then it will eventually stop and I can actually play. I did see the thing you posted about the disconnects but I don’t have an antivirus installed

  • thomas

    im having trouble with my 2nd gpu showing zero activity no matter waht settings i have it set to.

    i have a new system and updated drivers, tried older driver.. nothing /sigh

    asus ares graphics card.

    • thomas

      i failed to mention above… i hit post to soon!.

      my system seems to be running off of only one gpu, and the 2nd is acting like it is on standby.

      im experiencing low framrates for the game as if only 1 gpu is active. i can run benchmarks and the 2nd gpu shows activity… and the temperature will increase.

      but it will not be active in game.

      does anyone know what would cause this?

    • http://segmentnext.com Zawad Iftikhar

      How did you determine second GPU is acting like as if on Stand By ? GPU-Z ?

      OR if you have checked it via GPU-Z and its showing Zero activity, make sure both GPU’s are enabled, you can check it:

      Open the driver software. Nvidia’s is called nForce and ATI’s is called the Catalyst Control Center. Enable the dual card setup by activating the option in the driver software. This is done by clicking on a check box in the software under the CrossfireX or SLI menu in the driver software. The computer’s screen will likely flash or blink while the setting is activated.

      • thomas

        sorry for such a long delay on the reply, got the 2nd gpu issue taken care of (was a driver issue). i determined the 2nd gpu to be showing zero activity by CCC and GPU-Z.

        Now there seems to be an issue with crossfire which seems to be common with ati.
        With crossfire enabled my fps is lower than when its disabled.