Dead Space 2 Weapons and Suits Guide

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Your survival in Dead Space 2 depends on your ability to get the best out of your weapons – that help you survive and suits – that protect you from the ever increasing dangers of working in space.

Dead Space 2 Weapons Guide

Plasma Cutter
Like it or not the first weapon you find in Dead Space 2 is still the most reliable. You can alter the angle of energy that it fires by activating the alt-fire, so to fire it horizontally or vertically.

Line Gun
This wide-beamed slicer slowly travels in a straight line after being fired, and can pass through enemies to hit those behind the target. Activating its alt-fire sends a timed mine into the field. After a few moments, it blinks and explodes, destroying anything in the surrounding area.

Pulse Rifle
Pulse Rifle has a high rate of fire. Use this weapon when facing several enemies at once. With careful application of firepower, this weapon can clear a hallway in few seconds. The alt-fire is a grenade launcher which is again good at clearing the large number of enemies at once.

Javelin Gun
Javelin Gun fires javelins which can pierce and impale enemies, and using the alt-fire causes an electrical shock to be activated from the last javelin fired.

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Flame Thrower
Flamethrower is remarkably effective against enemies. The alt-fire launches a lit fuel canister a short distance, which then explodes after a brief delay. New mining technology allows airless use.

Seeker Rifle
The Seeker Rifle is a riot control device that is meant for accuracy at long-range. It packs a punch but is slow to reload. Use the alt-fire to zoom in with the scope for even greater damage.

Detonator Mines
Detonator Mines are sensor-tripped mining charges that you can place anywhere on surface. You can set traps using them and make hordes of necromorphs follow you to the traps. Activating the alt-fire deactivates the charges, allowing them to be safely retrieved for later use.

Force Gun
The Force Gun is a short-range kinetic booster device that was used originally for clearing surfaces of dust and debris in the vacuum of space. Use the alt-fire to activate a focused force beam that can rip the limbs off almost anything.

Contact Beam
Contact Beam is used for commercial destruction where a powerful but focused explosive force is needed. The alt-fire delivers a ground-clearing blast around the user.

The Ripper uses a built-in TK module to project and hold a circular saw blade spinning at high RPM in front of the user, useful for all cutting jobs, delicate or otherwise. Alt-fire ejects the blades in a straight line for long-distance cutting.

Dead Space 2 Suits Guide

Protective suits are meant to protect you from the dangers of working in space and enable you to carry own your business in zero gravity conditions as they carry 120 seconds of breathable air. These suits vary in their Inventory capacity, damage protection, and special properties. Certain suits even have bonuses.

CEC Engineering Suit
This basic suit covers all the needs of the space engineer. Its ribbed armor offers damage protection of 5% and has space for 10 items.

EarthGov Security Forces Suit
This suit features lightweight protective armor. It offers damage protection of 10% and can carry 15 items. As a bonus, your Pulse
Rifle receives a 5% damage increase.

CEC Vintage Suit
The Vintage suit offers damage protection of 15% and can carry
20 items. As a bonus, you receive a discount of 10% on all items in the Store.

Advanced Prototype Suit
The Advanced suit relies on classified technology and is intended for elite forces in dangerous situations in the harshest of environments. It has damage protection of 20% and can carry 25 items. As a bonus, your Stasis recharge time is decreased by 10%.

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  1. (Insert Amazingly Awesome Name Here) says:

    Honestly, in the New Game+, until I get the Elite Advanced Suit, I wear the Elite Engineering Suit. It’s somewhat more canonically correct, and I have more need of the Medpack bonus than the Stasis one from the normal Advanced Suit from my last playthrough.

  2. menza says:

    You’ve only covered the suits available in round one. There’s an elite version of almost every suit you’ve mentioned as well as a few extras such as the riot suit.

  3. ********* says:

    You also missed the soldier suit,riot siut,patrol suit, and several others.

  4. darthmonchi says:

    youve missed the riot suit and theres more i think

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