Fallout New Vegas: Dead Money Walkthrough

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Fallout New Vegas: Dead Money DLC unlocks another area in Mojave Wasteland; Sierra Madre. You will visit Sierra Madre in the wake of grand opening of a casino and end up in a quest for survival. You can watch the videos below if you need assistance in completing the story.

Fallout New Vegas: Dead Money – Intro
You will discover Camp Forlorn Hope in the intro to Dead Money.

Fallout New Vegas: Dead Money – Dog
You need to find the Dog at the police station in Villa.

You can check SSoHPKC’s Youtube Channel for the rest of the videos.

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  • Mike

    You helped me out a lot, You seemed a bit more frustrated than I, it was a sweet DLC, of course I have been a PC gamer since 1985, he he he

  • Zach G.

    I have to agree with ya on a lot of things. The speaker really pissed me off, the “Ghost People” were a real pain in the ass, the holograms were kinda annoying, the red mist shit really blew, especially when you were fighting the :Ghost People” and had to run though it, and the fact that there were like 36 or 38 something gold bars, but unless you ran around naked with no weapons, apparel, aid, or miscellaneous items, you could only carry 2 or 3 max. Did find a slight way around that though. if you want to get ALL the gold bars, get them, get Father Elisha to come down to the vault, and slowly walk your way back around, ( this takes like 30 mins or so so don’t get in a bug rush). Once your around near the elevator, you can kill Father Elisha and take the elevator right out, but unless u have the “long haul” perk, u might wanna leave most of the bars in the BoS Abandoned Bunker till the Gun Runners or another merchant dealer has the caps to buy them all.

    B.T.W.- Whatever you do… DON’T PLAY SIERRA MADRE ON HARD!!! It sucks y.h.a. soo much you’ll get pissed off, have a fit, and switch it to e.y. easy or normal while cussin up a storm, lol

    • http://www.facebook.com/ianmcafee09 Ian McAfee

      i have tried going the long way and killing elijiah but as soon as i go out the doors it tells me that i have completed that step and the collar activates

  • Tigersmouth

    could you refrain from swearing on your vids or at least warn people,Both my kids were in the room when you dropped the f-bomb. I know its an 18 game but was not expecting it from a WALKTHROUGH

  • renjikuchiki1

    thnx, i had already restarted the DLC about 3 or 4 times and had no idea about why it wouldn’t let me advance… now i know how to fix this

  • nbgbvbgv

    the turrets keep shooting me every time i open the vault

  • mike

    gone are the days of TEXT game walkthroughs eh? just flip on a switch and play the game to call a walkthrough? wtf. video guide

    • http://segmentnext.com Zawad Iftikhar

      We mostly do text walkthroughs but for DLC which are short to begin with, Videos are sufficient.

  • MarkW

    Thanks for posting all these videos. They really helped when they were needed. I did find an easier way out though if anyone is interested……. If you look in the gun cabinet inside the vault where You can find a whole load of guns, ammo and armour. Scroll to the bottom of list items in cabinet. You should find a stealthboy. After going through the whole computer terminal conversation with Elijah put on the stealthboy. Exit the vault and hide outside somewhere until you see Elijah walk out of his secure room and down the stairs. While he waits outside the vault just sneak out using the same staircase that Elijah just walked down. Once you’re into the room at top of the stairs. The force shield should then activate leaving Elijah locked down by the vault. Then you just walk out through the door on the back wall, down the corridor through a couple doors and out to the fountain. That’s the short cut I took when I completed it last night instead of running back through all the maze of Corridors with that annoying collar beeping all the while. Hope this helps guys!

  • Lewis

    holy shit i completely agree with basically every single thing you said in these videos, or the ones i watched atleast. If it wasnt for these videos i probly would have given up on it and started playing another game because i got so confused. I think the worst part about the whole deal for me is that i literally just finished the dlc, like i got to the door as my collar was about to blow up, but i made it, and suddenly my system decided to freeze on me!! so now i get to kill elijah and run that gaunlet again when i decide to play again. And even though you went in circles in parts of the videos they helped out a lot! so thank you for posting them!


    I AGREE 100% BUG ME DLC…..

  • Drew Shaw

    Another bonus when you return from Sierra Madra is this; inside the BoS abandoned bunker is a room with a chalk board with equations, a work bench etc. Just outside this room, opposite the computer terminal is a drop box which contains Sierra Chips and a voucher. The chips can be used in the vending machine in the aforementioned room and more chips are placed in the drop box every three days.

  • John Romano

    Great walkthrough and commentary. I would only add that players should bump up their melee/unarmed skills as well as speech/lockpick, and science before they or as they tackle Dead Money DLC

  • stephanie

    Thanks for this. I was getting quite annoyed at the whole intercom/speaker thing, like most people. I finally starting watching your videos starting at “Dean the Douche”. Before that point I had TWENTY TWO attempts on where the hell to go in the theatre.

    Thanks for the commentary throughout the videos, they were funny. Helped me a bunch and maybe next time I play I won’t be so pissed off that I won’t want to go explore.

  • Amvarax

    Just like you said, it was really frustrating at points, especially having an intercom, radio or speaker just out of reach, or hopelessly shielded, in the case of the speakers. Losing your shit is another annoyance I could live without. My first runthrough was about 6 hours total, most of which was watching my head explode, especially trying to escape at the end, that was the most frustrating. Never did run into the Dg glitch, but that doesn’t mean in another playthrough I won’t

    Thanks for the walkthrough, it did actually help for the last part, seeing how you did escape.

  • Gmonkey

    i can’t get to the dialogue that allows me to go hunt for meat for dog to eat.
    any idea? i get him to the station. it acknowledges that he’s there, but no dialogue starts, even when prompted through the radial the dialogue does not show up. ideas?

    • dan h

      yeah same shit happened to me and im basically just scraping the grounds cielings, and walls of every room and corner and so far nothing works. im pretty sure we’re fucked, u get through?

      • bry

        u have to play the audio tape to him. itll change him into god, than u can go from there

  • Alex Steinberg

    Just wait to you get to the Gala Event.

    • Jason

      Same happened to me, all you have to do is play the audio command tape you got when you first met dog, and the dialog opens up for you.