Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies Strategy Guide

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You will start off with a lousy weapon and no money in Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombie Mode.

You earn money repairing the broken barricades and killing zombies. Use that money to buy perks, weapons and remove debris to open new zones in the map.

Zombie mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops doesn’t end, so stop trying. It’s an infinite mode, only difficulty is increased as you go up.

You can either play solo or co op. Both require different gameplay approach, and strategies. One significant advantage when playing solo comes in your ability to pause the game.

You can pause the game and take your dinner and resume later. Unlike co-op, where one of your friend has to leave for dinner et cetra and you are left stranded fighting zombies.

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Types of Zombies

Regular Zombies
They are pretty much the same with different speed and health attributes. These are the guys you encounter the most.

Gas Zombies
These zombies crawl on ground and start to spawn once you have turned on the power. They explode when they come in contact with Nova Gas hence called Gas Zombies.

They are specific to Kino Der Toten, they are the dog zombies. Not much of a worry, spray and kill.

The Point System

Hit Zombie – 10 points
Lethal Hit – 50-60 points
Headshot – 100 points
Melee Zombie – 10 points
Lethal Melee – 130 points
Hellhound Hit – 10 points
Kill Hellhound – 60-100 points

Per Barricade – 10 points
Full Repair – 60 points

– Round Caps
Round 1 – 40 points
Round 2 – 90 points
Round 3 – 140 points
Round 4 – 140 points

Black Ops Zombies Weapons, Perks and Power Ups
You can read our guide to Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies weapons, perks and power ups. All the basics to weapons and perks; when and where they are effective. How to make the best use of these. When to use your power ups and how to get these. Everything you ever wanted to know about these.

Basic Strategy Guide

1# Avoid Contact
Don’t try to run past zombies when they are chasing you unless you have jugger-nog. You would multiple hits if came in contact, and can easily be downed. Don’t get yourself surrounded by zombies; keep a safe distance.

2# Repair and Repair Consistently
Don’t leave any barricade open and repair as soon as one is broken. You never know, when you get busy fighting a horde just to be hit from behind by a zombie entering from the broken barricade. You can repair even when you fighting zombies, you just need to have the interact button pressed.

3# Leave Two Zombies in the End
Things are different in Call of Duty: Black Ops. Now, instead of leaving one zombie at the very end of the level. Leave two zombies to repair all the broken barricades and buy weapons. If you leave one zombie it would become too fast and you may have to kill em. Or you can opt to make it crawler but even then it would be fast enough to harm you.

4# Let Zombies Go Past Barricades If You Want Power Ups
Zombies drop power ups but not, unless they are allowed to go past the barricades. So, whenever you feel the need of random power up, let few pass the barricade and kill them to get power ups.

5# Weapons of Choice
Find any weapon you like off a wall, make sure you have any good enough that you buy off a wall when needed. Wall weapons are the only guns always available to you. So, you need something off wall that you are comfortable with. If you want to know which one you prefer the most; experiment.

6# Max Ammo and Insta Kill
First off, before you pick up max ammo; reload. When you have insta kill, don’t waste ammo of your primary weapon, use your secondary weapon.

7# Communicate and Listen to the Sound
If you playing with your team, communicate and get your coordination going. Don’t make lot of noise on team chat though or you can miss the zombie sneaking behind you.

8# Leave an Exit
Always have a teleporter exit waiting for you if and when needed. That would really help you when overwhelmed with zombies.

9# Plan your strategy and change accordingly
Don’t stick to one strategy, plan and change it a bit. Keep the Game AI confused, if you can.

10# Running is Good
Always be on the run, don’t stay at one spot far too long to get cornered.

Black Ops Zombie Maps

If you are looking for map specific strategy guide, you should read one of these.

If you have something to add to this strategy guide, don’t hold back; comment away.

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  1. IndynatorFTW says:

    if you want to reach level 100, just buy weapons from the box until you have a thunder gun. then upgrade it to the zeus cannon. it worked for me im now on level 104 and im still not down

  2. ZombieDestroyer says:

    How do reach levels 100 and up i only get to round 25 each time.HELP!

  3. n2paul says:

    Does this game has an ending , im on level 101 on Kino and is becoming boring :(

  4. DUUUUHHHHH says:

    This guys a massive lier, there is no such thing as infinite when talking about levels, there can only be as many levels as their are placeholders and addresses for them. facepalm

  5. machomanWFT says:

    does anyone have any tips 4 getting points?! someone plz reply

    • Benjy says:

      Ok, this is how I would do it. I once got 15,500 points when round 5 was over. Firstly, do not buy the M14 or the Olympia: keep the pistol at all times. On the first round: 8 bullets to the leg and knife. Make sure you get bullet penetration as well! If 3 zombies are in a line, you can get 240 points by bullet penetration (480 if on a X2 power-up) on your first 8 bullets. After shooting those 8 bullets on the 1st zombie, knife. (You should now have 870 points: 1 kill) Then for the zombies behind the first, just shoot them 3 times. If you kill them both, you’ll recieve 350 points. After rebuilding 4 barricades (Max for round 1) you should have 1260 points with just 3 kills!

      I am doing a guide soon on how to get loads of points, become the host every time and how to do a never-before-seen dog glitch that works in any area, on any map. Not sure where I’ll post it though…

      Still, hope this helps! (My highest score is 900,000 – so I know what I’m doing)

  6. mknowles says:

    R1-3 in solo just knife

    R4 m911 and knife

    R5 buy olympia and camp by the downstairs door for the dogs

    R6 fight as long as possible in the lobby then move to the foyer and buy the stakeout

    R7-9 fight with the stakeout until overwhelmed then buy the mp40 for assistance. Also is overwhelmed stand buy the downstairs door in case. Another helpful move is to leave a crawler so you can run to turn on the power teleporter juggernog if you like it.

    R10 is usually dogs again and my strategy is to go into the room with the green lighting ( next to first door you opened)

    R11-14 you should run the circle you have opened to gather zombies, once they are gathered chasing you, use the teleporter. Once inside the room use what ammo you have left on your mp40 and unleash hell, then chuck grenades, my thinking behing this is once your out of ammo you may through grenades then after you teleport back to the main lobby run back to the mp40 wall and buy more. Be sure to leave a crawler. Before starting R15 leave a crawler and find the mystery box, once found attempt to get the thunder gun and anything that puts alot of rounds down range quickly, reloading alot with a few shots weapon is risky.

    R15 having decent guns now and a circle to move around the map you should be able to last quite awhile. Solo i have reached round 51 and co-op with two players we have reached round 80 and 4 players reached round 92, all with the above listed strategy.

  7. pointwhore says:

    This is solo strategy for Kino Der Toten. I got to round 37, I died because I got stuck.

    ROUND 1: Buy Quick Revive and build up points(shoot 6 times a zombie and then knife, repair windows until you don’t get any points)

    ROUND 2: Don’t buy guns off-the-wall, they suck. Build up points(shoot 8 times a zombie and then knife, repair windows until you don’t get any points)

    ROUND 3: Build up points to at least 2750(you are probably out of ammo, just knife, repair windows until you don’t get any points) Open the door in right and go to open next door(if the mystery box is in the first room, try to get ray gun and thundergun(if you feel lucky!). If it isn’t there, buy MP40 to build up points.

    ROUND 4: Kill everything that moves with MP40. Build up points to at least 5000.

    ROUND 5: Possible dog round. If not, you should go to buy juggernag and do circles in theater, and spray with MP40. If it is, move next round.

    ROUND 6: Possible dog round. If it is, camp at some corner and get that MAX AMMO. If not, do circles and leave crawler. You know where is the box, go there and try to get:
    Ray gun(optional)
    If you got HK or RPK, try to get Ray gun later.

    ROUND 7: Last possible dog round. If not, GOOD. You should have Thundergun and Ray gun, run circles, and keep Thundergun in your hand in case you get stuck. Use Thundergun to that big group of zombies and Ray gun only to those last couple of zombies.

    ROUND 8: Circle strategy

    BTW, you don’t need to upgrade anything, because max ammo will come always after the dog round. Use Ray gun to dogs. If you run out of ammo, go to upgrade.

    This is multiplayer pointwhore strategy for Kino Der Toten. At round 26 my connection were interrupted :D.

    Build up points all the time, and only weapon you will buy off the wall is MP40. Fool around in theater to get points. When you run out of MP40 ammo, you need to have something like shotgun or raygun, because you will need something powerful to kill zombies on your way to MP40. DON’T UPGRADE MP40, WASTE OF POINTS!!

    No strategy for FIVE, sorry :(


  8. xMy Name Is AJx says:

    Oh, and if you send me a Friend Request, please also send a message telling me that you added me because of the strat. Otherwise, I WILL decline.

  9. xMy Name Is AJx says:

    You guys are really pissing me off with your strategies. It’s a little difficult, but by modifying a few strategies from YouTube, I’ve come up with the ultimate Kino and Ascention strategies. I really wish I had a Cap. Card to make videos, but I guess this’ll have to do for now.

    P.S. This works with any number of people.

    The Five Golden Rules

    1. Knife the Zombies round 1-4, but shoot all your ammo as early as posssible without killing them in order to get the best benifit in case of a max – ammo. Don’t get too complicated; I know you CAN hit them with 7 shots on round one, but I just shoot 4 – per – Zombie on round 1, and 8 – Per – Zombie ond round two.


    3. On either Kino or Ascention, go for the Bowie Knife / Sickle FIRST!
    On Kino, open top door midway, or after round 5. (If it’s Dogs, you’re probably screwed, but if your organized you can slowly knife them all. My team sucked so I had to Klutch the dogs.)

    4. Don’t kill yourself to do it, but TRY to revive people on the low rounds. Everyone looses about 10% of their points if someone DIES.

    5. DO NOT PACK-A-PUNCH! Wait ’till AT LEAST round 20, preferably 25 ish before you upgrade. If you kill zombies with 3 shots from the RPK on round 15, WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU UPGRADE!? Use that money to get perks and good guns from the box. The only acception is the Ballistic Knife. People say the upgraded Crossbow’s good, and it is, but not worth it.

    Now for map – specifics:

    1. Open Top Door straight to Bowie Knife around round 5. (It’s by Juggernaut.)
    2. AFTER the Bowie Knife, buy Juggernaut. Once you have BOTH the BOWIE KNIFE and JUGGERNAUT, THEN start hitting the box.
    3. The Bowie Knife is your ONLY weapon untill Round 10, you’ll have around 8000 points each by then, WITH Juggernaut.
    4. Hit the box and get gunzz.

    I don’t really have a strategy for Kino, but by just winging it with good people, (3) I was able to get to round 33. But before they patched the Leaderboards, I played another game, got to 21, and it says that’s my record now. :/

    1. Open top door, straight to Sickle. Then, open the Fence door (Near Sickle) to the power room. Keep the other power room door and the Downstairs door from the starting room closed the whole game to help with guarding Juggernaut from the Monkeys.
    2. Turn on the power and get Jugger-nog as soon as possible. Knife ’till round 10, hit the box. This is gonna be a lot of info, but bear with me.

    There are four strategy locations, and they will be listed in order of players. (E.g. First location = one player, Second Location = Second player)

    The “Box”
    The square area with the lander by PhD Flopper that everyone knows.

    The “Ramp”
    The large area outside of the Pack-A-Punch room that you will cross while getting the Sickle.

    The “Circle”
    The small circular area just outside of the Pack-A-Punch room where the Rocket starts.

    The “Pack-A-Punch” Pretty straight forward, The room with two windows where the Pack-A-Punch is situated.

    Okay, well, your BEST player should get the Thundergun, and head over to the “Box” to do laps. Hold the Thundergun at all times so you don’t get surrounded, (E.g. A freak cooincodence where there’s a horde infront of you and One behind you. It happens to the best of us. If this player goes down on round 25, he’s probably NOT getting revived.)

    I’d use grenades like crazy, ‘cuz they spawn there, but on round 30 ish, just thundergun. You almost will never need to upgrade the Jet Engine (Thundergun) because you use it so little, and pretty much the only thing upgrading does that matters is give it ammo.

    Onto the player at the Ramp.

    Their weapon loadout doesn’t really matter, but they run up the ramp, jump out the hole in the wall, and repeat. The zombies will stick to the left wall at the ramp, so don’t woried about getting surrounded. This can be done at any time with any gun, because my friend Zack, also the founder of the strategy, played round 35 with me, with just an M1911 (Starting Pistol) and no Jugger-nog or ANYTHING, and just killed them all with the Fire Trap, not going down once.

    If possible, since this player gets the second most zombies, I would advise getting Mustang & Sally (Upgraded Starting Pistol) because they do similar damage as the Thundergun, and can be used to kill off large hordes. Other then that, Overuse the Firetraps.

    For the player in the “Circle” room, they just do laps around the circle and cut through the middle if Zombies come in front of them. This person doesn’t get much Zombies, so they don’t have much to worry about. If they run out of ammo or somthing, just merge with the person doing laps at the “Ramp” and let them take your Zombies, then run back.

    The simplest strategy is in the Pack-A-Punch room. This player should Definately have the Krauss Refibulator (Upgraded Ballistic Knife) because they get so little Zombies from their two windows that they can just knife them a few times each to survive. No Zombies come in through the first door because of the person at the “Circle”.

    Suggested Weapon Loadouts:

    Box: Raygun, Thundergun, Gersch.
    Ramp: Raygun, RPK/HK21, Gersch.
    Circle: Raygun, RPK/HK21, Gersch.
    Pack-A-Punch: Raygun, Ballistic Knife, Gersch.

    Pack-A-Punch Times: (Approximate)

    Raygun: 28 +

    Thundergun: Whenever out of ammo.

    RPK/HK21: 25 + but if you run out of ammo earlier and you REALLY need it, you can do it earlier.

    Ballistic Knife: As soon as possible! If you do it soon enough, you can still one-knife them.

    Other then the average rules of Zombies like; Leave a Crawler, don’t be a killwhore and so – on, I can’t think of anything else to say. I have strategies for FIVE and Shangri-La too, I don’t have Call of the Dead though.

    Anyways, feel free to add me or send me messages, but I might not play Zombies with you all the time since I have a bit of a life. I’m fairly free since it’s curently summer. I’ll usually send an M2AF (Message To All Friends) If I’m hosting a Zombies game, but they’re First Come First Serve. I prefer to play on Ascention, but I know all the steps to the Easter Egg on Shangri-La too.

    If you had the time to read all of that, I’m sure you have the time to play a good Zombies game with me some time! I’m not as into it as I used to be, and I play like, once a week, but I mostly put this up because people’s “Strategies” piss me off.

    Anyways, My gamertag is:

    xMy Name Is AJx

    Please don’t spam me, if I don’t join or send you a message, I’m probably not going to join. I’m a fairly nice person and don’t swear a lot, but if you act like an idiot, I will rage at you. xD

    So… Yeah, Bye!! <3

  10. deli_tomi says:

    Im playing zombies solo on ps3. Befoor i was playing i kan get crowlers but now when i play it dos not work i kan not get crowlers anymore howkom pleas reply does anybody knows and how toe ficks this???

  11. zombieslayer says:

    On overlook on ds my strategy is to start out on the pattern in the first room because then the zombies only come through two windows , get 6200 points then open the 5000 point door when your finished with that kill away

  12. ThumperMan says:

    Ok heres my strategy:
    1st Round: Buy Quick Revive, Shoot zombies 3-4 times and then knife for max points
    2nd Round: Continue, you might run out of ammo for your pistol so just knife (DO NOT BUY THE M14 OR OLYMPIA, IT IS A WASTE OF PRECIOUS MONEY)
    3rd Round: Continue knifing and do not open a door
    4th Round: Open the UPSTAIRS Door, If it contains the Mystery Box use a max of 2 times for each player, Don’t buy the PM-63 even if there is NO Mystery Box,
    6th Round: Usually for me its dogs so kill them with the Stakeout
    7th Round: Open next door, Don’t buy anything, go get the Mystery Box again unless you have a good gun, Kill Zombies
    8th Round: Open up door to theater, BUT DON’T TURN ON THE POWER, Kill Zombies, but watch your back
    9th Round: Turn the Power On, Get the Juggernaug twice, At the end of this round you should have enough for Pack-A-Punch so leave a crawler by throwing a grenade into a group of zombies, Then Link the teleporter and use it, Pack-A-Punch your primary weapon using the machine in the back of the room
    10th Round: Now Gas Zombies will appear and you have to shoot them before you shoot the regular zombies, purchase the Bowie Knife
    11th Round – Whenever you die: Run around in circles around the whole map and when you have lots of zombies chasing throw a grenade or set a trap (or use the Thundergun)

    I got to the 44th Round doing this, your welcome in advance

    • GunnaXIII says:

      Nice! I got to round 30 on solo until a couple crawlers made a wall behind me while i was killin zombies in front of me and i got trapped from back and front. Anyways, a little side note. Every 5 rounds, there should be an option/ballot vote to take a break to piss or do somethin else cuz my team died one time on 5 at round 21 cuz i had to piss while we were in the defcon room and left my window open. So all the zombies flooded in and killed me and my team from the inside. :( they should patch an option like this.

  13. Jumperboy3000 says:

    1st round. Knife only( if your playing solo buy quick revive)
    2nd round. Knife
    3rd. round Shoot 4 times then double knife.
    4th round. Buy m14 and OWN
    5th round. open up first 2 doors (unless you find the mystery box)
    6th round HELLHOUNDS. Buy stakeout (or any shotgun out of the box) huddle in a corner and OWN.
    7th round open doors and turn on power.
    8th round Buy Jugger-Nog when you have enoguh and then llink the teleporters.
    10+. Save up to buy speed cola and upgrade your guns. Keep using the box till you get either RPK HK21 commando AUG famas Ray Gun or Thundergun. (if your playing with 2+ people you can only get 1 thundergun.) Then Run around the Screen in the theater room and wait untill the zombies stop spawning and turn around and spray. shoot any zombie that gets in your way.

  14. ZoMbIeS wOrSt NiGhTmArE says:

    try to knife through the barriers to kill the zombies but if u want perks wait for them to come through the barrier (watch ur back) then shoot them 2 times in the head then knife them another tip the more players u have the more zombies u get if in singe player u get the least amount of zombies the hellhounds (only in solo)give u max ammo at the end good luck out there survivors

  15. Blake says:

    R1 – Buy M14, but use 1911 and knife for last hit. End round with 1100 points.
    R2 – Use last of 1911 ammo and switch to m14. The round # is how many shots from the M14 to kill, so shoot them 1 less than the round # and knife. R2 is 1 shot and knife.
    R3 – double tap and knife.
    R4 – get ready to use the door up the stairs as an escape route, just shoot them now, no knifing unless its a lone zombie you can triple tap and knife.
    R5 – continue to the foyer, don’t buy anything, save up untill you can open the doors and turn on the power with 3000 points extra (for the bowie knife). Then knife zombies while kiting them in a circle around the map untill you can buy juggernog.
    R6-9 use the knife to rack up massive points while walking a loop around the map. Buy a stakeout and upgrade it before round 10 because the knife stops being a 1 hit kill.
    Try for the thundergun as your backup. I’ve got to round 23 solo before i messed up

  16. James says:

    I know that the M911 and the explosive crossbow are the worst weapons in the game, but pack-a-puched, they become the BEST weapons in the game. DO NOT HAVE BOTH OF THESE AWESOME WEAPONS AT THE SAME TIME! Although they are both amazing, having them both at the same time is dangerous as your reserve ammo is rather limited. Just trust me and try it!

  17. NikoliFan says:

    If you guys want the best pack a punched weapon there is i will tell you right now you may not believe me but it true. the starter pistol is by far the most handy once pack a punched it turns into double pistol grenade launchers and each mag has a good amount of ammo its very handy when being cornered.

  18. Radman says:

    The Game is very easy and it is all about playing it smart. It is always best when you play it with two. I have been playing it for a long time until i got it to round 53 and killd myself with my friend becuase it took us 9 hours and we had things to do. anyway make sure you get 30 round and from there it is easier becuase you would have enough money to kill them using the electrcity. do not think you can call them with a gun because it becomes impossible and takes for ever and you are not going to find max ammo. so using electrcity is your best bet. make sure you have a weapon from the wall and do not upgrade it and just skeeping running around the building with your other buddy and shoot at them until you collect 1000 and it is easy to do then use the electrcity and this way you are not losing money when using the electcitry and you can always buy max ammo from the wall.make sure your friend is ALWAYS WITH YOU SO YOU BOTH DO not FACE EACH OTHER or YOU WOULD BE SURROUNDed . That is the biggest mistake ” make sure you do not run toward your buddy .. it is hard to manage but with two people it is easy to do. staying calm and not confused is what will get you up there. but seriously the game becomes boring after 43 round becuase it becomes reptitive and you only call then with electcity and that is when the enjoyment if killing them is gone. play it … it is fun but it a time consumpting

  19. x NoOb TuBeR x says:

    Heres a good stratergy for two people on kino der toten, me and my mate got to round 32 with this. You must both have mikes though, or your doomed!!!

    Level 1-3,4: Knife zombies in round 1-2. shoot the zombies 8 times in the legs. by about round 2 let your zombies in so you can get an insta-kill, nuke or max ammo. if the other person get down buy an m14 off the wall ( or an smg if youve opened a door already.)
    Level 4- first dog round: get into the mp40 room and buy the mp40. if theres a random box then have three goes each (or more or less, depending on when you get the teddy bear) the person with the least points goes up to the portrait room and guards the door. the other person goes downstairs and guards the windows. keep swapping around when the person upstairs gets more points(at the end of the round)
    when it gets to dogs, if you have no ammo on your mp40, buy some. trust me, you will not survive. run around and shoot the dogs. at the end reload and get the max ammo. person who hasnt opened a door buy the next one and then straight away buy the next one because the dressing room is the worst place to camp
    First dog round- round 9: set up camp in the stage room but dont turn on the power. one person goes to the back window while the other takes the door (principle of less points goes to the door rules here)and the front window. when the person at the door gets 7500 points they swap with the person whos on the back window unless that person has 7500 points already. if thats the case, turn on the power and run through the theater. finish off the round, get juggernog and link the teleporters and get to the stage teleporter.
    Level 9-13: try and camp out in the teleporter until you get overrun and then use the teleporter. pack a punch your weakest gun and then throw your grenades out the window to make some crawlers. when you teleport back, find out where the random box is and open the doors to it as soon as possible. if youve sucsessfully made some crawlers, use the random box. here are the guns you must pick up:
    -Ray gun
    -thunder gun
    -ballistic knife (only take it if you nearly have enough to pack a punch, as it turns into a knife revive)
    -crossbow (do the same as i said with the ballistic knife as the crossbow turns into a monkey bomb launcher)

    keep using the random box until you get at least two of these guns.

    Level 13-25: By now you should have some good guns by now, so just build up points and pack a punch your weapons.

    theres another problem which i get alot, which is coming out of the teleporter and being overrun. my suggestion is that the person with the best guns goes on the downstairs while the other goes upstairs. then they meet up on the stage.

    Another massive problem is getting down. when you get down the other person throw a monkey, use the ballistic knife pack a punched, use crossbow pack a punchedmor use the thunder gun to clear away. the person who was downed runs around the map and gets juggernog while the other distracts the zombies.

    anyway, back to the guide. as long as you do the tactics i showed you, you should be able to survive really easy. make sure you have 2500 points all the time for juggernog.

    level 25-32: By now, power up numbers will have dropped to near nothing. you’ll probably have nearly ran out of ammo, so if your ammo is low and you get a max ammo, dont hesitate to get it, even if it means sacrificing yourself, because it could mean resupplyed monkeys or thunder gun ammo.

    Level 32+: Dont ask me for more, because i know no more, i only know it will get much harder

    Thanks for reading and comment if this helped you

  20. Wolfie says:

    not that bad strategy for first 6 or 7 rounds of kino, though maybe not the best:

    at the very beginning of round 1, spend all your 500 points on the M14, but then switch back to the m1911. let the zombies break through. while you’re waiting for them, walk around the lobby and the catwalk and look for the first entrance that is fully open. keep your eyes on the very first entrance that is fully open. as the zombies come in, put 8 shots in each one’s leg, then knife him. 8 shots, 10 points each, 130 knife kill=210 per zombie, if you’re a good shot. when you’re down to your last 8 bullets, there should only be two zombies left. put 4 shots in each and knife ’em.

    now you should have about 1000 points. as quick as you can before round 2 starts, buy an olympia and quick revive.

    rebuild the barriers after the second round starts (so you’ll get points for it) and try to score headshots with the m14. try rebuilding a barrier AND getting headshots at the same time. stick to the m14 the whole round.

    round 3: use same strategy, but don’t focus on headshots. just focus on killing it. ONLY WITH M14.
    4: now do same thing, except if you need to reload, sprint towards the nearest LONE zombie and blast your way past him with the olympia if you need time to reload.

    (note, at any time after round 1, when you die, use the olympia method and get to the revive machine. get the revive and run away as fast as possible from the zombies and reload if needed)

    5: stand next to the door on the catwalk next to m14, but don’t open it. keep m14 in hand. if you hear the disembodied voice that means it’s a hound round (“hey, that rhymes!”), open the door and switch your m14 with the submachine gun. (if not a hound round, go to next paragraph)i think it’s a pm63, i don’t remember. go to the tiny room with the green lighting right next to the bathroom. stay near the entrance of the room. as each hound comes, shoot it at point blank range with the OLYMPIA. if it doesn’t go down, go farther into the room (walk backwards and switch to pm63) and shoot. if it STILL doesn’t go down, or if you don’t have time to reload any of them, sprint past the dog and out where you can see the theater, reload (any gun) and shoot. stick to this for the whole hound round. when it’s over, you SHOULD have 4000 or 5000 points. buying more revives might make that number go down a bit. reload both guns and get the max ammo drop.

    now, if its not a hound round, still buy the pm63 and keep the olympia. and wing it. try to stick to the same basic round 4 strategy. round 6 will probably be a hound round(read previous paragraph). but try to limit your usage with the pm63 in round 5, stick to the olympia. use the pm63 in case of emergency (such as being cornered)

    after the dog round, sprint to the next door, open it, go down stairs, turn left, switch the olympia with the stakeout. now go downstairs and look for the mystery box. if it’s there, take a spin. if it’s better than the pm63 (like a thundergun or raygun), switch it. if its not better, keep it.

    if the box isn’t there, switch the pm63 with the mp40. don’t think, “oh, well, i just got a max ammo from the dog round, i’m gonna use all my ammo for the pm63, THEN switch to the mp40.” you’ll be dead in like, 20 seconds. sure, you can stick to it for a few of the zombies coming downstairs from where you had to open the last door, but please switch to the mp40 at some point within the first minute.
    (you should have an mp40 and stakeout now)
    then go upstairs to where you got the stakeout, switch to the stakeout, and ironically, stakeout. just wait for the zombies and shoot them with the mp40 as soon as you’ve got a visual on them. if any zombie gets too close, shoot it with the stakeout. then alternate between the area where you got the mp40 and the area where you got the stakeout. do this until the round is over, or at least until you have about 2,000 points minimum. open the next door, and if you dont have enough points for the next door, stay next to it and face the oncoming zombies. get them with the stakeout, preferrably. and as soon as you have 1250 points, open the door, turn on the power, go through the curtains, into the teleporter, activate the link, and sprint to the other teleporter in the lobby (buy a revive if you need it). link it, then use the stakeout and blast your way back to the other teleporter by the stage. stay in the teleporter until you’re cornered, then use it when you have to. use your own frags when you’re in the pack a punch room, and keep throwing until you have no more grenades or until you have 250 points. then buy more grenades next to you. and if for some strange reason, you have enough points (which my strategy shouldnt have given you by now), pack a punch whatever weapon you want. then…i haven’t developed a good strategy yet.

  21. nukes r us says:

    Ok, this is my best strategy for kino der toten on solo, and also how to get to the theater on round 7 (better on R8) without little to no stress.

    R1: dont buy anything! i always run to the window with the dark inside, then i go to the upstairs window and camp there. shoot the zombies with the m1911 5-6 times in the torso not in the head, then knife. repair barricades at the end (i usually dont repair the window below the stairs). it is a good idea to leave one zombie left to repair windows, i dont leave a crawler. at the end of the round u should have 1,500 pts or higher.
    R2: u will run out of ammo. buy the olympia ONLY, its a 1 hit kill, chec the dark window, then go upstairs again and camp there. repair barricades (i still dont repair the window beneath the stairs).
    R3: dont buy anything! i usually camp at the upstairs window again, (if u have to reload and the zombies are near, i just run across the balcony away from them). u usually get a max ammo on R3, if so, use ur pistol from a good distance for extra pts. repair the upstairs window , and a few of the downstairs windows.
    R4: u MUST buy the instant revive at the beginning of this round! after u do, head over to the window below the stairs and repair it completely. then camp at the corner next to the hallway door thats nearest to the window that youve just repaired. wait there and once u see big group of zombies, trow a grenade at them and wait for the smoke to clear. once u see another gbig group throw another grenade at em. if u are going to gt overrun and u have to reload, go to the right towards the door but DONT open it. throw another grenade at the be space where the zombies come from and reload. if ur downed oh well ur still good. BEWARE, once there are 3 zombies remaining, they will start running really fast. atthe end of the round rebuild a few boards of the window nearest to the instant revive. if u were downed, buy another revive.
    R5: YOU MUST LEAVE THIS ROOM OR YOU WILL DIE! at the beginning of this round, u should gave racked up enough pts to get from the lobby to the foyer in one hit (if u dont know what room the foyer is, its the one with the stakeout and mp40), but if the mystery box is in the upper hall(the one u just entered) use it (be sure to swap ur pistol for it). then open the door to the foyer and buy the stakeout. if the ?box isnt in the upper hall then just go to the foyer and buy the stakeout. keep the olympia if u didnt get the ?box, swap the pistol. The stakeout is a definite 1 hit kill, just not at a far distance. once u have the stakeout, run down the stairs and camp at the doorway to the dressing room. dont open it. if the ?box is in the foyer then wait for the round to be over then buy it. camping in conceled spaces like the doorway to the dressing room are one of the BEST strategies, because u dont have to worry about looking behind or beside u. its ESPECIALLY effective during the hellhound round plus the stakeout is also a 1 hit kill on the hounds. stay here for the whole round. repair the 2 windows downstairs.
    R6: stay here until u get overran be zombies, then open the door and run to the doorway to the theater and camp there. dont open the door. throw a grenade over the vrates towards the door to the foyer. defend ur ground. at the end repair the window dear the mp5k. then run back to the door.
    R7:if u get the hound round while in the dressing room, camp at the doorway always, and also crouch. and be sure not to open the door. (im not saying it just for this round) at the wait for about 10 seconds into the round then trow a grenade over the crates towards the foyer door. defend the door until u get outnumbered quickly open the door and chuck a grenade at the corner where the zombies run around. when u open the door and run away, go around the back part which the ?box emplacement is and run to the power switch. if u want to, u can flip the switch and run through the curtains. i usually run straight for the teleporter to activate the link then i will camp there or sprint towards the juggernog machine, (i usually dont buy it because i save the points for the PaP machine) but u can if u want. i try to link the teleporters and then take the route u took to get to the theater and once i get in the teleporter, i sometimes camp there and wait for a few zombies to touch the teleporter then i quickly port to the PaP/ projector room. any zombies that are touching the blue pad in the porter will die when u port to the room. then u can do what u think is best for the rest.

    Basic layout
    R1: dont buy anything
    R2: Buy Olympia
    R3: dont buy anything
    R4: buy instant revive
    R5: buy revive(if downed already); Leave lobby; go through upper hall to the foye;, buy stakeout
    R6: open door to dressing room if necessary. dont buy anything
    R7: open door to the theater if necessary.
    R8: definitely open door to theater

  22. Zombie Addict says:

    We do it different. After level 8 or 9 we go to the stage and buy claymores. Set those behind you. One player on the back window. DO NOT turn power on! The other three get against wall behind the mystery box. This will get the zombies coming in a straight line from both the dressing room and the front window. The third guy in line does not shoot until the first guy says “reloading”. That way someone is always firing. You get ALOT of points and mostly headshots this way. In between rounds you go back to the original lobby and buy your way into the alley where the box will be if it was not in dressing room or stage. Once you have 15-20k you can turn the power on and you have enough money to get all of your favorite perks and pack a punch your preferred weapon. This strategy A. Gets you more points initially 2. There are no small crawlers until the power is turned on so you are only shooting headshots on regular zombies. After every level in the upper levels put your claymores by the juggernaug machine. How many times have you been killed immeadiately after buying naug because your “buddy” did not have your back? After rounds 24 you must have the M-16 or MP-40 off the wall along with your ray or thundergun. This way you are able to get ammo and keep those points rolling in order to set traps, etc…This has become a great way for me to spend time with my son. Good Luck!

  23. a person says:

    if u tryed this like me it is AWESOME the upgraded m1911 is dual wield and nade launchers and get monkeys run laps and use the box and get the thundergun upgrade tht and get the zues cannon u will pwn XD

  24. deathtozombies says:

    My strategy is like this. I stay in the main lobby rounds 1-3. Then I head upstairs and open the both the doors that lead to the next room. I buy the MP40 right away. I stay in this room rounds 4-7. Right after round 7, I open the next two doors. Turn the power on instantly. You should have enough for jugger naug. Buy this awesome perk right away. Link teleporter. Now you have a circle to run in. Each round stay on the stage at start, then when zombies close in run through the theater. Stop in the main lobby. Start shooting. When they get close start running. Do not stop running till you are at the stage. Repeat. You must survive on the run. No camping out. Buy speed cola eventually. Stick with the MP40 till round 12. Now you need luck. Find the mystery box. To live, you MUST have the thundergun and monkeys. The ray gun is not a must have. Take it if you get it though. Its still a sick gun. Other guns that you must trade for the MP40 are either the commando or RPK. Well once you have your weapons, keep running in that circle I talked about earlier. Good Luck!!!

  25. DirtyDutch says:

    strategy for kino der toten

    lvl 1/4 only knife.
    buy the door on the secondfloor open and the next one to
    buy mp40.
    lvl 5/7 stay in the room and shoot with your mp40.
    lvl 8 buy next 2 doors open and activate power
    you must hold 2500 point left, so you can buy jugger nout.
    lvl 8/12 just shoot with your mp40 keep watching your ammo,
    lvl 12 link teleporter, leave a crowler and find the mystery box,
    use the mystery box till you get the thundergun.
    lvl 12/18 use mp40 and thundergun. link the teleporter and upgrade youre thundergun.
    lvl 18/22 buy speedcola

    you must link the teleporter each round, if you follow this guide you get to lvl 26 for sure


  26. brundan says:

    Here’s what I do with my friends: I head to the room overlooking the outside. I hit the trap from the window side with my upgraded gun shooting the zombies through the two barricades while the trap holds off the zombies. This works with any amout of people.

  27. vamps says:

    if you want to go far on kino you need to stay in the first room for 4 rounds then go upstairs buy the door and get stakeout even if there is a mystery box there wait in that room to round 7 then move to the stage until you get crowded turn on portal link and buy juggernog (you will need it) then link portal the on solo just walk around the power things on the stage (you walk the same pace they run) then throw grenades or use explosive for multiplayer just hang around near portal till you can pack a punch a good gun then just run in circles through map made to round 36

  28. ? says:

    Wake up guys, who want to upgrade the olympia? the reason you need those two perk machines for it is because past round 7 it is two hit kill. Rape? dont think so.
    So, yeh, upgrade mp40, double your mag, excellent, or upgrade you M16, get a massive power boost, grenade launcher with a huge blast radius and a full auto fire rate wich fires faster than an smg even without double tap.

  29. Zombie Masher says:

    Definitly the MP40 on Keno or the Pack-a-Punched M16. Not off the wall is the Pack-a-Punched Thunder Gun (ZuesCannon)

  30. cody says:

    has anyone made it to the very end to find out what the hell is on the roof…please respond

  31. OK says:

    Alright these are some good tips but not all guns are good in Kino and it is way too easy to get surrounded because doors are on all sides say for instance your in the lobby you have 4 doors your running around if all the barracades are open and your trying to gather them you will get cornered cause its not like the zombies behind you go around the stairs following the ones behind you if you cant kill them with one knife you are done for

  32. Zombieslayer says:

    When you are in round 1-4 when there are multiple zombie at your barricade and they are ripping you barricade apart run back and fourth to reload your weapon, repair barricade, and knife em at the same time.
    P.S: This is only to get you more points. I got about 5000 just by doingt hat.

  33. Roberto limones says:

    wat you want to do is have 2 pepol and once you and ur partner have 1750 open down staris and and get the machine un the once you have about 7000 have one person get a good wepon like the ak74 then have that person open all the dors like the ally one and stuff. thats who me and my bro got to round 22… 😀

    • Zclev473 says:

      I got to 35 on solo, the key is to pack a punch the m16 and get the thundergun. that way you have ammo available at all times and the thundergun can rape when needed. Run the map, don’t camp, get all perks in this order quick revive, jugger nog, speedy cola, root beer in that order. Also the bowie knife is one knife kill until about level 12 so get that for more points per kill and claymores are the last thing you should buy. Set traps, use the automatic guns, and use the teleporter whenever its available!! when you are in the pack-a punch room throw grenades and resupply on the left wall, very helpful. Try to get monkeys out of the box and don’t be afraid to use whatever you have at your disposal.

  34. Zach says:

    You guys should try and upgrade the Olympia it has dragons breath (for all of you who have played story mode you know what I’m talking about) anyway it rapes and you should get it and use sleight of hand and double tap it’s good

    • Vinnie Vu says:

      Upgrading the Olympia will change it to become a special shotgun called Hades. I wouldn’t really recommend it, ’cause Stakeout is much better than Olympia and holds more ammo than Olympia.

  35. Jacob W1 says:

    what does the JUGGER-NOG do? please reply :)

  36. tristan13245 says:

    if you are playing solo, when you get to the theater turn on the power first! then just run through the theater and just keep going in circles throught the building but make sure the zombie horde is within 10 feet behind you because we dont want some turning around, do we? Next leave a crawler at the end so you can run around and link the teleportor if you want to. (i advise you should!) then kill the crawler to advance to the next round. just stay in the teleportor until you get overwhelmed with zombie and when you turn it on, they will all die in it anyways so they wont telelport with you. then, you will be teleported to the room above the theater and you should go to the window and throw frag grenades down at the zombies because they will just be standing in the middle of the theater so its easy to get kills and make crawlers. then you will be transported to weird rooms (sometimes, not all the time), you may ask… “what is the purpose of these rooms?” well there are sometimes powerups floating in the middle of the rooms but there is always something different in each room, for instance the teddy bear room has a film on the bed and you walk up to it and hold down square even though it doesnt tell you to hold down square. it will be added to the bottom of the screen. then youll be back in the lobby, throw a frag through the doorway behind the stairway and wait for the zombies to come through then run! do this and you will get far! like me, last night i was on level 37 when i had to get off!

  37. Suprkilla says:

    What is the best gun off wall that can be upgraded is no luck in mysrtry box ?

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