Black Ops Zombies “Five” Strategy Guide

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Turn on the power, and try to get Winter’s Howl, a special weapon used to freeze zombies only available in Five. Leave one person behind before you go to the Lab, that person should teleport to the defcon room, and activate all the defcon switches before taking the elevator down to the lab.

Once the defcon is activated, forget about teleporters. Camp at the elevator down the hall; that way you only need to cover your front, and behind is teleporter as an emergency exit in case you get overwhelmed.

Hold it here as long as you can. If you get overwhelmed, take the teleporter to get to Pack a Punch machine. Once you are inside, two people should defend the windows, and two defend the doors. Winter Howl here would be very helpful as zombies will come in numbers once you have opened this room, and it can clear them easily.

If you don’t get Winter Howl, spam grenades. If you get overwhelmed here, run to the teleporter at the back of the room and survive on the run. You would be running a lot after round 10.

If you get teleported to the lab, teleport back to where you started the round and clear the zombies until you make it to the next teleporter.

If you get teleported to the defcon level, make your way to the lab, and then back to where you started the round, and again hold there as long as you can.

If two of your team mates get teleported to the defcon level, you can either run to the elevator, or hold it there as long as you can. Or you can remove the debris and hold it there.

If they overwhelm you there, you can remove the debris and run around the stairs and you will come across a debris blocking the door underneath the stairs, open it and continue with the same strategy.

Basically you need to keep moving through the teleporters wherever and whenever you get overwhelmed. It all depends on your playstyle and coordination. You can survive longer if you communicate effectively.

Camp Strategy
You need to 2 to 4 people for this to work. After third round, open the door to the elevator but don’t go elevator. Buy the gun off the wall in the elevator room and camp in the elevator room till round 8.

Leave one zombie preferably crawling at the end of the round 8 and open everything. Get a gun from the Mystery Box and buy Juggernog. At around round 10, activate the pack a punch machine and put your best gun in to upgrade. Once you have upgraded your gun, camp in this room.

General Tips
1# Run Run Run! and keep Running.
2# Group zombies into clusters, and blast them.
3# Teleporter is your Back Up plan, that is, if you get out of ammo. Which you would for most of the times. Too many zombies.
4# You can run away easily being solo, so be quick, and don’t get caught in the cluster of zombies or you are done.

Revive the Teammate
In case someone goes down you have three options.
1# (Requires upgraded ballistic knives) If the person with the knives is alive he will pull them out while the other teammate covers, preferably with ray gun. Shoot your downed teammate with the knife which will instantly revive him.

2# Pull out your gun and cover the guy who is to revive the downed teammate.

3# Throw a monkey, man covering window can do this but don’t leave to revive unless you are only one alive. If something goes wrong or you just get overwhelmed as a last resort you can open the door and run.

Tell us how far you have gone in “Five” and share the strategy you used to reach that level.

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  • fuck

    kos nagoooo

  • rooney

    I can’t even get to level 5 of it so i am rubbish. i can only get 1 revival potion,a new gun,open 1 door and die right after i do something to get in the first elevator

  • rich321g street

    ive got to round 18 by staying on the first floor but buying the elevator what i did was stay in the hallway were the elevator was and shoot but when they started to over throw me i went down the elevator and bought all the way to the second elevator and all my other players were still on the second floor and it really helped me alot and made it so there werent so many zombies on my floor you are good down there intil you turn on the power and the zombies will teleport through the defcon portals so dont turn on the power and stay on a floor bye your self and you wont get over welmed by the zombies it works i did it

  • Wraith in flesh

    Add me if u want. i know nothing of five but on kino der toten i can reach round 100+ with me and 1 other player when time allows it. now before u call bullshit i need to tell u i use the grouping method. very time consuming but effective. I can usually get 40+ on solo. Im not the best but i think im pretty good. oh and i have a habit of playing the secret song everytime. GT is Wraith in Flesh.

  • Edge12399 (playstation3)

    Anyone need a real partner hit me up

    Kino: round 49 solo
    Five: round 28 solo

    The more players the harder it is but u hv an advantage if all of u know
    What you are doing. One weak player holds the whole crew down so i
    Play solo. I really need a good partner. Im actualy really good. Playstation
    id is Edge12399 someone save me from the idiots out there if u really
    Know how to play

  • TcM

    add me gt: TmCZombieSlayer

  • alansko7

    arek mozes zeml

  • Alex

    Me and one friend got to round 24. From round 8-about 15 were in the first elevator and blasting them in alternating firing. by round 15 we had defeated the thief with my winters fury(winters howl upgraded).
    After that we stuck in the defcon room and when there was only the trailing zombies left, activated the defcons to defcon 4 leaving the last switch nearest the teleporter. when the next round started we activated the final switch and went to the panic room and just desamated with my winters fury and his lamentation(upgraded galil).

  • d-man

    it works only whaen knives are pack-a-punched

  • bolh

    i got to round 80045 doing this stay in the elevator for as long as u can then buy the stake out and open the big elevator on round 15 and lay down the zombies cant see u

  • Brick

    Stradegies and laps are shit, whhy waste time getting to a high level, then bragging ot your friends how you wasted 3 hours of your life running around a circle,
    killing is the only way to go, not running laps 😐

  • Theo Moorfield

    Nice guide, here is the strategy I use on five for solo:


    Solo – Five is one of my favourite maps to play solo on blackops zombies so here is my favourite strategy for playing solo. At the begging of the first round buy quick revive, using only your knife in round 1. Round 2 use only your knife again, and try not to let the zombies in. At the end of round 2 try to keep one slow zombie to give you chance to board up broken windows before round 3 – you’ll need it! Round 3 put 5 rounds into their chest and 2 in the head then knife, stick to the windows with the shortests routes where the zombies come from at the beggining to get as many quick kills as possible before becoming overwhelmed. Becoming overwhelmed in round 3 is pretty normal, dont panic just throw a couple of frags to thin those zombies out! Round 4 open the door and buy the MPL, head down the hallway and smash the windows a couple times just to get a couple of boards up – you will end up shooting out the windows by accident allowing zombies in quicker, so a couple of boards will keep those zombies out that bit longer. Open the lift also in round 4 so you always have a plan b should you get overrun. When you feel you can no longer hold down the hallway and two windows, which should be round 5 or 6 for the average player – then take the lift down and clear all of the debris (near the stairs, underneath the stairs and at the oppsite side to the lift on the ground floor) so that you have a clear run around of the outside of the ground level. DO NOT attempt to begin running a train around here unless you have turn on the power, turning on the power opens up the teleporter in the center of the room allowing the zombies to run through the centre instead of turn around and block you underneath the stairs. Now the tactic is pretty simple, run around the defcon room (the 2nd floor) clockwise, when zombies stop coming in through the windows run around to the opposite end to where the lift is where you cleared the debris from and turn around and fire away – the zombies will line up single file making them easy pickings for headshots. Never stay still for more than 2-3 seconds though as when you kill a zombie and new one will come in through the windows which leaves your back open. Make sure that the first thing that you buy when you begin to run the train around the defcon room is juggernog as you WILL get hit 2 or 3 times each level! This is probably the most important part of running the train in here.

    This is just one of my map strategys, you can find a guide to each and every zombie map right here:

    Call Of Duty Central

  • Jarred

    It’s hard to find people to play with that know what they’re doing, that don’t die as much, that actually listen to you, and that don’t steal your windows (which is my biggest pet peeve..) — that being said, I need to play with players that aren’t these things. I’m a nice person and fast on my feet, and I seemingly always risk my life to help and revive others. I’m always told that I’m very helpful and a ‘good’ player (which I don’t think I am). I’ve made it to level 14 on “Five” and 32 on “Kino Der Toten”. My preferred weapons/arsenal is the Ray Gun, upgraded M1911 (starting pistol), and Cymbal Monkeys. I have a mic and play on PSN (PS3 Network). And my user name is, “Honey_Cliff”. If you want to play, add me and we’ll see how far we go!

  • Alex

    Round 39


    I got to round 64 on five, all you need is four people and all you need to do is;
    Round 1-5 hold your own dont buy any doors
    Round 5-15 buy doors until you reach m16
    Round 15-20 Fight until you get to the last zombie keep him alive and buy ALL doors then find the ray gun and have partners freeze and frag the son of bitchs!!!!!

  • Shadow

    Dude I got to 34 on SOLO its easy. I could have got further all perks never got downed but did get bored and quit

    • Flyingtomato321

      Your strategy?

      • Paul

        Lie probably

  • cam

    Hey i want to play five with four people i rarely play five and my highest round was 13 gamertag cammannick i play on xbox 360

  • jack_bradderz

    I usually form a rape train on five ad me on psn jack_bradderz

    • anonymouschick

      if u sit in the corner, in the room leading to the alley on kino, with a gun with very high ammunition and just aim at the heads you can form very nice rape trains and the zombies all come in from one direction, plus it’s nice if u have the speed cola.

  • R Period

    johnnnny, if you don’t like this strategy, post a better one, please! I follow the same thing after much experimentation. I like to go to the War room about round 5, grab the Stakeout, clear barricades and run laps for a few rounds. after I get enough points to get to the lab, I turn the power on, transport back up to the War Room, hit the Def Cons and pack ap punch the Stakeout (now the Raid!). When the Thief shows up, I don’t chase him. I wait at a different transporter and blast him when he appears. About 4 shots from the Raid puts him down. I use a lot of grenades. I am sure to replenish from down in the lab when there are only a couple of crawlers left. BTW, this is all on solo play. I’ve made it to round 20.

  • johnnnny

    This strategy is so amateurish.

  • Saman

    hey everybody,
    i have some tips for u cause i’ve been playing the map 5 for a long time
    1)first round: melee them all, they are weak and they will die by one hit of knife
    2)when u start buy the ‘quick revive’ soda, so that u can be sure u will become alive again.
    3)when u reach level five, don’t stay there, cause they will be too many of them and u cant control them, open the door and run toward the elevator, then throw grenades, it helps a lot
    4)dont buy every weapon u see, saving points is important
    5)when u finished level 5, go down quickly (with elevator) then again there is an elevator, go down to lab and turn on the power (power is located in one of the rooms. once u get out of elevator, first room u see)
    6)DO NOT stay in lab, cause monkey come toward to u
    7)there is a shotgun near the elevator which goes down to lab. buy that and u are saved up to level 15.
    7)pentagon thief usually comes at level 8-9 or 10, he takes the weapon that you have it in hand(i mean u are using it), dont give him your shotgun, cause with shotgun it is easy to kill him. once u killed him go to fire sale,(if i said it correctly) , and dont buy the weapons that are not useful, once it gave me a pistol but i didnt but it, but once it gave me a sexy sub-machine gun.
    8)DO NOT active the defcons before you have a good weapon
    9)buy every soda, then active the defcons
    10)always try to stay in the first level( lobby i guess) casue its easy to kill them
    11)if you see that u cant control them, go to elevator and go down, but dont go to lab PLZ
    12)once u reached level 20, pray for merci from god because………well lets say that they dont die even u shoot them in the head


  • ON_Naruto

    Well i always do like this:

    rounds 1-9: Stay in main lobby, with the elevator opened just in case, were i get +/- 12000 points
    round 10:kill every zombies except one, in this round i turn on the light, put the DefCon in level 5 and upgrade the primary pistol to Sally and Mustang and the Ak74-u (can’t remeber the upgraded name).
    rounds 11- 15: I run in circles to attract the zombies, then o turn around and star to clean, the Thunder Gun is lot of usefull here, ’cause there are a lot of zombies. If you don’t have Thunder Gun,use the Sally and Mustang it’s godlike here, in a couple of shots you kill the zombies. At the end of round 15 i left one zombie alive and i will try to catch the Thunder Gun and the Ray Gun/Winter’s Howl
    rounds 16-20: With new weapons (Thunder Gun and Ray Gun/Winter’s Howl) you can kill a lot of zombies, and if you are in a trouble, Thunder Gun (or Zeus Cannon) will help you.

    Sorry guys i can’t help more, cause my record is 20 rounds, i always die because i don’t have any support to help me…

    • conor 07

      i think you arer wrong

  • Spitonyou21

    I also have truble finding warlords I will try to find some of you (XBox Live Currently LOST:( ) My Highest Round Is 52… Low Right (solo)(Five)! Have fun not finding F***ers!!!

  • ZoMbIe DeStRoYeR

    u could just get out of the chair walk over to the computer put this in 3arc unlock (no space between 3 and arc but their is a space between arc and unlock) it unlocks all the missions completed it also unlocks “FIVE” u can also put “DOA” and u unlock Dead Ops Arcade :^)

  • ZoMbIe DeStRoYeR

    sorry about that last comment it did it twice but im telling the truth

  • ZoMbIe DeStRoYeR

    i got to round 98 on the table and when the pentagon theif comes he walks around like a dumb butt :)

  • ZoMbIe DeStRoYeR

    i got to round 98 on “FIVE” cuz i was on the table the pentagon theif cant rrach u he just walks around like a dumb butt

  • SuperLebron

    I’m a beast at kino, but “five” is too confusing even though I know where everything is at. If you have a ps3 add me = SuperLebron no space and I think the *L* is capitalized or not. Also if you just have winter’s howl you can go beast mode on “five” and go really or is that just me O.o and why don’t they let you go outside the building on kino and the whitehouse, like in the street and other buildings, that’s retarded.

    • bret

      the name of the map is Cinema of The Dead – It’s based on one building

  • zombieslayer457

    5 is a good map but kino is better because its less confusing.

  • zombieslayer457

    to kill the petagon theif all you gotta do is upgrade your starting pistol(M1911)or the M72 LAW.its so easy and dont forget to buy claymores

  • youmilf

    i found a glitch on helps kill the doctor. add me on psn. ill show my gamertag is youmilf

  • zombie killer

    kino is a good map but five is better and harder so its more of a chalange


    i can make it to round 70 by my self on five

    • zombieslayer457


      • |_Y|\|C|-|Y

        lol, i can get to around 30-40 on kino, add me on ganjassassin101 , im good at five and its hard finding good players.

      • alansko7

        ok. i wil if you wonto

  • Scott

    I got to level 40 on Kino solo but my friends always wanted to camp in the room upstairs by the alley…we could never make it past 27 as a team. I’m just trying to do Five now but it’s alot more complex than Kino…

  • chance butler

    why is it so hard on the basement part!!! well it is to me. all the zombie docters. its sooooo irritating. write back if u guys can top these stratagies.

  • Andrew

    You guys have a very good strategy but i would suggest staying in the start lobby till round 5 then open the door and elevator and buy an MPL. Camp here till about round 8-9 then head down and clear the barricade and elevator and go down and hit the power. then get a good gun out of the mystery box. When you have done this go to the middel floor (War Room) and pull every DEFCON at the start of every round and go to the pack-a-punch machine room and spray all the zombies that gather at the door then run out and clear the barricades under the stairs and at the other side and run laps and repeaat after the start of every round.

    If it is the thief then go to the catwalk of the middel floor (War Room) and run around it and let your teammates blast him and then you should hopefully kill him. Just repeat this strategy and you will get to very high rounds

    Thanks, Andy

  • zombiepwner123

    hey i have a much better strategy. stay in the first room till round 4, open the doors to the elepator and buy the mpl. camp in the elevator till round 7 then head to the power. get a good gun from the box and upgrade. start every round by going to the pack a punch then lobb grenades when the door opens run around the bottom part off the war room and wala ur at a high round.

  • Cadin

    Friend me if u have a ps3 I’m beastie44

  • Personal

    yall r a bunch of nerds

    • John Hancock

      If you think video games are nerdy then why are you searching for strategy guides for them.

      • Meep

        My thought exactly, and i do sports and play games so does that make me a nerd?

  • dan

    no random wepons box???

    • anonymouschick

      look through the windows and u’ll save ur points by doing tht, it;s in the basement and i keep finding in the lab room tht looks like the one on reborn island oh and u can kill the pig 😀 thts always fun

  • The–biddle

    To take out the theif just us the first pistol pack a punched it kills him easily.

  • TRimmerFiber619

    heey im pretty good a five add me on xbox my gamer tag is TrimmerFiber619

  • Andres

    O.o Five is crazy.. but we always have to kill the theif with winters fury and the porter… it gets too stupid chasin him with an oscillator and crap!

  • carlos martinez

    oh and dont turn on the power if you dont wnt to get the theif

  • carlos martinez

    im good at kino me and my brother got to level 34

  • carlos martinez

    add me am so good at kino and five so just add me on ps3 my id is fighter341 no space

    • Hellsedge666

      Id like to play wiht you somethime add me my gamertag if Hellsedge666 the *H* is caps i can get to 30 40 roujnd but the people i play with don’t know how to play.

      • DD13

        add me my psn is DreadfulDeamon13 just like tht

  • iTz_TBone

    The map “Five” is a small confined map but with a lot of floors. Navigating the map for beginners is quite confusing until you learn the map. I love Kino because of the space, also being quite easy to navigate and to move. Anyone with Playstation feel free to add me my ID is hrvatski_sniper or CrAzY-NoScOpEzx

  • chance butler

    im not really good at five add me on ps3 if u wanna a serious gamer.kino der toten is my fav stage. gamer tag is electric hobo 123

    • revolayshun

      revolayshun is my psn. im good at kino too. add me


    hey my gamertag is xCOKExMUNGLERx im really fun to play with and im good so if u want to play with me send me an ivite

  • Brandon

    Robert Macnamara was not a President. He was secretary of Defense under Kennedy.

    • Dinneenio

      and hence when in the video when the zombies break in he stands infront of Kennedy as if to protect him…

    • Josh

      He was both president of the Ford Motor company and of the World Bank. But good try at playing smart.

  • TwiSteD ViZioNx

    Hey all,

    So im going to make this short and sweet i love to play “Five” but can never find any good teamates to play with as my friends seem to hate this map so if anyone wishes to play zombies on five with me hoping to get past round 30-60 and yes i do have a mic hope you do too if not no worrys, hope to see someone soon :) Xbox 360 Gamertag = TwiSteD ViZioNx

    • Dominick

      add me = domsotis is my gamertag

    • 117

      Ill play, I got to round 20

      GT: KKniceKOOL

    • James

      add me YAAHHHMMMS

    • davidurshon

      round 53 on five and 36 on ascention
      all u do is run and regroup with teammates
      we run round the other sides of the map and regroup at the teleporter and space craft landing thingy

      • Grim

        Hey there, I too have trouble finding people who aren’t complete idiots, so add me on XBL and maybe we can all get an awesome party started. My GT is K1dF3arion, but most call me Grim.

    • chris

      36 on kino (solo)
      24 on five (solo)
      31 on ascention (online with three)

    • Dragon Snails

      Hey man, I got to round 62 by myself. I would like to help you out. My Gamertag is Dragon Snails. Add me.


    I have gotten to round 15 on five by myself and to round 30 with other players. on Kino Der Toten i have gotten to round 10 (after turning the power on) and to round 20 with other players (cause they are idiots and turn on the power to soon so all the zombies come swarming in.) if you love to play zombies on xbox 360, add me on live my gamertag is domsotis, and please state that you found my gamertag on this comment.

  • elliot

    i get 2 round 50 on solo five and kino its easy u can sum times do it by staying on first floor if not second

  • Austin

    MY highest waves are wave 19 on five solo and wave 28 on kino solo

  • Justin

    if anyone wants to start a zombie slaughter fest on Black Ops add me on Xbox, i am jmaster814

  • Justin

    i havent gotten enough good people online to make it very far in Black Ops yet but i got to like 80 with a couple people on WAW. i hope to get some good people for a long and good Black Ops Zombie slaughter fest!

  • x2 Bucksx

    Does anyone want to play ascenion with me best ive got on it was 37 on kino 45 and on five 27 but yea so if you do add me x2 Bucksx

  • SoMeRaNdOmNaMe

    i can make it to round 23 solo on five

  • DJ_Blackula

    BEST STRATEGY for “five” (4 players): Stay upstairs until the very start of level 5. Then immediately take the small elevator to the catwalk, but DO NOT open the barrier to the bottom level down the stairs. Everyone take a window. Communication is key: let people know if you have a breach. IF POSSIBLE, SAVE YOUR PISTOL, BECAUSE UPGRADED IT BECOMES A DOUBLE GRENADE LAUNCHER (MUSTANG SALLY… sick gun) Make a crawler in round 8 or 9. By this round (barring any downs), you should be able to accumulate enough to open the downstairs barrier, open the elevator to the basement, open the door(s) where the box is, and eventually get Juggernaug. BIG point: To make it fair, the person with the most points when you get to an obsticle should open the barrier. Hit all accept one of the defcons.MAKE SURE ALL 4 OF YOU ARE ON THE MIDDLE FLOOR BEFORE STARTING THE NEXT ROUND: If it is the doctor, don’t hit the last defcon and get back on the catwalk to the opposite corner of the stairs. This will give you the best chance of killing the doctor. If you see the doctor, he is after you! If he takes you weapon, you will be able to see the doctor for the rest of the round. Kill him for the power-ups. After you kill him, you get the firesale and max ammo. Hit the last defcon and get to the pack-a-punch room. 2 people grab the window and 2 people grab the hallway. Make a crawler towards the end of every round and get out of the defcon room. Reset the defcons to 4, get new weapons from the mystery box (the tv next to an old location shows where the next one is) and repeat this strategy til about level 20. The only difference is going to be the Defcon room is too difficult to hold down. One person needs to run laps on the main floor, while 3 people hold down the defcon room. Repeat and enjoy getting further than you ever gotten before!

  • milk milkerson

    do you know the muffin man who lives on drury lane?

  • mike

    wow dude i couldnt even finish reading ur post because u sound like a complete moron

  • kyle

    i got 2 round 64 on kino der toten with just me and my friend. what we did is that we turned on the power on round 9 then we got juggernog and used the mystery box.the wepons you should have is monkeys and pack a punched thunder gun. the thunder gun really helps out. the name shoyuld change to the zues cannon for the thunder gun. i also pack a punched the MP40. my friend got 23 downs so make sure you both get quick revive later in the game. especially round 20-so on. the monkeys dont help just by there self because they end up blowing up by the time your half way done reviving without quick revive.speed cola is recamended but not till round 30. be very careful with ammmo. i had to change pack a punched guns with guns off the wall and mystery box guns. its very useful to get the bowie nife if you have the money and speed cola. when you run out of ammo and have no money because then you can just nife them. we also had a pack a punced ray gun but its not really recammended. we survived by activating the fire pit trap and other traps not the auto turret waste of money and time. we pretty muched ran in circles either outside or the other way and using the teleporter. hope this helped my ps3 name is scorpion304 no caps. :)

  • Keith

    I’ve got to round 31 on five with three ppl if you want someone good my gamertag is k3ith731.

  • Nate


    Looking for good Kino der Toten ps3 players. If you have gotten to at least round 20 and have good strategy (when to open doors, teleport, leave rooms, etc.) hit me up: naterator007

    Please state in the message that you found me here.


  • jarhead_assasin

    Try and play with players that are high level of map completion. I leveled to 31 and ended up back to level 25 with players ranked in 18, 20, 7. The low levels (under 10) tend to run without cause all over the map “stealing” others kills. It helps if everyone had microphones to communicate. Low level player should respect the upper levels and follow their leads. The best thing for the first floor (FIVE MAP)is to pick a window that zombies come in and camp there. On “FIVE MAP” map stay in the first floor until 4-5 and then open the door. The one with the most points should be the one to open the first barrier to the small elevator. Stay on First floor until round 7-8 and then move down to second floor. Same strategy..each one picks one window. Accumulate points up to 10-12,000 each. Keep your distance away from Windows so you don’t go down! If one person goes down then one person goes revive. Not all! Pick your backup partner before you go to second floor. After each reaches 10-12k the one with the most points should open the barrier to get to the big elevator. Before round 11 someone should make a crawler before opening the barrier to the big elevator. You now all have enough to go through several boxes to get the guns you want. Save at least 5k to pack a punch your best weapon. After everyone gets desired weapon then set Defcons to four. Kill crawler and then Defcon 5. Upgrade best weapon. Two in the back windows and two up front. About round 11 the “Thief” comes. Lots of strategies to get gun back. Keep using the pack a punch room as a camping ground until you need to either get a upgrade weapon or need more ammo. You can camp in AND out of the pack a punch room until Round 19-20. After that try this..One runs around on the second floor and Three in the big elevator. One to cover back and two up front to kill zombies as the single runner runs around. After round 22 split off and two in big elevator and two in small elevator. Have all your quick revives before round 19. Good luck!

  • Jason

    I can get to round 27 solo,No glitches/hacks. Beat that. :3


    omfg i can never find the juggernog perk machine after i turn on power in kino! pleaase walk me through!!! :(

    • Drake

      ok turn the power on, and OPEN YOUR EYES ITS ACROSS THE ROOM!

      • EPICKILLZ247

        ok i found it i didnt know there was more to the theater room lol

  • Daniel

    I can never find the &^$%!ing mystery box in ‘Five’. Any ideas? I play solo.

    • CJ

      the box is on the bottom floor at first and you will have to buy a door to get it

  • Gavin

    The makers of the game only got to round 14 on kino der toten.

  • Danny

    I got to round 20 solo dead chuffed with my self =D

  • Dan

    Got to 53 solo on Kino Der Toten using the Circle of Life strategy.

  • Bob the Builder

    I have gotten to round 38 on solo on “five” legit. What I do is I I stay on the first level for as long as I can. For each level I have a strategy depending if I’m stranded on there or not. During the early fort levels, I immediantly buy a revive for 500. Then on the first and second rounds I let the zombies break through and hope for a power up. If a Max ammo appears, use up all the ammo shooing the zombies. Once I am out of ammo I open the first door and buy an MPL. Then I open the door to the elevator but don’t buy it down yet. I then keep covering the front and buy ammo whenever I need it. Once I become unable to get ammo due to overcrowding, or it is past round 8 and I have at least 8500 ( U HAVE 2 HAVE At LEAST 8500!!!!!!) and I am positive there is one zombie left, leave him alone, do not attempt to make him a crawl in risk of killing him, I completely buy my way down to the bottom floor and figure out where the box is and hit it until I have good weapons ( recommendation, primary weapon= hk21, secondary=ray gun OR winters howl, preferably a ray gun. And once I have this weapons I raise the defcon to 4. Then I go all the way back up to the top floor, and camp in the elevator, I do not upgrade until the pentagon thief comes and I kill him with the ray gun extremely fast. Once u do that you should get a bonfire sale, which makes it only 1000 to upgrade. I then upgrade both weapons and camp in the elevator and when I get in trouble buy it down and then back up immediately. Just do this as long as you can. Oh, and don’t forget to buy perks along the way. BTW: I didn’t die on round 38 because I quit because it was 3:00 in the morning and my party’s were getting mad that I wasn’t sleeping yet.. Good luck out there.

  • Bgseanpuk

    I’ve done rundown 13 solo on kino and 28 on team. I find five far too hard on solo – better as a team game. my tips for kino is to rack up points for 4 rounds in the starting room. Beware round 5 may spawn hell dogs. At almost the end of round 4 you need the revive which in solo is 500 points. Then go upstairs – don’t open the left door downstairs to the alley yet. Go through the corridor (if the mystery box is there then have a go but leave about 4k points) – you wont need any type of super gun yet anyway. Go through the door on the left watch out for dropping zombies from ceiling. Go down stairs turn left and get the shotgun on the wall. This is the only real chance of killing dogs. In any round a shotgun will kill the dogs first shot. Enter round 5 if dogs don’t spawn then get the mp40 downstairs. Stay in front of the door. Take out the zombies coming through the two Walls on the ground floor. Dont go upstairs you’ll get surrounded quick. After a short delay a few will come from the top of the stairs. Try and kill them quick, soon a lot of zombies will come. When there are a lot on the way down stairs, open the door to the dressing room. Watch out behind but kill the lot as they come into the room from the stairs. Oe slowly back and get to the theatre door. When they get close, open the door and finish the rest. You may want to leave one and hit the power now or do another round like this. If u hit the power, leave one and go and board up some windows for points. If u have enuf for jugged hog, then then get it now. U get three revives also so bear that in mind. Repeat this for next few rounds.

  • zomiecarnage1

    omg i effing love the table glitch on five its freaking hilarious! its pretty simple really, just jump on the table (i don’t think it really matters which table to jump on just pick one)and the zombitches will try to run and kill you. but thanks to this funny glitch they will constantly smack into each other and eventually die randomly. it actually looks like they are humping each other in a huge orb when they get into a huge cluster! got to round 100 from doing this and i pissed myself from laughing so hard! hope this helped and made you laugh when you tried!
    p.s:please check out my youtube channel DUMNA55GAMERZ i will have a zombies tips and tricks video up soon if you guys are looking for some helpful tactics hit that like button and subscribe if you like it thanks guys!

  • Stu

    Got through round 9 solo on five, and 24 with 3 people. That map is really hard, but I just started playing last week. I have my friends xbox right now, so I should be a lot better soon.

  • [AP] Luc

    OMFGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ROUND 3451 right now on solo!!!!!!!!!!OMFG!!!!

    • Brendan

      well i bet u did the table glitch, hook up a wired controler and then just let it sit for like 3 days straights lol

  • hunter

    yo, someone tell me ur xbox gamertag and i’ll invite u.Mine is kleptocop.

  • Fearnbus25

    Me and my brother got to round 24 by going in that room with the 2 windows and stairs.

  • zombiepwner123

    i got to round 42 on solo because off a cool glitch… this is quite complicated but it works… go to the quick revive machine and it will ask to buy it. then you have to jump onto it 5 times. buy the drink then turn around and jump backwards. you should now be on the machine. when u get on u will go down. u dont get rivived and u stay with the expolsive pistols… this gives u invinite ammo and the go infront of you. hard but well worth it. the only catch is that the only way u can get back up is by going forward… this means that you cant get back up and have a pistol…:) hope this helped

  • Icangetfarther

    By the way the second circle on ascension is next to the room with Phd Flopper, right around the lunar lander. Its bomb…

  • Icangetfarther

    heres my account on nazi zombies…. Was really really excited when ascension came out. My causin and myself have gotten progressively better at zombies spending countless hours getting to high rounds and consider ourselves masters of zombies strategies.
    Heres how to survive 40+ on Kino:
    Do what you usually do (if your not a noob that it) and eventually open up all the doors. Make a crawler so you can hit the box til you get either a ray gun, or a thunder gun. Once you have those, (one or the other or even both) try for a point maker, make sure its atleast an rpk or an hk.Then all you need is monkeys. facing towards the theater in the lobby (starting room) run to the right and keep going through that circle every once in a while turning around to blast a long line of zombies. This works best when they are all in a line because your bullets are hitting 3-4 of them at a time, thats ten points a shot WITHOUT killing them, and as you can figure out, with an hk powerpunched thats ALOT of points. anyways speaking of power punching, WAIT UNTIL YOU HAVE NO AMMO…This will give you a free max ammo plus more points.if you get stuck and theres no time for a monkey use your thundergun, which is essential for any long lasting game.thats pretty much it.
    Ascension strategy:Ascension is a bit different, but if youre a good player, its fairly easy. The difference between Kino and Ascension is that there is a way different circle. Ascension is huge so there are two efficient circles that i have found to be …almost unbeatable. If Ur solo there are two circles you can choose. The circle i usually run is the first room . Thats right, the very same one you start in. all you have to do is make sure you
    A:Always have a ray gun (which isnt that hard just rack up points, save a crawler, and hit the box until you get one) and an automatic or a thundergun. Also get the black hole grenades or your done for.
    B:Dont sprint to fast! slow down on your circle around so the zombies dont decide to turn around as this will more than likely get your ass surrounded. Now. If you are playing two or more players this is very important:do not run the same circle, it will eventually kill you because your confusing the zombies to go all directions and they swarm you. My causin and I got to 35 seperated the whole time, with only 1 down each. Another big tip,if a teammate is likely to go down (if your friend goes down often) make him have the lunar rocket lander at his circle, so that if hes downed he can crawl to it and you can call it to revive quicker.Well Happy Hunting Everyone. I play on XBOX live and my gamertag is ownedbypikachu.Laters guys.
    p.s. :your probably wondering where my five strategy is. i dont have one because i hate that level. by!

  • staszek

    hey, i can’t understand how to get far on five. tell me what i’m doing wrong. 1-5 main room 5-? that 2nd room w/ mpl (until overwhelmed)then in the big round catwalk place until overwhelmed there, go downstairs, down elevator, sit in elevator and near end of the round when only a few zombies r left go turn on power. then i just walk around in circles untill someone downs, then i rush to save em’ and i down then game over ): highest round is 12, but in kino der toten its 52 (: im bober08 on the playstation network.

  • darcy

    Hey I watch my boyfriend everyday play this game, I’m PS3 black ops. He always get to level 5 and dies. He just today hit the power on in basement. What’s next after that?? And what’s a good source to go to to explain how to beat this game and get on higher levels? And where and what is are the “maps”?? And what is “Five” I keep seeing us guys talk about it. Thanks!!!

    • Brendan

      ok darcy “five” is the zombie “map” he is playing on. if he cant get past round 5 then he may need some help from people who know the map,which many people dont because they do not like the map as much as the others. the “maps” are the 3 places u can choose to go. the maps names are Kino Der Toten, german for theater of the damned,five, the pentagon, and Ascension, a rocket launching center. you cannot win in zombies the only thing u can do is live for a very long time without dying. if he gets to the power in the basement that is very good. now he just needs to run randomly to live. the best source i have found is going to youtube and watching some NextGenTactics on zombies. they are pros at the game but not on five. five is the hardest of all three maps because it has almost no good open spaces, lots of corners, and it is easy to get caught in the middle of many zombies. OK now for strategy. Tell him that he needs to find the “mystery box” when only 1 crawler is left and try to get ray gun or thundergun.Before getting those get to the catwalks with a machine gun and just try to rack up as much points as possible. I hope i helped so see ya later.

      • Mooku

        You forgot death ops arcade.

        • Drake

          and der riese, nacht der untoten, verruckt, and shi no numa

      • Todd

        all these guys who are telling you, you need to run the whole time are not right. For a majority of the game camping is the best option. Me and my friend play two player five and here is our startegy to get to level 27. We try to stay in the first room without opening doors until rd. six because this is how you accumulate the most pts. To get to rd. six you must purchase the rifle or you will die. Do not purchase the shotgun because it will not get you as many pts and only has 2 rds before reloading. If getting to rd. six proves to hard for you just leave after rd. 5. either way if you stay in the first room until rd. 5 or more you will need the rifle. After making it to rd. 5 or six open the first door which will cost you 750. The teamate with the lowest pts. should buy this first door. Immediatetly after opening the door buy the smg on the wall to the left of the hallway. the person with the most pts. then needs to make his way to the elevator and open it up. it will cost you 1000 pts. After this we usually have the weaker player in the back watching the two windows while the stronger player stays up front killing oncoming zombies. The player watching the window also needs to look foward occassionally making sure his buddy is not getting overwhelmed. We usually stay in this room until rd. 8 and then make a crawler. Going any further than rd. 8 without hitting the mystery box or turning on the power usually results in our deaths. Once you create a crawler in rd. 8 proceed down the elevator and head out down the first set of stairs. remove the debri there which will cost 1000 pts and then make your way to the big elevator. Remove the debri in front of the elevator and proceed downstairs. Once in the basement look through all of the windows to find the mystery box and open that door. I usually hit the box until i get one of the better guns becuase juggernog is not absolutely neccessary this early in the game. If you find a powerful weapon early though such as the the freeze gun, the ray gun, or one of the light machine guns, i reccommend turning on the power as it is especially easy to kill the gun stealer if you have the freeze gun/ ray gun combo. After this make your way back up to the top level and kill the crawler. The gun stealer usually doesn’t come right after you turn on the power but usually one or two rds. after. After killing the crawler make your way back to the small elevator at the end of the hall. When the rd first because each man should guard a window and kill the oncoming zombies. Once the action gets heavy retreat to the elevator and blast away until you have cleared them out. Claymores are very useful in the later rds. if you place them in the back of the elevator, becuase if they swamp the elevator the claymore will blow them up. The gun stealer will most likely come the next rd. so make your way to the office room. If you have claymores left set them down right in front of the teleporter up front and he will blow them up when he emereges. If you can’t see him when he comes out that means he is going after your buddy. If you have the freeze gun and your buddy doesn’t whip it out and blast away because this will damage an slow the gunn thief down. If the one being chased has the freeze gun you need to turn back occassionally while running and freeze him as much as possible without getting caught. We have found this is the best stategy for killing him without him stealing your gun. If you do this successfully you can enter the transporter to the defcom room and upgrade your gun for a discounted 1000 pts. So make sure you have at least 1000 pts to upgrade your best weapon. Best to have 2000 pts and you can upgrade both. After your done upgrading either hit the teleporter and make your way back up to the top floor, or if you have the freeze gun wait for the doors to open and blast your way out of there. Get back to the elevator on the top floor and continue the strategy. The second perk u need is speed reload especially with light machine guns because they take forever to reload. Basically repeat this process and create crawlers at the end of rds. to get a break in the action. So u can hit the box and get perks without having to worry about being attacked. Even if you are set with guns you have you will still need to hit the box to get monkeys. Monkeys are very impotant because once you throw them out the zombies chase it and it clears a path for you to run and grab powerups such as max ammos. I forgot to mention if you get in trouble in the small elevator hit the button to go down and quickly go back up, as most of the zombies that where upstairs before will vanish. This strategy will easily get you past level 20 and beyond but after 27 u will probably be short on ammo and there will be too many zombies to handle. At this pt. you may want to go to the mid level and open up all the debri below the stairs and run around in a circle looking back as you go killing zombies. I have also made it to level 23 solo using this strategy and with 3 people we have made it to level 28. With 4 the small elevator tends to get a little crowded and I wouldn’t reccommend more than three people using this startegy.

        • Todd

          Also the first pistol you get upgraded is one of the more powerful weapons in the game because they turn into dual grenade launchers and do tons of damage. Usually you will need a good player to upgrade these because it is hard to keep the regular pistol for along time unless u have a powerful first option.

  • dissapointing

    I was hoping for a lvl 25+ strategy guide. Level 8 is not that hard to attain! :( man im a loser

    • anthonyzom

      dude read my strategy

    • Chase

      Ha, all I can get to is 8 too

  • anthony

    i think my best strategy would be: before you go the first elevator at round 5 make a crawler so you can feel safe after that and you still have you crawler make your way down to the 2nd elevator basement (laboratory/testing ground) turn on the power and look for the box.. make sure you dont start the round on the bottom floor or else you get the gas crawlers NEVER I REPEAT NEVER START IN THE BASEMENT. go turn on def con this is vital to the strategy ok only put it on def con 4 then start round 6 i know lot to do in 1 round but it pays off ok after the round starts turn on def con 5 and go inside you need one or two guy in the back windows and 2 in the front get ready for massive hordes of zom-bitches make sure you leave a crawler just in case you want to go to the box or get a perk. ok before you start the next round you put in on def con 4 kill the crawlers then turn on def con 5 same thing every round but once you get the pentagon thief make sure you are not in the def con room get on the top part of the stairs and run around in circles and have your friends shoot at him if you liked my strategy message me at or add me on ps3 my psn name is xancient_sniper but you can also find me on facebook my name is anthony ernst my pic is this kid (lil nerdy) but in a red jacket that would be me

  • anthony

    i think my best strategy would be: before you go the first elevator at round 5 make a crawler so you can feel safe after that and you still have you crawler make your way down to the 2nd elevator basement (laboratory/testing ground) turn on the power and look for the box.. make sure you dont start the round on the bottom floor or else you get the gas crawlers NEVER I REPEAT NEVER START IN THE BASEMENT. go turn on def con this is vital to the strategy ok only put it on def con 4 then start round 6 i know lot to do in 1 round but it pays off ok after the round starts turn on def con 5 and go inside you need one or two guy in the back windows and 2 in the front get ready for massive hordes of zom-bitches make sure you leave a crawler just in case you want to go to the box or get a perk. ok before you start the next round you put in on def con 4 kill the crawlers then turn on def con 5 same thing every round but once you get the pentagon thief make sure you are not in the def con room get on the top part of the stairs and run around in circles and have your friends shoot at him if you liked my strategy message me at or add me on ps3 my psn name is xancient_sniper but you can also find me on facebook my name is anthony ernst my pic is this kid (lil nerdy) but in a red jacket that would be me use this strategy and you will get to round 25 at least


    and if you want more contact whit psn nickname DARKGODOFTHEHELL and i will whit you play this one kino der toten to if you want see you later ev1


    hi every one i will say wow you dont even think you play hard for real dont even more you play like a god on zombie i will teach you something on my playing solo and my team of two and 4 first start in solo player on five is simple you let them enter on lvl 1 to 4 or 5 in str room whit the handgun and if you dont have a max ammo you buy not the shotgun on simply open the first door cost you 750 and you buy the first automatic gun and you can play whit this one lvl 6 or 8 9 bonus round insta kill or x2 or the minigun bonus after that you have 8000 or 13000 or more before you open the next door to go on second floor you buy on the right and you this one and you wait if you have exp to play you can turn around and play or the safe spot the elevator and when you see the gun have hard to kill zombie just because your ammo is going to 0 and you buy 3 or 4 time the reload of 600 pts each time if you x2 and or others bonuse rounds whit it your pts go to 18000 or 19600

  • Kenzie

    I’ve made it to level 22, (on Five, 4 people) the Pack a Punch room is a good place to be for so long. The 1st Elevator (that is the smaller of the two) is a good place to camp on high levels. The only downfall is (which caused us to lose) is that when someone in front of you needs revived in the elevator you are trapped, you can’t jump over your teammate and you cant click the elevator button. Any tips would be nice, trying to make it to round 30

  • charlie

    hi all,were is the pack a punch room on five i can never find it :/

    • Jacob

      You have to get all 5 defcon switches activated on the middle level. Then all teleporters will lead there.

  • Andres

    Got to lvl 28 with a friend. Best strategy is to camp on the office level elevator and go down whenever it gets too crowded or when one of us goes down. Shoot your ray gun at the floor close to the zombies’ feet. This will make them crawlers relieving so much pressure becasue new zombies won’t come as quick. Leaving crawlers at the end of the round will give you all the time you need to open the mystery box and buy perks. Try this strategy. I’ve maded to lvl 28 only playing 2 people.

  • Benj

    here’s a tip for 3-4 people when the scientist guy comes, go to the top level, make sure you have a lot of ammo, and whoever can see him run around the table, not shooting or stopping, everyone else shoot where he should be, works best with winters howl/fury, but if you run out of ammo grenade or buy another gun, oh and got to round 30 with 3 people on 5 38 on solo for kino, only 23 on solo for 5 and 28 with 3 people on kino 😀

  • ZombieGuy627

    Me and my friend got to level 13 on kino der toten. I also got to solo level 10 on Five without leaving the war room.

  • ps3kilar55orlrkila69

    hey like my thing says im ps3 kilar55 for trophies and lrkila69 for fun ad me for anything make the request say zombies in it

  • robert gill

    on kind der toten with r ppl i got up 2 lvl 13. and i find five easier. i got up 2 lvl 20 with 4 ppl

  • A person

    with 4 people Ive got up to round 26 on five and solo got up to 39 on kino der toten for five i stay upstairs until round 4 or 5 then go down to big elevator where 3 people watch the front and 1 watches the barrier in the back we all usually get juggernaut and try for a machine gun or ray gun or winters howl. when we get enough to pack a punch we go into the PaP room and 2 people watch barriers on either side while 2 people watch the horde in front. (the people who watch the front should have the most powerful guns.) if we get overrun then we go into the teleporter and go into either elevator. in the upstairs one 2 people stand in front to stop zombies from coming in while people in the back also shoot. if you are out of ammo then be one of the blockers so at least you are doing something.

  • Liqueur101

    On Five my friends and I stayed in the starting room till r5 then blast down to the ground floor, turn the power on and go back up. Have one person guard each window on top and when the theif comes on about r10 A voice should say something about a security protocall. The theif will appear and should stay on the top lvl if everyone is up there. We got taken by suprise and like what the heck just happened. So we suggest running and going down the stairs where the blockage was. We got to lvl 13

  • Nima

    I can not I find the fifth power
    Where is it؟
    Please, help me.


  • Dylan

    I only make it 5 rounds on Kino Der Toten

    • Alex

      Are you for real? I just got to round 6 without even leaving the starting room.

      • xxMaGiCPaNdAXx

        i can only get to round 8 or nine

        • pshhh chris

          i can get to 25 easy on kindertoten with or without the box (jsut packapunch the 126 and MpK5
          if anyones 360 ADD ME

        • CJ BA1LEY

          I managed to get to round 17 on Kino Det Toten.



    • Random user


    • gunnerman274

      u can av 3 guns if u use the death machine glitch but its prob patched if not get death machine and wait till the icon is nearly gon get downed and use ur basic pistol (m1191) and wait till the screen is nearly blak get revived u shud av unlimited death machine if u get up wivout any gun get max ammo (do not press any buttons associated wiv ur gun)wen u get max ammo u shud get death machine wivout icon and it counts as a 3rd gun (reply 2 vis if u want more glitches i find loads wivout utube or anythin)

      • Pat

        Yo does that glitch still work with the unlimited death machine?? let me know, thanks dude

      • Todd

        death machine glitch has been patched. The only glitch that works anymore is the one where you lay down against a wall and someone jumps on your back and kills both of you. This obviously requires 3 or more people because you need someone to revive you. This glitch should give you more oppurtunities for power ups, but I’m not really sure it makes that much of a difference.

  • John

    I find five quite hard, Kino Der Toten is much more fun and less difficult. I have only made it to round 17 on Five sadly, on Kino I made it to round 47 with 4 friends. My friends and I are now going to keep playing and trying on five to get to round 40 or more (our goal is to get to round 40 on every map) so wish us luck!

    • Steve

      are you xbox?

      if so, hit me up. ChobotsRobot. Looking for good team mates. Level 32 on kino. Could’ve got more but didn’t have the time. Three people.

      Want to get to high level on five.

      can play usually during the day, or really late at night.

      • derek

        lol ima beast at it really round 23 on five by myself and 43 on kino by myself :p

    • Todd

      Me and my friend play five with just the two of us all the time. We don’t like random players because they usually steal zombies and ruin the game. We have made it to level 27 using our camping system but after 27 it gets too hard camping in the little elevator on the top floor. Our names are UcAnTHanGWiThMe and iWiNJeWLoSe on the ps3. We would like to try using the stradegy of camping in the defcom room with 4 people. If you are a serious player and don’t act like a moron and steal zombies in the opening rds. we would like to play with you.

  • MoHaWkS_24

    I got to round 10 by myself but round 25 with me and my friends (in FIVE). Our stategy was reserve bullets, plan ahead, and have a back up plan when things got to overwhelming. This is how it worked. From level 1-3 fight and stay on the top level till those rounds are over. Pay for 1 of the two doors ($750) pay for the elevator ($1000) pay to use the elevator ($250). Now that your on the middle level stay on that level for about 1-2 rounds. Now go pay for the debri ($1000) before you pay for the debri again but the shot gun on the wall beside the elevator ($1500). Pay for the debri ($1000) and use the elevator ($250). Be on the look out for the theif guy! Try to kill him but if he is about to steal your weapon QUICKLY switch to your pistol and keep your good weapon. For the rest of your rounds just use what ever stategy applies for the situation.

  • duBeers7

    My best trip so far was round 24 with me and one other person. We go for the random box as soon as possible and camp the elevator on the first floor. make sure you have the war room set to defcon 4, with the switch closest to the teleporter left alone. as soon as we got overwhelmed on the first floor, we would buy the elevator, and run down the stairs in the war room. you have enough time to hit the switch and teleport into the Pack a Punch room before any zombs can reach you. when the defcon level resets and the doors open, just spam the door with grenades, or one of you can use a winter’s howl or fury to freeze them all. to kill the remaining zombies, you can just run around on the ground floor of the war room, once you clear the two debris.

  • zombie killer gahfu

    I got a camping strategy, for this you need 4 people. Open the first door and the elevator once your team has enough. Then stay in that hallway for a few rounds, untill EVERYONE has 2000 and 1 person has an extra 250 for the elevator. Go down and buy the pm63 and mp5k, get each person a window down there, then camp for 5-10 ten rounds try to aim a headshots but don’t open the barricade. Team work is important for the next step, make a crawling zombie with a grenade after the crawler is made open the barricade open the barrier and the elevator. Go down and open the first door on the left and grab the back pack in the locker and turn on the power, go back to the top floor the put in the backpack on the metal detector and kill the crawler. Activate the trap and camp. ( I got to round 25 3 people )


    my psn name is flyngmunky


    it was me and three other guys on five. we basically camped in pack-a-punch room. we all had two pack a punched weapons and two of us would watch door(one of us had winters fury as secondary) one would watch one window and the other would watch the other. we only left to get power ups like insta-kill and nuke.if one of us died the other would toss a monkey or freeze zombies. we also left room when we had a crawler left and we would turn on all the defcon switches. we lasted to round 28 when we got overun with no ammo.
    tip: the guy with winter fury and lmg should guard doorway, and ALWAYS, ALWAYS buy jugger-nog. dont pack a punch unless you are on a high level,(12+) you have enough or close 2 enough for juggernog or your friends pack a punched also.


    I made it to 35 no glitching with 4 ppl , we held off defcon room till around 26 then did continuous circles , 2 of my teammates became dead weight as they lost they’re good guns and it was down to two of us killing 4 players worth of zombies look me up in highscore I’m around the 300 best in world with 2500 kills my advice is Wen you get to the high levels get a m16 and upgrade it run circles and fire grenade launchers you will get more tha enough points to buy 5k ammo take turns running downstairs for ammo and always have juggernog


      My tag is GOD_FATHERR add me if your a serious top notch player n u wanna beat ur highest wave , I made it to 35 on 5 but I only died because it was down to 2 of us and the other guy had to go somewhere after 6 hrs of playtime so I was left alone killing 4 players of zombies by myself and I finally got shutout at 11 min of the wave


        FOR PS3

  • zombie 22

    if the guy who steals ur guns comes switch to ur crappiest weapon.

    hope this helps

    highest level:23

  • Trojan Killaa

    *I got to level 33 with a multi-method with 4 people.

    Stay in the first room til level 4 with just your pistol.
    Then Open the first door and clear the debris.

    *After clearing debris you have Two options:

    (Option 1) you can stay on the first floor by the elevator, everyone has to buy an MPL sub machine gun of the wall and post up in the by the elevator in a defensive position= one person covers the back two windows by the elevator, one person covers the right window in front of the speed cola machine, and two guys covers the main door of entrance. You can stay here til you rack up points usually around 8-10 thousand come level 10.

    (Option 2) After level 5 or so, take the elevator down to the war room top catwalk [Don’t clear the debris yet!]. Here you can buy an MP5k and a PM63, I recommend you get one of them or both. Everyone then takes a Window because there a 4 windows. Murk all the zombs as they come to the windows, don’t stand too close or you’ll get double-swiped. You can stay here as long as you want or as long as you can hold them off. One person should try to keep a crawler when you decide to make moves for better guns/perks.
    When you decide you’re ready to get some guns and you have a ton of money, keep a crawler and find the random box. Try for good guns but don’t waste too many points on trying to get the ray gun or winter’s frost right away,[its only like level 12, you have many many many more zombies to kill which means you have much more ammo to use] instead if you get a decent gun like the Galil or Commando or even something like a crossbow, upgrade it. On this part you should turn the power on and get what ever perks you need. Juggernog, Speed Cola, and Quick revive are the most important initially. You will need Double tap in the mid to late 20 rounds. Also get a bowie knife, claymores, and the trap piece that is in the locker room in the 3rd floor lab [first room to the left next to the elevator] you will need it later.

    So you you’re completely equipped and ready to beat some zomb @s$.

    [Note: First door, Debris, Elevator down, Guns, Debris, Debris, Elevator down, Door to box=7,500 (you can split up the buying between the 4 of you) Then… Random box, Claymore, Bowie knife, Juggernog, Speed Cola, Quick Revive, Packed gun=17,950 it can be more depending on how many times you use the random box.]

    We stayed in the 2nd floor catwalk til level 13 or so and we all have around 20,000 points. Enough to buy everything we needed.

    *Level 13-20… Locked n’ Loaded

    We held off in the defcom room til like level 22 pretty easily. 2 guys covering the back windows and saving crawlers, and two guys covering the front door main entrance point.
    Set claymores at the beginning of rounds always. Usually on the stair coming down or right at the door.
    The two guys in front are gonna use ammo quick, but don’t worry because you will rack up a bunch of points so you can use the random box and Pack a punch your new gun. At the front door a bunch of power-ups will be dropped throughout. When someone gets the death machine up front, save your ammo if you don’t have it, let the death machine do the work. In the back room, Zombies can’t come through the teleporter, the guys in back gotta do a great job containing the zombs and keeping crawlers. Any leakage in the back can ruin the camp.

    [Note: It’s a good idea to put good shooters up front because head shots are important, it saves ammo and kills the zombie pretty quickly. The second guy should stand a bit behind to make sure everything is looking good, no crawlers are sneaking up and that the line is being held.] If $#!t hits the fan in there take the teleporter out, but if you hold off you won’t have to.

    *Level 22 on… Runnin’ low on goods

    We kept crawlers after every round from here on out to reload, rebuild, and relax. You’ll find out that ammo is an issue ALWAYS. You all will have a ton of points by now so hit the random box until you get solid guns because a lot of them don’t do a thing to the zombs by now. Best weapons are porter’s ray gun and winter’s fury you need these and monkey bombs. I had an upgraded ray gun and an upgraded crossbow which is like a monkey bomb (when you shoot the explosive tip at the ground the zombies run to it like they would a monkey, best thing is you get 13 rounds. You only get 3 monkeys.) I hung on to the crossbow for a while to get our team out of crazy situations, buy time to revive guys etc.

    *New Plan…

    By now the defcom room is extremely difficult to defend and ammo is running low. We ran into the 2-3 floor elevator and held that off. One person covers the back window no matter what. 3 people cover the front. Communication at this point is the key to surviving. When someone is downed, needs to reload, or if things are getting hectic, one person has to press the button to go up or down. This will give you about 4 seconds to revive anyone, kill any zombs in the elevator, or reload your gun. You will all have a ton of points so use the button early and often and chip away at the zombies as you go up and down. Don’t stand near the elevator doors because they can get blocked, and don’t wait til the zombies are running in by the hundreds to press the button. You will be overrun and the doors will be blocked. Using this method is good for when you all run out of ammo.

    *Your President Needs Sluggz!!!!

    Don’t panic when you don’t have, this is why you all bought bowie knives, why we all had monkey and I had my beast crossbow. We went up and down letting in a zombie 1-3 of them at a time and bowie knifed them to death. Or we would go up, throw a monkey, watch them run to the monkey and get blown up, then we’d let in a couple and the knife them. Go down and do the same thing, or I would use my crossbow. Keep a crawler! Go get random box guns and Pack them.

    *Nearing the End…

    I had a Packed RPK and a Packed Commando at like level 30 when $#!t hit the fan. 1 monkey for the group. We got overrun in the elevator through the back window, the guy covering the back we downed and that tricked off the whole operation. Us three in front had to take off running in the war room and got separated, one took the teleporter in the middle and ended up on the 3rd floor lab where he was downed, and myself and my friend went upstairs, got in the elevator and went to the first floor, I didn’t have much ammo left on my commando so I bought an MPL. This next part is important because this helped us live for a few more levels. The room where the security clearance this is, in the first floor elevator room, that thing is a trap. We had the trap piece so I put it in and activated it. The zombs tried going through and were getting lasered, the two of us held of the door and the back window until the trap ran out. I was able to sprint out and get in the elevator where I went down and back up as my friend was crawling toward me. I was chipping away at them up top then I revived him.

    We killed the remaining zombies and our teammates respawned with no guns. Dang. So we went to the first floor trap room, they were only able to get speed cola and an MPL, dumping clips and buying ammo, upgrading ammo etc. The trapped ran out so we ran back to the elevator. Chipped away and kept a crawler. We were able to get good weapons, upgrade and get all out perks back. By now your should probably have Double-tap. So we went back to the elevator held of for one more round. Level 33, zombies flooded in and we couldn’t get the doors to close and they tossed us all.

    Good luck I hope this strategy helps you.
    Level 1-5 first room
    Level 5-12ish 2nd floor Catwalk or 1st floor elevator
    Level 12-22 Defcom room
    Level 22- on Elevators and trap area.

    [Last Note: You will have a bunch of points so when in the elevator hit the button EARLY and OFTEN.]

  • zombiesxxproxxxxx

    I got to level 30 by myself just running around in the circles the guy was making in the video. ( only attempt this method if you have mad jukking skills)

  • Project lockdwn

    I play with 4 people. We make it to level 25 everytime and we have made it to 30 as our highest. We stay in the starting room till level 8. We then buy the first dorr and open the elevator and hold out there until level 12. After that we go into the elevator and go down. Go into the elevator clear the debris and buy the stakeout. Get crawlers or hold a zombie at a window after every match and have people go to the box until everyone has good weapon. We turn the power on at level 20. Do not upgrade guns until they are out of ammo. After level 23 we camp in the defcom room. Get all perks and use claymores. After level 25 the winters fury is a must. Once evryone has good guns hold out in the defcom room until you are over run. Then run around and hope for the best.

    add me on xbox project lockdwn

  • Deesh

    My friend and I have consistently made it round 24-27 by camping on the catwalk in the defcon room. We split off to the 2 windows furthest away from the stairs and each cover one window then we have the length of the catwalk to shoot as they come up the stairs and through the other windows. Monkeys are nice to have but not essential. Keep fixing windows and save your points for chances at the chest and to “pack” your weapons. My favorite combo is a ray gun and galil or heavy mg. Just recently discovered the rocket launcher becomes semi automatic and holds 10 rounds at a time and 50 rounds total when packed. Very nice to have when they gather around a monkey and you can rain down the fury from above.

    Also don’t turn on the power till both players have a ray gun and a heavy mg at least and enough point to pack them. You’ll need claymores, once you got that turn on the power and go pack your weapons. Before you kill the crawly after you turn the power on, each person set 2 claymores on opposite sides of the catwalk. Kill the crawly and start the next round, most the times the thief will come, your claymores are replenished at the start of the new round so set them for a total 8 on the cat walk. Whoever “sees” the thief just run leading him through all the mines while the other person runs and shoots, make sure if you’re getting chased you have a shitty secondary weapon out. The person shooting, once the thief gets by you don’t chase him, run in the other direction to hit him head on again. With a packed ray gun you should be able take him down before he takes anything. If he should take your secondary weapon and teleports you downstairs don’t shoot him, just follow closely behind till you are both back in the defcon room. Then open up with your packed weapon, shouldn’t take much to kill him and you’re back where you need to be with full ammo and a fire sale.

    Quick reload is probably the most important perk followed closely behind by juggernog. Get these when you can then double tap and finally quick revive.

    Just shoot, reload, repeat. You’ll make it far and eventually you’ll both be back to back, out of ammo, stabbing with your knife as fast as possible till it’s all over and you can try it again.

  • Caz

    xbox live gamertag is ii trickst3r ii

  • Caz

    any1 fancy helping me on five im useless and crap at that one wb

  • phil

    Ive been to level 24 with 3 people. we used the elevator camping strategy. first, in the openin levels, we did the powerup easteregg where a teamate jumps on top of another in the corner (Which gives you MASS power ups). around level 5 after we had some point we took the elevator down to the main area with the 4 windows and we did the best we could to hold down that area untill we each had 10k points. then we toook the other elevator down to the basment to turn on the power and find the box after we had a crawler. as soon as we each found a good machine gun from the box we immediatly packapunched since we saved up points. now from there on we basically just went up to the main room and all 3 of us camped in the elavator and if the zombies come too fast or while your reloading you just get 1 teamate to stand by the elavator switch and turn it on so you can reload while its going down. towards the end of the levels when the zombies slow down 2 of us would get the side windows and try to leave 1 zombie in the window by the end of the level so any of us could do what we have to do (get ammo, claymores, new weapon, pack a punch)

  • Nick Caudill

    Me and three other guys got to round 24 on “five” believe it or not. What we did is when we opened the defcon room with the PaP in it, two people watch the main entrance or the other 2 watch the windows. When we kill all the zombies leave on in the window that the other 2 guys were guarding. Everyone else go and do what you need to do like get perks, mystery box, claymores or anything and the guy that has the zombie being the barricade keeps restoring the barricade not letting it in. Then when your teamates return you can either let someone else watch it and you go do what you need to do. Then when your all done kill the zombie behind the defcon room barricade and start the next round. When the thief comes. Go upstairs on the ground floor. The steel walk ways above the defcon room. And circle around it running from the thief while everyone else shoots his mist. Then repeat. You can also take turns watching the main entrance in the PaP room while someone other 2 guys watch the windows. We ended up wtih 40k all of us with all perks but we just got over welmed. A winters howl is best to watch the hallway along with the ray gun

  • i hate zombies (XBL)

    everyone in zombies mode if theres2,3, or 4 players upgrade 1 gun before round 15

  • i hate zombies (XBL)

    oh and everyone hk21+raygun=awsomeness

  • i hate zombies

    and everyone get these perks juggernog,speed cola,and quick revive gets ur buddies up quick

  • i hate zombies

    also when u get an hk21 try to get double tap root beer because of its slow rate of fire

  • i hate zombies

    i think the hk21 is a must-have because of its ammo and damage capacity.rpk is good,but not as awsome as an hk21

  • i hate zombies

    i dont call him the pentagon tech because hes really not a tech, but more of a thief because he steals 1 of your 2 weapons

  • i hate zombies

    but besides this map i kinda like kino der toten better the main reason because u get MORE space to RUN.

  • Yoziman

    yup, it does but requres upgraded ballistic knife. and it will instantly reveive the downed man when he is hit with it

  • Nate Shugrue

    The way we do it, and we get to high 20’s most of the time is pretty simple, and i thought more did it, but guess not. with 2-4 people we stay in the original room until the end of level 6, only shooting and kniving, occasionally letting zombies in for max ammos, 2x. By then we all have around 6000 points, we create a crawler, and go all the way to the bottom and find the mystery box. Usually at least one of us keeps the default pistol because its useful to kill the thief, and later rounds. Most preferred guns are the RPK and the HK because they hold the most ammo, and when upgraded are just badass. Ray guns and winter howls are always good secondaries too. After this, we go back all they way to the top floor again (DO NOT TURN THE POWER YET) and stay at the hallway where the elevator is. one person at each window next to the elevator, other two are mowing down zombies coming down the hall. The two at the windows can also help down the hall. once we all have about 7000 points which is about lv 9-11 we go turn on the power and upgrade guns, get juggernog, speed reload and return to the top floor. We hold that spot until theres too many zombies, and retreat to the zombie, since its a straight hall its easy to kill them. If shit gets rough we just go down and then right back up. we get mid 20’s easy all the time with this strategy.

    • i hate zombies

      well its kinda better to turn on the power at or before round 8

  • thisguy

    The very first thing you should buy if solo is quick revive. It’s only 500 bucks at the start of the game, and you’ve already got that much to start.

  • Mr.LOL

    i got to round 23 on kino der toten on the wii but had to go so i turned off the console.
    i had the upgraded HK21 and the upgraded crossbow which is a lifesaver. It does the same thing as monkeys but has 12 bolts and i think its stronger. Also the bowie knife is really useful if you get it by round 5-7 because you can just rack up so many points with it 😛

  • random

    ya thats wat i ususaly do PaPd stakeout realy good

  • whitegunner

    and stay near the pack a punch

  • whitegunner

    i reach level 22 by upgrading all my wep at lev 13 save 5000 points and let all yor friends shield u

  • th3_ _s1n1st3r

    Me and my friends made it to lvl 31. Knife only the very first 3 rounds. rounds 4-5 shoot the zombies 7 times then knife. dont buy any weapons until u get onto the ground floor and buy the mp5k. theres only 4 doors up on the platform so have someone at each window. let everyone rack up to or near 5k.go turn on the power. leave a crawler turn on def cons and upgrade ur starter pistol. if you have enough take a hit at the mystery box. hold off in the defcon room the 2 weekest weapons get the windows the 2 strongest weapons get the main entrance. once u got enough pack a punch ur weapon. this is also a great place to hold off because theres only 3 entrances theres a escape teleporter if u get overrun, theres juggernog right outside the door and incase you ever get really desperate for ammo u can always upgrade your weapon again and get more ammo. i hope this helped some of yall

  • Dmoney

    Made it to lvl 22 on splitscreen in a few tries. Our strategy was to get to the lab ASAP, which we usually get down there in 5-6 rounds. The mystery box is usually down in the lab, so we try to get some good weapons from it and then move up to the war room. In this case my partner got Winter’s Howl and I usually like to roll with a LMG or fully auto Assault Rifle. What we did was camped the catwalk on the upper level of the war room. We usually camp the parts of the catwalk thats the farthest away from the Elevator and stairs. The reason being is that it forces the zombies to run at you in single file, and as there’s no crawling gas zombies in the war room you can easily aim at head level with a fully auto weapon and take them down easy, racking up a lot of headshots. The tricky part is to watch out for the windows along the catwalk as they can start pouring out behind you, but thats where winter’s howl comes in handy to slow them down and then take them out.

  • lilkdaboss

    At five when u get about 4000 points open the door and the elavator then stay in the elavator untill it gets real hectic go down stairs its only 250 points then go down stairs and make sure u have a crawler then go cut the power then kill the crawler then get back in the elavator and stay there untill it gets hectic do this strategy and it will get u to 20 solo ive tried it it really works. reply 4any questions

  • MagnificentErk6 (360) 216

    the best way to kill the theif in either solo or team is to save your starting pistol (m1911) and get that pack a punched to mustang and sally if you get both guns, the full clip into he he dies every single time, just one person shooting, i do it all the time, camp the elevator and when he comes he comes in the teleporter, camp it and when he pops through anihilate him and u got bonfire sale, and your achievement if you dont already have it. GL to all.

    Highest level: 37

  • Leevian(PSN)

    On five if your ever wondering how to find the box. If you ever get the teddy out of the box, look above the box and a tv will show you where it went.

  • SgtMoBuckz

    nice… this is solo but try wit more and i think itll git u pretty far if dont panick i get about 8-9k rush down stairs to the claymore room and put one in the back where the curtain is and one behind me at the window. i kno u shud keep running but this works for me lol but try it and let me kno how far u git…

  • artifacborn

    there is a button lying on the ground in the war room by the wall near elevator you have to take the button upstairs and put it in the metal detectors to create a trap

  • Leevian(PSN)

    This is to batwatshhh if you look between one of the computers on the command center level youll find a key. this you put in the metal detector and it becomes a electric fence. Also another fun fact find all the phones and it play eminem. find all teh stones on kino and it plays hardcore metal. and when you use the teleporter on kino find the movie reels and insert them in the pack a punch room projector for insteresting movies,

  • batwatshhh

    Hey does anyone know what the metal detectors do in zombies 5? It just says access denied needs secuirty component or something. Any ideas?

  • Leevian(PSN)

    I went solo to 56 using thee3nd’s running technique. I made it to 51 on Kino doing a looping run. Which basically involves tricking the zombies into following the person into a trap then having the other person circle making them confused for a short while. Anway, if anyone wants some players add me.

  • dang

    when the hell hounds come group up and have a person or 2 till they need to reload and switch

    • johnny

      theres no hell hounds on 5ive mate your on about kino

  • devilquak

    this guide’s ok but, (you idiot) he’s called the pentagon THEIF not TECH and the best way to kill him is by downing yourself with a grenade and killing him with the dual-weild pack-a-punched m1911s it only takes a few shots (on solo you need quickrevive or you will just die).

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Whatever floats your boat mate.

  • diamonds

    in war room bunker have 2 covering hall and 1 per window with upgraded guns, i got up to round 36 so good luck all!

  • Diddy

    All you need is the big machine guns made it to round 25 now just stupid mistakes get us killed or we would make it even farther

  • Mas

    This guide was pretty good, and it covered most of the things. Though camping is preferred, (cause u simply get owned by zombies if ur not together, and its easier to defend than run around), its also fun to run around, and shoot ’em up. XD
    But by round 19, which is what I got up to. You definitely need upgraded weapons from pack-a-punch. Even a normal ray gun does almost nothing to the zombies, and you are easily overrun.

  • Derek

    In response to gavlarr,

    Not only does this work but it is a very effective strategy. When we play zombies I’m usually the guy in charge of guarding the rear window and what I do is hit the mystery box and try to get the ballistics knife, i then combine this with the bowie knife which is on the bottom floor and then pack a punch for a lethal combination, hope this helped.

  • Zifirl

    @gavlarr Yes it does work for sure as long as you pack a punched the knives, you actually get a hidden trophy for reviving a downed ally with them.

  • gavlarr

    I just got to round 18 wiht 2 mates campin in pack-a-punch room.. got overrun in the end.,,

    i have never heard about shootin a downed team mate and reviving them when the got ballistic knife

    gonna have to try it..

    does it deffo work?

    • Nick Caudill


    • arik

      you have tp upgrade balistic knives

  • Diddy

    I made it to round 16 by myself and made it to round 24 with 2 people and also 4 people. It took us about 3 hours to get to round 24.

  • Jack Daniels in Ga

    Me and my parnter have only made it to level 10 so far playing with the two of us. Use the elevators to hold off the bad guys as a strategy, if you get in trouble hit the button and you’ll get a little breather. The elevator from the War Room to the basement is a great spot to hang with one guy covering the front and the second covering the window in back and assisting with the front. Wait to turn on the power until at least round 5-6 and if possible set up claymores in the basement around the teleporters when you see the blue light. The scientist will take some damage while running with your gun but I’ve been able to finish him off (twice) if you use the explosives and have some luck. See you online. Jack

  • stewart

    Another fun fact, when playing solo, the quick revive machine will give you a “revive” so if you go down, you sit there for a bout 10 seconds with 2 pack a punched pistols until you get back up.