Gran Turismo 5 Tips and Strategy Guide

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Gran Turismo 5 is unlike other racing games in which you do hard breaking and drive roughly through the corners and still come out as winner. Its a driving simulation, so you need to take it as the real world racing only, with you in control. With damage system (both mechanical and physical) introduced, your driving skills should match basic standards.

You can Follow these tips and strategies to drive car safely with better speed. Few things you should take notice of before jumping into Gran Turismo 5.

Stick to Racing line
Yeah I know it’s not F1 but still if you stick to racing line, you can steer better through the turns and you can break well. If you are away from the racing line, you may have to break harder which then costs time.

Braking is crucial as the turns make the difference, straights are easy. Your over all performance is highly dependent on how you steer through corners.

Both under steer and over steer can be avoided with a little care. It’s not recommended that you break while you are turning. Always break before you start turning your car over a corner.

Sometimes through the turns that are relatively straight, you don’t need to break  as you can get through them by just lifting the accelerator button/paddle for a short time. But for harder turns, you will have to break first or you can easily see your car off the racing track.

Effective Cornering
It’s important that use the apex of the turn efficiently. This thing is hard to perfect as small error can make your car off the track. If you have been playing F1 recently then you will learn it quickly.

Acceleration and breaking simultaneously can render you trouble. So break first and then steer your car as hard as you can. Just at the end of the turn, hit the accelerator quickly and get to the racing line.

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  • JusBlaze

    I reckon the Nissan GT R is one the best cars in the game, perfect for online, gt career & in b Spec mode.

  • Richard

    Nonsense, gt5 is better than all simulators to date. I own all consoles/pc’s and always rely on gt5’s unique real simulator advantage, with 5 screen output, 7.1 surround, it is ultra realistic.

  • Jamie

    I don’t know how to finish to level 10. Done everything right that I could do but it won’t let me buy any older cars to complete my work. Can someone please help me?!

  • DC51

    yeah, the cars definatly do not turn like they should. Not very realistic. Putting $150,000 in a car and the resell value only $10,000? C’mon now?

  • 54VED

    FR RR and MR don’t ass hang out as much because traction control is defaulted to 5. Turn it off before entering a game and you’ll have no problems spinning out…

    You can drive faster without traction control, but it take practise. Its good to start from the beginning without so you don’t get used to the crutch.

    • Ulf

      Var stänger jag av traction control? Har inte hittat något ställe. Äär det drivetrain LSD (går bara ner till 5) eller bromsbalansen?

  • Daz131

    i have also noticed the FR RR MR dont ass hang it as much as the previous versions this is probably to stop so many people getting bored with the game as they cant complete it but all in all the graphics the cars etc are beautiful and i still think it was worth waiting for


    GT5 was not worth a 4 year wait ! GT3 has better physics, there are many glitiched such as a drop off of the power band between corners in second gear! The ability to use the engine power to induce drift effects can’t be done as well as the drifting effects as well ! There is a lose of sensation of being one the road! And the mechcanial girp is not as it should be, skidding off a road at less that 70 MPH ! Sad to see a great game fall short of a four year wait ! FORZA 4 is going to eat it’s lunch! Maybe Mr. Yamiuchia will get in right in 2015 after another 4 years of delays ! Don’t get me wrong i still love the GT series it’s just the game could have been better after 4 years of delays !

    • David

      Please stop saying all these off-topic bullshit.

  • John

    cheats on GT dont make me lol haha :)

    there’s never been any cheats ever … you can however search on the net for car setups and configuration

    in the days of the ps1 and ps2 there were hacked save files with billions of credits …. but that’s no fun tbh … play the game … learn how to drive properly


  • jon

    START OFF with a new Civic hatch 172 bhp…. thats all im sure of L7 in a day!

  • jake

    hi,is their any cheats for easy cash ????

  • HarryH

    I swear, some gamers can be arrogant a-holes. I for one agree with Dave. Good job covering the very basics of driving in GT5. The other techniques of cornering, passing, ect. come with lots of practice. If you’re new to GT games and you suck, don’t worry and just practice more. It’s a racing simulator so don’t expect it to be arcade-like such as Split Second or NFS. Don’t give up…practice! Good job R. Snake.

  • Dave

    Gesh guys, you’re being a little tough on this. It’s a nice article for those who are not as experienced with actual racing. Left foot braking? Come on. Even in real racing many do not believe that’s the most effective technique (including extremely fast pros). I also agree that trail braking can be challenging even in this game for novices.

    Coming from someone who does pretty well in actual road racing, I think you did a nice job with this.


    • Bill

      All F1 drivers use their left foot solely for braking. But you’re probably right, it’s not that fast.

  • the_emh

    simple much? no mention of weight transfer, braking induced over steer, left foot braking.

    • rattlesnake

      Braking induced over steer can be a trouble at corners. That’s why i mentioned that usually it is not recommended that you steer and brake simultaneously at corners. Weight transfer follows the basic physical laws involving shifts in CoG (Center of gravity) of the vehicle and also depends on the weight balance of the car like location of the engine etc. Left foot braking can be useful at corners but for that you should have a wheel and paddles for driving. (which many don’t have actually).

  • Voireon

    It’s braking not breaking -.-“

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      He is too used to breaking LoL xD