Black Ops Zombie Mode Weapons, Perks, and Power Ups Guide

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You need to kill zombies in Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombie Mode to earn points, which enable you to buy weapons, open doors and blockades, and use Mystery Box. You probably would want to be wise if you are to survive long, wasting money in the early rounds is not a good idea. Save some cash for the later stages 1-10 are relatively easy. So plan for the long run from the start.

Save some cash, only one or two person buy a good gun, and that’s enough. Though, try mystery weapon box to get your hand on lazer may be. You can get weapons, and repair broken barricades at the end of the round by leaving one zombie alive.

Old strategy we also discussed in Shi No Numa, Verrukt, and Der Riese.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombie Mode Perks Guide

You can buy perks off vending machines, and enhance your player capabilities to wreck havoc on poor zombies.

Quick Revive
$500 Solo/$1500 Co-Op
Rewards you the ability to quickly revive yourself, or your partner in the game. In Solo, you get revived automatically thrice, while you have to revive your downed partner.

The Last Guardian
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Upgrade your Weapon.

Remember the Juggernaut perk ? which makes to damage resistance or in other words, it requires more bullets or hits to kill you. Same thing!

Double Tap Root Beer
Increases fire rate, similar to double tap perk in Call of Duty 4.

Speed Cola
Increase the speed of the reload – reloading time decrease more like sleight of hand.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombie Mode Weapons Guide

You can read below the effectiveness of Mystery Box Weapons, and their effectiveness, after you have upgraded them from Pack-a-Punch machine. Read our Call of Duty: Black Ops Weapons Guide for more information on effectively using different weapons. Don’t forget to read below in Weapons Upgrades part, the details on the effectiveness of the particular weapon in Zombie Mode.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Mystery Box Weapons

  • FN FAL
  • CZ75
  • Thunder Gun
  • Cymbal Monkey
  • Spectre
  • Python
  • G11
  • SPAS
  • Crossbow with explosive arrow
  • Famas
  • Dargunov
  • HK21
  • China Lake
  • Galil
  • Ballistic Knife
  • Commando
  • RPK
  • HS10
  • Ray Gun
  • Freeze Ray (Five)
  • M72 LAW
  • AUG

Call of Duty: Black Ops Pack a Punch Weapon Upgrades

Weapon. M1911
Upgrade. Mustang and Sally
Effect. Small Mag, Dual Wield, Grenade Launcher
Good upgrade, but the impact damage of the launcher if fired too close, can take you out. Be careful, Jugger-Nog Perk = Better.

Weapon. M14
Upgrade. Mnesia
Effect. Large Mag, Increased Damage
Large Magazine takes more time to reload so speed cola necessary if you are to use this weapon. Though, damage is good but reload time too low to be used at later stages in the game.

Weapon. Olympia
Upgrade. Hades
Effect. Power and Range increases, Incendiary Rounds
Large Mag, slow reload. Speed cola recommended if you are to use this weapon. It comes in handy when you are to spray for longer periods of time, behind a cover with your friends protecting you just like in using LMG in Zombie mode. Otherwise its reload time can get you in trouble.

Weapon. AK-74u
Upgrade. AK74fu2
Effect. Precision Sight, Large Magazine and Increased Damage
Bigger Magazine increases ammo, and precision sight increases accuracy. Still, the last thing you want to do in Zombie mode is run and gun.

Weapon. MP40
Upgrade. The Afterburner
Effect. Large Mag, Increased Damage
Large Magazine and more damage, with the upgrade.

Weapon. Stakeout
Upgrade. Raid
Effect. Large Magazine, 2 Shells Reload, More Power, Increased Damage, Increased Range.
Upgrade decreases reload time and increases damage. You can use double tap with this and speed cola to increase its effectiveness.

Weapon. MPL
Upgrade. MPL-LF
Effect. Large Magazine,Precision Sight
MPL has a small mag to start with, even though the upgrade makes it bigger still they are better weapons out there.

Weapon. MP5k
Upgrade. MP115 Kollider
Effect. Large Magazine, Increased Damage

Weapon. PM63
Upgrade. Tokyo & Rose
Effect. Dual Wield
You can fire one weapon while reloading the other, but the accuracy is poor, you would most probably get into trouble.

Weapon. M16
Upgrade. Skullcrusher
Effect. Automatic, Increased Damage, Grenade Launcher
Good weapon upgrade to use especially with grenade launcher. Limited grenades though, so use them wisely.

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  • El Taco Grande

    Cool beans.

  • deznloz

    hi quick question me and my girlfriend play black ops 1 zombies and are wanting to know how to get to high levels and what guns you need to get there. from level 1-10 we gather as many points as possible we go through the up stairs door on level 5 or 6 depending on which level the dogs come. then go through to the 3rd room and stay there until round 10-11 then turn the power on and set the teleporter on ready for the next round of zombies but what I want to no is how can we get past level 23 we always seem to get stuck and die. is there anyone who can advise us on getting to high levels and which stratorgy to use many thanks deznloz..

  • MK

    I don’t see the wonderwaffle is it not on here?

  • Austin

    I think you left out Mule Kick for perks. My highest round is 23 in Kino. My PS3 gamer tag is A853249_Beq_ulv-.( When I was setting account I thought that this was some sort of code for some update then I found later that that was my gamer tag and couldn’t change it). If anybody wants to play zombies Ps3 (above), XBOX 360 UnwiserVirus75.

  • Triple-S-Bomb

    Hey I need a good Kino Der Toten team of 4 including me so if you are good then email me at and I will get back to you.
    (P.S. I play Xbox360 version)

  • Drax

    I read through all the comments only little bits and peaces helped. I play The basics with 4 friends at home for kicks. no aditional levels that didn’t start off with the game. I’ve noticed nobody mentions the electric nuckles which are great the first 14 rounds. If playing solo they can be aquired the first 4 rounds if you have been useing the pistal to rack up points. Knuckles cost 6000 points and are quick one hit kills for those 14 rounds on easy mode 2 hit kills after that. they make a nice zombie killer when you are down waiting for the team mate to pick you up. I’ve made it 27 rounds on the farm. (No pap) But easy is easy and we play for fun.

  • Awesome

    I have already beat level 60 solo!

  • Wintergreen5000

    Just want to comment on a couple things in your guide. Dual wielding isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It depends on how you’re trying to use them. The Tokyo and Tose for instance… you aren’t going to get head shots if you’re firing from too far away. They’re meant for up close combat. Just watch your back when you use them.

    Secondly: sniper rifles. They are potentially one of the most powerful weapons in the box. It’s a one-shot kill to the head up to round 32. They are good weapons, but it takes a certain type of player to use them properly.

    You forgot to add the Phantom, the upgraded version of the Spectre into your guide. It’s one of my favorite weapons, despite the almost instant drainage of your ammo once you begin to let the sparks fly.

    The GL16-GL35 and the G115 are good weapons, but ammo depletes extremely quickly, especially in the later rounds. They aren’t exactly worth upgrading unless you have a lot of points and just want a strong weapon. But if you don’t have a lot of points they aren’t ideal for upgrading.

  • Filip Hermansson

    Any people want to be my friend on Ps3 lvl 38 online but i want to get higher send me a friend request and a message to tell me you want to get to a high round and we will play. My name is XDPROHD. I would want you to have skype or a headset.

  • joefabes99

    For solo, in 1 shoot 6 times with pistol then knife. Round 2 knife 2x. Round 3 buy M14 shoot 2x then knife. Round 4 open 1st 3 top doors.
    Round 5 open last door get power and bowie knife. Round 6-9 camp in jugs corner, buy jugs and quick revive, and find the box. Round 10-up pack-a-punch and buy speed cola, mule kick, and claymores. The best weapons to have are ray gun, thundergun, and hk21. Also try to get monkeys. At round 10 leave jugs corner and make zombie trains in the area buy the teleporter and power switch in the theater. Place your claymores to thin out the train. If you save ammo you will not have to worry about running out and also set traps and the turret every round. I made it to round 89 solo with this strategy.

  • dylan coops1117

    has anybody tried the g11 paped it amazing trust me

  • dylan coops1117

    i like goinng though the allyway to get the random box guick

  • dylan coops1117


  • dylan coops1117


  • dylan coops1117

    hi im on ps3 as dylancoops i am not exchited for black ops 2 couse its all like futurestic

  • CODboss

    on keno der toten once you hit the stage DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR FARTHEST THAT LEADS TO THE ALLEYWAY! you can turn on the power and walk around the two dividers on the stage and rap3 train BUT make sure you aren’t walking with an lmg because the zombies will catch up with you and on the straights you can just spray at all the zombies following you for loads of points.

  • Wasabiman

    I have done the moon full easter egg and almost the call of the dead and I need good players to add me on PS3 BTFMCLOVIN (nospacesallcaps)

    • dylan coops1117

      hi il be ur freind i am good my name is DYLANCOOPS and my email is c u round

  • Wasabiman

    hey add me on PS3 my name is BTFMCLOVIN and my highest an ascension is 41 but today I died on 41 because I got hit so much that my screen was red then I accedentaly ran into the fire trap I set so I almost beat my record, It hella pissed me off

  • SGT. noah ankli

    once i upgrade a wander waffe dg-2

  • SGT. noah ankli

    it is called fire sale and it spawns all the ? boxes and only costs 10$.

  • jacob

    my highest level solo is 42 andbody who says they got 60 or above id ont believe til i see a vdi without mods or glitches syndacite has the highest solo level i believe but if you have hiher without any glitches/mods id love to play zombies gt: legit x rocker

    • chazout

      here is round 70-71 my best so far

      • dude109

        is it true that you can take someone’s upgraded weapon before they take it out of the (pap)

        • holly shit

          yes it is if they let u because it is like a care packege it takes longer for u to take it <:

  • louis

    you forgot a power up the bonfire sal if you kill the pentagon theif before he takes any weapons you get a PaP power up that makes you teleport into the defcon room Packapunching any weapon for 1000

  • Legefy

    I love using the Galil or as me and my friends(???) like to call it the “G-lol)

    • dylan coops1117

      if u on der reise try the g11 paped its so cool


    Hey add me on Xbox360 I made it up to round 76 solo on Kino Der Toten

  • someguy

    me and my friend where playing on “five”, i got a ray gun and jumped on the table, he jumped off trying to get one too, well, he got one, when he pack a punched it it wasn’t quite right, instead of it coming out red, it had gold plating on it, unfortunatly he died and we couldn’t test it out. so does anybody know hoe to get it, or if its stronger?

  • mistah quack

    anyone want 2 ply zombies with me highest round 26
    or we could ply
    multiplayer rank 5th prestige lvl 43

    my name is Supahfrog44 (NO SPACES) on the PS3

  • Thanzon

    Best combo of weaps is the starting pistol ( forgot the name) upgraded, and the ray gun upgraded! Dont forget the bowie knife it kills 1 hit till round 10 ish and the crawling green ones till 12-14 save enough points to grind the box for ray gun/ and lightning gun ! Once u have 2 upgraded guns monkeys should drop! These are amazing!!! If ure playin solo always safe 3000p for juggernaught and quick revive

  • Thanzon

    My guide in short, works with solo only
    Start with knifing the first 3 rounds, you may find you get over run in round 3 so run around the stairs and (if you don’t get over run then keep one alive) go under the stairs to the door on the right. (cost 750) then the next door to the outside (cost 1000). If there is no box then don’t worry buy the ak of the wall and go into the corner by the silver gate don’t open it. Stay there till round 6-7 . If you need ammo just buy some more ak rounds. Ok now stay till you feel you can open the silver gate (1250p) and then the nxt door (1250p) . You should have enough for jugger (2500p) . Then stay at the bottom by the power and do circles with masses of zombies following you, keep killin them till u have enough points for an upgrade (5000p) activate the teleporter and upgrade the PISTOL you start with. Keep going to around round 15-20 . CONSERVE ammo! Then hunt the box down and save 4000p
    This isn’t in depth I’ll post a strat guide to my YouTube acc

  • Stickeesox

    I feel like these guides are always so subjective with their descriptions of the guns. I was looking for the stats on the upgraded MPL-LF and read a lot of “this is weak” and “it’s just worth avoiding.” But for anyone who plays to do well a weak, fast shooting gun is the perfect gun for getting more points per kill. Course I still ditch it for any large magazine lmg.

  • black ops 111

    my highest on my own is level 41

  • summer

    my highest is 25 with my brother.. i usally start out with olempia but it starts sucking around 5 so best to buy m14 but dont stick with it long either .. the mystery box is ur friend but in wouldnt get 2 attached bc she’ll suck all ur money away. use ur pistil only till round 4 then toss it or upgrade but always have a good primary weapon if ur gonna keep it.. i love playing zombies on the orginal places so if u want hit me up my gamertag is.. ilovefood96 .. and btw im a girl so dont cry if im the one reviving you 😉 lol

  • aaronsnowboy

    i was in level 17 on singleplayer, in split-screen level 24 in online level 47 and never upgrade my guns!

  • exannuc

    would it be possible to hack this on ps3, by changing the config. cfg file on the disk. it is read only but if you copy the files on your disk to your hard drive on your computer and knew the codes that enable godmade, infinite ammo etc. and then burn it to a blank disk then start the game on that, or would the run program on the ps3 look for the copyright encryption and not boot the game? but hten there is the problem of finding the codes to edit the file.

  • Calleigh’s_Symba

    my highest is lv 30 by myself and i just stay in the main room where you spawn at until the dogs come. if im doing good i still have all 3 revives still when the dogs come i usually have enough money to buy all the rooms to the alley and i buy the ak74, but if i have enough money about 5000 then i buy 1 quick revive buy all the doors to the m16 and i buy the m16 i stake out there until i have 7500 then i turn on the power its enough money 2 pap 1 gun and buy the jugernog but if u r having trouble bail and turn on the power when u have 2500 and buy the jugernog then trust me its better 2 b safe then sorry then go and experiment on the next few levels buy all 4 perks and the bowie knife asap and if im lucky i get the mb and get a fammas or ray gun. i personally think that the thundergun sucks but its a good gun 2 have when u r running and trying 2 escape from the zombies just 1 shot and ur clear thats all i have and if i improve my strategy ill post it my youtube account is MegaJoaquinP i currently dont have any videos yet but when i do ill post it on this and tell ya goodluck @ zombies

  • rudee

    all you have to do is get the mp40/m16 combined with a thundergun raygun m72anarchy or china beach.all perks stay near the stage circle them until at least 12 are following run 2 the rusty door turn around repeat but this will only work if you take the upstairs route.By the way store claymores in the light area to the left right after you leave the dressing room
    my max 33 but i goofed off.

  • dylan

    going to round 60 guna try to pap evry sigal gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jesus

    Well what I like to do is hold off all of the zombies until round 4 or 5, then I open the first door on the top of the stairs in kino, then I open the other door, there I buy the stakeout and I hold them off till round 7 or 8, after that I open the bottom door where in the room where I bought the stakeout, and usually, a mystery box spawns there, I usually get a light machine gun, then I open the door next to the theatre, and I buy jugger-nog, after that, I wait till I have 5000 $, then I go to the teleporter, and I pack a punch, then I hold them off where you have to activate the teleporter. After that I just go around wait till they get close to me and I let them chase me, and I shoot them by then I have around 4000 and a pack a punch. Also when there’s a few zombie left, leave them and wait till them teleporter cools off, then activate them and kill the few leftover zombies, so that your good 4 the next round

  • xXIIEclipseIIXx

    my weapons of choice for the first 20 rounds is the m16 and mp40/ ballistic knife. i pick up my bowie knife first thing and than my jugger-nog once i reach my first 5000. this makes dogs and zombies easy until round 10 (for zombies). i dont upgrade my weapons until round 20 by this time i wont have ballisic knife and i start using the trap in the 2nd room upstairs before the mp40 room. by the time i hit round 25 i should have roughly 40000 points and all my revives if i didnt make a mistake. I dont touch the mystery box until its time to get my ballisic knife or hopefully ray gun.

    i keep the other doors to the alley from the front and the stage closed to keep the zombies at bay. this area i leave incase i really need to make some space. this is usually my sign that im about to lose. sometimes i will open the lobby doors to the alley for double tap but thats usually close to round 30


    lvl 26 is really my highest so this is my strategy for now, ontop of crawlers, windows, preppim teleport.

    pistol tip for the beginning for racking up a good amount of points:

    each bullet can hit 2 zombies at once.

    (hits in the chest before knife)
    round 1 = 5 shots
    round 2 = 8
    round 3 = 12
    round 4 = 16
    this is where you would probably stop unless you got max ammo. remember no matter what weapon you use 10pts per hit so use your weakest weapons to rack up points. now grab an mp40 to defend from dogs, after 5000 get knife+juggernog


    I’m going to round 50 solo, and I will PaP every gun. I will be putting it on youtube.

    • tazzmaniac

      Good luck with that bro! im rootin 4 ya!

  • Robby Reaper

    If you upgrade the Spectre it becomes the Phantom and it has a Reflex Scope Increased Damage and accuracy also have extended Clips to me its a good weapon to have fun with if anyone can put this on one of the gun pages cause i look for the Spectre and couldn’t find it so i did the upgrading process myself to find out what it was. Thank you for you time in Reading this Fun Zombie Fact.

  • Shred

    What do the phd flopper perk and deadshot daquiri do in the new call of the dead map on black ops does anybody know cause i cant find a single guide that tells me so im kinda curious

  • D-EA-TH

    let me tell you all, all this is worng i made it to round 679 i stoped because it was a waste of time (the german in kino edwered he is the maker of the zombies him and dr. maxies. (max the man who takes your gun in “FIVE” he died with his little girl sam as we all call her she had a dog named fluffy (in german flosi) you will find all this in der reise map from waw they have clues all over that map. and shi no numa some of the clues really happend.tip in a tight spot and if you have good guns that have no ammoe you need to hit the box and get that gun take it and pack-a-punch it its best

  • TickleMeEmo777

    lawlz solo zombies is easy as cake so bragging about it makes you look retarded XD Try playing it with multiple people then brag plus PSN got HACKED cause they such Xbox Live FTW

    • TickleMeEmo777

      suck* typo heh plus my gamertag is my name thingy up there so add me if you’d like if not oh well dun dun dun

  • Uknown_Killer

    I Made It To Round 20 Solo Mode Upgraded Raygun & Rpk -_-” My Cause Of Death -Zombies No Revive & Idk -_-” Anyway Der Riese World at War Online Round 25 a Friend got Higher Round 30 I’m Good But Not Great I Also Have Black ops

    • Jumperboy1314


  • Uknown_Killer

    I Made It To Round 20 Solo Mode Upgraded Raygun & Rpk -_-“

    • Jumperboy1314

      yeah well i made it to round 62 SOLO UPGRADED RAY GUN AND THUNDERGUN

  • chance butler

    you guys r freakin good! on solo i can only get to round 17 i cant play online though:-( for some reason i do better on solo than split screen write back i u do better on solo

  • rambo

    its fun to kill zombies but its even funner when you are in a high level and you get an insta kill, double points and the death machine all at the same time with hoards of zombies all around you. and all you can think is poneage.

  • qballsxassassin, My xbox gamertag

    ok so in my opinion solo zombies is way better, the farthest i made it is round 44. If you want to play with me add me and we will try i t out!!

  • Kenmeister21

    I’ve noticed Whatever round your on is how long it takes to kill a zombie with the regular melee knife and if you just start on round one and knife the zombies but dont shoot or buy weapons you earn from 1,000 to 1,300 points.

  • anonimus

    good but wheres the zoose cannon and the ray gun pack-a-punch

  • max

    I’ve really been trying to find a hint or tip (not glitch or hack coz I am rubbish at them!) to get a ray gun. The only thing i think might work is using the random box before u turn on the power, the reason i say that is because i’ve died a few times and “screen watched” a few people while i was dead and they did that and got a ray gun. Does it work? Please can someone help me. P.S. My PS3 online name is ELITEWOLF7 all in capital letters, LOL!

  • That guy who didn’t put his name in

    I got to round 18 my first time on zombies, but I cant get past round 15 now, and I thought it was kinder toten not kino der toten… Also I told my friend to lay down in a corner (because i didn’t want to quit, just wanted to make us die) and ran and dove onto him and he got mad, so if you want to make someone mad do that :D.

  • Patrick

    yo send me a friend request on valliant 98

  • Amanda

    When you get perks on zombie mode? I got a purple one and i am not sure what it is. Can anyone help?

    • That guy who didn’t put his name in

      you get perks from the things that look like vending machines, but you have to turn the power on to use them

  • davealanroger

    want someone who is good at zombies on blacks ops add davealanroger for ps3

  • hotshot!

    I got to admit this was very helpful while seeing what guns to upgrade and what to trade out.I am very good at zombies round 77 solo NO HACKS but i had porter X2 monkeys,and Zeus cannon.. Also I like your SHOEs… YES YOUR SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Well i feel like im pretty good at zombies ive gotten up to like round 31 wit four other ppl if u wana play sometime add me my psn id is jason39978

  • a random pro

    “Weapon. AK-74u
    Upgrade. AK74fu2
    Effect. Precision Sight, Large Magazine and Increased Damage
    Bigger Magazine increases ammo, and precision sight increases accuracy. Still, the last thing you want to do in Zombie mode is run and gun.”

    “Still, the last thing you want to do in Zombie mode is run and gun.”
    Wtf… I wanna see someone camp anywhere on kino or five and make it to past round 30 without having a single down. I dont mean to dis but run n gun is probably the best thing to do in zombies mode.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      You are taking out of context. SMG would run out of bullets too early, since you waste too much ammo spraying. Run and Gun may be thing you want to do in Zombies but not with the SMG, since you would need to take a breather somewhere for couple of rounds.

  • Tomahawk

    whoever owns black ops for wii add 5088-4307-1534

    • Marlene

      i need help setting up for multiplaying. i want to play zombies with someone since i can’t even get to lvl 10. i have the wii too. please let me know. thanks

  • Dee

    Hey im trying to make to atleast lv.20 but I cant I kno I can do it but everytime I get good weapons from the mystery box lykee rpk or commando or sumthing I start to feel weaker and for sum reason becuz zombies come from outta nowhere and freaks me out but wen I get good weapons I just start to play lyke its nuthing and I dnt watch my back as much this is wat I do at first. Kin der toten
    step 1: I knife them till round three then start to use the pistol to get more money.
    Step 2: then I buy the first bottom door and hold it down till the dogs come then after that I run
    Step 3:when I get to where the power is I hoping the mystery box is there \now when its there I use it and I I usaully get the commando and rpk or if im very lucky the ray gun or the thunder gun with rpk,hk21,commando,or spaz 12\ now when I get those I survive for maybe two more rounds and im on lykee lv.10 becuz I kno after I get into higher levels thier harder to kill and I dnt watch my back and I get weaker and I never get to the pack a punch room which sucks soo.. Can sum1 help me and I probaly make a youtube video sooo you can see wat im tlking bout thanks (:

    • Ty

      One word, “Juggernog”, buy it and you’ll be able to receive more blows from the infected without having the result of going into last stand. But you’re not superman, after about five hits you’ll be toast (That’s what happen to me around rounds 25 to 28). If you have buddies and are playing on Kino der Toten, you need atleast two people with rayguns, one person with a thundergun, and everyone with Juggernog and sit in the corner below the Pack-a-Punch room where the Bowie knife and Juggernog Machine are located. It helps if you activate the trap to keep your right flank clear and to link the teleporters at the beginning of a round. Try to make a cralwer (zombie with no legs) when you want to use the teleporter or at the very beginning of the round. If you go through the teleporter at the very begging, throw out grenades to kill the zombies crowding infront of the turret. When you end up in the lobby, run up the right staircase, activate the trap, and make your way back to the threater, then activate that turret, link the tele, and return to your post in the corner. If you have good weapons and good team mates, this system will work very well, but around round 30.. you might wanna mix it up a little. Ascension.. that is a WHOLE different system.

  • u really

    Wat do i do when i get the three meteors . please help me someone

    • Zach (slayer1789)

      after you activate the three meteors all you get is the musical Easter egg sing which is “115” by Elena siegman

  • ali

    hey add me on pc aliandmusiC

    i have gone to 20’s without any cheats or anything… and im on steam community too. email

  • Carlos

    Is there any way I can manipulate the mystery box to get the gun of my choice?

    • beasty

      through a frag under it then walk away after it explodes then buy it with ur back facing it then do the same wen u trade weapons u should get a python aug commando or thunder gun on any map

  • Carlos

    Is there anyway I can manipulate the mystery box to get the gun of my choice?

    • Zach (slayer1789)

      there is one way that I know of and this works for me to get guns like rpk the other 500 clip gun and thundergun with out hacking zombies first you need to go to random box and activate it when the 2 “?” marks turn gold and then you lay down on the ground and knife the box twice then get back up all the way not crouching and you should have a good gun but when I did this on round 28 on kino my game glitches and I never received or seen the ray gun when the weapons are cycling through

  • james

    yo i got to level 55 ill play with ya my name is lunchbox085 add me

  • beast

    wonderin if u shoot siling with upgraded crossbow zobies fly to it?

    • Child

      Now i am….

  • elisha

    Made it to level 104 then died 😀 lol, add me XelishaX ;))

    • beast

      allmost not posible

  • jjadams4874

    I really need help on Kino der toten.E-mail me

  • Slick

    New to zombies only played for a week got to 31 altho someone left at lvl 20 only died Coz someone else had to go which he was the reviver. Looking for a pair of players (split screen) for acesion map with good teamwork eg not hogging random boxes or opening up every door or trying to steal points/kills first couple of waves and also fair on opening doors . Teamwork is the key add me psn id : SlickJD

    • Carlos

      going to send U a request. Im LOS210Tx.

  • That guy

    Hey I’m pretty good looking to play with someone good getting pissed at boobs I have a ps3 my ID is drunken-toytle

  • why do you want to know?

    if anyone wants to kick zombie ass add me my name is ZombieKiller483 {dont forget the capital Z and K} xbox live

  • Will

    Hey guys so I’m pretty new to zombies but have been getting decent at Kino. I play with my friends and have gotten to about lvl 23. My friends brag about being able to get to level 30. Can anyone here play with me and help me get past level 30? I want to show up my friends :). Add me, PSN ID: WillChoi


    • EL_CAPONE_187

      ill play w/ you i gottn far like 26 lvl

    • Carlos

      haha I like your comment.

    • Jumperboy1314

      Ill add u cuz i got to round 62 SOLO. ill add u when PSN comes back up im (OBVIOUSLY) Jumperboy1314

  • Zach

    @that guy do u have to do it on a certain round for example pentagon thief round because I did a different glitch like this
    Step One : Pick Up Death Machine
    Step Two : Get Teammate To Down Themselves
    Step Three : Let A Zombie  Down Yourself Then Have A Team Mate Revive The Person Without The DeathMachine then have a previous person who got the death machine before revive you
    Step Four : Get A Kill With Your Primary Weapon When You Stand Up do not switch your weapons
    Step Five : When You Got A Kill Switch Weapons And You Should Have The Death Machine With Unlimited Ammo And As A 3rd Weapon 

    • vinny

      ok everyone know where that ladder is on the wall by the power switch near some barrels in kino der toten. the wierdest thing happened today When me and slayer1789 went to see if We could reach it and I couldn’t which you already knew you couldn’t then I found all the film reels and activated the three meteorites. your probably wondering why I am posting this. well I’m posting it because I got on the ladder and crawled all the way to the top catwalk thing I don’t know what I did but I think that if youget the film reels and put them in the projector all at the same time not 1 by1 the ladder lowers far enough to where youcan almost barely reach it it took me over 85 tries to finally get on the ladder. I am not bullshiting anyone here just send friend request to slayer1789 and ask him and he will tell you that you can get up there because he is trying to make a video on how to do the glitch. also has this happened to anyone else playing on acenssion where you get phd flopper and do the dolphins dive out in the middle of the open no zombies at all and then another player accidentally does the dolphin dive with flopper too and slide into the other person causing the game to glitch and the round numbers to sky rocket without any zombies coming in and attacking you all the zombies just stood at the windows and you had to runaround and shoot them all.

      • josh

        How do u hey all the films at once?

  • ???

    It seems the farthest I’ve made it is to round 30 alone. I’m not the best player, but what I can say is this; the ray guy is actually useless after round 30. Trade it with a powerful light machine-gun and upgrade it. I don’t know their names, but the ones that hold many bullets like 400 or 500 are the ones you might want to upgrade. Also, tge thundergun when its upgraded (zeuscannon) is something you might want to keep forever. It’s a life saver. So I thought it was good, but I’m not the best player so I died at round 30 due to the fact that I don’t watch my back that much. I may require help so add me. . . (DarkPrince_01)

    • zach

      dude u make it to round thirty that is awesome i always make it to like only round 15 to 20 some days when im doing bad like 11 round thirty is awesome

      • boran

        i got 34 on ascension, dude seriously: 15 or 20? how old are you XD

    • nike222

      first of all the raygun is amazing! Then second of all if u have juggernog then even if u dont see them you now tht they r there. you could just turn around and shoot the crap out of them. also wht gun did u have as a secondary

  • gabe

    you get it in 5

  • Raj

    how do u get winters howl?????

  • Zach

    so far I’ve only got the winters fury on five 22 times also deleted patch on my os3 and got to round 255 on five before quiting because it was boring ps if you have ps3 and want to get to round 255 on five delete the patch and do the table glitch I also had an infinite death machine glitch it was beast ps3 gamername is slayer1789 send friend request I’m a fuking beast

    • that guy

      all u gotta do is get the death machine perk and upgrade it… its rather simple actually… yours truly… the ninja

  • Collin

    hey can you only get the winter’s howl on the 5 map?

    • Shotgun master

      Its in the random box.

      • jesse

        you can find it although you cant pick it up in the room on the third floor to the left it is on a desk. you cant pick it up but its kinda cool to look at also off to the right of the freeze gun there is a little red box you can use it to turn on the electric fence on the first floor of the map 5 the second switch is near the elevator to the right of the second elevator its in the corner go around the computer its near a pole

  • Kevin

    Haha new solo record of round 84 on kino der toten ps3 thanks to this guide I was able to replace my ray gun when I was at round 60 with no ammo, and go for stakeout and pack a punch it hahaha

  • D Fresh

    i can’t find it no where on here, so i’ll ask you all. where are the 3 meteror pieces and what do u get for all the film reels?

    • iShootSideways

      first meteor is to the left in a display case thing (kind of looks like a mini streetlamp) right before the window under the stairs in the first room

      second meteor is in the room inbetween the theatre and the room with speed cola. its kind of hidden behind a mannequin in an isolated area. look for a area light up with green light.

      3rd meteor is in the room between the alley and the theatre in the very back on a bookshelf by a window. its kind of on the right second shelf down i think. idk just look for it on the bookshelf

      • that guy

        its on bottom shelf also random box is RANDOM there is no way to get the ray gun every time same thing with thunder gun its pure luck… i like upgrading the thunder gun and the crossbow works as a monkey bomb when u upgrade it too

  • Jamie

    Yo, I’ve made it quite far on Kino, and I know how to get further, I just always get a crap team! The Ray Gun is shit at round 32+, just get a ZeusCannon and an MP40 and keep running round the map, getting money for traps and buying more mp40 ammo. At the beginning of the round link the teleporters and tele and throw grenades, then when you tele back down your going to get attacked by a lot of zombies, a thundergun shot will show them whose boss, and then set off on your casual stroll round the map avoiding them all.
    If you want, add me ShouldaDunmore for someone quite pro to play with, but I don’t play that much, (I have a life :D)
    Peace, hope this helps

  • mike hawk

    If you want to make it pass the rounds 20 thru 25 and up, ur prolly gonna need the thunder gun. once it gets upgraded it has a 4 round clip and 30 somethin shots. use it as a last resort, but it helped us alot. monkeys also work in the same way. I had hk21 upgraded, which is one of my favorite guns in my opinion. you need rpk or hk21 to go far, the galil works well too. i had hk21 upgraded and thunder gun upgraded, my buddy had galil and ray gun upgraded with monkeys. we made it to round 30. we turned on the power, used the teleporter, then stayed in the first room upstairs. we only opened the first upstairs door, not the second one. wed turn on the trap if we were overwhelmed. then we repeated the next round. the ray gun starts to suck after so long cuz it takes several shots to kill. you need to get a high ammo weapon, and something with big power for backup if you want to stake out. after you have some good guns, BUY THE DRINKS. the are really useful, especially juggernog. all are good tho. bowie knife is good if u have the extra money. you gotta use your resources in zombies if u wanna survive.

  • random guy

    srry fail spelling im drunk, the mini gun may only be used in the new zombies map comming out in the new map pack and FIVE and the winters howl can only be found in five as well.

  • random guy

    mini gun and winters fury ar not on kino der toten only on the the zombies map and FIVE

  • dylan

    I have a ps3 and xbox 360 and ny player card is Clonetrooper_mia so if u can add me and invite me on febuary 24 at around 12.00pm so add me and invite add this dude named shadowkza he is good.

    • Pedro

      Add me if your good at zombies
      Playstation ID: t2057890

  • Chip

    Is the perks and weapons the same on PS3 and XBox? I’m yet to see the Winter’s Fury freeze gun or the Deathmachine on PS3.

    • jo

      Those are exclusive to “Five”

  • Chip

    The “Process.” Discovered by my 11 year old nephew!!! It’s simple…once you get the power on. At the beginning of each stage start the round in the teleporter drawing as many zombies near you until you have no choice but to teleport. Always try to save a crawler at the end of each round to allow time to rebuild barriers and to take chances at upgrades from the mystery box! Always be sure to link up your teleporter before starting each round! Keep circling through the map with zombies in pursuit. Tip…never stay in one spot to hold them off too long. Always keep your head on a swivel until things quiet down! Later rounds you may need to re-link the teleporter mid round to survive!

  • Dillon Wycoff

    hey my screen name is BleachToshiro on the ps3

    • XelishaX- PSN Name :)

      I’ll add you, Im XelishaX

  • chris

    cool thanks been wondering what was the best gun to upgrade. CANT belive that u went though all of that for us veweiers. If u have ps3 send a friend request to cornhuskers12 and cimino71.

    • elisha

      I Added cornhuskers (im XelishaX)but it wont let me add cimino71 :(

    • sammy

      personaly i think the best weapon to pak-a-punch the thunder gun because it becomes the zeus cannon and it has 4 ammo in a mag its like the regular 1 but better

      if u agree type yes or no

      • hdjfhksdj

        what you mean all this work all the info is wrong lol i don’t think he has played this game before.

        • Lalalalala

          PS3 ROCKS!!

  • clark

    A good strategy I have found that makes the levels go faster is using the room that is through the lower door of the first room. There is a fire trap in there that works great. First use the teleport and then run in the room and set the trap. Leave the back door closed. If everyone stays next to that door there is only one window the zombies come in from. When the trap ends it is best to have the thundergun or monkey grenades to get out.

  • fag face

    uhhhhhhhhh for the porter X2 (ray gun) you forgot to say that it turns fully auto!!

    • Wasabiman

      your retarded it already is automatic

  • jon

    hey you forgot to put the pack-a-punch firesale… it’s $1000 instead of $5000 and lasts about the same time as a normal firesale… get it by killing the pentagon theif without him stealing anyones gun

  • Jorell Dye

    Anyone who still thinks you’re supposed to camp out in Kino Der Toten is living under a rock.

    Everyone and their mother knows about rape trains and run-and-gunning.

  • total-havoc

    ballistic knife can be combined with bowie knife. this makes it worth having in later rounds.

  • lionel dantzler

    “the floating sign was called FIRE SALE. when u hit the mistory box instead of paying 950 points it is only 10 points”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u can get a ray gun or a thundergun or a HK21 and more wepons”.

  • Bill Nye

    Just so you know here is an easy strategy. When you get the fire sale go to the lobby and open the door upstairs. Go back and forth. It works, just not that high of a chance to get a ray gun.

  • 007

    i was playing on Kino der Toten and got to level 25 for my first time (im not a noob just i just got the game) any way the match didnt end till like 2 in the morning so i went to sleep but when i woke up my rank went down to lvl 18!!!!! WTF happened HELP

    • soulpatchman

      its cause you suck.

      • 007

        ive heard it happens to other people too and ive now and ive now got 32 and it says 23 I’m getting pissy!!!!

  • secret

    how do you get to the pack a punch in \five\????

  • Jordon

    Somthing to add to the power-ups part is the bonfire sale when you kill the doctor/tech/thief guy on five. P.S. it is included with the fire sale when you kill him and you only get the bonfire sale if he doesn’t get you’re weapon. otherwise if you only get the fire sale. Also the bonfire sale makes pack-a-punching cost 1000 units of zombie points. finnaly you will get your weapon back at the end of the round and if he gets your weapon he will run away and after that the get it after 1 round. ALSO THE GUY has a LOT OF HEALTH. consider killing him with explosives. he comes usualy the round after you turn on the power if not the next. XBL: MilitaCommander

  • maloneyf89

    my friends and i have been using a pretty good strategy that works well. at the end of a round we make a crawler and get weapons and and repair the windows and what not. during that time, we link the teleporter. when were ready, we kill the crawler and all cram into the teleporter. we set claymores and hold off in the teleporter till we think were gonna get over run. we teleport to the projection room and rain down grenades (u can buy more grenades in the projection room). when we come back, we go up the stairs in the lobby. we have 2 people leading and taking out any zombies that might be ahead and 2 people killing the zombies on our flank. we counter clockwise through the dressing room and back to the stage. if we have killed the majority of them by now, we make another crawler and kill the rest. if they are still spawning, we cut through the theater back to the lobby and start running again.

    i dont recommend using any of the traps unless u are totally desperate. the thing to remember is to keep moving. if u stay in one spot too long zombie will spawn ahead of u and cut off. also, while we have a crawler, i like to set some claymores around the path we take while running. it gives the guys watching out flank some time to reload or catch up if need be

    • maloneyf89

      *we run counter clockwise to the dressing room and back to the stage

    • gmonkey007

      that always works unless there are money/ point hungry people in your group and if there are than you know who is going down. Also i hate it when people try to steal your kills at the beginning of the game.

  • 632nuff

    you’d run out of ammo with an unpaped weapon

  • SneakySniper98

    One of my favorite things to do is NOT upgrade the ray gun until you run out of ammo, this way you get more later. I keep telling my friends that they are going to want that ammo around round 28, but they still upgrade and run out at round 23-ish, which is when they die and leave me to run the map

  • carl

    the ammo upgrade is when u pap ur weapons the new ammo cost that much

  • Sawyer

    So far the best weapons combo I have gotten is the Commando and Ray Gun. But I’ve only got it once. When I cant get to the box I go for the MP40 and the Stakeout. That is the best off the wall combo there is I think. Also when you look at the guns on the wall, it says pay 3500 for ammo upgrade. Anybody know what that is? I went to it with enough points and it wouldn’t do anything.

    • maloneyf89

      the upgraded ammo is for a gun that u have upgraded already and run out of ammo. so lets say u buy the stakeout off the wall and upgrade it. then u run out of ammo. u can go back to where u bought the stakeout and buy ammo for the upgraded gun

  • cvic

    BTW, completely disagree with the idea of sniper rifles being worthless in the upper levels. If you play on a location where you can get them running in a straight line (upstairs catwalk), it can be very valuable after you PAP. After you PAP the Dragunov you can expect collateral 1 shot kills past level 30 and you don’t need headshots…semi-auto with large mags and 90 rounds total. It’s not bad at a window, either, because of it’s power. You can fire from the hip effectively if needed.

  • Dave

    How do you unlock the levels after kino der toten?

    • 632nuff

      finish campaign

    • ZombieGod

      buy the map pack and use the terminal to get the arcade version

  • ryan

    cansome one steal your ray gun if you just get it?

    • eRwin

      The Thief (Doctor) A.K.A The Pentagon Theif A.K.A That Guy That Steals Guns LOL

  • Matthew

    Hey, I just got a powerup from a zombie that looked like a $ sign, didn’t notice anything though…

    • 632nuff


  • Stikki Ikki

    whats the best way to kill the pentagon thief?? And where do you find all the glowing rocks on kino der toten?

    • cvic

      The best way to kill the lab tech in multiplayer is to have everyone get up on the catwalk of the war room. Start out as far from the stairs as possible. If you see him, he’s coming after you. Shoot a shot or two at him and he’ll speed up. Your team mates can see the trail of red numbers. If he’s coming after you, don’t worry about killing him, just run around to stay away while your team mates kill him. Mustang & Sally and Winter’s Howl/Fury are most effective against him. Put claymores down in a corner to help slow him down. If he’s getting slow you nearly have him.

    • Ben

      are you talking about kino
      because if you are,
      then one is standing on a pedistool at the start, the glass top has been knocked of it and you just look at it and hold X or square until it makes a kind of noise, it is near the window nearest the door that says
      ‘must turn on the power first!’
      The next one is the room above the alleyway, it is hidden on a shelf with a whole heap of numbers and letters. Just look at
      it and hold X or square again.
      The last one is in the dressing room in a corner.
      It is on a pedistool like the first one and hidden next to a bunch of old manikens and clothes and stuff.
      Look at it and hold square.
      Once you get all of these then the song ‘115’ will start to play.

      Hope this helped!

  • Connor

    Can the guns in the random box thing be defective because I got the raygun the first the Ray gun the first time I played and it wouldn’t kill anything and what’s up with the teddybear that takes the box and appears in the rooms you teliport to in kind der toten

    • eRwin

      Negative, The Weapons You Purchase From The Mystery Box Are Never Defective. The Ray Gun Has Very Horrible Accuracy, In Close Range It Becomes Quite The Hassle Sometimes Costing 2-3 Shots. Also, After The Teddy Bear Appears Out Of The Mystery Box It Disappears Therefore Not Exchanging You A Weapon And Confiscating Your Points/Money . In Almost Every Room Of The Mansion There Are Boards Of Wood With Map Drawn Onto Them, Notice These Maps Have Light Bulbs. When One Of The Lights Bulbs Is Light (Green) It Indicates Which Room The Mystery Box Has Appeared In, However If You Acquire A Fire Sale Item Multiple Mystery Boxes Will Appear I Believe.

  • JawShooRawr

    The best strategy for a solo zombie spree on Kino der totem is to have the Zeus Cannon, every perk(excluding double tap) and monkeys. Just run around the map, making zombies trail behind you. Buy weapons off the wall when you run low on ammo. I made it to round 50 by doing this, became bored and quit. It’s so easy, if you understand how a zombie reacts to things and tries to kill.

  • Saldor

    Considering that I usually get stuck with the Famas after using the mystery box, I have had lots of experience using the upgraded version.
    The gun isn’t a very good chioce for upgrading because even though it has a large magazine, it’s overall ammo capacity is to low to support a 45 bullet magazine.

    • eRwin

      Yeahh I Feel You . But In My Opinion The Famas Cant Even Begin To Compare To The Commando , Also if you want power like Shot-gus Try The SPAS. Ps, People Say The Guns Lose Their Power and/or Impact <— Thats No True ! The Only Weapon That Applys to is the Ray-gun, After a While Notice The Zombies Do Get Tougher So Either Get Better Gun Or Upgrade .

      —————–IM GOING COMMANDO !!———————

  • josh8399839

    u forgot the pack a punch one in five… wich makes pack a punch cost $1000…

  • Gwin

    good tip: when you see the doctor that steals your gun, there’s no use running away from it, it will steal your gun one way or another, instead, when you see him immediately switch to your “less-worth” gun, and try to kill him afterwards with your good gun, if you do kill him, you get your gun back. But another tip: if he steals your pistol, don’t chase after him and try to kill him and waste your bullets for the better gun. Be reasonable and think whether using the bullets are worth it :)

    • NikZeMaster

      it doesnt matter if u kill the thief wif ure best gun, u get max ammo when he dies and bonfire sale so its worth trying to kill him!

  • ARC

    I got 4 tries, and that’s pretty much the only time i get the ray gun

  • patpat321

    i got a power up last night and its kind of like fire sale but…… its pack-a-punch 8p. the pack-a-punch cost 1000 points 8O. i got it 2 times and i upgraded ray gun and cz75. it was in “five” i got 11000.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      or contacting the developer support ?

  • guru

    So I was playing the zombies on co-op and much like kill streak icon that floats around, we saw one that was a floating money sign. What is that and what does it do?

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  • Arminius12

    I teleported once by myself and found a random Nuke drop in the packapunch room. Does this happen offten? I tried several times after to find another drop such as ammo. I know in World at War zombies if you teleported it would sometimes give you a drop. It is the same or did i just get lucky?

    • jmiah1981

      not the d-pad attachment, it’s more left closer to the’s not there all the time though.

      • theblacknessnow

        when you teleport back to the lobby you will sometimes be taken on a detour. look for old fashion film canisters walk up to them and hit square or whatever the interact button is if you were quick you will see an icon on the bottom of the screen. when you teleport again go up to the camera and press interact a new segment of film will play.

  • Arminius12

    whats the wheel icon next to your ammo? if it’s not a wheel maybe a reel or something
    It is your attachment display. Some weapons upgrade come with grenade lanchers or undermount shotguns. Use your direction pad to activate.

  • jmiah1981

    What more does speed-cola do?

    • califragus7

      well it lets you reload faster and repair windows faster

  • jmiah1981

    whats the wheel icon next to your ammo? if it’s not a wheel maybe a reel or something

    • Bla20020

      It is your equipment wheel. The left part shows Underbarrel Attachments, such as the Flamethrower or Shotgun attachments. Up shows your tactical equipment, such as C4 or Claymore. Right shows your killstreaks (Multiplayer Only), such as Care package or Napalm strike. Down, as faras I know, doesn’t take as an equipment slot. To use your equipments, press the directional pad in the proper direction (For X360 and PS3, not sure for PC).


      if your picking up the film reels, in the rooms mid teleport, there will be a black indicator on top of your frag grenades, use it by teleporting back to the projection room and holding x/square on the projector

  • Paul

    Speed cola dose more then just make you reload faster

    • Ridz96


      • joey

        it seems like it kinda gives you Lightweight also. Plus on “Five” if you are Fidel Castro and buy it he says “Haven’t moved this fast in years!”

        So it kinda does…

      • ahmed

        it does it lets you reload faster AND rebuild barriers faster

  • suspect

    my friend tells my about the jugger- nog. i used that and we survived immediately to level 23 (two players) .
    and i only had schit weapons.
    next target, level 35.
    its all possible, when you have the right strategy and good teamplay!


      and finally learn to use a perk, because your blatently 12.

      ‘ive got a well good plan, use a gun and you can kill them!!!!’

      STATE THE OBVIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • link3297

    hey guys could i get ur advice on the best combination of weapons ? mine s the ray gun + thunder gun for sure ! oh and if u got a particular place u own zombies plz share. thx

    • Arminius12

      1st map. 4 players reccomended. Do not open door on top of the double staircase. stay infront of the door top of left staircase. 3 people watch stair well. 1 person watch adjecent window and stairwell. DO NOT go past the random weapon box active or inactive. It will cause the majority of the horde to come up the other stairwell. Leaving it up to one man to defend 1/2 the zombies. This spot puts extra distance between you and the spawning zombies. Keep crawlers and the end of your rounds to make weapon changes and upgrades. MUST HAVES! 1:Monkey bombs throw one when a teamate gets downed to distract the horde for an easy pick up. 2 Ray guns. 3: Thundercannon. Use after a monkey has been thrown to maximize kills. Low ammo weapon. Use sparingly. 4 in later rounds ditch the LMG. Even when it is upgraded it sucks! Opt for a crossbow upgraded. It distracts the Zombies and sends them away from you giving you teamates time to destroy them i.e. ray guns or thunder cannon. 5 take turns shooting. DO NOT WASTE AMMO.

      • SniperCRF97

        you r stuid LMG`s ROCK!!!!!!!

        • gmonkey007

          lmg is ok but the crossbow will come in handy many times while the lmgs run out of ammo to fast

    • Ridz96

      The best guns 2 use are commando/ray gun with RPK or something like that because in the later rounds ur gonna need ammo.

      • alex

        RPK upgraded is the best weapon u could have if ur saving ammo and galil is goo 2 cause very strong and accuracy.But ray and cznnon are the best

        • Noobwarrior

          i do not like the Thundergun/Zues Cannon that much….but it is probably because i am window watcher,if you can get a ray gun, take it and never let it go, but in my opinion the best 4 guns you can get besides ray guns are the 2 LMGS(RPK,HK21, Good for mowing down rushes before round 20, but not as great after round 20 because not good ammo wise and alot of kickback so no headshot weapon), the Commando and the Galil (2 best assault rifles, have good accuracy, good for Headshots, unlike the LMGS, way more ammo conservative)

  • thekillermanbearpig

    you forgot the specter
    Specter -> phantom = extended mag and triangle shaped reflex sight

    • Person

      the scope is randomized

  • David

    Ive also seen a special power-up, unique to “Five”. If you kill the Pentagon Thief with the Death Machine, you will get the Pack-A-Perk, which allows instant teleportation to the Pack-A-Punch at any teleporter, and the Pack-A-Punch is only 1000$, rather than 5000$, for a period of time.

  • Teuska

    Hey you are missing Bowie knife! It is next to jugger-nog vent in Kino. As upgraded it kills every zombie with only one slash, nice. ^^

    • zach

      at 15 its 2 hits at round 20 its 3 after round 15 its not worth it

      • Noobwarrior

        The bowie knife is worth it/ not worth it depending on what your job in zombies is. it is worth it if you are camping and you are window watcher. it saves ammo if there are only 1 or 2 zombies in a high round. as long as you are smart enough to buy Juggernaut the 2 zombies should not down you while you are knifing.

    • Shane

      round 1 all over again! lolz

  • NuffSaid

    You forgot Fire Sale and Bonfire Sale. Fire Sale: Mystery boxes appear everywhere, and weapon price is reduced to 10.
    Bonfire Sale: You receive this if you kill the Pentagon Thief(Or The Doctor) before he steals anyone’s weapon. Same effect as Fire Sale, except that the boxes sell upgraded versions of weapons.

    • 632nuff

      You can kill pentagon tech

  • maddgorillaz

    For the person wonder about the circular dart board looking thing after you teleport back to the pack a punch machine again if you hold square on the right side of the projector a film will play never watched it b4 tho too busy bustin up zombies

  • dannyvamp

    any idea what the dollar pick up the pentagon thief drops doe’s

  • 1231

    You forgot the Pack-a-Punch sale the pentagon thief drops very rarely. Makes warps take you directly to the panic room and pack-a-punching costs 1000, rather than 5000.

    • Roy

      its called the bonfire sale

    • -=====>

      it doesnt drop rarely its if u kill it before it takes ur wepon

  • [WT]WhtTgr

    What does the shield thing do when u pick it up off the bed in the bedroom after u teleport???

    • jack

      thats a flim derp
      u put it into the projecter and it show a flim

  • Hell raizer

    Hey my game crashes in the start when the first mission details are being loaded , It says direct x error and game crashes to desktop, reinstalled Dx but it still crashes :S , An solutions?


      make sure your direct x is compatable, if not install an update and try again

  • shakenbakess

    Are you joking? what round have you guys made it to? clearly the hk21 sucks without all the perks, and galil is probably one of the best upgrades besides ray gun and thundergun. zeuscannon is a must have especially when you warp so you can clear a path to get back to the stage

    • gmonkey007

      hk21 is beast but it is true it is better upgraded on higher levels

  • Emtreid

    I think you missed out the power-up “Fire Sale”, where the random box appears in every possible location and costs only 10 points (that’s right, ten). Unfortunately it lasts for a short time, usually you can have 2-3 tries.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Thanks for the heads up, added now.

  • CODFan

    Just so you know, quick revive doesn’t give you the ability to revive your friends. You can already do that. It allows you to revive them quicker.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Missed word quickly…..Mishtake..

  • jack

    you forgot fire-sale mystery box $10

  • Pingback: Call of Duty: Black Ops Kino Der Toten Strategy Guide()

    • gmonkey007

      The best place to camp (with thunder gun/ zues cannon) is the little place at the jugger-nog machine on kino der toten. witout the thunder gun who knows

    • Shane

      You forgot bonfire sale when you kill the thief before he steals anyones wepon the pack-a-punch to 1000$

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