Black Ops Zombies Kino Der Toten Strategy Guide

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Kino Der Toten, Cinema of Dead in English is a Nazi Zombies map featured in Call of Duty Black Ops. Kino Der Toten gets automatically unlocked for play at start, and you can start it right away even without completing the story. You can refer to the Strategy Guide below for tips, tricks and tactics to survive in Kino Der Toten.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies Kino Der Toten Map Guide

Leaked Kino Der Toten Overhead Map View
First thing you need to do is turn on the power switch. Once you have restored the power, the teleporter, perk machine, Mystery Box, and traps will become available to you.

How to Turn On the Power
You need to make your way through the cinema to the backstage. You will come across two paths that lead to dressing room, the left goes from the alley, and right goes from the dressing room.
Take any, and make your way to the backstage. Switch on the power. Once the power is switched on, you have several survival options available to you, also the front door to the theater has now been opened providing more room for you to RUN!.

Teleporter gets you to the projector room with a Pack a Punch machine. In order to activate the teleporter, you must first link it holding the interact button in the teleporter on the stage. You will hear a click sound, when the link has been established. Now, go to the lobby area where you started.
You will notice a pad, stand on it and press the interact button again. Teleporter is live! Make your way to the theater and stand on the pad to teleport to the projector room.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies Kino Der Toten Traps
New Traps have been introduced to Call of Duty Zombie mode, they can be used as a remedy against the hordes of zombies in later stages of the game. There are three types of traps featured in Kino Der Toten.

1# Electric Traps
An electric wall that completely closes one entrance.

2# Fire Pit Trap
Fire Pit as the name indicates creates a pit of fire in the middle of room, roasting zombies that pass through.

3# Sentry Gun
Sentry Guns are like auto turrets, they automatically target and kill zombies in 160 degree arc.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies Kino Der Toten Solo Strategy

Initial Phase of the game
During first five rounds, the strategy should be to accumulate points, as much as you can. More points you accumulate, greater chance of survival in the later stages of the game. You can buy weapons, try Mystery Box and open Barricades etc.

Knife as much as you can. Always headshot, don’t waste ammo on legs of the zombie, aim for the head. Headshot and knife kills give you maximum points. Leave one zombie at the end of round to repair all the broken barricades and weapons you can have if you want.

Only use the gun when you are overwhelmed. Don’t buy weapons off the wall yet, buy quick revive and move on.

Kino Der Toten Solo Strategy Round 10 onwards
Accumulate enough points to buy MP40 + Juggernog/Speed Cola. Once you have accumulated enough points to open the staircase door, and the door next to it with all the portraits. Hit the power and buy Juggernog. (Zombies are faster When Power is switched ON!)

Note. I try not to open any room, or barricade before Round 10. Its easier to handle the zombies till round 10, so no need really for more space to run.

With MP40 and Juggernog/Speed Cola Perk, you can easily last till Round 15. You can buy ammo off the wall for $500. Safely avoid zombie and rack up points till you get a good weapon you are comfortable with from the Mystery Box. Now here is when luck plays a major role, you won’t survive if you don’t get a good weapon at this stage of the game but keep trying.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies Kino Der Toten Solo Strategy Round 15-20
You can either stay in the same vicinity or open the alleyway. It depends whether you want more room to run or you are comfortable already. Your aim is the key! to your success as a lone warrior. But, if you leave it closed, its easier to run around behind the stage.

General Strategies
1# Start on the stage with teleporter open, ready to go at your command.
2# Run Run Run! and keep Running.
3# Group zombies into clusters, and blast them.
4# Run towards where you started the game and then come back. Do it, if you can. It may not be that simple doing then writing but anyway, you can try.
5# Teleporter is your Back Up plan, that is, if you get out of ammo. Which you would for most of the times. Too many zombie whores.
6# You can run away easily being solo, so be quick, and don’t get caught in the cluster of zombies or you are done.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies Kino Der Toten Solo Strategy Round 20 onwards
If you have survived by now, its most probably due to the fact you got your hands on a good weapon and perks. (Ray Gun, LEWTZ!, Light Machine Gun + MP40/Zeus Cannon, All 4 Perks/Monkeys)

Now You need to get lucky and get Thunder Gun!, if you are too survive longer solo in Kino Der Toten map.

Once you get it, upgrade it and go berserk on zombies. Upgrade gets you more ammo capacity, and with its explosive power, you will definitely need more ammo in later stages of the game.

Now use General Strategy #3, and lead them into traps. You can buy traps. For the very reason we have been focusing on accumulating points from the start of the game. If you have been doing so, they will come in handy now.

You can combine Mp40 with Double Tap to accumulate more points fast, though it would mean more ammo needed.

Each bullet will hit several zombies in a cluster. That would mean you get 10 points X no. of zombies the bullet hits. Equals lot of points/cash for you to buy traps.

Its an added bonus if you get double points on the way!

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies Kino Der Toten Solo Strategy Round 30 onwards
Tough time now, lot of zombies and they are getting faster and deadlier but, now you are smarter then ever. Experience count for something isn’t it ? you just have to be a bit cautious and it will be all right.
1# Group of Zombies and do the damage to the cluster.
2# Set traps and take most of the upcoming zombies at once with a single trap as they are spawn.
3# Group them and lead them to the traps.
4# Lead them out through the trap in the corridor leading to the lobby, or through the dressing room.
5# Use lobby to run back to the stage. Use alleyway and hit the firetrap to head back to the stage if things don’t go in your favor – weird zombie spawns.
6# Use teleport, buy nades, and spam them in grouped zombies.

When you will teleport back from the projection room, zombie will probably come your way faster from the theater. So, run straight ahead with Zeus Cannon and hit trap immediately. Some still will get through, so be careful, don’t fall asleep after hitting the trap.

7# Survive on the run, be careful entering unknown locations as their might end up infront of a zombie group.

8# Most importantly, use traps to kill zombies, and use Thunder Gun/Ray Gun as your Survival Ticket as a last resort.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies Kino Der Toten Solo Strategy Round 40 onwards
1# Run, Run, Run, Run!
2# Teleport, Teleport.
3# Spam Nades, and repeat.
4# Trap the group, use monkey and blast it with thunder gun. Another good strategy.
5# Group the maximum amount of zombies and activate the trap.
6# Get ammo refill at the end of round, using one-zombie-left strategy but that bastard will be faster then ever. You can leave two zombie alive, they are probably slower as compared the last cunt. I don’t know if its a glitch or something.

Kino Der Toten Strategy +45 Rounds

This video guide below shows you have to reach 45+ rounds in Call of Duty: Black Ops Kino Der Toten Zombie Map. It shows the paths to take, the traps to set, and how to effectively use crawlers to your advantage. Thunder Gun upgraded to Zeus Cannon and go berserk on Zombie whores. Be economical with your ammo, or you are busted. You would need either MP40 or AK74u to evade Hellhounds. You can also easily get its ammo off the wall. After 35+ rounds, weapons become useless, so use trap mostly. Watch the video by GhettoPharmacist for more =)

Black Ops Zombies Kino Der Toten 4 Players Team Strategy

This strategy works with or without the weapon glitch, but the weapon glitch makes it easier. (Discussion Extract from NextGenUpdate)

For the first few rounds make sure to let the zombies in and knife for the final kill. This will get you the most points. Start with 4 rounds to the chest for round 1 and go up by 4 shots each round.

So 1=4 shots, 2=8 shots, 3=12 shots, and so on. Stay here until round 5 if possible, may get lucky with max ammo and such. Save a crawler and take the door right, up the stairs.

Continue Unlocking as many doors as you can going around the right side of the map to the stage, hit the power. At this point it depends on the points left for your team. If you have enough unlock the door across from where you came onto the stage and continue upstairs across the room and down into the alley.

Do not unlock the door at the end of the alley. If you don’t have enough points for all the doors then go another round on the stage until you do. Get either a gun off the wall or the box and do the weapon glitch if you know it and you have the points.

If you don’t know the glitch get perks. Otherwise try to save your points for guns. Go back to the alley and go all the way to the end. Have one man cover the window there and the other three will stand facing towards the gate.

Some zombies will come off in the middle and the rest will come through the gate. Stand in the right spot and they all line up for you. If you are doing the weapon glitch keep the ballistic knives.

Try to make sure the guy at the window doesn’t have either thunder gun or the ballistic knives. The reason why is if someone goes down you must keep someone at the window still because if they break in, it can be tough to recover.

In case someone goes down you have three options.
1# (Requires upgraded ballistic knives) If the person with the knives is alive he will pull them out while the other front man covers, preferably with ray gun, and shoot your downed teammate with the knife which will instantly revive him.

2# Pull out the Thunder Gun and cover while other front man revives.

3# Throw a monkey, man covering window can do this but don’t leave to revive unless you are only one alive. Try to throw your monkey up and over the awning behind the gate. If something goes wrong or you just get overwhelmed as a last resort you can open the door and run.

If you do this try to setup a running path and activate traps as you go. Then to start each round stand in the teleporter and activate the turret gun teleport when they feel to close for comfort or someone goes down.

While up in the Pack-A-Punch room feel free to throw a monkey, if you have enough to spare, and reign hell with either grenade launchers, rockets, or throw grenades and buy more. Once you teleport back, don’t forget to look for power ups in the small rooms you teleport to.

Run up the stair case and through the door and wait for the zombies and activate the fence run to the stage and turn on the second fence in the dressing room if needed.

Try to push back through the middle to the lobby and start the loop again. Activate the teleport whenever it is off cool down and use it when you can. But try to not use it if close to the end of the round just in case you can’t get a crawler so you have it to start the next round.

Also if you are doing the gun glitch and you really want a lot of guns notice none of the weapons on the walls are in the box so trade crappy guns, python, snipers, rocket and grenade launchers for guns off the wall and you can buy back the guns you traded either to keep them or to get even more guns from the wall.

Share with us your best strategy and maximum level you reached in Kino Der Toten and tell us how. Share your tips, paths, and any glitches that can be used in this map. Good or Bad, keep it coming.

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  • Cyclops115

    does any one knows my friend Berger115

  • Cyclops115

    I made up to 109 level and then i went down because i was out of ammo and couldnt get a now gun from any where not even the wall

  • Cyclops115

    If u are playing online with others and they down and u have the berlitick knife shot a knife at them and it will get them up insind of walking up to them and hold down the X or Squre. ITS SO MUCH BETTER THEN HOLDING DOWN A BOTTON!

  • Shane

    Whenever I try to make a crawler with ‘Nades , they always bleed out on me.

  • ZT-21

    I agree u need the thundergun/zeus cannon after round 20 (or in my case as early as possible). But one of the best strategies i have is rape training on the stage. You can use the zeus cannon to get out of tricky situations but most of the time you wont have to bother. Once there are enough zombies together one good shot from the zeus cannon should deal with them

  • ideaguy

    I got an idea at round 1 kino multiplayer leave one zombie ON LEGS have 2 player down their selfs and you and your other teamate will distract zombie you revive let them down then revive do this till you get as much money as you need open every door then pack punch weopeon and do myster box till you got thundergun let your team down their selfs again then get enough to pack punch for thundergun to zues cannon let the distractor get the money to get thunder gun because once you pack a punch thundergun you can have another so you become distractor blah blah blah then switch to person who’s downer let other team get thundergun pack a punch to zues cannon then get all perks you might want to do this down thing before you do perks get juggernog and your all set and that was round one!

    • SpaceLama25

      First of all! You dont get more money! If u get downed u lose about 500 points and the one who revives will gain 500 points. So u dont gain nothing. And your strategie sucks. So everyone has perks, everyone has there favorite gun. You played about 2 hours to get this done and still at level 1? If u want to get far then u play as it should be done. Dont waste time at all!!! But find a killing strategy that works for you and your team.

  • SpaceLama25

    I have been playing this map for ages now. And i could say that i know a lot of strategies, but cant agree with all of them. First of all zombies should be a two player gameplay, because with the more people u are the more zombies u get. Also you will be in eighothers ways and will get downed because of another player. It will take more time.

    For now i want to share a strategie that i cant find anywhere. It involves the firepit. U can start this strategie as soon u have monkey bombs or upgraded crossbow.
    – start round
    – go into the teleporter
    – go to fire pit and activate it
    – hold the back window, 1 person
    – shoot at the zombie train for points, other person
    – when fire pit runs out throw monkey or use crossbow

    Fire pit is the trap with longest duration. It needs a lot coordination between the two players, because the person that is holding the window doesnt see the fire pit running out. But this strategie kills the most zombies within one go. Never open that backdoor obviously.

  • gang dc

    are you guys using glitches to get so far

  • dominique

    i need help i made it to round 100 and died cuz my thunder gun did not want to shoot why

    • CycloneChilli

      Was it out of ammo by any chance?

  • @LucasQuiles

    nice man

  • KillZombies

    Hi guys i lasted till round 34 with 1459 kills with 34450 points after getting all the upgrades meaning the jagonut ;speed cola ;power boost aswell as quick revive-and actived 2 radios
    please contact me on

  • KillZombies

    howsit guys i read up that in Kino der Toten zombie mode i last to round 39 solo just runing around going with my insticts ;i have a question though ;i see there are 4 reels that you need to pick up and put in the projector in the pick up punch room-Where you upgrade your weapons;does that reels lower the ladder behind the theatre room? or how can we lower the ladder? someone please get back to me on that on-if you did not know there is a ladder in that stage is ;if you coming from where the dressing room into the theater as you come through the silver door on your left hand side there is a stand of power boards if you view up you will see the ladder i was told by afew people that you can lower that ladder by collecting 4 reels and playing it though the projector afew of my friends lasted till round 89 with that ladder and ran out of ammo-he instructed me as follows -collect 4 reels from the rooms that you go into from the pick a puck(weapons upgrade room)you usually find them on the beds or tables it is a circular object that lays flat it is a reel that you pick up with square and to place it in the projector you have to go on the right hand side and hold square till you see the reel disappear from where your bomb display is-it usually shows a circle that looks like a rim if you guys do not know what a reel is-if you pick it up you will see that when you exit the room and return to the stage on your bomb display will show that sign intead of a grenade.if someone has an answer get back to me on

  • seymur

    cox gozel

  • Grand_Kage

    Hello killerofzombies i will help u on the part about the ”knowing good guns”but i can’t help as far as the system your playing the game on.I only own the playstation 3.Now if u also own black ops for the playstation 3 then i can help u in game.However please don’t use cussing on this site because children also use this site for references on how to survive.Ok now knowing good guns.It depends on what your confortable with.But if you want to go for tons of points to put u further up on the leader board,then these work great.Ok now if u see the ray gun in the box get it,as it is always a good gun to use to herd the zombies and to get u out of a sticky situation,if u find yourself in one.Ok here’s a list of some great guns,off the wall and in the box.Weapons off wall:MP40(in foyer),AK74u(in alley),and a few others but these are the only ones i use and there great for both racking up points and quick kills even into the 30 rounds.Ok box weapons:Commando,gaili,raygun,thundergun,monkey bombs,crossbow,dual wield pistols,aug,,EN FAL,famas,rpk,python.These are the only ones i go for because there all round great guns to use.Now this is usually what i use when i start(if i can)the ray gun,as second hand weapon,and either of these gun,gaili,commando,MP40,for point building,AK74u for points and quick headshots,and my favorite the 2 light machine guns,rpk can’t remember the other one.Then when i’m herding zombies in the center of the theater stage i use the lighter gun i’m carrying to maneuver to herd them,then i switch to the point collector the guns i listed above as my favs then i kill them preferably with headshots.You get more points for getting them all lined up them shooting them,also saves on ammo.Another great perk to buy is double tap at round 18,for more points,ans also quicker kills.Hope this helps,and i look forward to helping u out more as u need it.My username for the Playstation is Grand_Kage put just like that.:)

    • shabana aziz

      Hi buddy thanks for chatting to me the last time you were online i really appreciate it. Ahsan was wondering the last time he played with you and Worthy, he noticed you had 3 weapons instead of 2 he was wondering how you did that. I asked him if he was sure and he wanted me to ask you lol. I am going to wait a bit before i get black ops 2 there’s no hurry ahsan is enjoying black ops for now.
      btw lighterdragon is a great guy i am really glad you guys are friends.
      Take care and see you next time :)

      • Will

        It is the perk mule kick. It’s located right before the second door up stairs. My names will, and I have played zombies for like a month now and in round like 18 I start going down. I tried your technique but I still get cornered. Message me on ps3 please because I don’t get on here very often. My name is ninja6756. Just as it is.

        • LSOBPRB1

          When I play in a group after i get my ray gun Hk21 and/or RPK and a 3rd gun because i always get mule kick i just chill in the back of the alley but never open that back gate keep speed cola jug and quick revive just in case I easy get to round 21 before i try to play hero and kill myself because someone goes down and i want to save them. also on dog rounds rememebr to stay where the dogs cant hit you

    • IamJesu5

      Don’t use bad words? Dude, it’s Black Ops. If kids play this and see all the blood, gore, and all the things Nikolai, Richthofen, and Dempsey say, don’t you think they’re already used to it? (If you say no, then you’re the stupidest person ever)

  • killerofzombies

    Hey dude i play cod boz for wii and i need some help here with those zombitches on kino my cellphone number is 97823114 im honduran and i need some people who knows how to play cause im sick to risk my fucking ass for some stupid newbies that just want the raygun or thunder and also need a little help for knowing good guns my user is killerofzombies1999

    • HEADSHOTeditzHD

      hey killerof zombies, i have a wii and 360 and right now im on the wii, so if you ever do see this comment please reply back, my hightest is round 32, but right now im on 22 and im paused to sleep and am trying to beat my record

  • Grand_Kage

    Hello Shabana,and ashan thank you for replying.Ok so now i finally have some questions to answer,lol,now i’m happy.Well ok now u wanted to know which are the best weapons to play with.Well to be honest there are a few that are great,and also help to gather up those badly needed points quickly.The guns that i use and have great success with are these.(though they run out quickly and are off the wall weapons i usually only use off the wall weapons as they can be refilled for 4500 points)The first one is the ”AK74u” located in the alley,and the ”mp40” in the foyer or speed cola room. the ”mp40” is one of the best weapons to gather points with.There are other guns that are great as well in a pinch but these are pretty much all i use.Plus to be honest i can’t remember the names of them ,lol.Sorry about that,but i can show you where they are when u guys next want me to play with you.Guns to never use are:the”olyipia”and the”m16”i think is what it’s called(located in the theater room by the power switch)these 2 weapons are death traps,slow reloads and 3 round burst. ok now i wanted to say this though don’t be afraid to buy from the box every once in while but don’t over spend on it especially if you find it in the beginning u need to keep a certain amount of points back for like the jugger naug (2500)top priority and a gun off the wall incase the gun from box runs out.there are some pretty awesome weapons from the box as well.Like for example the galil,ray gun,thunder gun,crossbow,dual wield pistols,aug,commando,EN FAL,famas,rpk,python,and the monkey bombs.They are all great guns and can help gather up points as well.Now as for the part on how to gather more points to buy the jugger naug then simply try to stay in the first room till the dog come out.(that is if there are good players playing with u)Shoot the zombies in the torso 6 time for 1st round then knife,round 2 12 shot to torso then knife,3rd round 15 shot to torso then knife .NOTE:all this is done with the pistol.4th round 16 bullets and knifing and grenade’s.Then by this time u move on to the foyer buy mp40 and stay here for 3 more rounds,taking the 2 windows at the bottom of stairs.Then buy next door,another player buys next if he’s not cheap.There u have it u should now have about 7000 giver take more points to buy jugger naug and bowie knife or gun and claymores.Do all this and u will be killing more zombies in no time at all.By the way always save an extra 2500 just in case u go down,so u can buy jugger naug again.Well i hope this answers your questions so far and look forward to more questions u may have,and to play with u 2 again when u ask it lol.Ok bye for now.”Grand_Kage”

    • shabana aziz

      @Grand_Kage Hello i hope you are well Ahsan has a question for you lol how do you survive as many rounds as you do he plays with other people and sometimes he is the only one left everyone else needs to be revived he runs around and kills zombies but he gets backed up into a corner and dies.We have seen you in these situations and you always manage to survive.How long have you been playing kino? and were you always this good? thank you and see you next time.

      • Grand_Kage

        Hello shabana and ashan,thank u for the questions.keep them coming in.OK i’ll start with the”how long have u been playing,and have u always been this good”.Well to tell u the truth i have not always been this good.It took lots of practice and when i started out playing kino there were no guides out there and everyone who played were just trying out new things as well.When i started playing,it was with my dad and his friends(this is also where i got hooked into game)and we were terrible even worse than u were in the beginning.We were only surviving maybe like 8 rounds at the most and that was with 4 of us and the other 2 were good but not great(we were dragging them down i think because they sounded annoyed by the end of it lol).The most kills i got when i started out was 68 i think(bad i know lol)but again the game had just come out then.As for how long have i been playing it.Well off and on for 1 1/4 years.We had gamefly and we had to send it back to get a newer game that was just released at the time(sniper ghost warrior)so i stopped playing it for quite a few months.Then we got it back again because i couldn’t stop thinking about the zombies.Once more we sent it back again,and now i own it,and have been playing it for 5 1/2 months now.But not everyday as u already know.Now for my favorite part.As for how do i survive so many rounds,and how do i get myself out of sticky situations.(corners)It’s simple buddy,u need to form a herding technique.”Herding technique:when u gather hordes of zombies behind u like a zombie train then when u are not cornered turn around and unload on then with gun till they are dead again or until there are less following u.The herding technique i use is the center stage ‘crisscross'(my own technique by the way).I’ll show u how to do this one when we next play maybe tommorrow.Another tech,center stage in a circular motion to keep them following u.3rd the back stage.4TH the map lap:running around the map in the way u took when u first opened the doors.5TH is the teleporter technique:when u link teleporter then when zombies start to come at u enough teleport,then when u respawn at lobby(place u start in)run the map back to the theater where the teleporter is.Note:when doing the map lap,and the teleporter lap don’t move way to fast or zombies will turn around and start coming in the direction u are running in.The map lap and the teleporter herding techinque is what i reccommend for u,for now.When u get more practice in u will be able to feel when it’s right to run or when to walk.These are the things i do to survive so long into the rounds.When u are doing any of these techniques as the rounds go up the zombies do get faster so keep on guard ok buddy.(it also helps to have the guns u are most confortable with) Now furthermore i’m going to give u a little secret.Practice on this map till u kill more than 250 consistently and can survive more than 22 rounds.Reason is this.This is the place i have spent most of my time,til i just recently got the rezurrection DLC,and let me tell u it made a world of difference.As u may already know thanks to my practice and love for kino on my first attempt on Nacht untoten i killed like 100,and went 15 rounds,on Verruct went 22 rounds killed more than 278 zombies on my 3rd attempt.der Riese on my first attempt killed 200 went 15 rounds,second attempt killed 709,went 26 rounds,3rd attempt killed 1463,went 35 rounds,4 downs,and on the moon 830 kills,and 22 rounds on my 1st attempt.So keep practicing on kino and when u if u get the rezurrection DLC you’ll do great like i did.I know i must sound like a complete nut case to u guys but,this is my hobby and i love killing zombies.For me it’s the thrill of surviving with 4 other players and helping each other out when needed and surviving till i can’t survive anymore because either there are 2 many of them or i make a mistake.And the real fun begins as the rounds go up,and it’s harder to get max ammo’s to drop,and u have to improvise using traps,grenades,and guns off wall.Well i hope to play with u more maybe tommorrow and if not then,when i’m next on,and i’m always excited to answer anything u 2 want to know about zombies.I’ll also try to teach u the tech i use.In addition i’m going to try to record the other dlc maps i have,so i can put them on u tube eventually lol.Ok bye for now and i await your guys next questions.Happy holidays to u guys.:)Grand_Kage

        • Shabana aziz

          @Grand_Kage hello again and just for the record we don’t think you’re a nut case it’s great to see your passion and dedication for this game I’m the same for resident evil lol black ops is a very popular game most people have it we only got it because of your brother this game definitely suits your style of gameplay thank you for replying so quickly sorry I didn’t write anything sooner happy thanksgiving to you and your family take care buddy see you next time online :)

          • Grand_Kage

            Well hello shabana and ashan.Thanks for not thinking of me as a nut case lol.Well i’m glad we cleared up that,it’s not thanksgiving over here yet lol,only Halloween.OK well i must give u some more advice then.Well i’m not sure what issues u are having on kino now,but i can say that u are getting better at staying alive.Just keep practicing the map lap or the tech i showed u last’s always easier to practice with players u know,like me your best buddy.But when i’m not on just see if any of your other friends are on to play with them.But again they may not even want to play so just play with 3 others from online,it’s harder but it’s still great practice.And please,post some more question u have,in addition to that also post how many u killed as your record and how many rounds you’ve survived.Ok i’ll see u online hopefully tommorrow,then we can play some.PS:i recorded that kino match with those other 3.I had the most kills by at least 700 putting me up to 1363 kills.we survived 27 rounds.though i must admit the zombies were coming out much faster than they usally do.It was like they were on nightmare mode.I took the whole theater room myself.When i put it on u tube then u guys can watch my tech even better.I only went down 3 times.I went down at round 20 i think thanks to another player lol.But it was fun.I’m going to try to record some more tommorow though.See u next time i’m on.Have tons of fun and enjoy your selves ok guys.RES6 rules lol.:)”Grand_Kage”

  • shabana aziz

    By the way congratulations for beating your record Ahsan is looking forward to playing with you again he thinks you’re awesome like your brother lol

  • shabana aziz

    Hey John sorry about the confusion before on the chat Ahsan had a great time playing with both of you guys hopefully play with you again some time take care and thanks for playing

    • Grand_Kage

      Hey no worries,i really enjoyed playing with u and ahsan.Ahsan is getting much better,and i’m proud of him.Just a few tips i want to give u to better your chances of surviving.Try not to window steal or kill stealing in the first room,the reason is that when your playing with other players they tend to hate it,and they leave because there trying to build there points up to buy doors,guns,and perks.(perks are like jugger naug,speed cola,double tap,quick revive and the newer one)Another great tip:if someone opens the first door then u open the next,it’s so that everybody works towards the power switch located in the theater while still having enough points to buy jugger naug.I have noticed that when we were playing that u weren’t buying jugger naug. You should because it prevents u from going down in 2 hits. Instead with jugger naug it will now take 4 hits to down u.It’s the red machine in the theater room down the hall hang a right just before u enter the lobby area(place u started in).Another thing u should try is building your points up using the guide above.And about the hidden song i’ll show u where the 3 rocks are to activate the song if u guys will have me next time.Again i really enjoyed playing with u and ahsan.PS:please if ahsan or u have any questions about how to survive on kino or any issues u are stuck on then write them here.I’ll be more than happy to answer them, and by the way no question is a stupid one.Bye for now and the pleasure was all mine.:)”Grand_Kage”

      • Shabana aziz

        Hey John thanks for the advice will definitely keep it in mind Ahsan says thank you until next time thanks :)

        • Grand-Kage

          Hello Shabana and Ashan.Sorry for not replying last time,i was in a hurry and could’nt reply.Well i was happy to see that Ashan learned where the hidden rocks were.I enjoyed playing with u last time it was tons of fun,and sorry for not staying alive longer,i really felt stupid lol.I’m also impressed that u are surviving longer and killing more zombies.Well next time my brother’s on let him know if u want me to play with u and i’ll be more than happy to play.Thank’s for saying what u said on the mic,makes me happy that someone is actually using my guides and tips to play kino.By the way i broke my record on my kill total,it’s now 1856 kills it was 1310 a 546 difference.I was so happy.Sorry that didn’t get to let you know last time.Ok now it’s your turn to leave some issues u are having on kino.For example:like how to survive longer,what’s the best guns to use and so on.Anything u want to know,so i can help u on it.I know there are some things u want to know how to do,and i’m your go to guy for this,so i’ll wait patiently for your questions,and if u don’t want to type them ask your mom and maybe she will.Well bye for now and hopefully we can play together again sometime i look forward to it.”Grand_Kage”

          • Shabana aziz

            @Grand_Kage thank you so much Ahsan had fun playing with you he was asking which are the best weapons to use for kino and he struggles with getting his points up he can never afford the jugger nog thank you

  • shabana aziz

    whoops spelt my name wrong again great job!!

    • Grand_Kage

      Thank you for the support on the strategy guide.Please feel free to put your strategy on here as well.Maybe i can try it.By the way recently i found that using the double tap machine(cola)in the later rounds finish the zombies off sooner.I just recently was playing with 2 other friends on kino where we survived 32 rounds killed 1278 with 278 head shots and i was doing my crisscross technique around the stage area and the double tap was very help full because it helped me kill them off faster.Though i wouldn’t bother getting it till round 19 or 20.It’s very useful with the ray gun because they go down so easy.I would recommend getting speed cola(not needed til round 19 and up in my opinion especially if u have the ak74u because you move faster anyway)revive cola,monkey symbols,claymores,and obviously jugger naug.Wanted to put this out there as well,players seem to think that using double tap will use up your ammo to fast making it useless,well i have one thing to say”Their wrong”.The reason is this:if u have a zombie at round 25 it’s going to take 25 or less bullets to kill it,that means that u have to put 25 shots in him before he will go down correct.Well then it only stands to reason that if u use double tap cola then he will die faster,while still taking 25 bullets to kill him,so in essence your not wasting any bullets at all u just have to learn to ease up on the trigger some.Double tap is really just rapid fire that’s all.players only waste ammo because they don’t know how to stop firing sooner.The best way is to herd them using your own technique then shoot them so u save some ammo in the process i call it bullet economics or ammo saving for the.So now jose wanted to say this. ” jose says:
      September 14, 2012 at 7:35 am

      ”i agree with you up to round 14 where you run for the the last rock. i really enjoy killing zombies for optimum points. this method is a great method and very easy to keep picking up points. i usually wouldn’t do the last zombie till higher rounds. but for the most part i like this.

      I’m confused as to what u are referring to when u say:”I usually wouldn’t do the last zombie till higher rounds”.Let me know what it is u are talking about and i’ll answer as soon as possible.Ok now don’t forget to leave your strategy on how u make it high in the rounds,and tell me whether u think double tap is worth getting,and if what i said here makes sense. PS: FollowThru post your questions as well,any and all doesn’t matter their all welcome here.That’s why i’m doing this.Because I love kino der toten so darn much,lol. Ok bye for now guys.:)

      • jose

        when i wrote the comment to not killing off the last zombie till higher rounds, i meant when the group leaves a “crawler” on the end of the round, i usually wouldn’t do that till round thirty and up, am more concerned about points and keep players alive

        • Grand_Kage

          hello jose.I agree with u on that strategy.Sometimes i get bored when the other players leave a crawler alive after every round.(including the first few)I see no reason for doing this in the beginning round(IT ONLY DRAGS IT OUT).It’s only good like u said at about round 30,but i don’t always mind them leaving it alive after round 24.They may need to especially,if they have never made it past round 20 lol.I try not to play with players who have not made it past round 25 ,but there are times that i make exceptions.This does not mean that i’m not willing to help people who ask for help,because i’m more than willing to do so.I’m always happy to play with new people.Now this is just me but after i turn the power on i don’t really bother with boarding up the windows,unless they left a crawler alive lol.By the way i must give u kudos on being able to keep the other players alive while trying to rack the points up.I must admit that i have trouble with the reviving part because i don’t want to go down while reviving him/her.But i manage a good deal when i buy the revive cola(which for the most part i buy in the beginning)and have the guns that clear them out of the way long enough to revive them.Wanted to say this i consider this a general rule:if u can revive a fallen player do so,but if u feel as though it’s a fools mission(meaning there’s 2 many)then go on surviving so the game can continue,that’s what my friends say anyways lol.Besides if u use the system for racking up the points then u should have no problem rebuying the weapons needed.I will say this i wish players will for the love of god kill the last zombie by the jugger naug machine lol so i can get it when i respawn.Well bye for now and great idea about leaving the crawler alive we must try it together hopefully sooner rather than later.Ps:i really want to hear your strategy guide on how u survive it will really interest me.Well bye for now and hopefully i’ll see u on tommorrow.”Grand_Kage”

  • Grand_Kage

    hello all just thought that i would put my stratigy out their as well.first things first:

    • Grand_Kage

      hello all just thought that i would put my stratigy out their as well.this is what i usally the first round i usally take the window that nobody else wants (so there’s less chance of a player window stealing)and i wait for the first zombie to make his way towards me while he’s doing that i shoot him in the torso 6 times exactly (no more or u will kill him and lose your chance for more points)after i shoot him 6 time i let him take a board off the window and while he’s busy doing that i’ll reload and shoot the others 6 times as well while there making there way towards me.then i’ll board up the window at the same time i’m knifing the first one that i already shot 6 times then i’ll knife the rest exept one. so he can take a few more boards off the window so i can get a few more points .after the i’ve reached the point limit for getting points for boarding i kill the last one.(incase your doing the math that 60 for torso shots 130 for knifing and 10 points each time u board the window so we’ll just go with an even 200 for each zombie so if u killed 4 or 5 zombies u just made 1000 points in the first round and if your like me and didn’t get a single gun off the wall in the first room u have 1500 points giver take few less or more points) Round 2 is similar in formula to the first round but i’ll tell u what to do anyways.shoot the zombies making there way towards u like last round but by this time u have only maybe 20 shots left altogther so shoot the first zombie 10 times not knifing yet and do the same for the next one as well now your out of ammo if there are more coming then then knife them once no more then let them out of the window knife them now all of them and if your lucky u just got max ammo and maybe insta reload if there are any additional zombie trying to come threw use the formula and shoot them 10 times then knife.maybe 6 came ou the window this time so more math time here(10 torso shots equals 100 points plus 130 knifing and 10 for boarding so even 250 times 6 so 1500 again is now 3000 altogther just in the first 2 rounds. Now round 3 is little more tricky but workable.Same formula shoot 14 times in torso then knife being sure to leave 1 alive to spam the window boarding points.Now at some point u will run out of ammo when this happens don’t freak out and buy a gun off the wall, be a pro knife them all and say i’m rambo,because it’s not likey that u will get another max ammo till after the dog round is complete.board up your window 2 times then stop wait til the start of the 4th round then finsh boarding it up for additional points to pick up so poinst lost with no ammo. ROUND 4 ok so now u think i’m going to tell u to use the formula right wrong it all changes here’s what to do.Don’t panic and open the door upstairs (UNLESS SOME IDIOT ALREADY DID)stay at your window this time and as soon as a zombie comes close enough to the window knife,knife,knife in that order and be punctual about it and make sure u keep the window boarded (so they don’t get threw for as long as possible)if u do it successfully u would have killed them all and are now waiting for your fellow teammates to kill there’s that is if they are skilled. This is in case u had difficulty keeping the zombies in the window.If they start to get threw because u had to move away from the window so u didn’t die from there 2 hit wonders then stay calm finsh the rest with a few cooked grenades thrown at the window i usally only have to use 1 but more may be required if u are at a lower window than the window up at the top of the stairs.(note i usally always look for a player that has killed more than 700 or more to play with so i have a better chance of going further.if u want better results for going further i would just try to get Wintergreen5000 and a few others from this post page to help with this stratigy but try me as well lol)Now at this point u should have much more points than the others by a large margin. ROUND5 by this point u are out of ammo and could be low on grenades or even out so now it’s time to go because the dogs should be coming on this round(note that in some cases the doge don’t come out this round and come out on the 6th round if this happens just stay and do the same as for the last round)so now u open the first door and hopefully someone opens the next one if they don’t just open it.(there cheap)make your way down the stairs buy the m40 off the wall and crouch by the next door and kill the dogs that come at u reload every time u think theres a breather.just kill everyone reload and revive anyone who went down so they can reload as well get the max ammo round complete. ROUND 6-7 now i usually stay at the bottom of the stairs and kill any zombies that come to the 2 windows and cover the one upstairs by the stakeout.(basicilly i cover the window the others don’t)i usally take these 2 because the others are usally fighting for the kills upstairs area that leads back to the lobby.and i usally get a fair amount of zombies here any ways to keep me happy and if they bring there load with them there are no zombies to trap us downstair incase we need to run.ok round 6-7 complete.ROUND 8-9 now i make my way towards the power switch(i don’t care what u do this is what works for me u can survive without turning it on as long as u like but thats your bussiness)turn the power on initiate link with teleporter run down the theater to the juggernaug buy it then because i have more points than the others buy the bowie knife.( my favorite knife,now u truly are rambo and u had better own it too)ok so now u have jugger and bowie knife every enemy for the next 2 rounds.(points galore tip i usally activate the hidden song to get me in the mood for more zombie killing at this point 1 in the lobby 2nd in dressing roon 3rd on self past ally upstairs) ROUND 10-12 shoot each zombie 3 times any where then knife. use the remaining ammo from the m40 to shoot them 3 times then knife. ROUND13 after these 3 rounds u should be low on ammo and have enough points to buy quick revive and open the door to the 3rd meteorite go past down the stairs get the AK74U off the wall and kill zombies doing headshots after this round of alternating knifing and headshots the gun should be empty and the teleporter should be linked again.ROUND14 AND UP use the teleporter pack a punch the AK74U then kill the zombies coming up the stairs from the theater room make your way to the theater.(this is the method i use for herding zombies i crisscross around the machine gun and kill the zombies this way and if that doesn’t work for u then don’t fear this formula is diverse use your method of herding while keeping with the knifing and shooting for more points)kill the zombies using crisscross and keep moving and if u run out of ammo for the gun u should have enough for the ammo off the wall for this gun .these are the exact things i did to survive high rounds on kino der toten never really bothering with the mystery box. i’ve seen so many players waste there money on the box and not have enough to open any doors or buy jugger and they die .so i try the box once or twice in the beginning and if i don’t get a gun i want i just go on surviving using the guns off the wall.i like using the AK74U because of it’s high fire rate quickly killing zombie even in the higher rounds and i got tons of this is what i did to survive in the higher rounds i managed to survive for 40 rounds kill 1310 zombies and get 367 headshots i know this was very long but hopefully it was informative.and let me know how long u guys survived using my method by the way when i got the 1310 kills and survive i didn’t use the mb just the gun off wall.if u would like to add me just send me a message not a add friend request because my list is full just send the message and i’ll add u that way ok my user name is exactly put like this “”Grand_Kage”.hope u like:)

      • shababa aziz

        Great job buddy very well played =))))))

      • shabana aziz

        I can’t see my earlier comment but i wanted to say you have a great gameplay strategy you’re very good!!

        • Grand_Kage

          hello and thanks i tryed this strategy myself before i posted it so i knew it worked.well try it out and let me know if it works for u and please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions u and your son have on kino.Let me know if u ever want to try kino. Just let my brother know if u want me to join u 2 and i’ll jump right in.Just wanted to let u know this was my strategy,but i don’t expect u and your son,and my brother to do this strategy right off the bat.The main point of this kino guide was to build your points up faster in the first few rounds so u can buy the next door,til u get to the power switch(leaver located by the curtain down by other end of the way u entered this area)and do what u can to survive.Now i watch u 2 play from time to time and try to help,so this is what i would recommend for u guys.First round try not to buy gun off wall just take a window each andd shoot the zombies in the torso 6 times (or till there’s only 2 bullets left in the gun)then knife u will get 60 points for shooting and 130 for knifing and 10 points every time u put the board back,even 200 points.Multiply that by 4 or 5 zombies that come through your window and u just made an even 1000 points in round 1 plus the 500 points u saved for not buying gun off wall (which equals 1500).Round 2 shoot 10 times in torso then knife and board window.When knifing,just knife and move back as fast as u can,2 hits without jugger naug and your dead.Round 3,4,and 5,just get sniper(m14 at top of stairs,wasting time with shotgun 2 slow of reload time)off all in first room and rack up the points the best way u guys can,then after round 5 leave.(i don’t even stay in the first room past the dog round which is in most cases round 5 or 6)now go upstairs,1 buys door the other buys next then go right down stairs get m40 gun off wall.Now someone takes 2 windows at bottom of stairs while the other kills the ones up stairs,so u can build up your points to open the door at bottom of stairs.Then the other player opens next door turns the power on.Then u 2 run down the theater walk way till u see red pop machine(it’s called jugger naug and it requires 2500 points to buy)and if u played your cards right then next to the jugger machine is the bowie knife,buy it for 3000 points.Just knife til round 10 then shoot or spray with gun then knife(being careful not to take more than 4 hits or your down,then you’ll have to buy jugger again)now that u guys are in the theater i would recommend this for u guys.Run around the map like u guys did to get in the theater room.Which is past the jugger machine turn left go up the stair to the first door u guys opened up and keep going(don’t move to fast through the map lap or u may get cornered so run when u feel it necessary.Walk so u can herd them together them unload on them when u feel u guys are safe enough or in the theater walk way(area where u buy jugger naug).Don’t forget about the teleporter,link it up(go in machine press square)when possible so u can upgrade your gun when u have enough points(5000),Then when it teleports u back to lobby room(where u start off at when game begins)shoot some of the zombies coming through from theater room,then run the map like i said above u can use teleporter every round if u like.It’s a good strategy i used to used to use it as well.Don’t forget this,leave 1 zombie alive so u can initiate link with teleporter,then some one runs to the lobby and links it(the circle alien looking thing blue glowing circle on floor press square in lobby)run back to teleporter after u guys boarded up the windows and kill the last zombie.Now wait till the zombies start coming at u in the teleporter then press square to teleport then run lap.Do this every round teleporting running lap around map killing some more zombies,running lap killing more till u leave 1 alive,then board then initiate link with teleporter again and so on.If u make it up into the higher rounds(like round 25)start using the traps by every door way(red boxes by doors press square to activate)use these to get rid of some zombies while your running the lap around map.Also use the mystery box to get better guns like the ray gun and thunder gun,which are the best to have.Ok i think that’s enough for now hope this helps.If u would like me to try this with u 2 let my brother know and i’ll join u or your son.By the way if u would like to try this point collecting strategy or lap strategy,then try it with 4 players,just look for a match .I always start with 4 it’s easier that way for the first few rounds.Doesn’t matter if they leave.Practice.practice,makes better.Also really don’t hesitate to ask me any questions about kino,let me know what u get stuck on and i’ll help u IN EVERY WAY I CAN to try to get past it.Ok bye for now and send anyone u think needs any help or advice on kino der toten. :)

          • shabana aziz

            sure thing thanks and you’re welcome :)

          • jose

            i agree with you up to round 14 where you run for the the last rock. i really enjoy killing zombies for optimum points. this method is a great method and very easy to keep piccing up points. i usually wouldn’t do the last zombie till higher rounds. but for the most part i like this.

  • lXxZ3R0xXl

    Any one thats really good at zombies add me lXxZ3R0xXl

    • tqureshi27

      xbox or ps3?

  • ~ND~Dempsey

    has anybody notised that the girl that sings the song on kino der toten is supposed to be samantha

    • tqureshi27

      nope,its a real singer,the song is called ascension.

  • ~ND~Dempsey

    everybody got to when girls play zombies on utube its sssoooo funny!

  • ~ND~Dempsey

    we got to round 1 thousand it was insane!!

  • ~ND~Dempsey

    i love zombies its my hobby!i did survive 10 thousand rounds i had jugger-nog,quick revive,double tap,speed cola,thunder gun and ray gun upgraded,bowie and and my friends were in the dark room one was coverin the stairs,another was coverin the two barriers,and i was coverin the one barrier.every round we trade spots.we all had the hk21 pap(pack a punched)and ray guns pap and monkeys and all perks.we didnt open the gate 2 the alley or our stradegey will not was easy 10 thousand rounds tradin spots and killin.i almost had 10 million kills no hackin.we stayed there till the zombies kill the stairs guy (witch was me)went in the dark room and killed my friend and the other guy became a retard and ran he turned on traps and shit but he got stuck somewere in the lobby and got killed.

    • johsle

      i call bullshit!

  • RealStewieG23

    I just started getting weapons from MB (MB=Mystery Box) till I get the thunder gun and another good gun get 12500 points then turn on the power to get jug and PaP. And get as far as possible. O and at the beggining let zombies in case of power ups. :)

  • devon scholtz

    i got to round 409

  • Wintergreen5000

    I’ll be honest. This is an interesting guide with a lot of pointers on how to play. A lot of beginner-players will find it much easier to get into higher rounds.

    However,there are a couple things I’d like to comment on concerning some of your methods. First thing… you don’t need good guns right off the bat, or even to get into higher rounds. You can run around with the MP40 and the MP5k and get into the thirties easily.

    What matters the most in Zombies is Juggernog and survival. I’m sure you’d agree. Sure, good guns will kill the zombies more easily and progress the rounds at a faster rate, but they aren’t necessary in the slightest early on. The MP40 will do just fine up into the mid-twenties. It’s not a race to see who can acquire the best guns and kill the most zombies the fastest.

    Secondly, as a result of acquiring and using more powerful weapons like the Ray Gun and Thundergun, as you annihilate zombies with said weapons, zombies will undoubtedly spawn at a quicker rate. It’s important not to spam such weapons with wanton abandon because they can be your undoing. I’ve seen it happen countless times to people who subconsciously think that just because they have the Ray Gun and Thundergun they can’t be trapped. Quite the contrary if used imprudently.

    The same is true with traps. Once a pack of Zombies are incinerated a new batch will take their place and spawn ahead of your path. That’s why it’s important to move quickly after a trap is triggered. I’d be careful if I were going to resort to a trap-based strategy.

    Furthermore, I’d like to offer another strategy for more advanced players. It is possible for four players to run around in four separate spots. One player can run around in the traditional backstage area.

    Another player can run around below the turret sitting upon the podium next to the teleporter. This could be a tricky spot if you aren’t paying attention, since there are so many spawn points and angles for zombies to run at you. However, this shouldn’t be any kind of a problem for any player who knows how to maneuver.

    The third player can run around in the lobby. I’ve seen this done by quite a few players who have caught on to this spot and have recognized the possibility of surviving and thriving in said area. If I were you I would run this spot clockwise. And I’d also suggest gathering up the zombies first before starting to spray with unrelenting force.

    Lastly, the fourth player needs to be quite adept at maneuvering in order to run the last spot. The “MP40 Room”, the ‘Bar’, the “Foyer”, it goes by numerous names, but is undoubtedly the hardest spot to run around in, though with many conveniences. Facing the Speed Cola, I’d suggest running this spot counter-clock-wise. Forget running the stairway [unless you wish to try and add your own variation]. The area you run around at will be on the ground-floor, next to the MP40 and the Speed Cola, counter-clock-wise.

    It’s important to watch your back at ALL times. You can’t afford to slack if you choose to run around in this spot. It is extremely difficult in the higher rounds. It is however convenient because Speed Cola, the MP40, MP5k, the box spawn-point, and the turret weapon are all right next to you.

    Ammo won’t be a problem for you if you make use of the MP40, which, if you decide to use it, will be your best friend when it comes to making points. You can easily attain 100,000 pts with the MP40 in this spot, and proves invaluable when you have nothing else to use against the zombies. Also, it is useful to have the double-tap perk. Having a faster fire-rate for your MP40 is almost like having an upgrade. Heck! It is an upgrade! but if you’d rather have three guns instead, be my guest. Just don’t complain when you’re trying to switch to your Awful Lawton and … OH DANG IT! You’re dead because you had to cycle through an extra weapon!

    So if you get a third gun, be careful.

    Once you have around 200k and your MP40 does absolutely nothing except make you more points, it is then time to make use of the turret, which makes for an interesting spectacle as you dance around the carnage.

    I will add that you WILL at times seemingly get trapped as you move away from the window by the Speed Cola towards the small space between the chairs and the stairway. Try to keep an eye on the zombies coming down from the stairway and out of the window by the MP40. Time yourself accordingly while passing through this small space and you will be able to slip right passed them. You may need to jump though.

    You WILL, however, as I said, become “trapped” on both sides near this spot. It’s eventually unavoidable. The key is to turn quickly [to the right] and go right back the way you came and sprint/hop alongside the wall and continue towards the MP40, where you will circle around to the left and then continue your routine. Also, try to keep the window by the Speed Cola boarded as much as possible.

    If others decide to take the teleporter, I suggest you get out of that room immediately. You can easily get trapped as Zombies switch back and forth between standing still and running towards you.

    Lastly, DON’T upgrade your MP40 [if you choose to use the MP40 while running around the area] unless you have a LOT of money. Because you don’t get much more ammo and you won’t make back the money you paid for the upgrade or the upgraded ammo. It is however highly preferred over the normal MP40 if you’ve got the money to pay for the loads of ammo you’ll be dumping.

    Beyond that, there’s not much more advice I can give on running this area. But I know it’s very possible because I’ve done it many times. It’s a great way to get hundreds of thousands of points! Give it a shot!

    Well that’s it. If you read all this, thanks! And good luck if you attempt to run around the Foyer/Bar.

  • white tiger

    i got to round 159 then my internet died.

  • A-V

    Honestly, there is no best strategy for Kino Der Toten, at end it’s personal. However, for beginners I give some tips(solo):

    Buy Quick Revive, however if you go down in early rounds don’t bother buuying it again until you get Bowie/Juggernog.

    In early rounds, just use pistol and finish them with knife, don’t buy any wall weapons yet.

    When you get overwhelmed move on to upside door, open doors to MP40 room, then buy MP40.

    Stay there for time that you have accumulated enough points to open doors to Theatre, open doors to there.

    Do NOT put electricity on yet. Stay there and get tons of points just with your MP40. When you reach 3000 or less risky 5500 points, put electricity on and go buy Bowie-knife. Also Juggernog if you have money. Now use your Bowie to kill zombies until round 10, get Juggernog when you have money for it.

    After round 10 you should use MP40 to kill zombies, it is still usable and gathers you nice amount of points.

    Lets say you have 10 000 points thanks to your MP40, now you should find where Mystery Box is. Open doors to there and try it few times. If you get
    -China lake, Ballistic knife, M72 Law or Spectre, you should try to get something else.

    -Spas-12, FN FAL, G11 or Famas, its up to you. Personally I do not find these very great.

    -Commando, AUG, Galil, RPK or HK, definitely you should take them. They are fairly powerful and gather points well.

    -Ray Gun, you might want to keep it as emergency weapon. Myself I find it bit of waste since it does not rack lot of points and if I get cornered with it I usually end killing myself with splash damage. But its up to players choice.

    -Crossbow, this is good option for escape weapon, you just have to upgrade it and its great.(If you shoot it after small time zombies will go dance around bolt for small time)

    -Monkey Bombs, its just great because there is no drawbacks on these. Just remember that it takes some time to prepare these and effect is not instant.

    -Thundergun – My favourite weapon. This is possibly best you can get from that Box, and you should ALWAYS take it if you get change. It is always instant kill at its range. However, ammo capacity is very low so only use if there is change of getting downed.

    Now enjoy what you got from Box(tip you might not know: Fire Sale power ups will only start dropping if you have used Box once empty), use weapons to kill zombies, for example round 20.
    Get speed cola when you have money for it.

    At higher rounds, you should focus on getting Thundergun and using wall weapon of your choice to get points, preferably Ak74u, MP40 or MP5K. Points you get will be used on traps to speed up rounds.

    Thats all for solo, most important is experience and skill, and only way to get that is play and play and play.

    For co-op/more players, there is no much difference. However, with teams that come up through match-making, usually those people are self-fish and bad, and end up leaving commonly.

    For those random teams, you should in beginning hold your own window, but beware of possible killstealing. However, do not go and steal their kills if they do it to you, it just creates spiral of annoyance.

    After 1-3 rounds, they mostly won’t open doors so you will have to do it yourself. So, open door to up and get PM63 if they won’t open next door. Use that and knife to get points for next door, open it. Then get points for MP40 and buy it. Stay there until you can open way to Theatre, and then do it if no one of your teammates surprisingly won’t open doors. From there on if you found Mystery Box your teammates will probably spam it to try get something good, they might end up with China Lake and 0 points…Don’t let Box take your focus off, your goal is to get Power on, use Bowie to get points for Juggernog.

    After it, you should buy Quick Revive because at this point commonly at least 1 teammate has spent their money on possible Mystery Box and having not enough points for Juggernog and starting to go down, where Quick Revive comes handy.

    Box – with multiple players its mostly same as solo but you might well take Ballistic Knife and upgrade it to become awesome revive-machine, since it can revive far away by its shots and instantly.

    Random teams usually make up for funny games which won’t last long, because some going constantly down and ragequitting. But well, you might end up with great team and getting awesome score.

    Thats all I can say to newbies, get some records and remember: Zombies is ment to be fun. That it definitely is with random teams 😀

  • ben

    me and my mate mark have got to rnd rnd 39 on 2player, mark didn’t go down untill rnd 36 and i had the highest score of 1567 kills. it took 5 hours and many years off my life but well worth it.

  • vedder10

    Thanks for the guide. One thing though, you dont need to turn the power on to get the mystery box. If the box is located anywhere but inside the theater, you can get it without the power being on.

  • Fadl44

    Guys any help I went to 49 with a mp40 upgraded and a Zeus cannon ,,,,, buy the jugerr not and the speed cola and of course the self revive stay in the lobby until round 9 :)

  • david

    by the bowie knive and before u go to the mystery box takee it out than get a nother gun in by the way i’m 11 and me and my 11 year old friend only made to round 18 need some help gamertag ps3 monsteru510

  • Thomas

    I’m having trouble getting collector trophy on Kino Der Toten. Seems as if I should get the bowie knife immediately

  • JacobW1

    hey this is how i go to really high round on kino solo on ps3
    Round 1-4, 5, 6 or 7:
    Stay in the lobby and buy Quick Revive on round 2 or 3 and stab don’t shoot if you want power ups (Insta kill, Double points, Nuke or Max ammo) let the zombies go throw the boarded door and kill them.
    Round 8-11:
    Buy the first door UP then open the second door buy MP40 not Stakeout unless you want to be defencive but if you want to be offencive I’d prefer MP40.
    Round 12-14:
    Open the last 2 doors and camp in the stage for a little while then when you kill 10 or 15 zombies turn the power switch on and buy Juggernog don’t buy the Mystery box yet make raoe trains on the stage (run around the stage until there is a hord of zombies and aim at there heads or if you want to kill multiple spray at them (shooting with crosshair.)
    Round 13-18:
    Look for Mystery box and bye it try to get Thundergun a wonder weapon which shoot a large gust of strong wind which is very effective for taking out large groups of zombies then try and get HK21 and Monket bombs (Monkey bombs are good for a deversion if you try to accomplish something) then keep making rape trains when you get the 2 guns I told you upgrade them both and you should have 40000 points when upgrade then both you shold lose 10000 points then get Mule Kick and try get another gun and try to get Ray gun or RPK.
    Round 19-24:
    Keep making rape trains when you mess up… RUN RUN RUN!!! and keep repeating that when your out of ammo run around the whole map open every door plus dont open the other door in the stage but open it when you have to.
    Round 24-INFINITE keep repeating everything after round 13 and try your best! ADD ME JacobW1

  • jake herbert

    you are the best what is your name on xbox

    my hist round on zombes is 65

  • Joe

    Hey guys, Thought I would share my solo strategy for Kino Der Toten that helped get me to level 35 solo.

    Rounds 1 & 2

    BUY QUICK REVIVE.(500pts) KNIFE only. Don’t open any doors, or buy any guns.

    Rounds 3 & 4

    If you can, or you get a power up, (Insta kill/Nuke/Max Ammo) Stay in the lobby til the end of round 4.

    Round 5

    You should have around 5000 points or so by now, Buy the MP-40(1000pts) and keep your pistol. Now get at least 5000 points, and open the doors to the stage,(2500pts) turn the power on, and buy Juggarnog.(2500pts)

    Rounds 6-10

    Run clockwise around the stage with your pistol, Just juke the zombies in front of you, Don’t kill any zombies until they aren’t coming from windows anymore. When you get to the power switch, Turn around and spray into the group(DONT HIT L1/AIM) with the MP-40.

    Rounds 10-15
    Get Speed Cola, Turn the teleporters on, and open the whole map besides the stairway from the alley to the stage. (THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT, DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR FROM THE STAGE TO ALLEY)
    Now keep running around stage like before.

    Rounds 15-20
    At this point, You should have the whole map open,(Besides 1 door) Quick Revive, Juggarnog, Speedcola, MP-40, and the beginning pistol.
    Leave a crawler all of these rounds, and spam the Mystery Box til you get the Ray Gun. Now use the Raygun until your out of ammo and then upgrade it, (Upgrading the Ray Gun takes away hitting yourself with it)

    (Btw, NEVER upgrade the Mp-40, the ammo will cost 4500 pts and it’s not even worth it once you get 20+)

    Rounds 20-25
    Keep running the stage as before, but now you need to be extra careful, You can get overwhelmed fast so keep sprinting around the stage.

    Rounds 25-30

    Now this is where luck/skill takes over, Now the stage is too dangerous, the zombies are faster and smarter, So you need to run around the whole map, Kill any zombie in front of you with the Ray Gun and then when you are about 20 feet away from the group activate a trap and sit right behind it so the group will be coming into the trap towards you, Spray into them for points, and as soon as a zombie comes from behind, Start running again.

    Rounds 30+

    Now trade your MP40 for the Thundergun(From the Mystery Box) and do exactly as you did for Rounds 25-30, except when you are about to get overwhelmed you have the Thundergun to protect yourself. You should have 20,000-35,000 pts by now if you’ve done what I’ve said without dying at all. ALWAYS HAVE THE TELEPORTER READY. If you do get downed you want to run straight there, just chill there don’t kill, and as soon as you get out, Buy all your perks again and continue.

    (Upgrading the Thundergun only gives you more ammo and makes the blast red in color)

    Any feedback is welcomed. I always die around 35 or so. :(

  • anonymous

    i have a quick revive round 1,then m14 at round there till round 4,then move on.if you ind the mystery box in the next room use it and pray for a good gun.if not,move on.if you have enough,buy the that time,should be downstairs and hip fire to kill the dogs.then move on to the theatre after that.wait till you have 2500 points,then turn on the power and f***ing soccer run to the jugger-nog machine,then figure out where the mystery box is.this strategy got me to round 19.i got killed because i ran out of ammo for my pack-a-punched rpk

  • mysteryman

    I dont have live but me and my cousin let them in and knife the zombies and on round 3 we buy the upstairs room if the mysterybox is there we use it till it disappears if its not we buy the other door my cousin watches downstairs i watch up top and we go till we get alot of points or cant hold. We buy the doors to the theater camp there for a bit and then we go get jug, bowie knife sometimes. My cuzin then camps by the other door on theater while i run the circular route. we survive 30+ if its a good game sometimes we dont even get past round 3 lol.

  • gameboymyles

    i cant seem to get past round 23 on zombies, non-solo, solo gets boring around round 10, and almost everyone i play with dies in dog round around round 10 (i understand, a lot of “rounds” O.o) cause i die reloading, then everyone else stands like a rock. If you can help me get past round 25+, my XBL account is gameboymyles, and i dont have a psn account, so get over it. only add me if u can get far, it would help if u could give me some pointers in five too. l8er

  • zombieLOVER519

    Ive got to round 26 with ease. I would stay in the first room till round 5 then go right to get the mp40 and would go to the door right before the theatre and hold them off with head shots for the rest of the round. Then i went and turned the power on and bought the bowie knife then i would just wait in that corner untill i got juggernog then i would start letting them group together (still knifing them) then after round ten i would shoot a little then knife after that i would leave a couple crawlers then i would buy speed cola and link up the teleporter (u can knife the crawlers 2 times untill round 20) to build up extra points. then i would just try to get the ray gun and thunger gun along with monkeys. it worked really good i got monkeys really early and got thunder gun around round 20 but i couldnt get a max ammo and my other gun sucked but i died going for the sale thingy hoped this helped

    • Zeke

      I’m pretty good

  • charlie reed

    i only really play for ps3 my gamertag is hereed2010 add me if ya can or whenever ya want a good match

    • JacobW1


  • charlie reed

    hey if anyone can help me get past round 15 id be glad to play i keep dyin cause no ones on

    • Annoynmus

      What type of gaming device do u use? If its ps3 then wats ur psn?

  • oliver

    i need help, cant make it past round 12

    • white tiger

      use teleportor more often

  • CallMeJHWH

    I have a great solo strategy that has gotten me to level 40, and the only reason i died was because of me knifing during instakill.

    First, try to camp in the lobby until the dogs come. its okay to buy the m14, it helps you rack up points. use your knife for the kill.

    Once you cant camp in lobby any longer, open door upstairs, then the door after that to get the shotgun. Only get the mp40 if you havent found the random chest yet. Turn on the power as soon as you can. I know some people say its bad strategy, but you cant argue with results, and ive got them.

    You need juggernog and quick revive (which should have been the first thing you bought.) You also need thundergun. Pour all your money into mystery boxes until you get it. After that, try to get the hk21 or rpk. this will rack up the most points.

    Once you have all that, stay in the stage and run around in a big circle to group up zombies. I swear, they made the stage area perfect for this. once you have a large group, mow them down with light machine gun or thundergun, but rationalize your ammo.

    IMPORTANT!!! Do not open the door next to the m16. you’ll be running in that area and its nice to have your back against that door to shoot without being worried. Open every door EXCEPT that door.

    run around with thundergun/zeus cannon, so if you get trapped by zombies you can clear a path.

    And if you have enough money, buy the bowie knife. its worth it.

    eventually, guns will prove worthless and you need to use traps. group them up and trap them asap.

    good luck.

  • Tojo

    In the first few rounds, I’ve found that the M14 shot is equivalent to a knife. Also, each round is how many times you must knife a zombie until it dies. eg, round 1=1 knife kill, 2=2swings, 3=3swings, etc.

  • kasra

    i’ve been to level 35 so far and it took 30 minutes for every round 22+ to reach the next level
    i don’t believe that anyone could truly raech level 99 .;..guess thats gonna take 30 hours to complete….i dont believe that’s gonna get bloody without any glitch…have fun…

    • chaz

      those people pause the game it’s not like they play a full day 24 hours.

  • Chloe

    Hey guys, I love playing zombies but can’t seem to make it past round 18, add me on xbox ChloeHakuna, if you can teach me something new :)

  • Smooth Jazz

    Why is no one mentioning buying the bowie knife?? The knife is one hit kill until round ten and each knife kill is 130 points, much more than any other kill. The strategy is to accumulate points early by shooting them in the leg with the pistol, yes in the leg, then knife kill the zombie. You can shoot a level 1 zombie 5 times in the leg and knife him which means you accumulate 50 points for the shooting (10 * each shot) and 130 for the knife kill to equal 180 points per zombie death in round 1. In round 2 you can shoot them 8 times in the leg then knife kill. This way you are maximizing your pistol points. Continue doing this and opening doors till you can turn on the power and buy the knife for 3000 points. Buying the knife before juggernog helps maximize the time you have 1 hit kills with the bowie knife. The knife accumulates points faster than any other weapon in the game but no seems to realize that. Just a thought, have fun you zombie noobs : )

    • drock

      bowie nife is awesome

      • white tiger

        it is awesome

    • JacobW1

      ADD ME JacobW1 send me a message on ps3 because i have ps3

    • RealStewieG23

      I only get the Bowie knife for crawlers and if I get the ballistics. :/

    • RealStewieG23

      I only get the Bowie knife for crawlers and if I get the ballistics.

    • RealStewieG23

      I only get the Bowie knife for crawlers or if I get ballistics (Co-oP only) . :/

    • Grand_Kage

      ok hello again well,just wanted to say this.If u are going for the max amount of points in the begging of kino then u should be using the pistol and no gun off wall in the first me when i say this(i’ve experimented)shoot the zombie in the torso 6 times exactly no more of u will kill it.then knife the little 60 points for shooting in the torso 130 points for knifing and 50 points for boarding the that 190 for knife and shoot combo then window spamming till u can’t get any more points.note:if u want to window spam for extra points then leave 1 zombie alive so he can take the boards off as u put them back up,then when u receive no more points let him take them all off then kill it,now at the begging of the next round board it up again before the zombies make it to the window for even more points then spam again leaving 1 alive.(i’ve made about 120 on average in the first round doing this)That’s about 200 points per a zombie in the first round if u get 5 zombies u now have 1000 points.Plus the points u saved by not buying the gun off the wall in the first room will put u at 1500 points in first round.Round 2 ,10 shots to torso then knife.If u want more information on the way i did it to maximize your points scroll down to the bottom and read my strategy guide in more detail.It helped me make it to round 40 kill 1310 zombies,367 head shots with only 1 down,and 15 revives on my teammates.By the way in the end there was only 2 of us left.The others left,which was alright by me.More for me to kill.:)READ MY STRATEGY AT BOTTOM OF THE PAGE AND LEAVE A REPLY ON IT.LET ME KNOW HOW U SURVIVED,OR WHAT U GET STUCK ON,AND I’LL HELP U WITH IT,LET ME KNOW IF IT WORKED FOR U.THANKS ALL HOPE THIS HELPS. ”Grand_Kage”.Incase u want to add me via message left to me on ps3(only way to add u)

      • M-12_Monoboy

        Hey Grand_Kage du u ply zombies on ps3 bcause you can add me my name is M-12_Monoboy and i would like to play with u sum time on zombies if u hav ps3. Latter brahh! :)

  • Panda

    myself and 2 other players have a strat on kino which you can get as high as you want level wise, time being the only limiting factor, quite similar to the single player strat, but we mostly use the alley for our path, avoiding center theatre much as possible except to get jugger-nog or activate teleporters for players who occasionally go down, we try to go heavy on ray guns on everyone except for the guy w/ thunder cannon, and use fast shooters as secondaries to gain points (MP40 off wall or w/e the magic box gives you) the basic strat is everyone stays together, and you keep just in front of the zombie hoard so that the guy in the back is constantly shooting, ray guns are for clearing things in front in case zombie blocking door, thunder gun is a bail out option in case of incap. you keep a constant speed just in front of zombie hoard shooting every time you get a straight away, if you kill too many (nuke for example) pick up speed to full till all the zombies have spawned to keep ahead, then go back to previous strat, rinse repeat, use traps if you’re doing really good on points to speed up rounds, start each round in teleporter (tele last second to get more zombies out) and rack up some kills at the start of each round, hope for power up on way out. For guns, who ever needs to replace their guns gets out ahead to use the box once (maybe twice if you got enough fire power in group) and usually has to settle for w/e comes out, I recommend empty w/e gun you get and get a new one on next lap to regain some points, if you are able to obtain a ray gun as secondary, you can drop any crawlers/zombies in front that block narrow paths, and make laps indefinitely. Our group got to 33 before calling it with this strat, only reason we called it was the sun coming up the next morning, lol. BTW do NOT upgrade ray guns till you need more ammo, according to the wiki page for black ops, no damage increase, just bigger clip/ammo reserve, far as I can tell from play testing this is true, same with thunder gun. You may want to check out that page for what weapons are worth upgrading cost wise (ammo capacity vs how many points you think you can get per shot on average) making things like HK’s worth upgrading (900 rounds equals 9000 points if you can make all the rounds hit, more if you get kills, but gets less likely as you get higher in waves as it started taking half a clip of upgraded hk to kill single zombies higher up) vs upgrading a ballistic knife (10 rounds, powerful, but at higher levels not guaranteed kill, not sure how long zombies keep knives in them, would not recommend actually trying to knife into any sort of group of zombies, not sure how many hits would take to kill single zombie)

    hope this helps

  • (boc)shade


  • Da ZoMbIe DeStRoYeR

    you guys r weird

  • (boc)shade

    Alright u can b n it but we hav to be allies post on here once u sent me an ally request I do not hav a classic controller but I prefer wii remoter

  • ZoMbIe DeStRoYeR

    (boc)shade i want to join ur clan so tell ur friend (boc)shredder that a new guy is comin :) cant wait !!!!!

  • ZoMbIe DeStRoYeR

    (boc)shade do u have a classic controller cuz i do ?

  • ZoMbIe DeStRoYeR

    ok thks my phone # is (509)-429-6469……. also my name is ZoMbIe DeStRoYeR (gamertag) another thing im not mexican well just a little so does that count? just keep in touch with me by commenting on this website (cant wait to play with u and ur friend cuz u sound very good) so yeah keep in touch with me on this website by commenting q:)

  • (boc)shade

    (208)549-7709 that’s my txting number just text me is ur game name zombie destroyer or white ops mine is (boc)shade. Do u wanna be In my clan anyone who wants to be in it u just have 2 b Mexican

    • HEADSHOTeditzHD

      do you still play black ops zombies?

  • ZoMbIe DeStRoYeR

    i dont know it i will know it in a couple of days like on June 17 this friday or June 18 this coming saturday but keep practicing i will keep in touch with u on this until friday i check this site every day like 5 times so just keep posting comments and practicing also i have an ally who got to round 45 by himself so yeah keep in touch with me on this site by posting comments and keep practicing i think we could go far also do u have a phone (not to be weird) but so i can txt u when im getting on :) :) :) :)

  • (boc)shade

    Send me an ally request I need to get far zombie destroyer

  • ZoMbIe DeStRoYeR

    yeah i was like u wondering how can u get map “5” or “PENTAGON” but i got the bad news u cant becuz not enough people bought the game “Call of Duty:Black Ops” for the “WII” so they didnt make more maps if u want more maps u can download “MODS” or “HACK” or buy the map pack “ESCILATION” if they have it for the “WII” if not i dont know what to do I might buy an “X-BOX 360” soon so i will have one cant wait :) :|

  • (boc)shade

    How do u get map 5 for the wii

  • ZoMbIe DeStRoYeR

    i know that but is the mini-video supposed to mean something

  • ZoMbIe DeStRoYeR

    u can also do that too if u dont want to waste a knife :)

  • (boc)shade

    Zombie destroyer I do have a headset and I’m pretty good but me and my friend haven’t gotten anybody good we got far but it says we only got to round 18 just add me my name is (boc)shade my friend is in the same clan as me his name (boc)shredder he has a headset 2 tell me your ally number and your name you could add me or I could add you when we are allies I could invit my friend so u could add him you can maybe be in our clan but u hav to be Mexican I think it’s easier if u just give me ur ally code and I add u

  • uFailMore

    hmmmm when you said you can revive people in one shot with an upgraded ballistic knife i heard a rumor that you can just run up to them and knife them instead. Is it true?

  • ZoMbIe DeStRoYeR

    what is supposed to happen when u get the tape and then put it in the tape player (the place where u PACK-A-PUNCH)??????

    • uFailMore

      there will be a message and the little movie screen thingy will play this mini video

  • ZoMbIe DeStRoYeR

    anyone else play black ops on WII and can give me their gamertag and ally code

  • ZoMbIe DeStRoYeR

    i got to round 98 just allittle ago and when i went to the lobby leader board it said i survived 15 rounds any help?

  • ZoMbIe DeStRoYeR

    i dont think that is true cuz i called Teryarch question center and i asked them and they said IT DOSENT END so yeah zombies doesnt end sorry


    i dont know if this is true but it came from a trust worthy source that at a certain round the game ends when you get in the teleporter and use it

  • ZoMbIe DeStRoYeR

    (boc)shock my phone number is 509-429-6469 txt me when u get on but i wont have my phone until June 17 or 18 th of 2011 so in like 2 weeks if anyone else wants to be my ally on WII just leave ur ally code and gamertag thks :)

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Hi guys, its find to share your number via email, don’t post your cell phone numbers online, you can share emails and then share whatever you like using email exchange.

      It’s for your own safety and privacy.

      • ZoMbIe DeStRoYeR

        dude thats my old phone number it doesnt work anymore my new one is 509-429-4328 so yeah

  • ZoMbIe DeStRoYeR

    also do u have a headset cuz i do and its easier to play Call of Duty:Black Ops online (boc)shock

  • ZoMbIe DeStRoYeR

    (boc)shade my phone # is in one of my comments so txt me ill get on my wii and put in ur ally code how good r u at zombies 😉

  • (boc)shade

    Alrit my username is (boc)shade and my ally code is 2165-9575-7913

  • (boc)shade

    Leave ur wii ally code my name online is (boc)shade

  • (boc)shade

    Zombie destroyer and bladekiller I have wii to I’ll add zombie destroyer but I need ur ally code blade killer

  • ZoMbIe DeStRoYeR

    get the boaie knife on AT-LEAST round 10 then u can shank or knife until round 15 then u should have enough to PACK-A-PUNCH ur gunz good luck 😉

  • ZoMbIe DeStRoYeR

    hey its me White Ops but i retired my name so now my name is…..ZoMbIe DeStRoYeR so ill be leaving more comments and strategies

  • White Ops

    i meant if u PACK-A-PUNCH ur gunz twice srry about that

  • White Ops

    can u guys give me ur gamertag and ur friend codes plz for WII my phone number is 509-429-6469 i need good players to get to round 100 go to internet if u have it

  • White Ops

    does anyone know what happens if u PACK-A-PUNCH both ur guns?

  • petr23g4

    get all perks 1st (pack a punching can wait)
    run from lobby to foyer room to theatre to lobby (repeat always)
    my budd and i used this, being both inexperienced, got to round 33.

  • White Ops

    does anyone know the 3 gun glitch if not this is how u do it go to the gun then buy it WHILE UR HOLDING THE GERNADE BUTTON HOLD IT FOR 3 SEC. then u should have 3 guns also this is how u kill the PENTAGON THEIF first get good guns then when he comes have someone go left with some one like 5 ft behind the person next the other 2 people do the same on the right when the theif comes he will target 1 person and chase them at that moment the person who is targeted RUN when they are running the other 3 people shoot the heck out of him if ur doing it solo buy a QUICK-REVIVE then when he comes DOWN URSELF then just start shooting him with ur……PACK-A-PUNCHED PISTOLS (A.K.A MUSTANG AND SALLY) good luck :)

  • White Ops

    CODboss u CANT get on the roof in KINDER TOTEN unless u have a MOD

  • White Ops

    does anyone know how to get on the table in “FIVE”????

  • Joey Y

    Try this-(list for strategies by round)
    1- Grab quick revive and knife only
    2- Knife only unless in emergency
    3- Use the rest and/or all your ammo with your pistol, then (at the end of round) open doors to MP40 room and get the gun
    4- Stay around the 2 staircases and PWN N00BS
    5,6,7- DOGS (One of them is, so if one isn’t, do what it says in round 4’s comments)
    8- Buy open doors to stage, get MP5K, turn on power, link teleporter, and get juggernog in any order
    9 THROUGH 15- Save up money for the run ahead, and grab ammo as needed. The suggested strategy for this step – Run around the stage until you get a giant group of zomb33z and blast them away with the MP40 or MP5K At the end of round 15, start getting some mystery boxes.
    16 THROUGH 20- Run a lot, shoot a lot, teleport a lot, GET UPGRADED WEAPONS
    21 THROUGH 30- Try to get these from box — Thundergun and/or ray gun + LMG — do the same as 16 through 20
    31 AND UP- Run a lot, shoot a lot, teleport a lot. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

    -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ G00D LUCK!
    ADD me on PS3… Crashnburn44 -_-_-_-

  • White Ops

    lol what is ur gamertag amd ur Ally code

  • White Ops

    ok i have a new glitch that allows u to get the RAY-GUN i figured out FIRST get enough to buy the box NEXT have someone cover u THEN u buy it when the guns are floating up SHANK or KNIFE 2 TIMES if u did it right the guns should dissapear (so the box is open but NO GUN IS FLOATING) then the RAY-GUN pops up and it says hold what ever system u have then WALA u have the RAY-GUN……….heres another glitch if u buy the mystery box 4 or 5 times the teddy bear floats up this is what u do when the bear floats JUMP if u did it right the mystery box RE-SPAWNS in the next room ALL GLITCHES ARE APPROVED FOR ALL GAME SYSTEMS EXCEPT DSI have fun try to find me on the WII cuz im tryin to make a 4 person squad EVERYONE NEEDS A HEADSET my gamertag is Zombie Destroyer (its in baby blue) good luck :^)

  • poskari

    you should just buy mp40 and all perks then just spray zombies and activate trap. teleport almost every round. and just dont sprint. when you sprint they start comnig front of you.

  • White Ops

    ok u guys if u have a WII add me my name is White Ops its in baby blue if u wanna know how to get it a different color is go to PROFILE SELECT then put the highlight thingy on ur profile name as if ur gunna select it then click RENAME the when it goes to the typing screen u do EXACTALY what i say first click shift then click this ^ then (if u wanted to make it baby blue u push 5 or any number) i got to round 20+ with 3 people i had a pack-a-punched AUG and AK-47u my friend had a pack-a-punched RAY-GUN and THUNDER-GUN my other friend had a pack-a-punched MP40 and AUG we also had BOAIE KNIFE and we all had ALL THE PERKS EVERY-SINGLE ONE OF THEM this is a little hint camp out at the corner by the BOAIE KNIFE and JUGGER-NOGG thats how we survived with out being raped by the zombie whores also if the dogs come go to the door by the corner that i mentioned and go to the RIGHT SIDE WALK ALL THE WAY TO THE WALL THENWALK FOWARD UNTIL U STOP THEN CROUCH that make them walk around ok good luck :-)


    the highest round ive ever gotten to is 74

  • CODboss

    I need to know how to get on the roof in Kino… I have tried and tried but the zombies always rape me from behind… lately i have “made” a crawler.. and tried…. with any solutions text 607-745-6738 thanks guys

  • carlos martinez

    on ps3

  • carlos martinez

    hey guys if you guys are looking for good player add me on lengedkiller341 no space

  • Mitch

    All right best way to get far here is to camp out in 1st room till 4. Then go upstairs and buy as many doors as you can. If you run into the box, buy it. Open all doors as soon as you can. Turn power on by at least round 10. Then buy any perks (preferrebly Juggernog and Speed Cola) and run laps around the whole map. When you get enough money, use the teleporter and upgrade weapons. Don’t camp out in a corner, unless it’s a dogs round. I only made it to 26, but I could go higher with better people. Just repeat the same steps as much as you can, and you’ll live……. if you have 3 other good players with you.

  • zombie monkey

    in the first room knife for the first five rounds until you get about 4500 points. This will let you get to the mp40 room and then buy the MP40. Stay there for about a round then go to the next room and camp at the door as long as possible, this will let you bail out whenever you need to. Turn on the power, turn on the teleporter and go back to the lobby. Keep going in this circle and find the box. once you get a couple good guns and upgrade them u should last till the 60’s (personal record:72!)

    • johnny

      my and my frend rush i open the first door he directly opens the second door so by the begining of round 2 wed be in the mp40 room

      • carlos martinez

        if you are loocking for good player add me on ps3 lengedkiller341

  • Hunter Rivett

    Stakeout=Best gun to buy off wall
    Commando + Stakeout= Beast Comboro

  • brandon

    i think those strats are wrong caus the only tip u need is to not be TRAPPED

  • LeanDro

    i dont have a file of the Map.. can anyone can help me? maps/zombie_theater or Kino der toten.

  • =)

    In my opinion, you don’t really need anything good from box before moving to running strategy-> I soloed to 33, could lasted longer but had to quit. I played rounds to 23 without Ray Gun or Thunder Gun or even LMg’s, I had just fun with FN FAL and upgraded version of it and all random weapons, it was fun. Remember that good players can dominate even with china lake. Weapons DO matter for surviving at high rounds but the most needed thing is skill since you cannot survive even with all perks, ZeusCannon and H115 Resonator+Monkey bombs if you don’t know how to avoid getting trapped 😉

  • ZeroFace

    how do you turn the music on?

  • john

    his is awsome strategy. friend me on xbox360
    gamertag is: shad0wdudejt
    the o in shadow is a zero

  • smg rules

    another good strategy is if your playing with 4 people 2 people can go left toward the alley way and the other 2 take the foyer room same for 2 people(spilt screen/system link)1 person goes 2 the alley the other the foyer room, its wierd but less zombies spawn by doing this.and i think i have an idea 4 a new perk:marathon in zombies mode that would be awsome

  • Joe

    Another cheat, if you have the Wii, is to crouch in the hallway between the theatre and the lobby when the hounds come. If you do it right, they stop at the entrace of the door where you can easily pick them off.

    • zombie slayer

      i get behind teleporter for dogs they cant get u stupid dogs:)

  • Joe

    I think a better strategy is, when you turn on the power, just teleport at the start of each round. You’ll kill a few in the teleporter, then grenades come in handy. Reduces about 20% of zombies. Then, they also are all coming out of one place. (in the earlier rounds, then the gassers come down the walls.)I made it to round 22 with this strategy. Died in the Back room. There were zombies coming from both sides, set a trap, but it didn’t last long enough.

    • porkchopbroth

      are u crazy!?? using the teleporter every round just allows more zombies to stack and be waiting for when u return especially around lvl 30, and it gets much worse when u hit the 40’s

  • stealthboy

    i made it to lvl 44 with zues cannon and ak74fu2 with quick revive speed cola and joggernog but zombies mode is kinda worthless (not in a bad way to all zombie lovers)but it has no purpose shure its fun,but theres no end to it why cant u win by getting to a certain lvl oh lets say 100.

    • porkchopbroth

      lvl 99 is the highest lvl, but that lvl does have no end and the basic point is to last the longest on that lvl. whether there is an end has not been determined since the longest anyone has ever lasted on lvl 99 was only 2:12

      • dude

        Dude, are you kidding? if you think lvl 99 is the highest, you don’t know much about zombies. The rounds literally NEVER END. People on youtube have glitched to stay alive as long as possible and have gotten to round over 1000. You’re kind of a noob dude.

        • George

          He’s talking about being legite. 99 is the farthest people have gotten legite. you probably dont know what that is noob

          • Bailey

            dude the furthest anyone has ever got, legit, with video proof is 74. anyone who has gotten higher than that either glitched or were 2 stupid enough 2 grab a video camera when they got past round 60+

  • lol

    so do I. I play on wii too

    • epicbread

      What is ur friend code?

  • Bladekiller


    I know alot of glitches mainly for wii but I think they work for PS3 and XBOX 360. The door glitch that allows you to get on top of a door and your are invincible! To get on takes a bit of practice. I suggest trying it on solo first not on multi-player zombies because multi-player might lag if your not host which makes it harder. Anyways to get up there you must turn on the power then the door that lets you go to Lobby and theater is the door for the glitch. You must get on the top of the steps then run and dive onto the top of the door. Make sure you use a light gun so you can run faster. Pretty easy but requires practice.
    MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A GUN THAT HOLDS ALOT OF AMMO OR LIKE A RAY GUN DONT WASTE THUNDER GUN ON THEM! Next let a teammate up on the opposite door and your up for alot of fun. If you have 4 players they all can get up too but thee player that is up there first must scoot over! Sometime crawling zombies can climb up the door and hit you so make sure you back up as far as you can and get jugger-nog.

    Next invincibility glitch is getting on top of the turret in the theater. Let a crawling zombie or gas zombie hit you and jump at the same time then you should be up on it. Make sure you get on the very edge of it like the corner. They cant hit you because they will go down by the AUG. Dont go close to the other edge or they will hit you.


    Once again, this part might only be for Wii but try to prove me wrong on other consoles.

    Join a random game on zombies make sure your not host. This can work for wall guns and Mystery but i’m going to use the myserty box for an example. Hit the mystery box and when the gun pops up no matter what it is make sure you have 2 guns to start with then press/hold the grenade button then accept the gun at the same time and you will get 3 guns try it again, and again to get unlimited but must have money for it! When pack-a-punching these guns make sure when you accept the gun do the glitch again or you will loose a gun.


    LET A TEAMMATE DOWN THEMSELVES TELL them to move to the corner of the box, then revive up to half of his revive bar then quickly let go and accept the weapon then continue reviving him. Make sure you do this in your spare time or zombies will steal your virginity! 😀 GOOD LUCK!!

    REPLY I YOU HAVE PROBLEMS! COMMENTS, or CONCERNS. Thank you have a blessed day!

  • Bladekiller

    I’m really good for the Wii plus I have mic add me I will put the code soon don,t have it at the moment.

    The Wii is really good with zombies when I bought it I was surprised! Really worth it.

    Only side effect it has OK graffics and NO zombie level \five\ or extra bonus games.

    other than that all the same!

  • Jimmie

    Simply addicted to Zombies, 4 people round 37 with over 1500 kills, solo 45. need players who are team oriented to run strategies, all I find is a bunch of newbs, as far as dogs go. on the stage on the two corners if you hang over the side so there is nothing underneath you the dogs cannot hit you and will sit right in front of you ready to be killed. Also I like buying claymores right away and stack them in corners where they cant get set off, after rounds and max ammos I will have over 30 by round 20. this is great to use up instead of ammo when in a pinch. If you go thru the alley but not open the stage door, and start the round with everyone in that room then gas crawlers will not spawn. Two easter eggs hit square under your portrait between the first and second room all four people hit it and receive bonuses. I like to take a couple of claymores in front of me sit in a corner and go to town you can do this best if your have a thunder gun but most guns will handle them until round 20. Get the bowie knife early too stabbing a few times will get you kills and lots of cash. For me I am all about the thunder gun so I will take anything the box throws at me until then and then just keep recycling and pack a punching, by round 30 I usually have 20 grand or so with all four perks, bowie knife, and claymores. So I just keep recycling guns until I get a good one or a max ammor either way just keep moving. Add me if you want a good game, bballstyles PS3

  • Ben

    i really need people who know what there doing on black ops zombies, especially Kino Der Toten, all i get when i go online is people camping in corners while i run round like the bait (not fun at the best of times)

    add me on PS3 benshort06

    my solo average is 15-20

  • Ace

    Haha, Cool i made it up to round 87 in kin, I only using a Zeus gun and a skull crusher. To bad the skull crusher has 270 ammo and thats not enough to kill some bad ass zombies so i always upgrade it i wasted 4500 every 2 rounds 😐 And got killed by a creepy crawler because i panic then i died. t(-_-t)

  • Timothy

    come on man nobody play black ops on ps3 you cocksuckers call of duty black ops is better at xbox 360 just check on google come on dont play black ops on ps3 its bad.
    black ops + 360 = YES!
    black ops + PC = Now, ummmmmm…..
    black ops + PS3 = No, black ops is worst on ps3

  • chance butler

    if anybody’s real name is john write the word yo as a comment

  • chance butler

    these tips r awsome dood!thnx. me and my sister can only get to round 22 with a glitch. by myself i can only get to round 13 by myself. i feel like i suck now with u talkin about gettin to round 45+

  • Hellsedge666

    Hi im looking for a group of people that are good at zombies i kno what rounds to leave what room and where the box is alot of the time.My gamertag is Hellsedge666. The H in it is a cap

  • iTz_TBone

    Solo is easier. You don’t have to wait until a player completes a marathon taking all the zombies with him. whereas multiplayer is harder, when you have more players it multiplies the amount of zombies for that round on solo by how many players you have. That’s why you see many people on higher rounds with only two people playing. When i have the hk21 or rpk or any light machine gun (LMG) for that matter i tend to use speed cola as it works as sleight of hand and almost halves your reload time. Speed cola is also great for the M72 LAW, thundergun, china lake and the crossbow. Jugger-Nog is a must at about round 8 or until you turn the power on. When you have reached a moderate level such as 11 or higher try and open all of the doors in the map and run laps around the map. NOTE: BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU ARE IN THE ALLEY AS YOU CAN GET CORNERED AND SURROUNDED BY ZOMBIES!. Use the foyer area, upstairs, the MP40 room and cinema as much as you can. When you get up to even higher rounds such as 30 or so use explosives and traps as even pack-a-punched weapons take a large amount of ammunition to kill a zombie. (excluding thundergun, ray gun etc. So best of luck in your zombie game. Feel free to add me. I HAVE A PLAYSTATION AND MY ID IS hrvatski_sniper or CrAzY-NoScOpEzx :p

  • zombie slayer

    i survived till round 31 with 2 players and 27 solo and 22 w/4 players. xbox live gamertag: good hamoon (with space)
    i wanna play with a team of PRO’s ! if you wanna play with me,then add me!

  • iTz_TBone

    Hey. Made it to round 32 Solo on Kino. Pack-a-punched RPK and Crossbow :). feel free to add me. i have playstation 3 and my psn is hrvatski_sniper or CrAzY-NoScOpEzx


    I made it to round 25 with some of my friends and i got a 1041 kills i had beated my highest record and im tryn to beat dat one

  • sunvolkner

    hey people add me on xbox live i got to round 36 solo on kino and 54 on acenssion and 67 in “five” mpl upgraded is beast

  • josh

    hey thaks for the strategy i look forward to playing with it. oh, if you can add me my gamertag is Xxsn1p3rxX90.

  • Te rex80

    I play the wii but I don’t have a mic and am alright at zombies I’m just the unluckiest son of bitch ever when it comes to the random box I’ll post another time with my ally code

  • lol

    how do i video tabe zombies on ps3

  • lol

    lol i hive got to lvl 48 in solo on kino der toten

  • jjadams4874

    Save up enough money in the first 5-7 rounds.Go downstairs and open the door and the other one till you are outside.Then buy the ak47u.It is the best gun besides the M-16 tha you can buy off the wall.Then good luck!!!!!

  • Kevin

    The Bowie Knife is EXTREMELY Underrated.
    Its a ONE HIT KILL till Round 10. Gas Zombies dont explode when hit with a knife, and are a one hit kill till round 12. This strategy has can set you up with well over 10,000 points and every perk by round ten. Upgrading the ballistic knifes with the purchase of the bowie knife extends this “insta-kill” knifing till round 13 for walkers 14 for gas crawlers. High points=not falling victim to bad pickups on the mystery box plus having money for traps once you hit the 30’s. If you’ve been there, you know….its hard as hell to kill them. Round 43 it took me 50 head shots on a crawler using upgraded HK to finish him. RIDICULOUS!!!!
    Gamer Tag: MP da Mic Killa
    Highest level on Kino: 44 w/ 2 players.

    • Marius

      In Solo mode you first buy the quick revive, and in the first round let the zombies in and knife them, then rebuild and in round 2 you shoot the zombies 8 times in the stomach and then knife them. In round 3 you should have enough money to buy the two doors upstairs. Then buy MP40 (DON’T USE MONEY ON THE BOX IF YOU FIND IT IN THE FIRST ROOMS!!) on the wall. Stay there for a few rounds and when you have around 3000 points you open the two next doors. Turn on the power, and run around and around at the stage and make a spraytrains. Then blast all the zombies with the MP40. Buy Jugger-nog when you have 2500 points. Make a crawler in the end of the round, and use all of your money to get raygun, thundergun, HK21 or RPK. If not you use MP40 in the next round and try again.(Important, don’t switch out your start pistol, you’ll have to uprade it to mustang and sally. It’s very powerful when it’s large zombie hordes. If you have the pistol and a good weapon, and 5000 points, take the teleporter when you have a crawler. Upgrade the pistol. (if you then have 3000 points after the upgrade, you can buy speed cola). Run back to the crawler, and knife him. It can take a long time but in the higher levels, ammo can be very useful.Then in about lv 15 you use all your money to try to get the thundergun. YOU MUST HAVE THE THUNDERGUN FROM LV 15 AND UP. Then all you gotta do is to make spraytrains on the stage with LARGE hordes of zombies. Then shoot them with the thundergun. If you run out of ammo, you must upgrade it to ZeusCannon, it’s the best gun in zombies. You don’t just blow them away, you kill them too.Continue this strategy for all time. Try to get as far as you can. It’s easy to come to lv 40 with this strategy.

  • Tom

    w8 when ballistic knife is packed a punch u can heal teamates with it but wat if ure playing solo

  • killa-kid123

    add me ps3 zombie killer round 30 solo add for a beastly match!!!!
    and thankz for ur tips people!!!!!!!

  • acchavez21

    the best way to get far is with 2 people. If you look at the leaderboards almost all the top teams consist of 2 people. Me and my friend made it to 45 but were are working on getter farther. the basic strategy we use goes like this. We stay in the lobby until the dogs come with is usually rd 5-6 using the pistol and the knife and frags. When the dogs come we go into the room were the mp40 and stakeout guns are. We try to stay in there until the dogs come again. one person stays in the bottom room covering the three windows(two at the bottom and one at the top) and the other stays at the top of the stairs were u open the doors to go downstairs. when the dogs come we go onto the stage and turn the power on. It is very important that you buy juggernot right away. we then just stay on the stage and run around till we get a lot of zombies behind us then one of us will run around the whole map while the other stays on the stage we repeat this over and over until maybe round 20. it is a good way to rack up points. One person needs the thunder gun and the other needs either the monkeys and quick revive or the ballistic knife upgraded. i prefer the ballistic knife because u can revive you team mate from far away and u and run very fast with it and can fake out the zombies. when u get to around rd 30 . u will need to teleport and the beginning of every round and run around the map so that you have all the zombies behind you thn run around the stage till you get alot behind u and run around the map again setting traps when needed. it is alot of repeating and running. when u teleport u end up and the lobby from there we run to the mp40 room then the stage. that is the path we use every single time and it works for us. we usually dont upgrade our weapons unless its the ray, thunder, ballistic, hk21 or rpk because its pretty much a waste of money once you get into the later rounds because u will waste all of your ammo in one rd and will not get a max ammo untill the dogs come again and u end up trading in your upgraded weapon. we like they mp40 because it is only 500 everytime and we can get ammo everytime we make our way around the map (which we do multiple times in one rd) . this stategy works good when we made it to 45 we both had 100,000+ points. once you get to about rd 40 the rounds last about 30 min so make sure u dont have anything else to do. of coarse you have to be pretty good for this stategy work but try it out and i bet it will help. If you wanna play my gammertag is acchavez21 on PS3

  • Chris

    Heres my two sense for what its worth and i havent found it anywhere else. Kind of a pain to do but it works. On kino only I have found out that if you start the game and the box is not where you want it press pause then restart level do this a few times and you can move the box to where you want. I usually do this till I move the box to the downstairs room after you open the FIRST DOWNSTAIRS DOOR BEFORE YOU GO OUTSIDE. Then from what i have found if you die the box stays in the same area and does not move unless you restart again. Kinda makes it fun to have a ray gun or whatever you like well before you get to the stage and turn the power on. If you need a good zombie partner add me on 360 twinturbof250…I dont care about levels or any of that just play to have fun and hard to find good players that arent as someone said box horny….

  • paco_69

    how do you do the gun glitch?

  • Bladekiller

    Anyone play for Wii? Online if you do please reply, I am a really good tactical player. I research some stradiges on Youtube and I read the ones on here. And Thank You Rick_Hunter for the tips!

    Farthest i’ve gotten on Wii was 36 using the classic controller. The guns I had was the Ray gun pack-a-punched(porters X-ray Gun) and The MIGHTY Zeus Cannon. I was stupid lol and got into a corner ran out of Zeus ammo and shot the ray Gun too close and it hurt me too along with the zombies puching me. PLUS I HAD TO GO SO I SAID YOU KNOW WHAT F— It. LOL! I CAN MAKE IT MUCH FURTHER BUT I NEVER HAVE THE TIME ANYMORE.


    No GLITCHES USED. Because at that time I didn’t know any glitches.


    I was going to add more but… Most of what I was going to say was going to repeat Rick_Hunter.

    Many people say that the MP40 and The Upgraded Stakeout(RAID) is the best guns to start out with in Kino Der Toten. Then get spesifically The Thunder Gun later in the game.

    Thank you for Reading this if you did. AND HAVE FUN SLAUGHTERING THOSE cunt ZOMBIES!!! 😛

    • Butt

      In higher levels I sugest to keep moving stoop for nothing if you want to live

    • Launde

      I play on wii. i know its not the best of consoles, but i think its more enjoyable than my x box (im not mad about graphics and fps etc.). I haven’t been able to have much experience over level 20, due to silly mistakes and allies. But i have researched a lot of strategies too.

      My ally code: 0603-5673-3724 name: Launde


        i play on wii

  • Tony

    yeah i can make it to round 25-30 solo, before i looked at this page, but whenever i play with people online, i’ve only made it to round 19. so i dont know. lol. add me, psn… jive_azz_turkey

    • DatKidJ100

      um i have my own strategy and i also noe a lot of glitches..but i made it to round 57 without them but if u need help or if u have questions about zombies aka add me on my ps3 account DatKidJ100…

  • Zombie Godz

    ok all of you with your words of wisdom.. fail. look the point of zombies isnt about what gun you got or if you got some squeeker usin all their thundergun in 5 sec. its about the tapes you find when your in the teleporter you need 5 of them.. and also theirs 6 power boxes with no use in the map.. that if you shoot them.. and collect all 5 tapes.. a ladder will come down from the stage by the claymores. you go up it.. and no zombies can get to you.. only the green crawling ones.. also theirs 5 max ammo’s up there.. so use them wisely.. i can’t believe no ones leaked this out yet.. hahahahahahah

    • sammy

      really?? so…what are these tapes…. and what do you mean by power boxes? like perks or mystery boxes…or??
      thank you ^^

  • Samuel

    made it to round 30 solo thanks

  • Scott

    really good strategy man, although i already know all this lol, I have made it to round 44 solo, but when playing online 4player I always get to round 30-36 im looking for some serious players to get to rounds 50+, I have a ps3 console so add me if anyone is keen jam with me onine, my username is Raikage_SAMA30

    • xVerdeMan92x

      hey i’m a vetern in zombie so i could be of help.. i usually get to 40+ solo.. me and my team are trying to find serius players too. sorry mt english but im not american xD i’m italian but i can speak english.. me and my friend have both mic’s so we can talk too.. i’ll add you on psn and if you want we can own some zombies… my psn id is xVerdeMan92x peace

  • powell45

    Hey add me i made it to round 36 with two people and round 29 by myself my psn name is powell45

  • Rick_Hunter

    Alright you zombie killers out there, as promised, this is my phase 2 strategy for SOLO KINO. Phase 2 covers the waves of zombies from about wave 6 to about wave 18. I use the word \about\ because the puppies occasionally come at strange times. To summerize Phase 1, I discussed the importance of knifing for cash to open the first couple doors, buy quick revive, and buy the MP40. I also discussed the first encounter with puppies, and how to survive if you are new to the game. In Phase Phase 2, the main objectives are to; 1) Open both dressing room doors so as to get on stage to turn on the power. 2) Buy Jugger Nog, as it is the single most important thing in the game. 3) Find the mystery box, (hopefully not located in any of the 3 alley spots on the left side of the Kino Map.) and finally 4) Earning enough points to purchase and upgrade the weapons that you will use untill you die at the end of phase 3. I wanted to give this general overview of what I call Phase 2, because these are the waves that will really make or break your Phase 3. So let’s start at the begining for clarity sake. You have just vanquished the first wave of puppies and you are excited to still carry breath in your lungs. What to do now? Well for starters, you will notice that before the final Dog went to Heaven, he left you a parting gift of MAX AMMO. Make sure to reload both weapons before picking up the MAX AMMO. NOTE: When playing multiplayer it is common curtesy to let all players reload before picking up the MAX AMMO. Players who pick up the MAX AMMO by accident should probably apologise and say something like, \Sorry guys, the last Dog was all up in my grille when he died and the MAX AMMO just landed on my ass!\ If you say nothing and grab the MAX AMMO b4 the other players reload more then once, well congadulatios, your that Dick with ADD that we all wish would drop dead so we can let you die without reviving you. LOL! Anyway back to business, players that are a little more seasoned, I would suggest going to the first turret room, you know the one with the speed cola, and try to make a stand there as long as you can without opening the first dressing room door. I don’t suggest this as a strange test of bravery, but rather because waves 6 to 8 will really be the last time to make big money by dealing deathblows with the knife. NOTE: When you are playing Zombies, the zombies will tend to break through the entry points that are closest to your proximity. If you are down by the turret, there are really only 3 doors the zombies are likely to break through, and this time you are equiped with Mr. MP40. For as long as your skill level can handle, put 5 to7 ten dollar shots into the Zombie torsos while they are breaking through the boards but remember to kill them with the $130.00 per kill knife. Remind yourself from time to time that you still don’t have Jugger Nog and that you don’t really want to waste one of your three Quick Revives. Let this thought process guide your decision to keep killing zombies or to make the move for Jugger Nog. Just keep in mind that once you start opening the dressing room doors, you better have banked enough Acme crime bucks for both dressing room doors, and $2500.00 to drop on Jugger Nog. Better to play it safe then sorry when going it solo, so if you are knifing zombies only to turn arround and there is a cluster of zombies that have completely breached through an opening, don’t panic, keep ur head. Try if you can to shoot at their faces with the MP40. This will not only kill them quickly, but it will save on ammo and more inportantly you will get more money then you would if you just gun them down by spraying their torsos. If you are really lucky, in wave 7 or 8 you will pick up an instant kill. Unless your cornered and your life depends on it, make sure that you only use the knife during instant kill so that you can earn big money. With combinations like double points and instant kill, you can use the knife to earn $5000 to $6000 in some waves, or get $400 for guning them down instead. Now back to business, by wave 8, if you haven’t gotten it already, you should have one thought in mind. \I need to get Jugger Nog before the second wave of puppies.\ The only solo people who don’t get Jugger Nog before the second wave of puppies are those who forget, those who were caught of guard because they didn’ remember that the first wave came strangely early, and finally those who have something to prove to their moms. So, hopefully you can leave a crawler or 2 before wave 8 ends so that you can open the dressing room doors if you haven’t already, turn the power on if you haven’t already, patch up boarded doors/walls if you haven’t already, and finally purchase the ever important Jugger Nog!!! NOTE: If you are playing multiplayer, you will inevitably have a team mate who suggests that yall camp the stage without turning on the power yet. This misguided leadership stems from good intentions, ie. \Him & some dude held it down for like 27 waves\, so don’t be to hard on him. But the bottom line is him and whatever dude he’s talking about probably died trying to hold the stage and he is now putting all your lives in danger. We all know this guy, and some of you may even be that guy, but I’d like to suggest a better way. Rather then singing coom by ya behind the stage curtain with the power off, get the darn power on and get Jugger Nog as soon as possible!!!! If you can afford it, treat yourself to some claymores and don’t forget to activate the teleporter on your way past it to buy Jugger Nog. Also don’t forget to link the teleporter pad in the starting room. Once you have Jugger Nog, and the teleporter is allready to go, your next top priority is to earn as much money as possible so that you can get exactly what you need from the Mystery Box.. NOTE: if the Mystery Box appears in any of the three left most lights on the Mystery Box Board, then you wil have no choice but to open doors to the alley way side of the map. I prefer to leave the entire left side closed off but if the Box is out there then you have no choice. Do yourself a huge favor, if you must visit the left side of the map then do it from the lower level door in the starting room. The one and only door you should never open is the stage door by the power switch. Do NOT, NOT, NOT open that one door or else it is going to hinder your best attack strategies in Phase 2 and Phase 3. Speaking of attack strategies, so what happens next? And how do I make boatloads of money? Well the quickest way to wealth is knowing when to spend, on what to spend, and how best to shoot zombie heads with limited resources. For many, the temptation to be mystified by the box is so powerfull that players will destroy their game by going to the box too soon or too often. Ive seen players enticed by the box when it appears before the first wave of puppies hit, and they didn’t even leave themselves enough money to open doors. And the zombie waves to follow were just too much to stay trapped in the speed cola room. On a personal note, I’ll just be frank and tell you that my too worst enemies in the game are not the Zombies and Dogs but rather \Boredom and Fire Sales\ Those who made it past wave 40, 50, 60+, got there with a plan and they know what I’m talking about. There will be times where the Fire Sale is fine to take advantage of, but there will be other times in more perilous waves where the computer will send you a fire sale so it can take you off your circuit and into death. I want to take a brief moment to let you all in on a secret, and this is something you may on some subconscious level allready know but I guarentee you have not heard this on any forum before. If I asked peoples opinions as to what their favorite weapon in KINO is, many would say that the Thunder Gun and Ray Gun are the best weapons. Still some are going to swear by the Stakeout and Mustang and Sally. The medic in all of us is going to say, \The only things worth squat from that box are Monkey Bombs and an upgraded Cross Bow with an upgraded Ballistic Knife……. Here is the truth, when you are playing Solo Kino, and you are past wave 30, then the only weaponm,\from the Mystery Box,\ that isn’t useless, is The Zeus Canon, and it still isn’t the best weapon in the game. Allright I’ve made you suffer the walls of text so here it is, the Holy Grail of subconscious secrets. The best, most powerful weapon in KINO is……………….\THE TELEPORTER\ and I’ll challenge anyone who disagrees. I put my money where my mouth is and even put myself to the test. Just to test my abilities under duress, I made it to wave 36 and I blew all my cash on junk weapons like pistols so I not only had garbage weapons, but I also only had about $600 left. I did this to simulate what happens when you die in multiplayer with little to no money, and you come back with nothing. Now to be fair, for this experiment I still had JUGGER NOG, but then I always leave my self $2500 in the event I die to buy back Jugger Nog anyway. Now believe it or not, I was able to go from wave 36 to wave 39 without firing a single round. Although it took me several hours, I was able to put about 10 cookie batches of zombies in the teleporter from each wave and I cooked them up Marth Stewart style. Consider this, the various traps in the game cost $1000 to $1500 just to activate, and once you have killed a group with a trap, then zombies and crawlers start breaking out all arround you. With the teleporter, as long as you can run the map circuit, all the zombies will be in a long line behind you. When they chase you from the dressing room to the stage, don’t make a B-Line rite for the teleporter, as you will only fry 2 or 3 zombies, but rather hug the back stage wall and follow it all the way to the end to the right of the door you should have left closed. Allow the zombies to mostly catch up to you. This is where most people who run the stage circuit like to shoot at the zombies for some cash. This a great idea however if you are out of ammo, or like myself you are simply trying to nurse your last 10 Zeuse Canon shots for one hit kills on puppies, then your main objective is to corral the zombies the best you can. Remember we are looking for a big batch of cookies not one or two, utherwise we will be cooking this wave all night. Ok so you have gotten the zombies to chase you out from the dressing room and all the way down the back side wall behind the movie screen. When the zombies get close it is now time to run across the stage between the front of the screen and the back of the stage turret. You acctually want to head off the stage and camp for a few seconds at the zombie door that is at the bottom of the stage steps that are not the ones by the teleporter. You will notice that Zombies are following you off stage from behind the teleporter, and that slow moving crawlers are heading your direction still spewing from the dressing room. This is the whole point behind this zig zag sherade. You want to bunch the zombies into a tight little ball. Now when the zombies start getting close, and you are by that lower zombie door, make sure you stay close to the stage side rubble and not to close to the auditorium chairs because you will get trapped against the zombie door. The trick is to leave yourself a small getaway opening between the zombie wave and the auditorium chairs. I Like to have the Zeuse Canon armed just in case, but don’t waste a single shot from that gun unless your life depends on it. Quicly dash from your position at the zombie door to the other zombie door at the foot of the steps leading into the teleporter. By now you should have close to 30 or so zombies and crawlers tripping over each other to shake you down. Wait for it…… Wait for it………… ok now the zombie mass is at the foot of the stage steps leading into the teleporter. Run up the same stairs and be first in the teleporter. Just as soon as those cookies are on the top step, punch it and watch what your 800 osilater rounds couldn’t do. The teleporter will kill all 30+ Zombies instantly weather you are in round 10 or round 100. Now I’m going to conclude this wall of text by simply saying PHASE 3 is repeating the Map circuit I more or less outlined and I by frying zombies in the Teleprter and Grenading them from the projector room. My longterm advice is this. Make damn sure you have the Zeuse Canon prior to wave 20. But save it primarily for killing puppies. Let me try to put it into perspective. You have just recived a MAX AMMO after killing the puppies in wave 35. That means you are not likely to get another MAX AMMO believe it or not, untill wave 40. You have 24 Zeuse Canon shots after 4 in your clip. If you save a minimim of 10 shots to safely kill wave 40 puppies, then assuming there are at least 10 big batches of zombies in each of 4 more waves from wave 36 to wave 39, now let’s assume you take the time to gather the zombies together so that a single Zeuse Canon shot will destroy the whole batch, well by my math you will be about 22 Zeuse Canon shots short of defeating the waves leading back to the next MAX AMMO. Use the teleporter to kill zombies and get far into the game. It is free to activate, saves all your Best ammo. And if you can throw grenades smartly you will acctually make money by getting a return on your investment. Speaking of which, the Ray Gun is fun and great, but only untill about wave 20, then it is basically a paper weight. Not to say it is not a fine instrument of death even in late waves, but after wave 20 it starts to become a liability. It sure kills fast from a distance but it is just gonna run out of ammo. Because it kills so efficiently, You will hardly get the money back to re buy it, not to mention the luck of getting it from the box again or the impossibility of getting it again when your allready holding it and it’s out of ammo. Trust me when you are in wave 30+ , you will be doing your killing with traps and the teleporter and the knife. You will kill puppies with the Zeuse Canon while saving the bulk of your Zeuse Canon shots as a get out of a near death situation free card. Remember, if you use the Zeuse Canon 5 times in a single wave then you are screwing yourself from having a long game. Your primary gun should always be some kind of money maker, and there is no better money maker then a non upgraded MP40. It is on the way when you are running the map circuit and it only costs $500 to reload. Everytime you unlode it into your following zombie train, you earn a couple thousand dollars which is more then you need to buy it back, assuming you don’t upgrade it. Well I fgots to go to bed, but I hope my Martha Stewart Strategy works for ya. Its only weakness is that it is so efficient and easy, that if you fluctuate from the plan to do something less boring, your gonna screw up your circuit. Quick example then I’m going to bed. When you have run the map circuit 18 times in a single wave you start thinking to yourself, \ There must be some other way I can save on ammution but kill the zombies faster. What you have taken for granted is that not only does the teleporter efficiently kill mass quantities of zombies, but by beaming you up into the projector room for so long, the next batch of zombies is allready waiting for you in the auditorium. What this means, to my point, is that when you allow the zombies to chase you upstairs, and into the speed cola room, and into the dressing room,and finally back out to the stage to reset the teleporter. You start to realize that the Zombies are no longer breaking through into th upstairs or the speedcola room, or the dressing room. Where is my point in all of this, well following my tedius strategy is boring yes, but safe and effective. If you attempt to expidite the process by setting off lazer traps for example, you will now change the pattern of the zombie arrival. They will once again break through rooms that you are entering. At such high levels like that, you will have just thrown a curve ball at yourself. I would rather have 1000 wave 100 zombies following me then to put my self in a situation where 2 or 3 wave 38 zombies were surrounding me, that leads to one of two outcomes,…… wasted Zeuse Canon Ammo, or my death.

    • Dan

      It’s Zeus Cannon, not Zeuse Canon.

      • Rick_Hunter

        LOL!!! Thanx, my bad.

        • jdf;kljadsf

          how damn long did it take you to type this????? jesus christ!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Deathmonkey0341

          Awsome dude, are there any glitches for unlimited ammo or others not fixed yet for either 360 or ps3

    • Pliney

      Pretty solid strat you have but i gotta disagree on one thing. Saving Zeus ammo for dogs is a waste. If you have some left then sure use it but you shouldn’t be trying to save ammo just for the dogs. I made it to round 36 a few days ago and on my last dog round I could still 2 hit the dogs with the bowie knife. If you just sidestep and knife them the dogs are very easy with the big knife and then you don’t need to save ammo for the them.

      • killa-kid123

        add me ps3 add killa-kid123
        i got to round 36 solo packer punchd ray gun and zeus cannon

  • Jrod

    This is Jesse I’m gonna be a game designer wanna play zombies add me(ps3)Jrod12345678

  • Rick_Hunter

    I’ve never really posted before, so I don’t even know if this will work, but here it goes. My gamer tag is Rick_Hunter and I feel that I have the best strategy for Solo Kino. First of all, let me make a few disclaimers. I play on the PS3, and I don’t use any glitches. Secondly, I don’t profess to have gotten the farthest because that would require more patience and ware and tear on my playstation then what I have time and money for. I did however make it to wave 56 before sheer bordem made me complacent to my flawless strategy. I will brake this down into what I feel are the three phases of this endevor. How well you execute these 3 phases will depend on a little luck from the mystery box, but mostly it will depend on your devotion to running the circuit in a way that will best corral the zombies into a group, and not just into a snake. In phase 1, you want to use your $500 to buy Quick Revive rite away. Although I made it to wave 56, the most dangerous waves are the first 7or8, because you are vulnerable without Jugger Nog. Phase 1 covers what you do from wave 1 to about 4-6. In this phase, Your ojectives are to make as much money as possible so that you can get open most of the doors, buy an MP40, buy Jugger Nog, and if you have a thousand left, you can even treat yourself to some claymores. The way to make big money is by using the knife for the final deathblow. Use only the knife to kill the first 3 waves of zombies. Some people’s strategies include shooting each Zombie 6to8 times before stabbing them with the knife, but I find it is smarter to start that process in wave 4. Consider this, your hand gun bullets are limited, so save them to weaken the stronger zombies in wave 4-6. By the time you run out of ammo in wave 5, you will have the same score as the solo person who ran out of ammo in wave 2, assuming you are both finishing the Zombies off with the knife. By wave 5, if puppies haven’t come yet, you are likely down to just your knife and grenades. At no time should you consider buying a gun off the wall in the starting room. They are just a lure for you to waste your money. I will even quit multiplayer Kino when I see someone else buying a weapon off the wall in that starting room, because that is a tell they have shown you that they have no clue what they are doing. If you can’t survive the first 4 waves with just your pistol, knife, and grenades, then you need to keep practicing and pushing yourself untill you can. You will thank yourself later. If you are a Kino veteran, then you can make quick work of the puppies using the MP40. This should be the first and arguably the only weapon you ever buy off the wall with exception to possibly claymores. If you are new to Kino puppies, and still have the fear, that’s ok, cuz we were all there at some point. For you recruits, you will want to have left a crawler or 2 by blowing the zombies legs off prior to ending wave 4, (to be on the safe side). Make sure that you board up all openings before each wave, but in wave 4, make sure you are boarding things up while you have a crawler, that way you have time to purchase the MP40 off the wall in the turret room. You will need to have earned enough money to open both upstairs doors leading to the MP40, and of course enough money to buy the MP40. Once you have the MP40, “knife” the zombie crawler that you left alive. This will conclude wave 4. NOTE: it is important to knife all crawlers as often as possible for max cash, no matter what wave you’re in. Also, make a habbit to leave a few crawlers left at the end of each wave from here on out so you can patch up walls and/or visit the mystery box when we reach Phase 2 of 3. If you accidentally kill the last crawler before patching walls up, then that is called an “oops” in SOLO, or a “MY BAD” in multiplayer. Now back to the task at hand if you are new to Kino, then puppies are likely to come in wave 5. NOTE: Puppies can come any time from wave 4 to 7, and they usually come every five rounds after the first wave in which they appear. Example, if puppies first arrive in wave six, then the second wave of puppies will likely arrive in wave 11. Before puppies come, there will be a strange sound followed by a voice that says “Fetch me their souls.” the map will also get foggy, and the puppies will arrive 1 at time in proximity to your location. It is important to know where to make that first stand against the puppies, cuz you are new, alone, and you haven’t bought Gugger Nog yet. So here is the secret for newbies. With your newly aquired MP40, go back to the upper level of the starting room after you killed the last zombie. Place your back against the second floor Zombie door and sit in wait with your gun aimed down the stairwell. One at a time the dogs will appear downstairs and trot up the stairwell. As soon as their glowing snout is in view, open up on their face, cuz that seems to be where they are weakest. You may get like one dog that appears upstairs to your left, but don’t worry, hold your position and shoot lead at his face. This more or less is the end of phase 1 of 3. The other 2 phases I will type my strategy for later, but for now I hope this comprehensive strategy for the first handfull of waves proves to be usefull.

    • Onlyslightly


  • itsyourmoma

    Awesome! Do you think you could send me a friend request? (PS3) My online id is itsyourmama and my username is MeCool89. I could use some help sometimes

  • JB

    If you can, then try to upgrade the M1911. It is the best gun to upgrade. It turns into the Mustang & Sally, an akimbo pistol w/ explosive ammo.

    • Bladekiller

      How do you buy ammo for it. Wait for the MAX AMMO?? That’s not always reliable..

  • Michael Turner

    I usually get to round 22 solo then I always do something stupid like get trapped or forget to power up the teleport machine before the next round and end up getting overwhelmed.

  • Lucian

    where is the backroom in kino der toten? I kind of forgot.

  • Ryan

    I find that when playing in Kino, after staying in the main lobby for the first four rounds (Knifing only) it’s a lot easier to split into two teams of two. (I’ll make this easy by referring to the two teams as A and B) One team (Team A) heads up stairs and to the stage while the other two (Team B) head into the alley, Team B however are very important. If you are on Team B and go into the alley, DO NOT OPEN THE FENCE! You can easily guard the alley as long as you have any sort of automatic gun. Every round after round seven a crawler should be left alive so that you can use the mystery box, fix all the windows and regroup for the next round. After round ten, if you find that the separation is becoming a struggle then merge and stay in the alley, and again KEEP THE FENCE CLOSED. Try to get any of these weapons and you can hold out for as long as needed. (Stars equal important weapons)


    Ray Gun*

    Thunder Gun*

    Ballistic Knife *



    Monkey Bombs



    Try to stick with automatic weapons though as your primary and leave the Ray Gun, Thunder Gun, Crossbow and Ballistic Knife as you secondary. Now as soon as you have (preferably but not exactly) 10,000 points head to the Teleporter and get to the pack a punch room. I say 10,000 so that you can upgrade both your primary and you secondary. If you only have 5000 and you have one of the four specially marked weapons UPGRADE THEM! The Ray Gun will become a beast of a weapon, the Thunder Gun will destroy swarms, the Crossbow basically fires Monkey Bombs (which is extremely useful!) and the Ballistic knife can instantly revive any downed teammate by shooting it at them. After you get the needed upgrades head back to the alley and kill the crawler.

    By this time you should be at, at least round 15, Hold out for another couple rounds and if needed, NOW is the time to open the fence. Two people take the windows up stairs, (preferably the two with the Ballistic Knife upgrade and the now godly Zeus Cannon) and leave the other two at the stairs; one should definitely have the upgraded Ray Gun and the other, if you’re lucky, the Upgraded Galil and the upgraded Crossbow, if the two guarding the stairs get downed the Zeus Cannon can easily clear the stairs while the Upgraded Ballistic Knife revives your fallen comrades. Keep this up for as long as you can and if the swarms become to much open the back door to the stage and stay on the run! If you play smart, get the perks, keep your ammo up and stay in formation you should be fine, my personal formation is a straight running line in this order. Ray gun at the front, followed by the Ballistic Knife, then the Galil, and taking up the rear should be the Zeus Cannon. So stay safe everybody and don’t let these zombies show us up!

    • Bladekiller

      What if the Mystery box is behind the fence to start with?

      • Butt

        If its behind a zombie trap if you go through youll atoumaticly die

        • Tom

          not always if u get juggernog u can walk through

          • Klaas

            I died once because someone died near a fence, then we all went there to save him but one of us put on the fence, so we all died T.T
            Not that its any neccesary to your story 😀

  • Rgee559

    i did the glitch and it always gives me snipers! :O

  • itza me mario

    for basic help, or moderate strategies on 360, B0BBYL33J0RD4N…. i noticed ps3 helpers so i offer mine to 360 gamers… and btw for creditability, solo round 21 der riese no perks, and solo round 17 using only knives on kino (used perks though)…. itz a shame it not show up on leaderboards cause they were solo runthroughs

    • Wow Kid

      21 and 17? You think that’s amazing? I know friends that have gotten to 40+ Solo, and I myself have gotten to 32.

      • stoviAZ

        guess you didnt see the party where he said he made it that far using knives only. thats pretty impressive, i cant make it past rnd 5 with out any guns or nades.

  • syvs

    What is the weapon glitch?

    • 123456789

      round fifty sucks
      too many zombies even with the traps

  • jonathan

    The guide was great but ine thing is, I see on your map that you didn’t show the mystery box in the alley.

    • Romeo

      I was going to say the same thing.

  • Austin T

    I am good at zombies have gotten to like round 20 on solo and like 22 or something like that with 3 people i am recruting for a good team that is good at zombies and have gotten to at least round 20, add/ message me my gt is icyhot1995 i currently dont have a mic mine broke but should be getting one soon

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      is your acount for ps3? if it is ill add u. me and my fiends kick ass at zombies and it’s something fun to do so… ya

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      on what do you play, Xbox or PC or PS3??
      if it is PS3, edit me, LaVaOv

  • Hotrod69

    thanks for info, have to try it lol!!! can u post weapons glitch someone?

    • ken

      found a gun glitch!
      step 1:tell your friend to make a lobby in player match(or the opposite)
      step 2:tell your friend to switch the lobby to combat training
      step 3:go to a gun you havent bought in combat training and dont have in multiplayer
      step 4:click on it and hover over buy(not buy and equip)
      step 5:tell your friend to back out of the lobby.
      step 6:then youll have the buy screen still up press buy and you”ll have it.

      my gamertag is guccikiller12 mail me anytime

  • Alex Larson

    Dog all of your strategys are good and work but the only thing that i no for a fact is hope to god that the box dont shit you and get perks and ALL WAYS RUN!!!!!!!!!! IF NOT YOU WILL DIE

  • lucky_shotz13

    i hav’nt tried any of these strategys yet but im sure they will help me get to round 35-40 i think i die because i never use the traps and save like 30-40k and just freekill with random and upgraded guns i do buy all the perks eventually when i need them

  • lucky_shotz13

    add me i could use a few people to help me i usually play online but on solo i can make it about 24 rounds avg ive made it to round 30 solo my gamer tag is lucky_shotz13 on the ps3

    • wolflow

      Add me on PS3 xWOLFx-xFLOWx I got to round 30 solo with zero downs but I had to go so upgraded somw retarded guns and dolphin dived into a swarm of zombies

    • Hellsedge666

      Id love to play with you some time im not that good online because most people go prone in a doorway and get me mobbed.

  • zac

    are you able to make a guide for the map “five” with a detailed map like the one for this guide, and great guide by the way 😉

    contact on :

  • Jay

    i can get into the 20’s easily but my problem is the mystery chest. i am never able to get anything good out of it. i need some suggestions on good guns that you are able to get off of the wall.

    • cid

      ok. theres a “glitch” for the box. look carefully at the “?” and you will see that they will get brighter and then dimmer, time it carefully to open the box when its brighter and you will always get a great gun like light machine guns or raygun or thundergun its still random but it will give you a good gun. me and my friend always do this online and it works fine. i also do in solo and it wtill works.

      • Jay

        alright i’ll try it, thnx :)

      • tristen

        it is freaken awesome i wish i could play this game all day even i wish i was in the game

        • wizard911

          if u were in the game u would shiz your pants then die jk
          depends, im very light-harded so i couldnt.
          i can shoot guns well but all that excitment and scary zombies popping out from anywhere, i just couldnt.

      • shakir

        so all u do is look at the light wen it gets brighter u do wat

      • JAYZA

        the glitch actually works everytime i used it when it was bright i got good guns and when dim i got crap ones. the glitch is the easyest way to get thundergun

    • ben

      on kino i way 2 get the ray gun everytime is 2 pull out your pistol (only your pistole) shoot both the questions marks twice lay down and open the box it works everytime but it only works wit yur pistole. i never tried it online but it works split screen and solo

      • chance butler

        that glitch dosnt work all the time time but it does give u a good gun thnx though dood

    • Klaas

      Actually, just taking an M16 and upgrading it does enough.
      In my opinion its better than Predator (commando upgraded)
      and it has a grenade launcher.
      @ further comments: I rather don’t mind the box that much. It’s easy to get all box horny and you’ll get easily swarmed by a group.

      And people who think they are great by getting to lvl 30+ on solo are kind of stupid. It’s pretty easy to get to 35+ without using your first revival if you follow the steps given to you by these tuts.
      Great work dude.

      • Hamza

        I can only get to round 13 on split screen :(
        i play with my bro
        but im only 11 and he’s 13 so……

        • Klaas

          That’s no big deal. The more you’ll play the better you will get lol.
          Anywho AK47FU2 is actually a great gun too.
          Tobad that it doesnt do any damage at 35+ no more :/

    • jason

      definitly use the podium glitch so you are invincible and rack up points. then you want to try the box as much as possible. if worst comes to worst you need to get the stakeout and the mp40.then just fire into the crowd.bounce gernades off of the walls and try to kill them with gernades. use the box as much as possible when you have only a couple of zombies left.

      • Jake

        Could someone please explain all these glitches to me?

  • Kenn

    me and my friend got to round 27, he had a thunder gun and an lmg, both packapunched, while i had ballistic knives and a crossbow, both packapunched aswell. im suprised we made it so far, its just we ran out of ammo.

  • pokemoner

    for the first few rounds it is good to shoot them 6 or 7 times in the legs, then knife them. this gets you alot of points. Once u can use the teleporter, at the beggining of each round you should use it and bomb grenades at the pile of zombies. this really helps kill alot of the zombies. after that u can either make a stand off or use traps. this works out really well, especially in solo.

  • Brian or Penguinjr93

    Igotto round 83 and unfortunately i only had 1 monkey and i was EMPTy so i was desperate for a decent gun and the funny thing is i died by a crawler that trapped me only a crawler so i know i feel stupid.But i play on xbox 360 and i did this alone to bad i cannot be posted on xbox live record but ROUND 83 yes

  • billyjackson64 (PS3)

    there is also a trick with the monkeys …
    if you have monkeys but you run out of them .
    you can throw grenade to a corner wall etc.
    and instead of picking it up. push the monkeys button and , like if was magic ,you’ll have a monkey

  • Gweedo

    The first strategy is bad but sum in the comments r gwd p.s. Add me on psn my name is gweedo119_123 I know my thing says I’ve only made it to round 11 but I made it to 20+ just not on my file

  • josh

    Add me xbox live Rachet1996xx

    • Bob

      After you teleport and go to where you upgrade your gun your sent into another room where has perks. The rooms that don’t have perks have these token things. What do they do?

      • K to the I to the A zom-bitch!

        @ Bob:
        There could be film rolls in the rooms after the teleporter, if you find one pick it up by holding your reload button. Next time you go to the projector room with the teleporter, you can put this film roll in the projector by standing at its right side and holding the reload button again. Then there will be a film playing on the big screen in the theatre. There are 3 films; one about a scientist, one with a giant eye and one with clips of zombies in it.

  • mnm124

    thanks for this review i usually play on solo so i will use ure strategies thank u very much!!! I usually get to around round 20 on solo nd my highest is round 27, hopefully i get furthere wid ure strategy

  • SWulf2817

    I’ve made it to Round 54 on Kino Der Toten.

    From Rounds 1-5, I knife as much as possible and can usually get the MP40, the power on, and Jugger-Nog by Round 5.

    During Round 1, I shoot the zombies in the legs then knife to max out points. I avoid Quick Revive till after I get Jugger-Nog – this helps me get the MP40 by round 3.

    The later rounds are all about lapping and trapping – the Zeus Cannon can help you be more aggressive with the traps. I still use the mp40 in later rounds as a cheap way to get points.

    The biggest challenge in later rounds is boredom. There only so many laps you can perform before you break discipline and start screwing around.

    I solve the boredom problem by hitting the Mystery Box and running a Round with whatever I get: try running around with the Ballistic Knife – it’s a bit tricky.

  • harrison

    I have a question I cant seem to find an answer to. When you teleport, it brings you to these rooms where nothing happens. In those rooms, you can find film reels. You can then put them in the projector. There are only 3 of them but after doing this, I cant seem to find any effect that this causes. Does anyone know what Im talking about? Does doing this do anything? Please help, im very frustrated and very curious. Thanks

  • Bloodsplat1 (on PSN)

    U don’t need to cross yr fingers for a max ammo. just use the glitch with the electrical box in the first room and you will be overloaded with double points, instakills and max ammo’s. (in the beginning at least)

    People from belgium or Holland, or just with a headset, add me on Ps network
    I’m not the best in this, highest i made it was with my best friend till 28. for some reason playing online, playing with 4 of them is not an advantage. not with the people i played with.

    Hint: when someone of yr team goes down in the theater, run to first room back do the beginning tour and just run in a circle back to the theater. u have to do this immediatly when someone downed, else u’ll be too late


  • ZombieSlayer12

    hi guys. if you are having trouble at zombies add me on psn SharpShot925 i will help you get past lvl 35+

  • Dave

    Has anyone configured the Razer Mamba to work for Kino Ver Totem?

    What keys are onfigured for what action?


  • SOLOchuckles456

    Reached Round #42 (quit cuz i it was 5:00am, not cuz i died.)
    GOLDEN RULE – never camp! Always keep moving and don’t let the zombies get in front of you.

    Knife kills only till round 3 (cross your fingers for a max ammo) Headshots as much as possible and accumulate as many points as possible. Go upstairs from the spawn and make your way to the stage, unlocking doors BEFORE you get overrun. (if you aren’t sure if you can hold the room, move on. Better safe than sorry.) If you are out of ammo for your pistol, buy an AUTOMATIC gun off the wall (mp40 is best for now). If you come across the gun box, use it at your own risk. For now, it’s better to know what gun you are getting. DON’T TURN THE POWER ON UNTIL YOU CAN AFFORD JUGGER-NOG! (2500 points) Once power is activated, immediately buy jugger-nog and start doing “right laps.” (a right lap is when, starting at the spawn, you head upstairs(right) and make your way back to the stage, through the theater back to the spawn.) Always keep moving, this will make sure the zombies remain behind you. Only stop when you are sure zombies are not in front of you. Nothing is worse than shooting a whole cluster of zombies and getting hit from behind.

    Once you have jugger-nog, it’s ok to use the gun box. The ultimate combination you want is the thundergun/raygun (primary) and a light machine gun (secondary). It is very important to have a primary gun that can kill 1 or 2 zombies very fast. If you do get the thundergun, only use it when absolutely necessary. Dodge the zombies instead of blasting them. Pull out your secondary when shooting large groups (more points). Don’t use the traps until you get to round 20+ it might make the rounds go by faster but you lose all those points. If you run out of ammo, upgrade. NEVER UPGRADE THE RAYGUN OR THUNDERGUN UNLESS YOUR OUT OF AMMO. (if it still kills in 1 or 2 shots, why upgrade?)

    When the box goes to the alley, save up enough to buy the whole “left lap.” I think it’s about 3250 points? not sure tho. I think it works better this way because you never want to get caught with your back to a door you can’t afford.

    Don’t stop moving, don’t waste bullets, and don’t be stupid.
    Xbox Live Gamertag: SOLOchuckles456


    well i dont know about yr way but i have another way but still greaaaat. all-in-it can u add me plzzzz lisn my online id is FAISAL-FARAWANA and i will accept on weds day highist i went is…22…k plz i look forward to playin with u

  • natattack

    in the early rounds, points are important. on the first round (if you have 4 people) have one person guarding each window. round 1 zombies only take one knife to kill, so let them break down the barriers all the way and then just knife them and rebuild. keep repeating until the round is over. plus if you let them in they might drop a double points or insta-kill. 2nd round zombies take 2 knives to kill and 3rd round zombies take 3. round 4 zombies, however, still only take 3 knives to kill. this also save ammo. i can usually get through the first 4 rounds without firing a single shot. i usually leave after rounds 4 or 5 to the right upstairs and continue to the next room down the stairs (thats going through the next 2 doors at once if i was unclear), then i usually get the shotgun in the foyer. this helps a lot with the hellhounds. i stay in the foyer until the end of round 8 usually, then open the next 2 doors and enter the backstage area. i then turn on the power 1 or 2 rounds later. this way, i get and save maximum points for more important things later on like perks and random weapons. ammo and points are precious, save ’em. hope this helps!

  • M3atheads UNITE

    add me ^^^ if you want to get far

  • DoWn4sOme Zs

    I play on xbox gt: xgoldeneye oo7x. The letter o not the #. We usually play around 11 pm central time. We need help past 25. Looking for a 4th guy for the team send me a message on xbox.

  • DoWn4sOme Zs

    This all sounds like what ifs and maybes. I need a tutorial for rounds past 25 with 4 people. I have just one question do you hold your ground or do you do the circle?

  • yall suck

    omg man yall have the gayest strategy ever me n my fuend’s made it 2 lvl 59 by doin the little thing we call da circle……

  • i hate zombies (XBL)

    hey guys if u take the door on the top right of the stairs in the first room and go all the way to the alley no gas zombies will spawn because you are OUTSIDE not INSIDE.

  • i hate zombies (XBL)

    if your running from a horde of zombies and a gas zombie is in your way,just a little advice, jump over the gas zombie

  • i hate zombies (XBL)

    hey all- in- it i play on xbl but for my birthday im gonna get a ps3 so ill find u on psn

  • Zombitch

    My highest level i have ever gotten 2 on Kino Der Toten is level 34 with my brother and his friend….. its an alright score i guess……hint of advice: never stop moving ( unless its dogs, then u stay in a corner and blast’em )

  • i hate zombies

    man thats 1 thing thats certain everybody soner or later in zombies mode for black ops,you will get overwhelmed no matter how far u make it, u will get overwhelmed

  • i hate zombies

    diswasher: a poker machine what? that would be a waste of points dude

  • i hate zombies

    heydown4some zs to do the 3 gun glitch buy a mystery box weapon but before it selects a weapon have a teammate go down beside it and revive him, meanwhile the mysterybox has already selected a weapon 4 you revive ur teammate and there u go u should have 3 guns

  • i hate zombies

    hey all-in-it when on solo get these perks joggernog speed cola and quick revive its important to get quick revive solo because if u go down u gotta start from round 1 again so thats why its important

  • i hate zombies

    today i made it till round 37 because of this,juggernog/speed cola/quick revive/hk21 i upgraded/raygun i upgraded to porters x2 /monkeybombs,traps also helped and i got till round 37 SOLO because i had these perks and weapons.also try to get good weapons from the mystery box.

  • all-in -it

    PS3 ONLY

  • mike

    another tactic could be with the ballistics knifeowie me and my friend nick do it and usually get to about round 31 because its one hit kill is lost about round 20 its a great weapon to pack-a-punch. when say your friend is down just shoot him with your upgraded (bk) and heal him with its insta-revive.

  • DoWn4sOme Zs

    Help! after round 25

    4players-Kino Der Toten

    Can not seem to hold a corner down once we get to the mid 20s. The reason (NO AMMO). The game seems like it does so you have to start running around.
    I haven’t tried your strategy yet but we’re about to. What we do instead…

    Try and find the box going the upstairs route then stopping at the stage to hold off there. We hold there without turning on the power till we all have around or above 10k points. Which is usually around round 12.
    Rounds 12-24
    We hid in the room over looking the alley with the door locked to the stage. Usually everyone has the same guns. 4LMGs 3 alien blasters, and a thunder gun. The problem is we have no ammo because the zombies don’t stop coming. _hen we run around the map hitting traps till our money runs all out from buyin perks after we go down. This can last for a few rounds but not to 50!
    Anyone out there that can help.


    • all-in -it

      well dude it not ammo that you need because as rounds go by the only guNs that are useful at the twenty ARE RPK RAY GUN THUNDERGUN AND FAMAS PLUS CAMMANDO you need to gather a horde of zombie like gaint hordes and then use a trap[ plus in later rounds get the jugger noag don’t g et any other PERK!!!!!!! GOT THAT IF YOU NEED HELP SEND INVITE TO ALL-IN-IT OKAY NO FRENID REQUEST GOT THAT

    • i hate zombies

      u dont camp in zombies mode that is the WORST thing 2 do (trust me u get overwhelmed easy)

  • i hate zombies

    the MP40 is a good gun to buy off the wall that 1,000 points is worth it i also got to round 17 with a MP40 and a THUNDERGUN i only died because i didnt have any ammo left for my THUNDERGUN and i got overwhelmed

    • all-in -it

      want to play with me add me as frenid and i can help you gety ammo easily ok just you need four people but don’t worry got two frenid thats are one of the best players in thed world

  • i hate zombies

    i think i have an idea for a new type of random box.we all know that the random weapons box has been faithful to us right,so i have a new idea,how about the random attachmeant box it spawns a weapon with a random attachmeant on it like red dot,ACOG etc. that would be awsome they should put that in the next cod zombies mode in the next cod game.

    • dIsWaShEr

      Exactly mann there should be lots of types of random boxes like the attachments box u said also a perk box and instead of 4 perks there should be like all the perks with some bad perks that are usless like flak jacket and also maybe a poker machine when you pay $1000 and then you might lose that money or triple it.

  • dIsWaShEr

    On the map guide thing there is a mystery box right where the alley and double tap is

  • devilquak

    umm you need to get more info on other games before doing your guides. THREE of the previous FOUR zombie maps from world at war had traps… they’re not new. and all of your zombie guides are hypothesysing on the hope that you will get a wonder weapon from the mystery box right away… i play zombies alot and it’s like a 1/50 chance after the early rounds and it can be hard to get to earlier on soo you need to figure that out.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Traps are not new but types of traps are.

  • i hate zombies

    and everyone take my advice………..the pm63 is very innefective against zombies EVEN in the early rounds it also waste too much ammo not good.

  • i hate zombies

    i wish they put an ak47 in black ops zombies:(

    • dIsWaShEr

      You can with a modded gpd 😀

  • i hate zombies

    its also good to turn on the power by round 8 and u could run a half circle through the alley way and through the theter back to where u started and activate the fire pit trap along the way,also reload as much as possible,ammo is important right :)

  • rt

    I figured anybody who reads this probably has experience, but I’ll say just in case. perks are great, but the above works without them. don’t get desperate going after power-ups because it can be a game ender that you won’t be happy about on level 25 :) use the teleporter to get your’ composure. you do not need to open the door by the m16 until there are so many you need more room to run. after teleporting in late rounds the zombs come into the lobby from all directions, but the pack comes from the kino door. be ready to shoot your’ way through the lobby on your’ circle runs during the levels past 20.

  • r. t

    excellent guide. here’s a tip if you go solo that will help with a level 30. have not tried it co-op yet.. unfortunately people just are not good enough…yet! 😉
    after everything is on and open. start the level in front of the stage and be CERTAIN the teleporter is on!! hold off for as long as you can on the stage. when it gets too much..TELEPORT!! all the zombies will gather in front of the stage. toss all your’ grenades on them from the projector room, buy more off the wall and toss more on them. keep buying and tossing till your’ forced to teleport. I can toss 3 or 4 granade salvos before I’m teleported. don’t be mislead, when your’ teleported back to the lobby the zombies will be pouring through the kino door! let them have it!! then apply the run and gun methods described above. you do a lot of damage and get the points. most importantly there are a lot of crawlers to make it easier and to dispatch for big points with the knife at the end of the round. these are long rounds, so activate the teleporter when it cools if possible, because you can get back up there if things are really crazy and let them have it again! hope this helps.

  • tartpumper

    Just to add to this excellent guide – you can actually shoot the first round of zombies with 5 shots then knife, then the next round 10 and so on. an extra 10 points per zombie cant do any harm!
    Totally agree running is the best option but when you’re on 4 player and the dogs come the best tactic is to all sit in a corner where nothing can come from behind and all 4 of you just keep blasting anything that comes near. Works even better if two have a shotgun and two have machine guns. the two machine guns shoot long range to wear them down and the shotguns finish them up close.
    Also, when running make sure you run together! If one person tries to be Rambo on his/her own at level 20 or more they dont stand a chance. Also your best bet is to get them in hoards as you spoke about and that 1 person can split this up.
    Im also a very firm believer in reviving people ASAP. I always save monkey bombs for this reason only. If someone comes back with a pistol, no perks and no money then they wont be any help whatsoever and obviously 4 fully loaded, fully perked players are better than one.

    • Player@122

      Wow i just have a new strategy to get the thundergun! !!!! Dont look to the mystery box look to behind it and crouch ok

  • Monfeli

    I made it toround 29 solo with packapunched ray gun and zues cannon but lack of ammo was my downfall, i will try traps next time around.

  • Hiram Sun

    Hey u forgot a guide for 2 player i can never get 3 other people to play with me on landline i dont feel like buying xbox live waste of cash to me saving up cash at the moment. i usually play with my brother but we only make it to like around round 10 we suck i need a guide for 2 players

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Team based strategies work mostly for two player also =) I will write a general strategy guide when I get time for what I have left in these.

    • dIsWaShEr

      Hey do the exact same as the dude gave for the single player strategy guide but possibly upgrade a ballistic knife in case your teamate gets downed and you don’t have time to revive him just shoot him! 😛
      And also Dont try to use the box to much or youll get caught but if ur mate has an upgraded ballistic knife jst box it up and tell ya mate 2 run 😉

  • Lance Galil

    thnx ill try it tonight!

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  • xjarhead69

    No way to get past the high 20’s in the alley… I believe if you make it in to the mid 30’s ur using the stage turret gun glitch to get there I didn’t watch the video.. But will at a later date… The alley is the best place to alamo but just a matter of time before you over ran… Use claymore to protect corner as a fall back position ie zues cannon or monkey time.. To regain position in alley but when dogs come go to other end of alley a fight there… Saves ur claymores… Also placing claymores on other side of white door insures an safe excape route but the next round normally results in death… Hold the alley

    • all-in -it

      Dude its called traps not glitches.

    • mlw4g2

      dude you can get to 30 easy you just suck at life

  • brandon

    made it to 70 thanks;) wish i could add u but ive got aps3

    • Clarence Walls Jr.

      hey dude add me i am called MaGiCaLfIrE1347. its magicalfire1347 just in case you couldnt read that one. i try to do better but i need help so could you help me

      • all-in -it

        add me to i’m really good and i just lost my best frenid player and i need sombody like him we always make to level 60 but i need help because he my best frenid so please add me and play with me i’m going to get the headset soon so thats going to help because i’m tired of typeing so add me cool

    • bnob

      i got only to 19 but i suck so can u add me my psn is OMGLOLWTFitsTobi

      • all-in -it

        You don’t suck most people get to 14 or 17 so you are better than them.

      • killakillaaaa

        dude, i suck, the best ive done is rnd 8! 8(

  • tazz

    Wow i got up to round 64 i am the 129th person on leaderbords with my freind (2 players)

  • jack

    yeah thanks for the help it helped me out i actually got up to round 38 after reading this! so yeh thanks..

    • John

      Hey! I only managed level 24 (569 kills) but yeah.. add me; Legendboy09 😀

      • KidS R QuIte GooD

        I got up to round 10 so I suck add me plz I play Xbox 360 so if you play Xbox 360 plz add me sheshezride06 plus ima kid

  • elijah

    Awesome guide thanks really helped me in single player. I usually get to like 10-15 then die but now im getting in the high 30’s