Poker Night at Inventory Errors, Crashes, Freezes, and Fixes

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In Poker Night at Inventory you can, not only play poker with Tycho, Strong Bad, Max, and TF2’s Heavy but also get unlocks for Team Fortress 2. If your night gets ruined experience errors, crashes, freezes and other game breaking issues while trying to play the game.

You can refer to the troubleshooting guide below for little know-how of workarounds and possible solutions to resolve these issues.

Poker Night at Inventory Troubleshooting Guide

1# Poker Night at Inventory Unresponsive ?
Every time you start up Poker Night At The Inventory, be it the Steam or Telltale version, after the Telltale logo, the game becomes unresponsive. You can’t see anything or do anything, its just a black screen.
Solution. Make sure you meet the minimum system requirements to play the game. Try Re-installing after updating your video card drivers, and DirectX. Or..

2# Poker Night at Inventory Black Screen Fix
When you launch the game you come across black screen of death, you can hear the sound but can only see black screen. You know what you need to do right ? force the native resolution and refresh rate in the steam command line.


Right click on ‘Poker Night at Inventory’ in Steam -> Properties -> Set launch options.
Add “-w 1024 -h 768 -refresh 60”. Run the game, and change video settings in game options to this resolution and refresh rate. It happens because your monitor doesn’t support default resolution.Remove this command line after you have changed the video settings.

Note. Set the resolution similar to what you are using on your desktop.

3# Poker Night at Inventory Sound Problem Voice Distortions
Update your sound card drivers and it will be fine again. Or you can give these a try.

Solution #1
You can also force the game to run in compatibility mode to fix this issue. Find the exe in the steam folder, and run it in compatibility mode for XP.

Solution #2
If the game is recognizing your audio device wrong, like you have headphone connected and it is showing speakers. Also you are unable to change the settings, then try this. Install the DirectX that comes with the game. Update your .Net Framework and re-install c++ runtime libraries.

Solution #3
Right click on the speaker, select playback devices, highlight sound device you use, click Properties, and then Advanced Tab and select 16bit, 48000hz(DVD quality).

While in XP, for those who are facing the same sound problems, you can try reducing the hardware acceleration, or configure your speakers to Stereo.

4# Poker Night at Inventory Doesn’t Launch – Can’t Start
1. Restart Steam.
2. Restart Computer.
3. Go the folder and launch the application directly.
4. Validate integrity of game cache.
If that Doesn’t work, try this.

  • Go the folder in your steam index/common/shank
  • Delete the Type. file “srcds_run” and then re-validate the integrity of game cache.

5. Run the game as admin.
6. Run the game in compatibility mode.

5# Poker Night at Inventory Graphic Bugs, Weird Menu Screen, and Black Screen.
First off launch the game in your native desktop resolution. Second, update your video card drivers, and do an integrity check if you have Steam Version.

6# Poker Night at Inventory Poor Framerates
Force Anti Aliasing on Poker Night at Inventory from nVidia Control Panel or ATI Catalyst Control Panel, and you will notice a considerably improved performance.

7# Poker Night at Inventory Crashes

8# Poker Night at Inventory Freezes

9# Poker Night at Inventory Crash after Resolution Change

10# Poker Night at Inventory Menu Graphics Glitch/Bug
If you are to run the game on Windows XP, make sure you are on Service Pack 3. Update your video card drivers,and it should resolve this issue.

11# Poker Night at Inventory “Game Continuation Bug”
You made your move, went all in and amazingly no one reacts and the game stops there. With no next move! a bug that developer needs to look into.

12# “This Application has failed to start because MSVCP100.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.”
Update your DirectX and download Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Libraries.

13# Poker Night at Inventory Can’t Adjust Graphics Settings
It sounds like you set something to a level your system can’t handle (probably the Shadows setting). Try deleting the file named “prefs.prop” in the following location:

Documents\Telltale Games\Poker Night at the Inventory

This will return the game to its original default settings. Hope that helps!

14# Poker Night at Inventory – Nothing Happens on Clicking executable
Run as admin in compatibility mode with updated video card drivers, DirectX, and C++ Runtime Libraries.

If you are facing any other issue, share with us in comments and we will try to help you out.

18 responses to “Poker Night at Inventory Errors, Crashes, Freezes, and Fixes”

  1. Roman says:

    Ive got a Steam version of Poker night at the inventory. I have Windows 8. Can’t start the game. I tried everything, listed above and I still have the same problem. Help?

  2. Musellus says:

    I’m guessing those it might just be a simple delete local files and reinstall problem…Buuuut…whenever I go to launch it the Microsoft Redist Package keeps doing the install thing…

  3. Musellus says:

    Which one do I use for when TTG crashes right after leaving the tips menu right before a poker match? (Steam Version)

  4. SkullMcFoley says:

    I can run the game just fine, however I have usually have this weird thing with my monitor because it’s a 32 inch beast and can’t run anything below 1360×768 resolution without distorting the screen and cutting the images up. Normally this ain’t a problem if the Settings menu is in the box but with this game in particular it’s hidden and I can’t seem to figure out how to modify the resolution outside of the game itself. Any idea on how to fix this?

    • The fonz's less handsome brother says:

      I have the same exact issue except I changed the resolution in the game not thinking and now the game won’t come up and using #2’s black screen fix doesn’t seem to work either.. still trying to figure it out >:o

  5. Daniel says:

    There is no Common\index\shank!

    What else should i do, it keeps crashing when ever i start it.

  6. ineff says:

    Still no fix?! this is really an annoying issue. celebritypoker.exe crashes.

  7. Nick says:

    When I type in -sw (or -windowed) -w 800 -h 600, it seems to ignore this.

  8. Akuri says:

    Yeah i have the same problem, I did the blackness fix, but tried to change resolution and boom, bye bye mr poker, Please help?

  9. ineff says:

    removing the prefs file in documents / telltale / pokernight folder allows the game to load up full screen again — but the celebritypoker.exe still crashes after the telltale splash screen

  10. robotman5 says:

    none of those worked for me.

  11. ineff says:

    I too am waiting for #9 . Game worked fine before changing the resolution in game.

    I will also try to delete the prefs file in the telltale folder… That ~should~ work … Will update later.

  12. Jerome says:

    please help me, it was running with lots of lag on the mouse, so i decided to change the resolution settings and now all i get is blocks of my background and my steam library meshed together and a flickering display, however when i cmd+Q the application i can see the menu for a millisecond. i have tried deleting and re installing it about 5 times and the set launch options is not working at all, it will not -autoconfig or -windowed but all my other games do.

    im running a MBP
    4 gig ram and
    niveda force 9600m GT

    please help,

  13. Aroldo says:

    yeah i’m waiting the fix for > 9# Poker Night at Inventory Crash after Resolution Change =S

  14. wadahell says:

    -w 1280 -h 1024 -refresh 60 does not work it just starts the game with 1024/768

  15. MehPlusRawr says:

    Thanks a ton for this- I can actually play now!

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