How to Quick Scope in Call of Duty: Black Ops

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Quick Scoping involves the player quickly aiming down the scope of a sniper rifle, for up to a second before shooting and zooming out of the scope. If you are experienced in Quick Scoping, it can be your effective weapon on small Call of Duty maps such as Rust, Scrapyard, Shipment, and Showdown .

It is on of the most popular techniques, mostly used in the multiplayer mode of the Call of Duty games especially from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare onwards. But, Quick Scoping has been severely limited in Call of Duty: Black Ops. Why ? because Treyarch says its a very ‘cheap way to play’.

Players will now need to wait a brief moment until the sniper sight is centered before they take a shot. A shot fired during the time the scope fully appears and the time the scope centres (around 1 to 2 seconds) will not be accurate, and will assume a random bullet trajectory.

Everyone is complaining now, why they can’t quick scope and how it was fun and skill to quick scope etc etc etc. Who could have stopped players from finding out the possibilities to still quick scope in Call of Duty: Black Ops ? No One. It seems you can still Quick Scope to an extent in Call of Duty: Black Ops, the video posted below show you how.

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Basically, use the variable scope, and zoom in with it atleast to the second zoom, or third. And by doing that u don’t have the stupid 2 second delay of ur bullet not going straight. Drag scoping is basically what it is, were just kinda eliminating the bullet flying randomly. Practice it. In this video I was just figuring it out pretty much. So I haven’t practiced it that much but it clearly works.

Thanks. M40A3Predator

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  • Neil Hiestermann

    how does one minimize the crosshairs???


    8-year-olds and d-bags get annoying after 5 minutes. Plus, I’m on of those well playing not-nooby 16-year-olds who can actually do the MW2 style QS in Black Ops. You can’t scope in all the way, but you also can’t be unscoped either, there is just a perfect instant where the bullet always goes straight, just try and find it, practice on walls from about 20 or 30 feet away(private match). Worked for me,I own a PS3, and it worked for my friend is an XBOX360 owner. It’s pretty stupid what Treyarch forgot to patch. Tiny, tiny things can be used so well.

  • QS

    Quickscoping is used a lot by 8-year olds’ who think they can dominate every game.

    • QS

      Your just jealous u cant 😛

  • I Program for a Living

    after seeing someone in a SnD lobby successfully quickscope 10 people without using this technique (it was like the old MW2 quickscopes, not even being fully scoped in), i decided to see if someone online had figured out a way to quickscope in a MW2 fashion… I found this old thing instead.

    Anyway, as long as I’m here, I might as well spread my knowledge on the subject, as far as MW2 goes.

    For all of those who thought/still think quickscoping took skill in MW2, may I explain why/how quickscoping works in MW2.

    Every Gun has a “AimAssistRange” variable that the game uses to decide how much aim assist to provide against a target, slowing/speeding up the turning speed to compensate for moving targets, and adjusting slightly when scoping in when partially off of aiming at someone within the range. while this lock-on is nowhere near the degree it is in Single Player, and is not triggered by quickly aiming in and out, it still exists, and will rotate you slightly to adjust your aim onto to your target if you are close to being aimed on them. With snipers, the bulk of this aim assist happens at the split-second that the screen is black between being scoped out and scoping in. Depending on your target’s range from you, it does a varying amount of aim-assist, aiding in locking you onto your target when you shoot. Anyone who quickscopes a lot can probably notice that the medium-long range quickscopes are actually among the easiest to pull off. This is because that these ranges are closest to the “AimAssistRange” of the sniper, and provide the largest/most accurate amounts of aim assist. Closer range quickscopes have significantly less aim assist, making them slightly harder to do (hence the close-range quickscope-fail-fights frequently near the end of Search and Destroy rounds). However, a small degree of aim assist is still present, and the closer the target is, the less the aim assist matters.

    In short, MW2 Quickscoping is little more than abusing the built-in (and impossible to turn-off in MW2 multiplayer)aim assist mechanic to make the game lock your sniper shots onto your target (Which is why Treyarch said it is a cheap way to play).

  • James

    It is so easy to quick scope, if you can’t you need to hold the aim for a little and then shoot.

  • PLCAKE96

    Hey how do I minimize cross hars ?

  • qwerty

    You can quick scope real easy with the IR scope too… it seems to go straight and scopes in quicker

  • Ghosboy

    Umm iv tried All those things and they don’t work and I’m like the best sniper look me up on you tube my gamertag is ghosboy and I’ll c I’m a better no scoped then quickscoper

  • Sage

    I understand that there is skill involved in quickscoping. But the different primary weapon categories are set up to have a cost/benefit exchange allowing players to accommodate their playing style. Players who decide to use a sub machine gun or an assault rifle give up a proportionate amount of accuracy and stopping power for speed and firing rate. Quickscoping negates the exchange and isn’t fair to those who play within the traditional parameters.

  • marcus

    my email is incase you got questions

  • marcus

    use lightweight steady aim pro and marathon, get your cross hairs or reticule centered on the enemy zoom in and as soon as you zoom flick your r3 button left or right this should work, fool around with this so you can practice and get an understanding

  • marcus

    i sorta perfected a strategy for black ops you can give it a go inc ombat training on recruit to really get the hang of it, its pretty tricky.

    for starters i have a ps3 and lets not start the stupid argument which is bettter etc i have both systems and it works on 360 as well.

  • Sebastian

    Awesome, I’m a big-time sniper, but the close range combat made it annoying to use a rifle, mid to close range. Thanks for the typ!

  • daniel

    i did what u said in the tuturial and it worked thanks but its also easy if u use an acog or minnimize the cross hars what u use to no scope

  • Hah

    The intervention + Barret .50Cal weren’t even invented in the 1960s…

    • Rawr

      Lol neither was the G11 and almost half of the guns in the game……

  • alex yale

    Come on bring qs back it was quality in cod 6, also have intervention back and barret 50cal cheers

  • Zack

    well i have a ps3 and i have actually created a quick scoping lobby but its not your average quick scope lobby. with mine i have figured out how to make the cross-hares really small so that if your target is in those small cross-hares all you have to do is quick scope. it is also very good for no scoping and 360 quick scoping.

    • n0tYORch3z

      Yes me too, u can do it in the private matches

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  • Phil

    when I follow your tutorial on the linking the website to your xbox, it does not link to my xbox, it says my credentials could not be verified, what does that mean?

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