Undead Nightmare Unicorn and Chupacabra Location Guide

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After you have completed Undead Hunter Rank 4 in Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare, you need to kill Chupacabra to rank up to legendary. You can refer to our Undead Nightmare Level Up Guide for more info.

Now, the probable locations to find Chupacabra are South of Perdido, South of Sepulcro, Casa Madrugada, and Mesa del Sol, all of which are in Mexico. When you have come near to this mystical creature, a royal blue circle will notify you of its presence in the area.

You can refer to this video guide below on how to locate and kill this creature and rank up as Undead Hunter. You will also unlock the trophy Chupathingy when you kill this creature.

Now, when you are near Unicorn, you don’t get any notification, its near the area where you can see the three horses in the map below.
Map courtesy PS3 Trophies @ amricardo
Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare

Now follow this video guide for the exact location of the unicorn and unlock Fan Service trophy.

Good Luck!

11 responses to “Undead Nightmare Unicorn and Chupacabra Location Guide”

  1. Amanda Couture says:

    you can get death back.

  2. studcody says:

    i fond unicorn at the exact location fond the chupathinge at el presideio

  3. Maui says:

    i went looking for it while i was riding the horse Death and i was looking for hours. i changed my horse to War and found it within 2 minutes of changing

  4. pandaboy says:

    They were right on the money but still can’t find the unicorn

  5. Valen says:

    I caught famine on foot near the train track bridge in mexico xD

  6. Mike says:

    I found the Chupacabra to the right if your looking at the map of where you can cross at the furthest Northern point, south of McFarlanes Ranch. I just found it there not even 10 minutes ago. THe Northern most point of Mexico. I was there for about 3 minutes riding around and it popped up. I then found the unicorn exactly where they say it is.

  7. jasper says:

    i cant just find the fucking chupacabara and im master hunter rank four i,v looked anywhere but cant find it it isn,t near torqeurmada
    nor it is near sepulcro or las hermanas HELP!!!!!!!!!

  8. Jess says:

    You have to be rank 4 hunter before you can find the cupacabra! I found the chupacabra when i was getting my treasure near Sepulcro. Good luck to ya’ll on finding the chupacabra…by the way it wont tell you if you are near the unicorn….I was running along the road when i saw a white horse in the distance and as i got closer there where butterflies and a rainbow. The unicorn is where the 3 horses are on your map.

  9. my brother look all over the place and can not find him you guys do not know were to find the animal and unicorn do you i am not having a good time playing any more

  10. Sagizilla says:

    I sure hope your right, I have been shearching for the chupacabra for a long time now

  11. Sam says:

    You guys i swear to god are just lieing i have been searching for 2 hours im about to murder someone and i have fast traveled about 4 times now!!!

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