Undead Nightmare Treasure Hunter Treasure Maps Location Guide

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You need to find five treasure maps in Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare to level up as Treasure Hunter.

Before you go in search of these treasures across the plague land, you will need to find a map with locations of these treasures inside a camp with a box (You can find this map inside a chest at wilderness camp) When you have found the campsite and a map for these treasures, you can refer to this guide for the locations of all five treasures to level up as Undead Treasure Hunter.

Red Dead Redemption Undead Treasure Hunter Rank Video Guide- Treasure Maps Location Guide

Thanks. Typical Gamer

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  • MrSue

    Do I need to find 5 maps before i go out finding the treasures? I got the first map but the treasure isn’t there, are there something i need to do first??????

  • red dead

    i’v found all the maps just look for a wilderness camp when u r near there will b a small blue dot go 2 it kill the guy and search the treasure chest u will find the map look at the map which is in ur sachel and try to identify the area
    hope i helped

  • ijhe

    Right how do i find the first map if ive completed the game ?

  • ijhe

    Were are the maps. Not the location of the treasure.

  • bayleigh

    have bull fights on the game

  • matt

    Heyy could sum one that has completed undead nightmare help me please. I have handed the mask back at the bull fighting ring and rescued all the missing people but the game isnt 100% completed its only 80% could sum one tell me what i havnt done please and how to fully complete it, thanks

  • Brandon

    Hey Typical Gamer,

    Just wanted to say \thanks\ for the helpful tutorial video on the treasure hunt locations. Because of your help, I found them all with no prob. All I need to do now is beat the sharpshooter challenge ( easier said than done), hahahaha. If you wanna co-op or anything online for RDR, let me know.

    Gamer Name: Beav Rustinino

  • alec

    yea i beat the game and know i cant find the first treasure map now i passed the camp a bunch of times in the beginning of the game and know i cant find it??

    • red dead

      the camps spawn at random locations i found my camp near theives landing

  • Red Durr Redumption

    LOL @ “scratching point.” Its called the scratching post. It says it on the map. Durr.

  • Coojo

    Oh sure like most folks are gonna know how to get to that first treasure.
    Show how you got them.

    • http://segmentnext.com Zawad Iftikhar

      First Treasure. Find a campsite that has a women chain up clawing her way to kill the Husband. You will be able to find it by Sepulcro under the Letter “U”. Kill him & open the chest , only findable at night.

      • alec

        yo i beat the game and i still need to find the first map for undead treasure hunter for rank 1 i beat every challenge except for that one and i skipeed the camp with the chest in the beginning of the game a couple times??

        • rdr best gaming

          The camp will keep coming back

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