Fallout New Vegas Unique Armor,Outfit,Recipe, Headgear Items Guide

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There are tons of items in Fallout New Vegas, you can use in your quest for survival in post apocalyptic Las Vegas, Nevada. There are armors, weapons, outfits and many more unique items that you can get either by searching containers or locked rooms, or by killing people.

Killing people is the real trick, you find any important figure in Fallout New Vegas, he/she has something unique That is Confirmed!
Kill him/her, loot the corpse to get that unique item- my experience. Following is the breakdown of all the unique items we could find in Fallout New Vegas.

Remnants Power Helmet
Location. Silver Peak Mine
You will find it behind the gate on the upper ledge of the Mine Cavern.

Nuka Cola Victory
Location. Jacobstown
You will find it inside Bungalow no. 1 to the south.

Gannon Family Tesla Armor
Location. Remnants Bunker
You will get as a reward when you complete side quest ‘For Auld Lang Syne’.

Papa Khan’s Helmet
Location. Red Rock Canyon
It is worn by Papa Khan, so you know what you need to do to get it right ?

Gannon Family Tesla Helmet
Location. Remnants Bunker
You will get it as a reward when you complete side quest ‘For Auld Lang Syne’.

Adventurer’s Pack
Location. Nopah Cave
Go inside the southwest cavern and you will find it lying next to a skeleton.

Vance’s Lucky Hat
Location. Wins Hideout
It is worn by Sammy Win.

Vikki’s Bonnet
Location. Wins Hideout
It is worn by Pauline Win.

Bounty Hunter Duster
Location. The Thorn
It is worn by Red Lucy.

Nuka Cola Victory
Location. El Rey Motel
It is inside the first room on first floor, near the dead body.

NCR Emergency Radio
Location. Camp McCarran
Increase your reputation with NCR and it will be rewarded to you.

Nuka Cola Victory
Location. Vault 3
You will find it inside the storage room in the recreation area of Vault 3.

Nuka Cola Quartz/Nuka Cola Victory
Location. REPCONN Headquarters
You can find two each, inside the locked gift shop storeroom.

Explorer’s Gear
Location. Orion Moreno’s House
Go south of Gun Runners and you can purchase it from Orion Moreno.

Cook-Cook’s Fiend Stew
Location. Cook-Cook’s Territory
There is a ruined camp here, inside it you will find this recipe on the metal shelve.

.44 Magnum, Hand Load
Location. Jules of North Vegas Square
You will get it as reward after you complete side quest, Meeting an Equal.

Bounty Hunter Duster
Location. Old Mormon Fort
Kill Beatrix Russel, loot the corpse to get it.

Followers Lab Coat
Location. Old Mormon Fort
Julia Farkas has it.

Naughty Nightwear
Location. Mick & Ralph’s
You will find it in the Mick’s hidden weapons and items box.

Viva Las Vegas
Location. King’s School of Impersonation
Kill the King, loot his corpse to get it.

Caleb McCaffery’s Hat
Location. Atomic Wrangler
Caleb McCaffery is your guy.

Bounty Hunter Duster
Location. Atomic Wrangler
Caleb McCaffery is your guy.

Van Graff Combat Armor
Location. Silver Rush
Finish the side quest ‘Birds of a Feather’ and get it as a reward.

Nuka Cola Quartz
Location. The Tops Casino
You will find five of these on the kitchen shelve inside the restaurant.

Benny’s Suit
Location. The Tops Casino
Loot Benny’s corpse to get it when you kill em.

Brahim Wellington
Location. Ultra Luxe Casino
You will find this recipe on the shelves of the kitchen.

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  • Zellopowersup

    Hey guys did you find an armor called black armor, is it a mod or what? I really need it.

  • Leon625

    In the devils throat up in the far north east of the map the is a special minigun gaurded lots ghoul reavers, glowing ones, and alot of centaurs you also might want a radiation suit

  • kill ze deathclawz!!!!

    i got the remnants power armor bitches!

  • KyleEatWorld

    I found an alien blaster that can deal 50 damage a shot! I found it in the Mojave mountains Foothills when Three Aliens ambushed me!

  • ur mom

    where is ceazar?????

  • rick

    how do i get the chinese power armor to work

    • haha chinese

      haha chinese power armor if the chinese made power armor it would already be dust after the bombs fell nothing made in china lasts very long cept the chinese stealth armor cuz it is not there but it is there it’s stealth armor it’s hardly there like anything you own made in chine after say 5 years how much of it is left (the stealth armor is in the dam where the nuclear waste barrels are move past them maybe use a rad x if your a vagina and are afraid of a bit of radiation posioning don’t wanna come out looking like michael jackson do ya

      • haha chinese

        screw getting armor actually since your all probably bored and have completed the game and all it’s quests here is a quest for you put everything away cept for your silenced ratslayer then go to the casino’s wearing the stealth armor and steal all their booze and drugs from all the casino’s on the strip do not stop until you are full weight then drag it to the middle of the desert and drink it all and here starts the quest now make it back to your hotel room in novac and also before you get to your hotel room go through the the crazy guys shack and make it through his bottle obstacle course well looting it no crouching allowed then if you have completed this quest i have one more last quest for you go stand infront of the dinosaur and wear boone’s beret well he is on duty

  • wyatt

    ^ because your gay black and ugly

  • Anthony

    What i dont get is i see a bunch of people when they go in the brotherhood of steel bunker when they get the safe house key theres weapon armor hen i go in there there is nothing in there please tell me why

  • eric

    yeah i already went and got th remnants on my hardcore game it was a bitch but i got it haha

  • Paige

    yeah sure somebody is going to go to the deathclaw promontory to get some armor that is surrounded by deathclaws….(read-“DEATH”claw)

    • Drake

      ya i did it in a minute “duh”

  • Derek

    lol there is a lot of power armor if you kill all of the people in the hidden place where the brotherhood of steel are too.

  • Cody williams

    there is another power helmet found in the footlocker of caesars tent inside near his bed

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