Cities XL 2011 Errors, Bug, Crashes, Fixes and Tweaks

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Cities XL 2011 is a massive city simulation game. This game has got all the ingredients for being a good City Simulator. There are some issues (errors, bugs and crashes) with the game that need to be addressed. Following is a list of most common issues found in the game with their possible fixes and workarounds.

1# Resolution Problem
If you are facing an issue that your game’s resolution has changed to something that your monitor does not support and you can see but a blank see after you launch the game then you should try the following workarounds:

  • If you are using ATI card then change your refresh rate from 65 to 75 60Hz. from the Catalyst menu. You can also change the refresh rate from the display properties of windows.
  • Delete all the hidden files and folders inside of the %AppData% folders. Deleting the “Focus Interactive” folder in your documents can also help the cause.

2# City name same as Cities XL 09
When you start the game for first time, it lets you make a city with the same name as your old cities from CitiesXL09. Which also makes the game to crash later on. You can solve this issue by deleting one of the cities in Planet mode, then restart.

Caution. You will loose one of your cities this way.

3# Visual Glitches with ATI Cards
If you are facing some bad visual glitches then you can try following workarounds

  • Remove your catalyst drivers and reinstall them properly. Make sure you have installed the latest version of the drivers.
  • Use Mobility drivers for the better experience.

4# Cars appear as Boxes in Low settings
If you are tired of seeing your cars as boxes in low settings then you can try this solution.

5# Can’t Download or the files are Corrupt

  • Try re downloading the files once, if not then downloading the game with some other download manager may solve the problem.
  • Alternatively you can try saving the files in some other directory rather than the default directory.
  • Create a new windows login user and then try to install the game using this user profile.

6# Game crashes at Loading Screen
If your game crashes at the loading screen then you need to “Verify Integrity of Game Cache” in the game’s properties in the “Local Files” (For steam buyers only).

7# Optimizer for AMD Athlon64 X2 Processors
If you are facing random crashes using these processors then you need to install this update for resolving the issue.

8# Save Files Corruption Fix
Currently there is no permanent fix for this problem. So it is recommended that you manually save your game’s progress on regular basis so that you can reload your game from the most recent point if the latest progress somehow gets corrupted. I will also recommend that you also back up your saved games so that you can sue them again if needed.

9# Can’t start the game ( Application not working)
Run the game “as Administrator” and that error should not pop-up now.

10# Game Crashes on Random

If you r game keeps on crashing continuously then you can try this workaround to fix the issue.

  • Go to your folder:Cities xl 2011/ live/ offline/solo
  • Delete the “solosaveregion” folder(s).

11# DBGHELP.dll not found Error
Windows use this file for debugging purpose. If you are facing this problem then use this package and install it on your PC.

12# Black Screen Fix
Christmas decorations is probably one of the causes of black screen. Try removing them and see if it helps. Furthermore it is suggested that you don’t click on cars in your city as it can lead to screen blackening. Screen can turn black the time you clicked the car it can happen later on. So avoiding any car clicks is your best shot as there is no other solution currently for this problem.

14# System Restarts when the game starts
It can be due to several factors, like power management issue. You should try closing all the background applications that might be eating up your resources. If the problem persists, you should contact the technical support team.

15# Steam User interface Issue
It’s not an official workaround so try it on your own risk. Back up your “Cities XL 2011.exe” file and replace the file with this archive file.

16# Can’t see mouse Pointer
If you are facing this problem then turn off the mouse trails and you will be able to see the mouse pointer again in the game.

17# How to Turn Vsync on
The game hasn’t got vsync option by default but you can manually. There are multiple methods but simplest of them is through RivaTuner from Guru3D.

  • After you have installed it, Go to the installation folder and search “d3d overrider”. Find d3doverrider.exe and run it.
  • It will appear as a tray icon, click the tray icon and in the window will open.
  • Make sure that force Vsync in on ON.

Note. The game has got several other minor bugs and we have currently no solution for them. You can report these bugs and any other problem your are facing to Cities XL Technical Support. We are hoping an update that will fix these bugs.

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  • Kirk Wolf

    Ok here is my problem:….
    I haven’t played it in a while and my mom has been messing with the file and she deleted all files and soo forth connected to the game now i can’t play it or uninstall it… How do i fix this problem?

  • sam

    hello my problem is it:
    when i have view from the high distance the cars change into black box and when i get nearer this problem is solve but in some times when i get very near this problem do not solve in additional i change the game graphic to very high but this problem do not solve.
    please any body help me!!

  • Darko Kelemen

    I bought Cities XL 2011, I got Windows XP and the message I get after installing the game right after double clicking the desktop icon is ” This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Try installing the application again to try and fix the problem”. Does anybody know what the hell that means???!!! Please someone help!!?

  • Jonathan

    About this error:
    DBGHELP.dll not found Error
    Windows use this file for debugging purpose. If you are facing this problem then use this package and install it on your PC.

    I did it, downloaded 1,5 GIGABYTE OF PROGRAMS, that I won’t use and nothing changed!!!!!!

    have you got another solution?
    do I have to install win xp 32 bit?
    is there a way to play the game without problems?

  • Dan0ak

    I am having an error saying “This application has failed to start because its side by side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event to log for more detail”.

    This happens when I try to start the application. I have installed it but I need to do the activation key.

    Help please?

  • OrbiterSpore

    i have a major bug here. i try to start the game, it crashes. i had the 2009 edition and it worked well. i waspacking up my pc to go another house. when i tried to run 2009, it crashed because “system does not meet minimal requirements”. but it worked before i moved! what was that?

  • Vick

    how do you run it in a window?

    • rattlesnake

      You are talking about running it in windowed mode or what?

      • Vick

        yhea running it in a window

        • rattlesnake

          If you are asking about the windowed mode then insert then:
          Right click your game’s .exe file and then in target tab insert “-w” at the end. It will look something like this

          C:\Program Files\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Apps\SimCity 4.exe -w

          And if you want to go back to full screen then either remove -w or if it does not work for you then insert “-f” at the end.

    • Willix

      To turn the game (Cities XL 2011) to window mode, press F2. :)
      Peace out