Cities XL 2011 Addons to Build Your Favorite City

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Cities XL 2011 is a virtual city building simulation game similar to SimCity by Focus Home Interactive. Including every possible feature to build and manage your favorite city with the active community support in terms of mods and tools.
You can introduce new structures, vehicles and roads in Cities XL 2011 using game mods and addons. Here is a list of some interesting addons that you can use to create your favorite city in Cities XL 2011.

1#Park Mod
This adds modified park to your city with effectiveness and radius.

2# Plaza mod
This mod adds 5 more plazas to your cities. These plazas have improved textures and appearance.

3# Hostel mod
You can add a hostel building in your city.

4# New Farms
6 new farms can be added using this mod. They function same as the original farms but with better textures and appearance.

5# Tree mod
This mod contains 3 free enforceable trees and woodlands.

6# Ploppable Boats
This adds 8 new boats in the Sport leisure menu.

7# Ploppable Trains
Like the boats trains can also be added.

8# Modern-multifamily Houses
New modern-multifamily Houses are added of various colors.

9# Twin Tower
Adds a new large office building which appear just like Twin tower.

10# Modern Office
This add-on will introduce a new advanced structure for the office building.

11# Christmas Roads
You can add Christmas roads using this addon.

If you have come across any addon worth mentioning, please share with us and we will update the list.

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    I know youve heard this one before but simcity4 rush hour offered the best way to really personalize your city. It allowed you to name streets, districts, land masses, rails, bodies of water, buildings, parks, pretty much anything in the game. I would like to see a mod for this in cities xl 2011- yes this would keep ppl hooked for hours on end but it would add some flavor to the game. And when you zoom into street level the street names pop up like in Grand theft auto. As you zoom out they would be labeld like google maps. Of course this feature can be toggled on and off but definitely worth it.

  • Kevin

    I just started playing this game today and let me tell you, it is now the best simulation game i have ever played. Can’t wait to get more into it. This is an awesome game. Great Job to the creators.

  • sergio

    where do i put these mods and addons? in wich file do i put them?

    • adam

      can u give me the key number to active the games. i can find my key number in the cd pack. furthermore my kids throw it away.

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