How to Play FIFA 11 LAN Online Using Gameranger

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EA has removed the Direct IP feature for multiplayer in FIFA 11. Only LAN mode is available, this was probably to eliminate VPNs like Hamachi and Tunngle from the scene as you can’t play FIFA 11 through LAN mode on Hamachi or Tunngle.

Don’t worry another VPN called “GameRanger” has come to rescue. Yes, you can play FIFA 11 online with your friends using GameRanger without any connection losses.

Experience may become lagfest at times.

FIFA 11 LAN Online GameRanger Guide

Step 1
First, you need to download and install GameRanger. Once the installation is completed, you will be prompted to register an account. Make one for yourself and it is totally free.

Step 2
Search for a file named “rna.ini” in “Game” folder of your FIFA 11. If it is present then open this file with a text editor and remove everything in it and save it. Make this file as “Read Only”. If it is not present there already, then you should create a new text file and name it as “rna.ini”. File extension should be .ini and not .txt. Save it and mark the file as “Read Only”.

Step 3
Now log into your GameRanger Account and create a room or join an already created room. You can make your room password protected if you want.

Step 4
If you want to host a game, launch FIFA 11 and start a new game from Online Modes>Multiplayer>LAN Play. Enter your name and you will be in the game lobby. Now wait for others to join.

Step 5
If you want to join the game, you need to search for the LAN games. You will be able to see the hosted games. Obviously you should be in the same room of GameRanger as the Host.

FIFA 11 supports up to 5 on 5 matches. So either you can take your rivals one on one or you can play with them with your friends. Best of Luck.

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  • jahed

    My games showing Server Not found. So what to do ?

  • gitesh

    i am unable to connect in lobby room error message is occur it say”u not have same version as a host” wt should i do??????????


    hey i have a problem when we choose the teams and during its loading to enter the match the game is crashing everytimes :( …and its working fine ofline but this only happen online someone helps please :(

  • Vadim

    Why my controller doesnt work when i am ingame online?

  • 2dorr

    Hi,I’ve got a problem with gameranger.It doesn’t start fifa 11 but fifa 12.Should I uninstall fifa 12?I hope you can reply.

  • sagar

    what should i do?need help

  • sagar

    i triedd to play with my friends but it says you need the same version to play!!!!1

    • Ali Asif

      Yes, its necessary that all of you have the same patch applied to the game.

      • sagar

        what is patch?how can i change it and be able to play with friends?

    • stallion

      Dude can you tell in details the website for the patch and crack and how to apply iy??

  • Jazib

    Everything is working perfect…but when i join a game then during match my controller act bit slower..i.e when i pass it take abt 1 sec by button to start passing ball…plz HELP…WHILE hosting it is not the case…HELP PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ali Asif

      It must be your connection. Try to open the concerned port.

  • Athu

    When i try to use controller while playin online it doesnt work..Why?

    • Ali Asif

      You need to select the options using controller right from the start.

  • optimus

    hi dude
    when ever a game says insert disk it means that u didnt copy – paste the crack file
    search for crack for fifa 11 online download it and paste it in the installed folder then it doesnt ask anymore.
    all the best

  • Pranesh

    Its pretty easy to play games in gameranger. But I’m not sure if this post is meant for FIFA 11 servers or gameranger.

  • gokul

    see…for me everything goes rite until the teams r ready…but after tht one man alone comes for jus simply practising rite..?…after that i cant continue even though i press escape…please can ny1 help me?….pleaseee………

  • rupinder

    can fifa 2011 be played on lan network between 2 computers.
    i set up a lan bw 2 pcs ,hosted a game n my friend joined it,but the gamepads do not work , n no of players do not increase beyond 2,
    is there a way so that 4 players can play a game on gamepads like in fifa 2010 and others
    miss the 2 vs 2 matches in fifa 2011… :(

  • naz

    bro nk kena install original game ke?pirate boleh x?

    • Ali Asif

      Both should work…

      • naz

        ive try on pirate lsat night.when i try to run run the game it says please insert original fifa 11 dvd something like that. what should i do?

  • James

    Hi guys.
    pls help me converting the .txt file into .ini file. I cant change its type.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Create a text file, then rather than saving, choose save as, and now from options drop down where you need to put the name of the file ‘Select All Files’. Now name the file with .ini at the end.

  • sandy

    hey.. i am in college behind a proxy server
    gameranger is not installing (it checks for update then says can not connect)
    can anyone upload the offline setup of gameranger ..plzzz

  • Rooney

    Thanks a lot for this post. It was very helpful. Now i play fifa 11 two hours a day on gameranger.

  • Tridiv

    I am unable to play since every time i try to connect it says “Connection timed out” after a while.And every time I try to host even though I can see my opponent joining my lobby,once i try to start the match he is just kicked from my lobby automatically.I tried this by turning off my firewall as well…same result.

  • Jason Fernandes

    hey dude Rushikesh.
    just wanted 2 know how long will it take like 2 reles d vpn thing^^^ but when u do that plese dont forget to make an instructional clip of how to use it coz like i when i try tunngle it doesnot work….so if u can make a clip of like makeing tunngle 2 work like it will be greate………………………………..

  • Rushikesh


    FIFA 11 can be played over VPN but Hamachi is not useful. I have developed my own VPN server and in process of developing a client like Hamachi. This VPN is a tough one and you can play ANY game over it.

    I might update here once I release my client.

    • optimus

      hi Rushikesh, I just wanted to find out if FIFA 11 can be played online via internet i.e., EA allowed and not through VPNs’????

  • seizer

    salam.. nice blog.. camne nak men fifa 11 pakai hamachi?

    • rattlesnake

      Sorry bro cant get you, but if you are saying that can we play fifa 11 over hamachi then the answer is “No” (atleast for now) as they haven’t included any Dircet IP option in this game.