Fallout New Vegas Character Traits and Important Statistics

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Fallout New Vegas features the same character traits as of its predecessors, the game features different statistics that will determine your survival rate in Mojave Wasteland. Find out all the information about Character Traits, and Important Statistics in the description below.

Fallout New Vegas Traits

Built to Destroy
Requirement: None
All weapons get +3% chance to Critical Hit, but equipment decay 15% faster.

Fast Shot
Requirement: None
Guns and Energy weapons fire 20% faster but your shots are 20% less accurate.

Four Eyes
Requirement: A Perception score below 10.
When you wear glasses your perception increases by 1 point. Without glasses, you have -1 Perception.

Good Natured
Requirement: None
You are good solving problems with your mind then your gun. You gain +5 to Barter, Medicine, Repair, Science, and Speech, but have -5 to Energy Weapons, Explosives, Guns, Melee Weapons, and Unarmed.

Heavy Handed
Requirement: None
Your melee and unarmed attacks inflict more damage, but less critical hit damage.

Requirement: None
You have +10 Action Points but deduction of 2 points from your damage threshold.

Loose Cannon
Requirement: None
You can throw weapons 30% faster at the cost of 25% less range. Good for throwing frag grenades and spears.

Small Frame
Requirement: An Agility score below 10.
Small size grants you +1 agility but your limbs are easily crippled.

Trigger Discipline
Requirement: None
Your accuracy with Guns and Energy weapons increases by 20% at the expense of decrease of fire rate by the same amount.

Wild Wasteland
Requirement: None
You are good at surviving in the Wasteland.

Fallout New Vegas Important Statistics

Action Points
You can enter the game’s Vault Assisted Targeting System (VATS) and decide the next sequence of attacks your character will make. Each weapon type uses a different number of action points, so the more you have them, more you can use pre-calculated attacks.

Carry Weight
This statistics determines how much weight you can carry before your limbs cripple. Depending on your strength and whether or not you have the Strong Back perk, this number can be as high as 300.

Critical Chance
Critical Chance statistics is self explanatory, it measures your chance to land a critical hit on your opponent in combat. The number increases when you spend points in your luck attributes, pick certain perks, and get better weapons.

Damage Resistance
Damage Resistance measures how much resistant you are to damage. Each point invested in this statistic reduces all damage inflicted upon you by 1%, with a cap of 85%.

Experience Points
Gain experience to level up. You will need 200 experience points for 2nd level, 550 for 3rd level, and 1050 for 4th level. Each level you gain increases the number of experience points you need by 150, to a cap of 71,250 at 30th level.

Hit Points
More hit points you have, the more difficult you are to kill. Your hit points are determined by your level, your Endurance, and whether or not you have certain perks like Life Giver.

Your karma score affects how you are perceived by NPCs in the wasteland, and can open up dialogue options that may not have been available otherwise.

Poison Resistance
This statistics determines your resistance to poison.

Radiation Resistance
This statistic determines your resistance to radiation in this post apocalyptic World.

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