PES 2011 Errors, Crashes, Freezes and Install Problems

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FIFA 11 is out and has rocked gamers with its unique new approach and gameplay engine. Now, whats left is to see, how Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 retains its crown of providing the freedom to player when it comes to gameplay and retaining the position of a better soccer game compared to its competitors.

It all comes down to when Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 is released to masses. If you have played the game, and experiencing errors, crashes, freezes or other game breaking issues, you can refer to the guide below for workarounds.

1# Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 Freezes
Launched the game and your PC hangs, freezes, before any intro video ?. If you open task manager it would say pes.exe not responding. Graphic driver conflict, update your graphics drivers and directx to resolve this issue. After you have updated your drivers, restart your computer and relaunch the game, it will work fine now.

2# Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 Doesn’t Start
When you try to launch PES 2011, nothing happens. Right click on the executable and go to its properties. Go to compatibility tab, select Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode and run the game as admin.

3# PES 2011 Crashes, Crashes to Desktop
Update your directx, video card drivers to latest update, install .net framework 3.5 and update your runtime c++ libraries and everything will become fine.

4# Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 Black Screen, Can Hear Sound
Run the game in the native desktop resolution to resolve this error.

5# How to Change the Game Settings
PES 2011 has a settings application simillar to Game Settings application of FIFA 11, which lets you edit your in-game settings before launching the game. You can find it


in the game installation directory. Run settings.exe and edit graphics settings like game resolution and others to suit your PC, and taste. If you are facing black screen error above, you need to change the resolution of the game using settings.exe found here.

6# How to Mod PES 2011 to your Liking
If you want to mod Pro Evolution Soccer 11 to your liking changing kits, faces, competition names, and color the game up a bit, you can refer to pes-patch for full throttle custom patches to change the game, the way you like it.

We will update this guide through the course of first week of the game launch so check back again.

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  • aqbi

    When I try to launch PES 2011, nothing happens

    what should I do??????/

  • ken

    i have installed the pes2011, and when i do the first run, its hang over the main screen, and its show not responding. i have treid to reinstall again and again, even reformat the pc it still the same problem, any people having this kind of problem, pleas help to solve out this things, its really annoying to having this kind of problem. thanks.
    My pc spec :
    Intel I5 2400
    Asus P8P67 M LE B3
    Asus EAH5670
    8GB DDR3 1600 k2
    1TB WD 7200
    Win7 Pro
    please help out on this issue, i have also tried to update all the driver to the newest version.

  • Distney

    i already know that but we are arabians so we can talk arabic if u or i are english sure we will tlak english
    any way i need u to help me to solve that error
    can u !!

  • Distney

    help me to update my PES11 how can i fix the error ??

  • Distney

    i downloaded the latest patches of PES11 but when i try to install the patch it gives me that error:((the upgrade patch cannot be installed by the Windows Installer service because the program to be upgraded may be missing , or the upgrade patch may update a different version of the program. Verify that the program to be upgraded exists on your computer and that you have the correct upgrade patch .)) how can i solve it

    • Ali Asif

      Start patching the game from earlier patches and then apply the latest patch. Make sure that .exe file in your game is the default one. If you don’t have the idea what i am talking about then reinstall the game and then apply the patches.

      • Distney

        Ali If u Are Arabian why u talk in english iam arabina too and my name is Emad and iam realy need ur help plz help me

        • Ali Asif

          Sir, we use English because whole world does not understand Arabic or Urdu (which is my local language by the way) but English is understood by the most.
          How can i help you anyway?

  • Messi

    hey every1…i installed pes11 … cracked it … ran it …. it worked for sometime… but whenever i open uefa champions league… it says that…pes11 has stopped working…any suggestions?

  • FEAR

    Hi Meganathan..after you download the crack extract it and open the crack folder you will see two files cut them and put it on the game folder…they will tell you copy and replace..dont move………click copy and replace after that open the game and it will open.

  • Meganathan

    i installed the pes 2011. but when opened the game it shows the game is not installed

  • flo

    hi all pes 2011 it doesn’t even starting it shows that old send error report issue can anybody help me waiting message on my e-mail thanks

  • Plain92

    i installed pes 2011 but when i run settings.exe and change a few settings then i press ok and closed it … nothing change .. i couldn’t configure my joystick like this or my resolution ..
    what should i do ?

  • batigoal54

    i had pes 2011 installed and was working perfect.but when i turned off my pc,and it installed some updates , it was not working anyone know what has gone wrong and what to do?

  • Dan

    lol pes have let the fans down again. Fifa has taken over. I used to be a pes fan then the last ps3 version froze and had so many problems. They’re losing their fan base and fifa are now showing the way 😉

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Frankly as per the demo of PES, FIFA 11 just blows it.