Medal of Honor 2010 Errors, Crashes, Freezes, Bugs, and Fixes

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We are so done with Medal of Honor 2010 beta and now comes the final game and we are here again, taking on the errors, crashes, and freezes one at a time. It was interesting to see few people canceling their pre-order just because beta was “that buggy”. It was plagued by game breaking issues, errors, freezes, and infamous crashes to desktop, the very problem still not resolved in Battlefield Bad Company 2, though only few face this problem now.

Developers, DICE, I got to say tried their best to resolve all these issues before hand, and also extended the beta just for the sake of perfecting the final product. Still, you can’t release a product perfect when there are millions of people who will actually be playing Medal of Honor, Online/Offline. There is no way, for a developer to fix everything that will be faced by people who will be playing the game.

Anyway, will save this talk for another day. Here are some of the most frequent errors, freezes, crashes, and bugs faced by people while playing the game.

Medal of Honor 2010 Errors, Crashes, Freezes, and Fixes

1# Medal of Honor 2010 Controls Bug
Started playing the game but the soldier automatically starts moving to a certain direction ?. Can’t change anything on the menu screen because of repeated up/down movements of cursor ?. This issue is arising because Medal of Honor 2010 automatically uses your controller, so if you have any controller plugged in, unplug the controller and the issue will be resolved.

2# “You Have Been Kicked From the Server” at Class Selection
If you face this while at Class selection screen of Medal of Honor, make sure you have Punkbuster installed.

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3# Medal of Honor 2010 Crashes and Freezing
If you are facing random crashes and game freezes while playing Medal of Honor Operation Anaconda, try running the game in DirectX 9 or 10. It happens due to DirectX settings set to auto.
How to Set DirectX Version
Go to

C:\Users\\Documents\EA Games\Medal of Honor MP

Open settings.ini file with any text editor be it notepad.
Now change DxVersion=Auto to DxVersion=10. If you want to run the game in DirectX 9, change the respective number, change 10 to 9 or 11.

4# Medal of Honor 2010 Black Screen

5# Medal of Honor 2010 Crash to Desktop
1. Go to

C:\Users\\Documents\EA Games\Medal of Honor MP

Open “settings.ini”and change “DxVersion” from “auto” to “9”. Also try running the game as admin in Windows Vista SP2 compatibility.

2. If you can’t resolve this crash whatsoever then only solution is to Open “settings.ini” and under [WindowSettings] change fullscreen=”true” to fullscreen=”false” and play the game windowed for the time being. If you can get into Full List of Medal Of Honor 2010 Tweaks through the link.

6# Medal of Honor 2010 Freezes
If your Medal of Honor is randomly freezing, update your video card drivers will resolve this issue. On the side note, make sure your processor usage percentage is normal and you have enough available virtual memory to support/run the game smoothly.

Medal of Honor 2010 Troubleshooting Guide

via Developer

Medal of Honor 2010 Install Problems

Medal of Honor will only install and run on machines installed with Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista (SP2), Windows 7.

To install from the Medal of Honor DVD
1. Start your machine and wait for the Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 operating system to load.

2. Place the Medal of Honor DVD in the DVD drive.

3. Windows will automatically detect the DVD and launch the autorun options, from which the user can select to begin the installation. Follow the on-screen instructions to install Medal of Honor. If needed, DirectX 9.0c will be installed or upgraded during the game installation.

4. The installer will prompt for the CD Key which is provided either in your confirmation email, your game manual/packaging, or game card.

5. It is optional to install Punkbuster. For online play we strongly recommend installing Punkbuster since it’s required in order to join Punkbuster enabled servers. Only Punkbuster enabled servers will report your stats, so in order to progress in ranks, receive unlocks and gain stats you will need to have Punkbuster running and play on Punkbuster enabled servers.

6. The installer will prompt how you want to authenticate your copy of Medal of Honor. Disc authentication requires the Medal of Honor disc in the drive to be able to play. Online authentication requires an internet connection but doesn’t require the Medal of Honor disc in the drive to be able to play.

Note. With online authentication you get an unlimited number of activations. Activation happens automatically the first time you run the game on a new machine. Once a machine has been activated you can play without an online connection. You are allowed to activate the game on up to 5 new machines in any given 60 day time period.
When you go to activate on a new machine, you can do so on that machine as long as you have activated on less than 5 new machines in the last 60 days. Effectively, for every activation on a new machine, 60 days later your number of available activations will increase by 1.
Previous activations are never lost. At any time, including if you have currently run up against your limit, you can deactivate a currently activated machine to reclaim that activation for use on a different machine.

7. For XP users, the installation program adds the program group Electronic Arts/Medal of Honor to your Start/Programs menu, and a shortcut to your desktop (optional). Click on this shortcut or alternatively click on the start button on your Windows task bar.
Under Programs/Electronic Arts/Medal of Honor select “Medal of Honor” to play. For Vista/Win 7 users, the title will be added to the Games Explorer. From the Start menu, go to All Programs/Games and run Games Explorer.

Note. If the Auto insert notification feature has been disabled or the DVD is not recognized, run AutoRun.exe from the root directory of the DVD to begin the installation program.

For Medal of Honor Digital Download installation
Please contact the digital retailer through whom you purchased this game for instructions on how to install the game or how to download and reinstall another copy of the game.

Note. It is optional to install Punkbuster. For online play we strongly recommend installing Punkbuster since it’s required in order to join Punkbuster enabled servers.
Only Punkbuster enabled servers will report your stats, so in order to progress in ranks, receive unlocks and gain stats you will need to have Punkbuster running and play on Punkbuster enabled servers.

How to Uninstall and Deauthenticate
To uninstall Medal of Honor, click on the Start menu and select Settings\Control Panel (XP) or Control Panel (Vista/Win 7).
Now select Add or Remove Programs (XP) or Programs and Features (Vista/Win 7). Scroll down the list until you see Medal of Honor, select it and click on Change/Remove (XP) or Uninstall (Vista/Win 7) to uninstall.

If you’ve chosen online authentication during the Medal of Honor installation the uninstall process will automatically deauthenticate the system and update your available licenses accordingly. This process requires an internet connection to be present.

To deauthenticate a machine’s online authentication without un-installing:
For XP Users, From the Start menu, go to All Programs/Electronic Arts/Medal of Honor and select “Medal of Honor(tm) – Deauthorize this machine”.

For Vista/Win 7 users, From the Start menu, go to All Programs/Games and run Games Explorer. Right click the Medal of Honor icon and select “Medal of Honor(tm) – Deauthorize this machine”.

DirectX Problems
You can find the DirectX directory in the DVD or installation folder of your digitally downloaded game. If you face issues play Medal of Honor with your current DirectX installation, try the one that comes with the game.

How to Install DirectX 9.0c manually
Medal of Honor comes with DirectX 9.0c and will install it during installation. If you would like to install it manually, browse to the Medal of Honor installation package folder, open the “\DirectX” folder and click the on DXSETUP.exe

DirectX 9.0c and supported hardware
It is highly recommended that you ensure that your computer’s components are utilizing the most recent DirectX 9.0c compatible software drivers. Please consult your card manufacturer for their newest drivers.

Other Known Issues
If your system is not using the latest drivers please consider obtaining an updated driver. Doing this may also give you benefits such as increased performance, the elimination of a technical problem and new component features.

1. It is not recommended to use Alt+Tab or Alt+Enter commands in-game, as game functionality may be interrupted.

2. If the game audio sounds unbalanced, please ensure that any audio enhancements available to your sound card are disabled.

3. ATI Catalyst Control Center users who have deselected the Anti-Aliasing option “Use Application Settings” should disable Anti-Aliasing in the Medal of Honor Video settings.

4. It is highly recommended that you ensure that your computer’s components are utilizing the most recent DirectX 9.0c compatible software drivers. Please consult your card manufacturer for their newest drivers.

5. You can change what DirectX version the game will use in the settings.ini. Default value is DxVersion=auto you can change it to either 9, 10 or 11 (DirectX 10 and DirectX 11 are only supported in the multiplayer portion of Medal of Honor).

The auto setting chooses the highest DX version possible on your system.
The settings.ini file is located in your documents folder in a sub folder \EA Games\Medal of Honor\Multiplayer. You can access it by opening an Explorer window and clicking on My Documents (XP) or Documents (Vista/Win 7).

Open the Medal of Honor\Multiplayer folder and edit the settings.ini file. Please note that the setting.ini file will be created the first time you run Medal of Honor.

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  • Anjan Barui worked like a charm…I can play the first misson as well…I have downloaded the “saved games” of MOH 2010

  • Nexus

    when i try to open the game even when i run as administrator it says
    General protection fault!
    History: GEvent:: TryAcquireCancel() Address = 0x7a0295 (filename not found) {in C:Program Files (x86)Origin GamesMedal of HonorBinariesmoh.exe.exe]
    GImage::GImage90 Address = 0x5041d6 (filename not found) [in C;Program Files 9x860Origin GamesMedal of HonorBinariesmoh.exe.exe]
    GMatrix2D::GetX90 Adress = 0xfc6a21 (filename not found0 [in C:Program Files (x86)Origin GamesMedal of HonorBinariesmoh.exe.exe]

  • mds782

    for anyone whos having crashes at the games menu, try running moh.exe instead of MoHUpdater.exe. That worked for me. Also, a friend said that he got it to run changing his firewall settings while still using MoHUpdater.exe. The firewall causes issues for ppl.

  • hunny

    hello can i play the game(medal of honor mp)ofline by my pc only as nfs etc.
    please answer me..
    is seriel key required for only online playing??

  • badgamon

    I have purchased MOH in steam but I cannot play on multiplayer mode as I get kick out despite installing all what is needed…I also get frozen screen and crashes and multiple other issues that even the support cannot fix…this game it’s just a joke never again will I buy in steam enough is enough!!!

  • izzy

    i have a probllem, please HELP
    i downloaded game from torentz and installed it correctly. i allso downloaded crack file and copy it to binaries. when i start the game, window open and it says: \Medal of honor has stoped working\ and it gives me a solution \check online for solution\ or \close the program\. the same hapend when i start as admin.
    i have win 7 and all that it needs to work becouse i just to play it before
    PLEASE HELP :(((((

    • anand

      i also felt that problem with saw game
      but i have solution

  • juan

    Medal of Honor account.

    Hi all, i have a seriusly problem, i use steam and they give me a cd key. I create a account and join, but when i join for 2 time.. i cant!
    it say me that is an invalid cd key or other person is using they, someone tell me how to change the cd key please!

    Thank and goodl uck

  • adnan siddiqui

    Medal of Honor: Can’t get off ATV? third mission \Running With Wolves\.

    I’m at the level where you have to ride the ATV through the night, then the guy says park you ATV we’re moving in on foot or something, but when he parks it there’s no way to exit the ATV, I tried pushing every key. Any ideas? please please please help me out :'(

  • shashank

    just bought medal of honor, but can’t run it!!!everytime i try it says\ Medal of Honor has stopped working\…moreover the updater also fails everytime !!! please help…have tried everything!!!!

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Try to run the game as admin.

  • jesse davis

    I bought the 10th anniversary set of medal of honor. I had it on my other computer but ended up getting a new one through school. I tried putting the program on the new computer and it tells me the isbn number is invalid. Not sure what to do at this point so i can play again. please help.

  • hendry

    I have installed this game and it worked successfully…but, when I play it, instead of having the hand and the weapon shown, I get a transparant glass-looking hand and weapon…got puzzled…
    FYI – I play it in my laptop, windows vista7, intel i3, 2,4 ghz, nvdia gt force 330, and direct x 11…

  • rico

    i had succesfuly installed the game but unfortunately the single player mode does’nt work.
    how do i make this work? THANKS :))

  • Adnan

    we have VLAN in our office, before that we had simple LAN and we were able to play MOHAA Multiplayer, but as the VLAN is launched, we can’t get connected to the other Participants those are sitting in other building, they are sharing all the resources as we are, but they are having other IP address (CISCO router) thing, any solution that we can play MOHAA Multiplayer on VLAN????

  • Ron

    While playing moh limited ed. i can logon but when I deploy the screen spins very rapidly anybody got any ideas i’m running ex pro everyhting seems to be ok playing the game off line

  • romie

    hi! just installed my medal of honor game and updated its version..but still i can’t play it or start it coz of the dx9 is not installed…please help me with this..and also there is this protection fault…what is this? hope someone could help me..thanks!

  • Martin

    I cant play online because it asks for the product key but when I put the key it says that the key is already in use. I can’t Deauthorize I followed the instructions but when I right click the Icon it doesnt say “Medal of Honor(tm) – Deauthorize this machine”.

  • sunil

    my game stuck in single player during the rangers trying to eliminate enemies from a village playing mission ranger lead the way.pls help

  • shojib

    Medal of honor 2010 is not running in my notebook.when I click the game icon there is no response

    1. I have installed the game successfully
    2. I am using hp pavilion dm4-1210tx
    3. I am using windows7 64 bit
    4. My graphics is ATI Mobility Radeon HD 6370 1GB dedicated

    what is the problem anyone please tell me the solution

  • James


    I installed a new HDD SSD Kingston for times crash bluescreen damping only makes in the MOH

    Somebody knows as I can decide the problem

    Best regards

  • david hardwick

    i have just recently bought this game from target and i am im pressed the way it turned out but i have a problem when i play online or in single there are screen tear clear ones that some times pop up as like if they were water waves and for mp i have flashing black lines some time could u plzz help me with this thank u

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Screen Tears may have something to do with your video card heating up. Make sure this is not the case.

  • Cameron Jems

    After joining a server I get about 5 minutes of playing time before I get kicked out with the “You have been kicked from the server”. I thought it was admin the first time, but since then it has been every server I join that runs punkbuster.

    1) I have uninstalled the game/reinstalled.
    2) Updated / Uninstalled / Reinstalled / Reupdated Punkbuster
    3) Checked the punkbuster list to make sure I’m not on there

    I have read around about this issue and it seems to be a prominent on Windows 7. (32 and 64 bit) (I’m running 32).

    If you guys have any suggestions that would be great.

  • Daniel O’Driscoll

    I had a heap of crashes in MoH. I would crash about 1-2 min into the opening movie on the first mission in SP. Looked high and low over the net nothing worked. Rembered that ages ago a game I had .dll file issues and that turning AVG Resident Shield off fixed it. So far no crashes. Worth a try.

  • Ahmed Wael

    i get an error

    General protection fault!

    history:address = 0x1007f92
    address = 0x1007900 (filename not found)
    address = 0xfffff6f8(filename not found)

  • manish

    hey i have the same general protection fault error can someone please help me!!!!!!!!!!! tried to run as admin….. and updated to latest drivers but still no luck……..


    Can someone help me? I’m on the level where i’m in a helocopter following another helicopter and we have to destroy the mortor. And I’m sure I’m doing it right but it always says failed to destroy the mortor and I have to start over. Does anyone know what im doing wrong??

    • k

      pres button 4

  • roy

    hello , plz help i just installed moh and can access mp but when i open moh.exe (sp) nothing happens…i tried to run as admin and revert dxversion to 9 and 10 i tired 2 run the game windowed but still the same prob !!!!
    plz assist and thank you

  • jack

    I just got the game and I put it In on ps3 and it asked me if I wanted to change x to y analog settings, I don’t like it , how do I change it back?

  • cris

    eu tenho o win 7 ultimate,
    instalei o jogo… deu tudo certo mas kuando abro o jogo pata jogar diz “medal of honor deixou de funcionar” e não dá para jogar mesmo.

    Ja desinstalei a physx para ver se era este problemas mas não dá na mesma..

    ajudem-me por favor


  • Raza

    I have installed MOH and did online Authentication. But when i start the first mission. Car doesn’t move. i just hear the sounds but there is no movement in the game. :(

  • laharl

    i got a problem here, on the first mission, when he say “move move” on the car, the background not change, and when gun sound come out, the program isnt change and it’s stuck nothing happen after that.

    how can i fix this problem?

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Corrupted I think – Try reinstall hopefully it will fix that.

  • Andrew

    i have a problem where it says “EA servers are busy please try again later” everytime i join a server it :( (or to those words)
    on win 7 pc done all updates and updated PB too and the game is fully updated no problems yet i still cant join a game :( so annoying
    also tryed it in xp compaitablity mode
    anyone got any ideas?

  • Jamay

    One that’s been running rampant on steam:
    the game requests your CD key to login and then proceeds to tell you it is already in use, and I’ve already played 12 hours of the mp on the same computer. The hell?


    Please, I need help.

    I can not find a possible solution in the list below…

    My problem is that while I am in the multiplayer the game disconnect to the main menu or crashes to the desktop.

    I have windows 7 and all drivers updated recently.

    Is there maybe a fix anywhere?

    Thank you in advance!

  • hazim

    hello i have the game but when i run moh.exe nothing happen :(
    i wanna solve it pelase

  • Mussh

    I get the error message, “EA servers are down” also I get “connection interupted” think you said punkbuster is to blame? If so how can I fix this, I am a noob when it comes to this lol Any help would be greatly appreciated

  • hamza

    i have general protection eror.i dont know what to do…….help me…………

  • iPOD

    Hey guys…just bought the game, instalied it, played the campaign….sweeeet.
    Though i have a problem with playing multiplayer…as soon as i get in the scenery and all (the focus)is spinning like hell?!

    Somebody can tell me how to fix this?
    Thx upfront
    best regards

    • Henrique

      Hi IPOD, you need to disconect your joystick.

  • pedro

    da me um erro: physisextensions.dll não encontrado, ja instalei o nvidia physics mass nao da na mesma… alguem sabe resolver o problema?

  • Clovis

    Medal_of_Honor_2010/MOHAGame/CookedMovies/MOH_AltFinale.vp6 289MB

    da erro nesse arquivo onde eu encontro pra baixa alguem pode m passa
    entro na propriedades diz arquivo morto

  • yngve72

    I just diabled my realtek soundcard and got me a X-FI Extreme card , but when the game loads a map there is a stuttering sound ( Laggy sound ) and my m8´s on TS sound wierd in a game start up … what the hell can i do about that ?

  • Riggsy

    Just a quick one for anyone having trouble running through steam (even if you got the game on steam) you can run it directly through the medal of honor MP folder and it’ll pretty much bypass steam and run fine.

  • yngve72

    I heard people talking about the freezing problem that the problem is win 7 , 64 bit and realtek audio drivers , can this be true ? i mean it sounds wierd.

  • Andy

    I have been playing the new Medal of Honor for a few weeks, since release date in fact. Before that, I enjoyed the Open Beta for multiplayer. However this week, the game has been making my PC power off in mid game. It doesn’t shut down, the power just goes off, like someone has pulled the plug, in the middle of a game.

    So far I have defragmented my PC, updated my graphics drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled the game, lowered the graphics quality, increased my graphics card fan speed, played the game with the side taken off the PC case and a large household fan blowing extra cool air in – but all with the same result.

    Just now, I managed around four minutes in game before my PC powered off. However I’ve been playing for the last two or three weeks with no such problems. Have you any idea why this has just started and how I can fix it? The error happens in single and multiplayer and the game is now unplayable. Please help.

    I am running 64bit Vista SP2, ATI Radeon HD5700 graphics, 4MB RAM, Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4Ghz.



  • sellis79

    I love this game but hate multiplayer. Everytime I’ve played MP, it can be 30 minutes or 2 seconds and the game will crash. I’ve done every trouble shooting mentioned and nothing works. It’s not myhardware, it’s the software and EA needs to fix this problem already.

    • yngve71

      Why is it that some get the problems and some dont ?

      • rattlesnake

        The logic says that it’s compatibility. Sometimes minor issues can lead to bigger problems. :)

  • kid

    i just installed moh but when i start playing i dont see my character nor my gun.

  • sepp0

    Hey there, my mouse is in the top to the left, and don’t move, any idea?


  • Watjalukinat

    I get into mp, start a game and i can’t use my mouse to look up. I unplugged my joystick, and can do everything else, just can’t look up or down.

  • yngve72

    Can anyone tell me why some have the problems and some dont have the problems ?
    I play with 4 other guys and they dont have any problem at all… why is that ?

  • Aram

    It didn’t work unfortunately.

  • Rayhan

    I have the some problem as Jay. In the first mission when we need to save tariq…. i move up the building nd the partners just stand beside the door i can see the tariq from the half cracked door but nothing happens then… no cutscene or anythings… i’ve tried restarting the mission and redid the checkpoint a thousand times…. please help….

    • vinyas

      man i also have the same problem were u able to fix that problem if yes then plzz rply on my email id ( ty

  • Arindam

    i’m having a problem with MOH………
    after installing whenver i tried to launch the game an error message came out showing ‘d3dx10_42.dll’ is missing!!!!! after i install directx 10 now it is showing that ‘d3dx9_33.dll’ is missing!!!!!!! what to do???? please help…….. :(

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      try installing directx 9 ? and yeah set the Dxversion to 9. Instead of auto…

      • Arindam

        so i need to install directx 9.oc again???? but how can i set the Dxversion to 9 instead of auto????

  • yngve72

    Hello …
    I have the freezing problem, and my headset sounds like a machinegun when game freezes, i tried to change driver , set DirectX to 9 and 10 , run the game with vista sp2 compatily , i think i tried it all nothing helps :( … i can play for max 1 hour …. i have an ATI Radeon 4850 card , win7 64 bit..
    i tried with a friends card ( Geforce 9500 GT ) there i could play for over 5 hours..
    Plz help me here

  • ch3nco

    Hi guys,

    I would appreciate some help on this.

    I bought the game yesterday, actually especially for the mp.
    But everytime i connect with a server and choose a class, the game just freezes and makes a weird buzzing sound.
    At that point i’m forced to reboot as i cannot close the app or return to desktop or anything.
    Is this related to one of the game crashes you descriped like setting the directx to 9 or 10 instead of auto.
    Or could it be related to my hdd as this makes a weird sound and is rather old and outdated.
    But then i’m wondering why sp works..

    If you guys could help me out, would be wonderfull.


    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Set DirectX to 9.. it can be your hard drive also.

      • yngve72

        Will a format of the hard drive help anything ?

  • Dusty Off_Man

    Hello Gents,
    Knows Anybody how to fix the XBOX PC Controller Issue in MP Mode :
    Ultra Sensitive Right Stick.

    Thanks in advance!

    Best Regards

  • Zawad Iftikhar

    Set your sound sample rate to 24khz 32bit stereo and see if that helps.

    • Felipe

      It doesn’t work…It’s intrigant because de MP has a great sound…and SP is disapointing…and still no voices in videos intro…

  • Felipe

    I have a digital MOH.
    The sounds of Single Playr are to bad…sounds low without voices…and no sound of video intros..
    The sounds of MP is great, no problem until now.
    Anybody can help?

  • jay

    Hi I have the pc version of moh and on the single player campaign and I can’t get past the first mission, I get to the house where you have to save tariq and then my team stacks up along the door two on the left and one on the right but nothing happens. I can see the guy sitting on the chair and that’s as far as it goes with me can’t really play the game
    Does anyone share the same problem or maybe know of a way I can fix it?
    Help will be greatly appreciated.

    • sellis79

      Restart the mission

  • MajRoger

    I pre-ordered MOH and was sent to me on opening day. Got it and walked through the install process. Installed CD key numbers and played single player for a couple of days getting the feel of it, finished it and then went on to Ter1and no matter what I logged on… won’t let me in. I tried to log onto multiplayer game and it lets me in………I pick a game site….and it starts loading and when the game starts the game will crash black back to my screen and I have to reload the game and try again. So far nothing works……..any help out there..
    Thanks Roger

  • Aram

    I will try that today, i will let you know if it works….

    • omaha

      Did it work? I have same problem as you have…

      • Aram

        It didn’t! Do you found a solution?

  • Aram

    I have i brand new system with a Geforce GTX480 graphic card and a intel i7 960 processor, i can play every game on the highest setting but with Medal of Honor i don’t see my gun normally… It is blurred and i can see trough it.

    I have updated mu graphic card drivers end play with the setting but can’t get it right. My system is not over-clocked and I’m not using SLI.

    Can someone help me?


    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Use the directX that comes with the game. It is driver issue that’s for sure.

  • XfallenBlade

    I installed the game through “Disc Authentication” and not “Online Authentication” – That makes it so that the DVD has to be put in the computer in order to play. Is there a way to change it to Online authentication without having to re-install the game?

  • TripleB

    The game installs fine on my XP SP3, but will NOT install on the SAME COMPUTER SETUP that I bought my buddy, with same settings and updates and everything. I have updated everything I can think of, including graphics, but will try updating directx 9 in a min.

    The game dvd is inserted (daemon tools, yes the newest version) i put in the cd key like i did for mine and the installation screen just goes away. Nothing starts to install, no pop ups, nothing.

    there is no virus’s on that computer and both our rigs are IDENTICAL!

    Any thoughts except directx 9?

  • Yoda1951

    I have played multiplayer for 3 days now and my stats keep dissapearing al the time. I have log out, log in again and nothing will do. I also have open a case with support!!! Like crying in a black hole. Any suggestions?

    • Yoda1951

      I have reinstalled Punbbuster this afternoon and since then, it seems to have settle the problem. We’ll see tomorrow

  • Raisins

    Hey, got the game last night, and i love playing the single players in these types of games, but one major problem is bugging me, the mouse accel, the sensitivity is on 0 yet its the most overly sensitive thing i have ever seen, there is a massive amount of mouse accel present, i have tried a few things out but to no use. Wondering if you can shed any light on it thanks.

  • szefuuu

    Hi, I have problem with multiplayer, everytime when i start multi first is update, game starting and later is crash. I download the archive and overwrite but still i can’t play in multiplayer. Help pls, thanks.

    • Kikrotin

      Hey szefuuu, i’have the same problem than you… and for the moment i can’t fix it… i’ve updated my drivers, uninstall and install the game and direct x, check my firewall.. no solutions.

  • gbilios

    RE: Solution to how to install punkbuster for medal of honor 2010

    Download the latest pbsetup.exe program .. if you already have it you will need to delete the current pbgame and pguser pbsetup and you will now see the medal of honor in the list..pb folder will install in medal of honor/mp/ might as well download the pbsec file from evenbalance and put it in the pb folder.

    for those who cannot log into the tier 1 online campaign – you first create you persona by selecting the mpmoh application file in MP folder..then you can go to the tier 1 and enter you email address and game will connect..remember that tier 1 campaign is available once you have completed the single player campaign.

  • filip

    have the same problem as Julien,

    same “Rendering thread exception:
    General protection fault” message!

    since ive got the game of steam and all, i expect it to work.
    anyone know were the issue is?


    • Zawad Iftikhar

      DO an integrity check, may be occurring due to some files missing.

      • Cashmere

        Yep I have the same problem too.

        Moh.exe – Application Error
        The exception unknown software
        exception (0×40000015) occurred in the application at location 0x005b0661

        Before this something about microsoft visual C++ error. rendering error.

        Details are as follows, install from the dvd. the installs on the ssd drive an not on my O/S drive, but punkbuster is. I was running in SLI, but I switched it off, changed “auto” to dx10 in the settings.ini file. also updated the drivers for the whole rig. The files are intact with the install.

        Maybe i could generate an error report an we can pick through it. I really hope we find an answer.

  • Julien

    I also get another error when i close the one i said above that says this;

    Moh.exe – Application Error
    ————————————————————-The exception unknown software exception (0x40000015) occurred in the application at location 0x005b0661.

    Click on OK to terminate the program

    • denise

      desame issue and you fix that problem???i really love the game but they have a problem.

  • Julien

    Hay, I got the game on steam a while ago and have just installed it as it has just come out today, I installed the game fine. I open the game and get up to the screen where it says medal of honor and then the game just crashes and goes into a small black window, I can still hear the game sound but nothing else. It gives me the windows error message saying that an error occurred and this program has to close, and then I get an error from the game saying the following;

    Rendering thread exception:
    General protection fault!

    History: GEvent::TryAcquireCancel() Address = 0x71df80 (filename not found)

    RaiseException() Address = 0x7c812afb (filename not found)
    CxxThrowException() Address = 0x7857df56 (filename not found)
    Address = 0xd57c42 (filename not found)
    Address = 0x1475ffec (filename not found)

    I have no idea what to do to fix this problem and I really want to play the game.
    I have tried the idea about going to the steam game properties for medal of honor and un-ticking the box where it says “Enable Steam Community In-Game”
    But that didn’t help, still does the same thing.

    Please help.



    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Go to Steam Library, right click on the game and check integrity of the game files. See if there is not any file missing from the installation now. Now refer to #5 to run the game in Dx 9 and #12 to be sure you have updated drivers.

  • EL

    I got a poa quiz, i just installed MOH and started playing, and for some reason all i’m doing is spinning around in circles to the left. There isnt anything in the Menu i could find. Is it a key binding issue??

    • Shirra

      I’d like to know the fix to this aswell. Searched the EA forums aswell, but no joy. I’m on the first ATV mission (3rd mission I think) and when he says “let’s go” and the “Press W to accelerate” comes up, I just drive backwards and can’t stop and therefore I hit a wall and can’t go on. I’ve tried restarting, reinstalling, unplugging my keyboard, all that shit.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      un-plug your controller.

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