Darksiders Errors,Crashes,Freezes and Install Problems

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Today, I was finally able to finish downloading Darksiders, and finally played it. All that to come across an interesting gameplay bug, where I sliced the boss for like 600 times, and still nothing.

Only thing that happened was me noticing that the gameplay is somehow stuck and the boss is also still. Then the quest to resolve the issue began, and I came across this interesting manual from the game developer for all the known issues and their fixes.

So, here it is, all the errors, bugs, and crashes you may come across in Darksiders with workarounds to fix all these.

Darksiders Install Problems

A. Interference from Anti-Virus Programs
It is recommended that any anti-virus programs be disabled when attempting to install Darksiders. Anti-virus software can often interfere and corrupt the installation process of new software.

B. Modifications
Any modifications to Darksiders may result in the inability to patch
successfully. Before applying any modifications we suggest backing up the affected files and replacing them before applying any patch. Not doing so may result in the need to re-install the game.

C. How to Install
The installation of the game is made up of two parts. The first installer installs the game manual, comic, soundtrack, and third party installers. The second installer utilizes the Steam installer to install the game. If the install process is interrupted, additional steps may be required to successfully install the game and its contents. The install process consists of the following.

  • Installation of the Comic/Soundtrack and miscellaneous files.
  • Special check for XP users lacking the Microsoft hot fix “WindowsXP-KB942288-v3-x86”.
  • Installation of DirectX.
  • Installation of Steam if not already present.
  • Connection to Steam for authentication, updates, and additional installs if necessary.
  • Installation of the game through Steam.

D. How to Uninstall
The uninstall process for Darksiders is made up of two parts. The
actual game, which is uninstalled through Steam, and the miscellaneous files, which are uninstalled through the Add or Remove programs.

Uninstalling through Steam will still call upon the “DarksidersInstaller” program to perform the uninstall. If the “DarksidersInstaller” is removed before performing an uninstall of Darksiders then Steam will reinstall “DarksidersInstaller” in order to perform the uninstall of Darksiders.

The “DarksidersInstaller” must then be uninstalled through the Add or Remove Programs in order to remove miscellaneous files like the game manual, comic, soundtrack, and third party installers.

Darksiders Graphics and Video Issues

Latest drivers required to Play Darksiders
For best performance and video quality, please make sure you have the latest drivers for your video card when running Darksiders. If you
have an ATI or NVIDIA video card, you can find drivers on their websites.
Driver: Catalyst 10.8 or newer
Driver: ForceWare Graphics Driver Version 258.96 or newer

Darksiders Graphics Corruption
If you are playing on old ATI graphics drivers you may experience graphics corruption while playing Darksiders. Upgrading to the latest ATI drivers will solve the problem for most users.

Darksiders Low Performance and Missing Objects
If you are playing with old nVidia drivers, you may experience low performance and missing objects. Upgrading to the latest nVidia drivers will solve the problem for most users.

Darksiders Crashes and Grey Screen
Playing on below minimum specification requirements will cause grey screens and immediate crashes so make sure you meet the minimum requirements of the game.

Darksiders Sound Issues

Latest drivers required to Play Darksiders
Please make sure you have the latest drivers for your sound card when
running Darksiders.

The sound stutters while playing
Make sure you have the latest drivers for your sound card. If
stuttering persists, try reducing Hardware Acceleration. From your Windows® desktop, click Start, then Run, type “dxdiag”, then press Enter. This brings up the “DirectX® Diagnostic Tool”. Click the Sound tab and try reducing the “Hardware Sound Acceleration Level” slider.

Headphones Detection
Plugging in headphones while the game is running does not work. Please be sure to start the game with headphones plugged in as the game may not detect headphones plugged in after the game has started.

Keyboard Volume Controls
Volume controls on some keyboards may not work for Darksiders.

78 responses to “Darksiders Errors,Crashes,Freezes and Install Problems”

  1. TVippy says:

    When I use the horse – the game crashes. What a glitchy piece of shit – no motivation to find all secrets at all.

  2. Nitesh says:

    Please help with this stupid error………….”This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem”

  3. Zmple24 says:

    Hi guys can someone help me with this problem, when i open Darsiders the game has only a black screen and very buggy how can i fix it???…


    • D.Break says:

      This fix should allow you to load Darksiders with no problem.

      Common Black Screen Fix :
      Open your game folder (default is Program Files)
      Go under \media\videos
      Delete AMD_Logo_movie.wmv
      That should help most users get their game started. Additionally, you could encounter a black/blank screen in Darksiders if the game’s resolution was set to one that your monitor does not support. In that case, you need to delete another file.

      Rarer Black Screen Fix :
      Open your games app data folder
      Win XP: C:\Documents and Settings\*YOURNAME*\Local Settings\Application Data\Darksiders
      Win 7/Vista: C:\*YOURNAME*\AppData\Local\Darksiders
      Delete options.dopt

      if that’s doesn’t work, you can try to install this codecs :

      hope this will solve your problems :)

  4. Matt says:

    Me too the bug is freezing and close by itself when I’m in the cathedral. After crushing the ground at some place with a big statu of stone, I follow the way and I have to jump over some magma in fire and kick two mobs butt. As soon as I jump over (even if I don’t fight them and try to pass around in the corridor, the game crash).

    No message other than : Darksiders has cease to work, windows is looking for a solution.

    Any help ?

  5. Ray says:

    hi, i cannot switch from horn to throwing knife, i have tried everything it exceps the change, but it goes back to the horn when I resume game play, plz help

  6. panky says:

    i found a prob in darksider, when i launch the game and goto option click to start.. the games comes exit.. and error found that darksiderspc error… plzzz give me any suggestion..

  7. Prashant Sahu says:

    When i start the game it just stops working. I have 256mb graphic card, 2gb ram, windows 7 and my graphic card does not support 3.0 shader, is it not enough?

  8. ram says:

    i have problem when playing darksiders it takes 5 min then my computer will automatically shutdown, i do upgrade my driver, or even clean the registry. but i have no problem with the graphic or freeze problem, or slow performance etc. can someone help me with my problem?really need ur advise. i do like this game.

  9. megabytes2004 says:

    remove the monitor cable connection from the video card and bring it plug it back again. this will do the trick.

  10. claudio says:

    Hi! I have a problem. When i arrive to monster “Affranta” the sistem breaks. It tells me that there is a problem and i must close the game. What can i do? help me please! thank you

  11. Jamie says:

    I launch the game all fine i am trying to use an xbox 360 controller only the start button works yet it works on other games

  12. Travis says:

    Just bought Darksiders PC through Steam.
    On all cutscenes sound jerks constantly and de-syncs with visuals. I have just updated all graphics, DirectX, and audio drivers. Due to using Windows 7 I am unable to decrease sound acceleration as suggested. Any hints?

  13. GOPI says:

    When i get to the guy with the flaming horse (In the arena, in the worms area thing) when i use the “E” to get him off the horse the game crashes and says“DarksidersPC has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”
    “Please tell Microsoft about this problem.” etc…please help me the was very intersting i am in the finishing stage.again came the problem

  14. Bread-Truck says:

    I bought through Steam, i can launch the game, but i get a out of range flashing on my screen and it goes black but i hear sounds, anyone know how i can change the Resolution to a acceptable range without being in game?

    • Right click on ‘Darksiders’ in Steam -> Properties -> Set launch options.
      Add “-w 1024 -h 768 -refresh 60″. Run the game, and change video settings in game options to this resolution and refresh rate. It happens because your monitor doesn’t support default resolution. Remove this command line after you have changed the video settings.

  15. GOPI says:

    When i get to the guy with the flaming horse (In the arena, in the worms area thing) when i use the “E” to get him off the horse the game crashes and says“DarksidersPC has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”
    “Please tell Microsoft about this problem.” etc…please help me the was very intersting i am in the finishing stage

  16. evio says:

    Sorry but I have the error and black screen and echo what you erase the file recomentaron “options.dopt” When I enter the game but I have the same error and the file is restored only thing I can do??

  17. dante028 says:

    I have problem at boss Griever. When I try to pick up the gun or cannon (whatever) or try to get close to the boss, game just CRASH with this message:
    “DarksidersPC has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”
    “Please tell Microsoft about this problem.” etc…..
    Any suggestions? ANY HELP? PLZ :(((

  18. akhil kawade says:

    how can i change my audio from dutches to english i try to reinstall but my game dvd doesn’t have english language option

  19. Ray Marrs says:

    I have downloaded and installed Darksiders Pc from your website.The game has worked except i have no keyboard comands to do anything.I’m not playing on Xbox.Just using my pc and monitor.The options give the comands for a Xbox controler and that is it.How can i control the game with a keyboard or can i.Is this game for xbox controlers only and to play on a tv.This game came with a amd processor i bought for my computer.It just gave me a game code and the name of your website.

  20. Matias says:

    The majority of the crashes are related with the use of the xbox360 pad (or the emulator for other pads). You can use de keyboard and mouse in this parts. Then connect and continue with the pad.

  21. anuwee says:

    something is wrong in my system.
    not C2D.its C2Q.sorry.

  22. anuwee says:

    Game just work fine.but cut scenes doesn’t work correctly.plz help.
    C2D q6850 3.0 Ghz
    9800 gt 1gb
    3GB DDR2
    XP SP3

  23. budmilszatyor says:

    Hi, i’ve got a problem, what’s not listed here yet.
    I installed the game succesfully, and i can play the game, but it automatically skips the in-game videos, even intro, the thq, vigil and amd videos. I updated the video card drivers, got the latest codecs, and everything. I’ve got wmp 11 on my win 7 64-bit os, but still nothing. Please help!
    (Sorry for my english, i’m hungarian:))

  24. kettavan says:

    i update my ATI HD 45** graphics card using direct x 10…..i m using AOC moniter…what i have to do to get menu option…not only menu none of the option will not appear…. pls help…

  25. kettavan says:

    hi friend….i installed the game successfully…while i am in game when i press menu….menu option will not appear…even my health line also wont appear…how to fix menu problem…..

  26. LukasBlaho says:

    Hello…my problem is that after installing the game and launching the game.exe icon there is a steam error…application load error and some number..is there any way to fix it ? thanks

  27. JamesTan says:

    After fighting Straga… War was taken by Azreal to the Eden tree..
    When the game start… my character keep falling and cant do anything..
    help pls~

  28. hamzahashmi says:

    when i run dark siders game black screen comes and when i try to exit it it gives me error of darksiders encounttered a problem send error report or not.help me………

  29. amit says:

    hi,when i am in the ashlands fighting the horseman the game slows down as when i kill the horseman the game stops saying that darksiders has encountered a problem.the game was working pretty well until then.i am stuck at this point for abround 7 days.pls help.my pc is core2 duo with nvidea 9400 1 gb graphics card.

  30. MpIxTiSs says:

    Well, Im f*****n stuck at Griever the Second Boss. When I pass the half room just crash the game. Any1 got any solution ?

  31. xeno16 says:

    dude found the problem!!!!
    the setup .bat doens’nt rebuild. any idea on how to change the command inside the .bat file? i need to include the steam file i.e steam.api.dll for it to download.

  32. xeno16 says:

    i am running it as the admin……… still not able to install. the game is in the form of rar files. i extract them and once done i get a setup.bat file in ms dos which automatically starts executing. it says that the file is being rebulit and 8- 10 gb space is required. but the dos file completeles executing very quickly around 1min and when i click the exe file it doent work. after extracting and executing i get the total size to be only 4.5gb which i feel is very less. am wondering that the file has not been extracted completely…….. plss help me. thank you :)

  33. xeno16 says:

    i am not able to install the game completely. i get this error when i click on the game icon “The installer failed due an internal erro
    Error Code: 00010000
    Make sure you have all files and the required Permission”
    the setup.bat file doesnt rebuild the game file and i am not able to install steam. plss help me out.
    thank you

  34. Fatalis Slayer1607 says:

    i start the game after the installation and the game won’t start and telling that windows encounterd a problem. I check my DX and Redist everythings fine. I try to ReInstall it and it happens again why? any suggestion?


  35. ltrino says:

    what should i do when try to play always apears d3dx9_42.dll is missing

  36. olha1 says:

    I can’t install:
    I start installation and install till at the last 99% it goes ‘Darksiders installer has stopped working… bla bla bla… sent message microsoft problem fix stuf….’
    I tried many things but i can’t get it to work :S

    please help,

  37. guys325 says:

    i installed the game,and i started playing the game,but after 5 minutes it always gives an error like send a report and so on…
    I have countless time reinstalled but nothing changed, my direct x and d Microsoft redistributable are installed and fine.

  38. Subhash says:

    When i start the game,After the logo i cant see the menu…but i can hear sounds of scrolling.even if i somehoe start the game,I cannot see the menu when i press the esc except for a static image of the gameplay.
    I have a 19″wide monitor,with all the latest drivers.Please help.
    This was working fine in my old system with dual core and Nvidia 8400gs..I upgraded it ti core I3 with the same nvidia 8400gs card.

  39. Sylaris says:

    The game keeps crashing when I enter the Twilight Cathedral. Not the whole zone, but the cathedral itself. There are two marks on the ground where tiles have been scraped off. Just before I cross the second one the game freezes. From what I’ve played it’s a really good game, but unless I get a solution soon it will be dead to me.

    Please Help!

  40. yogi says:

    anyone help me plz , my game is starting but i cant see the game menu where i can start r load and all and even though if i somehow manage to go inside the game by pressing blindly , i cant see the help bar neither the esc menu plz help me how to fix this error

  41. Quik says:

    My computer suddenly restarts during gameplay.
    Any ideas on how I could fix this?

  42. TrickyX says:

    man I have same problem i give 500 souls to that demon i get the horn i sound the horn and the demon wakes up and he goes away then I need to get in some building when i get there and kill all of the demons in there I get out of the building and when i get out of the building i kill two or three litlle demons but then game CRAHSES and give a error and i click dont send and then game close when i get in the game and press Continue game start to load and right before finish game crashes agein.Plesase help i love that game i jut want to play it

  43. sahil says:

    i am having a problem with my dark sider game.i cant play the game. when ever i clicked on dark sider launching exe nothing will happens.no errr showed by window. first when i installed the game, game run perfectly but when i shut down my computer and after some time when i start my pc and tried to play dark sider game not runs. i have already changed my window several time now i am using window 7 ultimate.some one plz help me. my computer configuration

    Intel core 2 duo 2.93
    ram 2 gb
    1 gb pcx nvidia geforce
    dg41rq mother board

  44. reagan says:

    when i play some of the stages an error report pops up help

  45. Thom Ros says:


    when I want to start the game, my computer says somethink like he can’t use my data or possessions or something. if you want to know more about the error, please send me a message.

    regards, Thom

  46. Yossi says:

    When i get to the guy with the flaming horse (In the arena, in the worms area thingy) when i use the “E” to get him off the horse the game crashes and says
    “0x4d1475be wanted to read 0x3a989db0. but it couldn’t be “Written”
    Please help, i love this game so bad….
    Thanks in advance,
    Yossi Rokah.

  47. Vladimir says:

    I delete settings file in documents but still get NO SIGNAL when i start the game ? my lcd dont support the default darksiders resolution ? how i can edit settings file and change the ressolutions before start the game ?

  48. merc says:

    I have the exact same problem as equinox. Totally prevents progress through the game by crashing at that spot, started a new game, same thing happens.

  49. BlackWolf2Dragoon says:

    I’ve got a problem, not even being able to get into playing the game.

    Simply what happens, after installing everything, it updates, I go press play when it announces it’s ready to play. What happens is the screen goes black, ready to load to full screen, then the windows task bar shows up along with the normal cursor and a windows popup appears, telling me that DarksidersPC has encountered a problem and has to close, windows will sent a report and search for solutions to the problem, then closes. I’ve tried reinstalling it, twice, reinstalled Steam, but nothing seems to work. Any ideas?

    P.s. I tried looking for the files for DirectX 9 and Microsoft redistributable like you suggested, but they’re fine and installed fine.

  50. morbidutz says:

    i start the game but everything is grey. i can see the character i play with normal and if i move the mouse i can see pieces of the world like the ground or the creatures if they are very close, but the rest is grey. i can see the creatures shape and the landscape at some distance but they are like in a grey fog. anyone can help?

  51. stekko says:

    you must unplug your joypad before launching the game. if joypad is present the game disables keyboard and mouse. you can’t play with both

  52. emmanessence says:

    why does my keyboard and mouse don’t work on DARKSIDERS but works on other games. i thought my installer was corrupted but then i borrowed my friend’s and the same problem occurs. what should i do? please help. i really want to play DARKSIDERS. thanks.

  53. Grrrr says:

    All the textures, water, land etc. are missing right after I open the gate in the Drowned pass. All I see are chests and enemies, and I’m walking in mid-air.

    Closing the game and restarting doesn’t help, and everything is fine walking back to the first portion of the Drowned Pass. It’s just that second area where everything is missing.

  54. Equinox says:

    Man i have a problem with the game.When i ecuted the first boss ,the one that comes right after u give 500 souls to the demon( i forgot his name),when u seek samael,game CRAHSES and give a error ,that u can do is only close it.I restardet my PC ,i restarted the game but nothin the problem persist ,when i click Continue game game is start to load and right before to finish game crashes.Can u help me? Thanks^^.

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