How to Customize Keyboard Controls in FIFA 11

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Playing FIFA 11, and having tough time with new keyboard controls ? don’t you worry. We have newbie’s guide to FIFA 11 controls right here, which will demonstrate how you can map your keyboard keys to your liking for FIFA 11.

Go to

FIFA 11/Game/fifasetup/fifaconfig.exe

and click on Game Settings, there click on in-Game Keyboard tab and you will see controls mapping like the screenshot below.

Now, which button to assign for what ? first you will need to know which button corresponds to what. For that see the controller help below. These are my settings as you can see in the above screenshot.
A – Lob, Cross, Slyding tackle
S – Pass. Standing Tackle
D – Shot
Q – Switch player, Trigger Run
E – Sprint
W – Through Ball
C – Stop the ball, Pace control
Here is how you can map your own settings with the help of controller help screen. You can access FIFA 11 Controls Help Screen by navigating to Game Settings/Controls/Controls Help in-Game.


See if that helps you. If you find some other way to map custom keyboard keys, do let us know.

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  • Tharindu

    I changed controls in fifa setup but in game control changes into a total messed up combination.. any ideas??

  • Spawn705`

    Hi! Can someone explain me how I can change the standing tackle from pass button to shoot button? Thank you!

  • Harshit Singh

    What is LS in FIFA 11 by keyboard

  • ryan

    you can change the small r buttons with arrow marks to any alphabet in the keyboard to make it easy

  • ryan

    for 2 star skills always press LT then other keys like for right feint the small r button towards rights, just give it a touch.
    i.e LT+ ‘r’ right

  • Nikola
  • Nikola

    can you help me ?

  • Garvit Sharma

    really man u saved me……i had been trying to make the settings work for an hour…EA have made the setting confusing than ever……really man…thanx a lot……

  • Paulo Sampaio Neves

    Do you know if this will be possible in FIFA 12. I played the demo yesterday and man… keyboard is simply not playable. I couldn’t find a key that made the player run/sprint.

    • Garvit Sharma

      i think EA is supporting the game pad too much…there are many players out there who still play using the keyboard… just like me…EA has made the task hectic for us…..

  • agasdasd

    what about the mac. If you use the mac it doesn’t go to the start up menu where the game settings will be located.

  • Marcos

    Hi, thanks for this. My settings were just like yours. I think we are old time Fifa players. :) But how can I asign a key for the goalkeeper(if you want to go out with the keeper? Thanks.

  • aritra

    can anyone please tell me how can i change the player selection without ball possession?? Like in fifa 08 the button q is used. how can i do that in fifa 11??

  • Arnab

    when i am trying to change the LB key into W its not working !!!i want W as sprint…but at d tym of plying ‘W’ key doesnt work.sumpls help me.

  • Arunavameister

    hey,all u guys having trouble dribblingi think i have found out how to do that…hold the Lt button and use the numpad,2468 by default i think….

  • Jason

    thanks very helpful

  • costi

    THE RS and LS buttons do not exist in the FIFACONFIG menu. where can i configure them??!?! nobody answered this, and a lot of people asked it

  • Fifa makes me sad

    My situation even worst…….I want to change the movement button(left,right,up,down)to W,A,S,D and the shoot,cross,pass and through ball to the arrow key(like in playstation = movement control on left finger and pass,shoot,cross,through ball on right finger)……and the problem is movement key(the arrow)cannot be change. Hope they upload the patch for this problem.

  • borisxan

    can any1 help me i have big problem with my key board controls
    i did all my way like this C:\Program Files\EA Sports\FIFA 11\Game\fifasetup then when i choose in-game keyboard all those spaces right to buttoms are blank, i cant select A button then change it
    i dont have any options i cant select i cant change anything

  • lmao


    • Peter

      yep, alrdy noticed that :)

  • Peter

    guys, i can configuire the shoot and pass buttons, but cant set the moving butt (left, right, up, down) – it recognize it, but when i press ex: Left, or down, he shoots, or passes. damn! whats wrong

  • Althaf

    thnx man… love u

  • P

    Hey, help please!
    I don’t know why but when I start the game it does not work with proper control and I have the same controls as shown here but when i any arrows a free kick or penalty comes and player keeps on juggling the ball even if i don do anything and when i try to enter controller settings in game the game shuts do showing an error message.
    Plz…. help!!!!

    • P


  • Jerome

    Thanks a lot dude…

  • Harish

    Hey,.. Gr8 job… Thanks a lot

  • shahy

    thats not fair , its so annoyin
    the Swicth player should be with S always,
    its really annoying

    • Ali Asif

      It might be but they changed it a long time ago.

  • Lesogo


    I cant seem to change my controls, i did configure my own setting but they dont seem to work.

    • pallav

      RS is to sprint. Assign watever u want
      LS is for fine shot
      Change d controls from d launch screen

  • Norbert_from_Poland

    Hi guys! I’m from Poland and I can’t speak English very well but I’m the second in poland at English.
    I’ve got a problem… How to set LS and RS button on Keyboard at Fifa 11? Can u help me? :)

    • ryan

      the right stick is the small r buttons which u can configure in profram files-ea sports-fifa 11-game-fifa setup-fifa config
      for all skills LT key should always be pressed, then the skill key.

  • vineet

    nice job man :) thank you :)

  • timsk1

    I did
    but there is no change to RS or LS
    you understand

  • timsk1

    sorry i can not good speak enlighs i am a hollander
    but what is RS and LS on your keyboard???

    pleas help a hollander :(

    • rattlesnake

      It doesn’t matter. Change your controls from the launch screen settings.

  • timsk1

    what is that on your keyboard????

    please help me 😀


    thanks nab , helped a lot :)

  • dario

    Could you please tell me how can I reset all my game settings?

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      You can either go in MY FIFA > and change every setting to default. Or go in fifasetup folder and reset your settings there.

  • Vincent

    Thanks, man! You just saved my life!

  • jithin

    thank u very much dude

  • srujan

    what is the button for RS and LS?

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Right Stick – Left Stick

      • pallab

        what is the configuration for right stick-left stick in the keyboard?plssss hlp me man…

  • Saso

    Very strange situation at my pc.
    In the game-settings -> folder “in-game keyboard” I can’t see the squares to write in. I see the buttons like (green) A, (red) B, and all the rest.
    but there is no place to write an assignement button in. Any idea how I can get those squares? i tried with net framework but it didn’t work. i need a help.

  • soham

    after reconfiguring the controls…the game won’t start by pressing space bar …wat to do???

  • Jeux

    I hate how those games are made for xbox…. Anyway thx for the tip!

  • rohit

    does intel (r) 945 chipset family video card supports shader model 3.0

  • hakim

    can you show me controller setting for pc pls. i apply usb controller and i made the buttons but why when i press \left\right\down\up\ it seems like my controller having a problem. but when i play pes11 it was okay. in fifa11 it didnt. stressful much. hmm

  • justtryintohelp

    hi all, i think may be able to solve the d to standing tackle controller problem.

    at the start of the game, create a new profile. then switch the controls from there and save.

    hope it helps!

  • Bon

    Thnx a lot buddy…’twas really helpful…

  • Vlad

    After i changed the settings of the in-game keyboard the game wont start. what to do?

    • soham

      same hre man!!! did u find a solution!!

  • armand van helden

    what is the button for RS to do some skills and what is LS ?

  • prince

    how can i change the controls so that the movement buttons will become the skill button……just like fifa 10

  • Bharath

    Thank you very much!!

  • nyk

    Thanx man, really helpful…..!!
    I want S for pass only.
    A for standing tackle only.
    L-shift as sliding tackle.
    pls help….!!

  • ov

    the combo d and e key that is shot and sprint key used in old fifa games arent workin pretty hard to get goin tricks fck it



  • punit

    yeah i too want to pass/switch player with s but damn! fifa doesn’t giv tht option anymore….SOMEONE PLEASE RELEASE A PATCH TO MAKE CONTROLS AND PREVIOUS FIFA’s……



  • Thije

    What is the LS-buttom??:O

  • Sounak

    @Kavneet: I have the same reqmnts as urs, I guess we are all old-timers at Fifa.

  • kavneet rekhi

    S – Pass and Standing Tackle
    q-switch player
    but i want S as pass and switch player
    and D as shoot and standing tackle

  • Teo

    Tell me how to leed the ball infront of the player, in fifa 10 was LShift, now i cant find it. Pleese help me :(

  • OZ

    Install .NET Framework

  • Thomas

    Very strange situation at my pc.
    In the game-settings -> folder “in-game keyboard” I can’t see the squares to write in. I see the buttons like (green) A, (red) B, and all the rest.
    but there is no place to write an assignement button in. Any idea how I can get those squares?

    • enigma

      hi, there is no problem in the game but it is new way to change ur controls , so u can exchange the buttons instead of assignements
      ex. u can exchange the shot button with the cross button.

    • SST

      I think .net framework 3.5 can solve your problem

  • Adnan Shabbir

    thnx aloot

  • Alex

    Thank you very much .
    It was very helpful

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