Civilization V Errors, Crashes, Memory Tweak, and Fixes

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11# Broken DirectX 10 DirectX 11 Launcher Fix
If you get DirectX error on running the launcher. In order to fix that go to properties of Steam.exe and ensure that ‘Compatability mode’ is turned off.
Click ‘Change settings for all users’ in order to un-grey the Compatibility mode, but after that everything will work perfectly fine.

12# Civilization V Multiplayer Connectivity Issues

13# Civilization V Random Lag Spikes
Experiencing random ping jumps and lag issues ?. ALT-TAB out of the game, go to taskbar>processes and see which processes are loading your processor and causing these spikes. Also make sure you meet the minimum requirements in order to play the game.

14# Civilization V Crashes When Opening Civlopedia
Run the game in DirectX 9 and it will resolve this issue.

16# Problems Starting Civilization V Demo
Try to play the demo in compatibility mode DirectX 9 and see if the game starts properly.

17# Game Won’t Install From Disc ? Requires Download From Steam
Some of the users have reported that the disc version of the game they bought requires download from steam. If you face this problem you can try deleting all the game files and re-install the game using setup.exe from the disk. Or you can refer to the tutorial below on how you can install the game from the disc instead of steam.

How to Use Steam launch options to install retail games from disc.
1. Log in to Steam and click on Library.
2. Right-click on the game, select Delete local content, and confirm.
3. Insert the first disc into your computer.
4. Close Steam (Steam > Exit).
5. Press Windows Key + R to open Run
6. In the Run window type:

“C:\Program Files\Steam\Steam.exe” -install E:

Replace E: with the CD/DVD drive you are installing from if is not correct.
Replace C:\Program Files\Steam if your Steam installation is not in the default location.
7. Press OK. Steam will launch and ask you to sign in if you do not have your password saved. Your installation should continue from the disc.

18# Anti Aliasing Doesn’t Work with DirectX 10/11
Playing the game in DirectX 10/11 ? some of you may experience no anti-aliasing whatsoever.
If you face this issue, go to GraphicsSettingsDX11.ini in your “My Games\Sid Meier’s Civilization V” folder and change “AllowLeaderAA” to “0” to fix it.

19# DirectX 9, DirectX 10, DirectX 11 Permanent Fix
Install “DXSetup.exe” from steamapps\common\sid meier’s civilization v\directx and it will resolve all your DirectX problems.

20# Can’t Save Games on Local Hard Drive
At your desktop, navigate to your “My Games” folder then to the “Sid Meier’s Civilization 5” folder. Find the Config.ini file, right click and select “Edit”.

Scroll down to the section [Game], which is about 75% down the list. The third option under that is what you are looking for. It will look like this:

; Save Path – relative to working (Civ5) folder
FileName =

You need to put in the directory location of the “Saves” folder in the blank spot after FileName =

It should then look similar to this (check your own directory, it is different on different OS):

FileName = C:\Users\(Your Username)\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier’s Civilization 5\Saves\

Save the Config.ini file after your modification and congrats now you will be able to save games on your local hard drive.

21# Civilization V Bonus Content and Sound Tracks Location

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\sid meier’s civilization v\Assets\DLC\DLC_Deluxe\Soundtrack

These are currently the major issues reported by users. If you face any other issue, share with us and we will try to resolve any issue faced by you.

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92 responses to “Civilization V Errors, Crashes, Memory Tweak, and Fixes”

  1. Mark says:

    hey i cant find the HideOutOfVRamWarning in the config any help?

  2. Paweł Kowalczyk says:

    whenever i enter the multiplazer screen, i cant click on anzthing ply help!

  3. Scott says:

    RE: In Game Crashes. Set game graphics to minimal, then try downloading the new (released early 2012) mod pack “Unofficial Patch and Vanilla Enhanced”. It fixes hundreds of bugs in the game and has significantly reduce the number of crashes during my games (still not perfect, auto-save regularly). Download and install the mod, check it in the installed area of the mods. Start the game through the mod menu and hopefully that will help. I nearly gave up playing Civ 5 until I found this mod, it was just updated at the end of April 2012. The mod also enhances game play with added features and play. You can run Civ 5 without steam, load the game then use task manager to force steam closed.

  4. dennis says:

    hey just wondering if anyone found out how to fix the garbled text?

  5. Dennis says:

    Civ V works pretty well in singleplayer, but multiplayer has one big issue for me. I cant load a save and none of the guys i play with can either. It´s strange since i have no problem loading a saved game in singleplayer.

  6. frank says:

    Civilization V
    Problem: game crashes when you click load game.
    fix: make sure steam cloud is enabled. Go to steam and setting and make sure cloud is enabled.
    Why: the game doesn’t know how to respond when steam cloud is not enabled. So the game crashes when you try to pull up the load game dialog.

  7. Balordo says:

    i´ve installed the Steam application.
    When I start to install Civ5 the message “coudn´t find the steam.exe, check and rename it if necessary?
    i really don´t know what to do… :-(

  8. Shanon says:

    Hi, Please I need help. Civ 5 doesn’t run on my usal PC. I try a lor of troubleshooting solutions but without effects. The game runs on my portable but text are UNERADABLE (nor in French, my 1st coice, no in English). they are full of unneeded characters, samll icons (food, production, and so on are also corrupted. Ohter images (gameplay, lage incons, are clean. Pleasê help. Thank you

  9. Daniel says:

    When I try to play the game. I cant get the Directx 10/11 to play, any help would be nice. The Directx 9 version works fine, except that all the words and letters are completely scrambld and messed up.

  10. Zandaman 347 says:

    My civ V keeps crashing when i try to load or start an new game and ive tried every thing to try to get it to work but what’s the thing is after i installed it it worked perfectly then it crapped itsself after i cloze it.

    Help me please

  11. Cornock says:

    Ok my problem is that i have just reinstalled the game from disk and downloaded updates, and when i open the game in direct x 9 i get an error that says “error loading font xml” or similar. Any thoughts?

  12. Mikee says:

    Absolutely disgusting. I bought the game when it was released and it had so many bugs, especially flickering/stuttering on the world map, that I uninstalled it.

    Nearly seven months later, I reinstall, and even after upgrading from a 9800GT to a 260 GTX and adding a gig of RAM, the exact same problems persist. Civ IV works great, no problems what-so-ever, as well as Star Trek Online, Rift, WoW, Sims 3, and Neverwinter Nights 2 and dozens of other games, old and new. Civ 5 is the only game that won’t work properly, no matter how many times I try these stupid little fixes.

    Who knows, maybe if I give 2K Games another seven months they’ll grow a brain and fix the damned game.

  13. Kyle says:

    My computer runs fine – new NVIDIA 9800 GT video card, updated drivers, etc. – but why in the heck does the software come embedded with Direct X9? I have Direct X10 drivers through my videocard, not to mention that Windows Vista SP2 has built-in DirectX9. What is going on here? This should be a basic strategy game, not like multiplayer Call of Duty or something. Can I get a game that doesn’t give me BSOD drivers errors, Firaxis? Have to get a refund unless I get a clear answer on how to fix the Direct X conflict. I’m not someone to go messing around with my computer without knowing EXACTLY what I am doing.

  14. wayne says:

    when I first install the civi 5 I had a duo core, game ran fine no problems what so ever, upgrade to tri core could not load save game then started to crash on start up anyone know why.

  15. Jordan says:

    I got the demo from Steam, and managed to get it installed after days of trying, but now it can’t get any farther than “Preparing to Launch”. One of my other games does the same thing, but I can click the cancel button and it launches, but with Civ V if I click the cancel button Steam locks up.

  16. Francis says:

    I have an AlienWare M11xR2, with a 1.8 i5 processor, 1gb video nvidia, 4gb ram and it works fine for me. i think the problem with the crashes are only in the cracked version, (skidrow)

  17. ThePhok says:

    Okay I’m running Windows 7 64bit on a Core i7 920 2.76GHz with 6 gigs of ram with a GeForce Nvidia GTX 260 with 896 MB of dedicated RAM which is more then the recommended requirements.
    I hit turn 350 and if I am luck every third turn or so the game will not stop crashing not matter what I try. I have tried all the trouble shooting I have seen here… any one else have any ideas?

  18. Carlos says:

    plz help me i just got the game and it just wont start
    when i run it appers like it will run then nothing happen
    can u help me?

  19. wvan says:

    my problem is it will launch but not in full screen and fully black and is named civilization v direct 9x and will eventually not respond ((mine is the same as puls) help i want to play so badly

  20. BOka97 says:

    I’ve got a very amateur problem,but i’m not intereted at computers….
    so when i start the game,I can’t play because ,i’m only can see tha intro video.and I read that here:1. Go to

    “My Documents\My Games\Sid Meiers Civilization 5\”

    and open usersettings.ini in Notepad. About 15 lines down you will find “SkipIntroVideo = 0″. Make this value 1. This will skip the intro video and you will be directly enter to the game menu. Again, make sure that you have the latest drivers and you reboot the PC after driver install and editing the ini file.

    so I open that file and I can find skip intro video but what I have to do after that?pls. somebody!

  21. Shaka Shukur says:

    I run windows 7 64 and since the latest patch I have gotten the message Civ 5 has stopped working and windows is searching for a solution to the problem. I get this message on saving the game randomly. I have noticed it is more frequent around turns 400+. It became so bad with one game I had to start over as it would stop working ever other turn. Besides this stopped working error I have had no other issues, glitches or performance related issues. Beware of the patch maybe?

    • Steve says:

      I’m getting exactly the same problem! Civ V crashes every turn in the late game, haven’t managed to finish a late game yet, all drivers up to date, DX11/9 etc all patched up and all freshly installed Win 7 on a new HDD, (the old one died had same probs on that one too).

      Phenom II X4 955 3.6Ghz
      8GB DDR2 1066
      Asus m4n82 deluxe
      Zotac GTX 470 Amp (SLi)
      2 TB HDD
      Windows 7 64bit
      1000 w psu
      HAF case

  22. Since the latest patch I have discovered that if I save a game and exit to windows, when I start again I can get as far as asking to load the saved game. Somewhere in the middle of this I get the usual message that Civ V has stopped working, and windows (Windows 7) is trying to find out why.

    At first I thought this was because I was running a mod, but I have now tested this on a vanilla game.

    The workaround is to exit steam, restart steam, and then I can continue the game. Stupid?

  23. catowner100 says:

    I click play, it says preparing to launch, and then i get an error message.

    How do i fix this?

  24. Sherman Unkefer says:

    have just bought a brand new pc, everything works great. My specs are way higher then required for the games im playing, yet it randomly quits the games and brings me back to my desktop. has anyone had this and figured it out?

  25. blain says:

    i have installed the game civ 5 3 times now trying to get it to work , all works fine but i cant read it all is scrambled up the steam text is fine and text around windows are good just in game text scrambled ? so what now ? not to mention through steam it takes 18 hours to install with 1 meg dsl please help

  26. Pablo says:

    OMG! I downloaded this game online from AMAzon and it was installed perfectly but i can’t play it, I hate this steam stuff its so confusing. When i click on the icon of Civilization on my desktop a black window appears and it freezes and the game never opens up . Just a black window that says the title of the game on the top and it has (divx 9) or something like that

  27. Wolf says:

    \6# Civilization V Crashes on Large Maps
    It is most probably due to the fact that you have LOW memory (RAM). You can avoid crashes by terminating other process that might be consuming your memory.\

    Not – exactly.

    8 Gig ram on Win 7 64-bit.

    The latest patch did NOT fix the late-game crashes.

    System specs:

    Operating System: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit (6.1, Build 7600) (7600.win7_gdr.100618-1621)
    Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
    System Manufacturer: alienware
    System Model: alienware
    BIOS: Phoenix – AwardBIOS v6.00PG
    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU @3.2GHz (4 CPUs)
    Memory: 8192MB RAM
    Available OS Memory: 8190MB RAM
    Page File: 1747MB used, 6696MB available
    Windows Dir: C:Windows
    DirectX Version: DirectX 11
    DX Setup Parameters: Not found
    User DPI Setting: Using System DPI
    System DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percent)
    DWM DPI Scaling: Disabled
    DxDiag Version: 6.01.7600.16385 64bit Unicode

    Card name: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460
    Manufacturer: NVIDIA
    Chip type: GeForce GTX 460
    DAC type: Integrated RAMDAC
    Device Key: EnumPCIVEN_10DE&DEV_0E22&SUBSYS_13713842&REV_A1
    Display Memory: 4065 MB (x2)
    Dedicated Memory: 993 MB (x2)
    Shared Memory: 3071 MB (x2)
    Current Mode: 1920 x 1080 (32 bit) (60Hz) (x2)
    Monitor Name: Samsung (x2)
    Monitor Model: SMB2230
    Monitor Id: SAM063F
    Native Mode: 1920 x 1080(p) (60.000Hz)
    Output Type: DVI
    Driver Name: nvd3dumx.dll,nvwgf2umx.dll,nvwgf2umx.dll,nvd3dum,nvwgf2um,nvwgf2um
    Driver File Version: 8.17.0012.5896 (English)
    Driver Version:
    DDI Version: 10.1

    Per everything I’ve read to date, this machine far exceeds the recommended requirements to run Civ V.

    However, if I play a large or huge world, I have to turn down ALL graphic resolutions to bare minimum to get past approximately 1100 AD.

    OK. I started a completely new game (huge world, marathon, Terra) AFTER the patch download and install.

    Last good save was 1,332 moves in, AD 2034. Literally nothing except bare-bones tasks running; i.e. no user apps, no hidden-behind-the-scenes tasks like acrotray, etc. (task manager can be nice!)

    Running it at lower resolutions does not work (for example, 1280 x 1024). Turning all graphics to bare minimum does not work.

    Loading the last good save locates me in northern central Europe when game resumes with a \unit needs orders\ displayed. No matter what combination of moves I try before clicking \unit needs orders\, such as moving other units, etc., going to the \unit needs orders\ in Australia crashes the game. This happens regardless of whether I click \unit needs orders\, or click on Australia on the world map, or move a little bit at a time to let the system finish drawing the screen, etc. etc. etc.

    As soon as Australia shows up in the main screen: CRASH. No matter what.

    The lower half of Australia is rendered; the top half is not. I’m still trying to get a screen capture of that, but no luck yet.

    The late-game huge-world crashes have been reported on various CIV V forums since early October by quite a few people, many with machines comparable (and some better) than mine; even after the December patch.

    I have never encountered such a buggy program in my life, and I’ve worked in the computer industry since 1969. Even alpha programs (think big corporations) in development environments have never been this buggy.

    Try to contact steam, 2k, firaxis? hah. Haven’t found a way yet to get a real person on the other end.

    Time to crosspost this to other forums and see if that gets any results.

  28. Ann says:

    I read something like “don’t think that being a strategy based game, it can run on laptops integrated chips” and my immediate thought in reply to that is: “WHY NOT ?!”.

    My second thought is “BAD PROGRAMMING!”.

    Civilization 1 ran perfectly on any 286 computer and it had MORE OF EVERYTHING gameplay and depth wise, compared to this game. Adding a layer of pretty but pointless 3D graphics to what is a top down view table game, besides being a stupid thing to do on its own (since it’s a two-dimensional grid game, it should use equally pretty but incomparably faster 2D graphics instead), doesn’t justify all these problems.

    It’s bad enough that a game which has all the reasons in the world programming wise to run smoother in any PC than any heavyduty actioners out there, instead is more demanding on your hardware and performs poorer than the latter games.

    It’s bad enough that this game clearly hasn’t been properly tested in general, causing crashes and problems to countless players, many of whom have expressed not being able to even start the game, and leading to the writing of articles such as this one all over the Net.

    It’s bad enough that this game clearly hasn’t been properly tested for DirectX9 in particular, since more DX9 users are having problems and since DX11 is officially recommended by the developer, despite the fact that the vast majority of computer users worldwide are still using WIndows XP (52% XP vs 24% Win7 vs 16% Vista vs 8% Others, Global Stats world market share for November 2010 – someone on 2KGames or whatever that thing’s called clearly isn’t doing his market study job right).

    Then, of course, I could go on about the game’s shortcomings in regards to previous titles in the series, about the Civilopedia with no hyperlinking in the text (!!!) – possibly because of how simplified and short said text is, or about the whole ugly STEAM affair and how it contributes to half of the game initializing and performance problems talked about in here.

    But why bothering with all that, when I can simply apply my consumer rights to get my money back, and buy a better programmed and better polished product with it ?

  29. sjp says:

    i installed my civ v.
    the intro vid plays fine.
    the problem starts here…
    first… there is no background music…
    and the main menu lookes fine… the cursor moves around and the menus light up whenever i move the cursor over…
    however when i click, nothing happens… I am using windows 7.
    my bro who installed in the same way on his comp, vista, works fine.

    any fixes? plz?

  30. Nickelthrower says:


    I am absolutely disgusted with this game. I’ve been playing Civ since Civ II and this is by far the worst civ ever. I can’t even begin to tell you all the problems I’m having. Here is the best part, my machine is brand new. i5 with 4 gigs of ram. This game should scream – everything else I play on this machine screams but this turn based game might as well be running on an old 386 machine for as fast as anything happens.

    I can not use direct x 10 or 11. I can not open any saved games because the game crashes. I can not have any in game graphix above minimum settings because the game wont work.

    I’m going to raise hell until I get my money back. I will never ever ever buy another CIV product or one from Steam for that matter.

  31. nazaral says:

    I want to play, but when I start the game, my cursor does not appear. Actions are taken but there is no cursor
    how to solve this problem thank you

  32. Sandro_783 says:

    Good game, but after 300-400 turns on huge map almost impossible to play, I have to wait 1 min between turns and thats on my Core i7, 8 GB RAM, GTS360 1GB. Also game always crashes when you trying to reload a game.

  33. joony says:

    yea.. the units leveling bug is sad.. level 3 and thats all the leveling i get.. just sad!

  34. fer5900 says:

    I hate Civ V. Let me rephrase that, I hate steam. This is stupid. It took me over 12 hours to load this game to play. A few weeks later I tryied to play the game. I had not had any issues playing the game until today. I tried to get into civ V just like I had always done. If did not let me. It told me that steam was already running and that I could not open up another window. I uninstalled steam and hoped I was going to be able to play civ V. I was not. I had to reinstall everything all over again. If civ VI ever comes out and I have to use steam just to play it. I WILL NOT BUY IT. I also recommend not to buy this game or any other game that required you to use steam. If they are trying to protect from piriting this game they need to come up with another system that will not require literally half a day to install and a requirement of an internet connection.

  35. Umais says:

    I am facing gabbled writing issue, any resolution for that with anyone..plz help out. Rest everything is fine …

  36. Chiripio says:

    I cant play this game any other game will run 100% perfectly this a faulty game dont buy for the moment .

  37. twins95 says:

    I really think the issues have little to do with anyone’s hardware and more to do with sloppy code and a decided lack of beta testing. This is a game that was released with the idea of living off it’s past greatness to move inventory.
    Why is no one commenting on the fact that multiplayer is UNPLAYABLE?
    Connecting to a current game is basically an exercise in futility and once you do, you wait FOREVER for others to connect, start the game and watch as it freezes up and crashes. Any multicore system with broadband and a decent GPU should run this game fine, but we get tricked and side-tracked into believing it’s “tesselation” issues, or “shader” issues. Give us a break! Your game has MAJOR flaws! If an automobile was released with THIS many bugs, it would the target of a class-action lawsuit! Simple question: ARE THERE ANY PLANS TO FIX THIS GAME?

  38. Calvin says:

    Everytime I open Civ V it always just closes without saying anything after it gets to a little bit in the opening movie, help please?

  39. twins95 says:

    See? This is what I mean. That “patch” addresses exactly NONE of the multiplayer issues I spoke of.
    Of course, the patch you speak of was automatically applied via Steam.
    Still fixed nothing
    My guess is Firaxis/Sid Meier tacked on multiplayer at the last second, thinking the lousy A.I. would be enough of a challenge that no one would ever “need” multiplayer.

    This was supposed to be THE game of the year…

    • I can feel how disappointed you are. I mean….. but thing is man, some issues for big games like that always come up later. You can curse the developer/publisher all you want, because you were given this right when you bought the game. Thing is, when millions of people play the game, few will always have issues regarding certain aspects of the game, and they can’t release the game perfect because they don’t have millions of people for pre-testing every aspect of the game. That’s why developers should always release the beta for multiplayer and demo for singleplayer to address these issues before hand….. In the end you can curse them again… But there are people who are playing the game online perfectly fine.

      I won’t suggest you try that, try this, but digging into these try that, try this, may actually solve your problem :) Sometimes all we are missing is little something….that’s why we suggest try this, try that.

  40. twins95 says:

    My system is far and away above the minimal requirements,both with network and CPU/GPU capabilities.
    I say this to head off all the usual “try updating your drivers” and “try lowering your settings” non-helpful answers that people usually get

    Go and look in the game! There are a ton of open games with only one player -all awaiting others to join -BUT THEY CAN’T!

    Sad state of affairs…

  41. twins95 says:

    The whole multiplayer experience is THE WORST of ANY game I have ever played! That’s going back 15 years. No connectivity, supreme unplayable lagging.

    Every day it seems to get worse. Is this a STEAM issue (no doubt as all they care about is anti-piracy), or just wonky-bad code?

    For me, if they don’t come up with a REAL PATCH that actually FIXES something, this is one game that will be uninstalled and I will move on

  42. Marc says:

    still no change

    • You can adjust your monitor screen for game from your monitor control panel, you will find buttons or functions which control the image position on your monitor, you can adjust the image position from there for the game.


      Start any other game and see if the same thing happened with that game as well, if so, then GPU may be the problem.

  43. Marc says:

    happend with both demo and with the game… there is only half a screen and left side is black and right side has some text and stuff but only half of that and i can’t move on form there.

  44. Karl says:

    I’ve got thes error everytime I try to invade a City:

    This only happens after turn 450 or so. Till that time I could play for 36 hours without problems.
    This error also occur if I try to load a recent save just before the crash.

    • atas says:

      I’ve got crashes in the late rounds too, and the recent gamesave problem. I found out if you launch another saved game and after that the most recent one it will load, but I’m still getting crashes a couple of turns later. I never was able to play it beyond turn 430 or so. The game is definitely bugged as hell.

  45. Hélio Sousa says:


    I download the demo from steam and I keep on getting the same error:
    AppName: civilizationv.exe AppVer: ModName: civilizationv.exe
    ModVer: Offset: 004018f4

    If there´s someone with some problem and has a solution, please help.


    Laptop Asus F3JA
    CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.00 Ghz
    RAM: 1,5 GB
    Graphic: ATI Radeon X1600
    Software Graphic: Catalyst v10.9 (Modify with Mobility Modder 1.2)
    SO: Windows XP Home Edition SP3

  46. MICHEL QUIJADA says:

    Hi, Guys I don’t know if this comment could fit in the Errors section but, I’ve been playing Civ5 for around 152 Turns, I got a Trirreme and it was doing fine in cleaning the sea of barbarians and leveling up, my idea was doing this so i could later upgrade this unit to a Ship of the Line (that I can get now) but thing is that in level 3 it stop of getting experience. It doesn’t gain any experience past level 3 (right now it has 30/60 to get the next level).
    Please help!!!

  47. Anon says:

    I have so many issues with this game I have now given up in dispare its the most bugged game i have ever bought

  48. Fruitbat44 says:

    Thank you for writing the article.

    I’m experiencing the 10# problem and as part of the solution you mention:
    “Validate the integrity of game cache.”

    Pardon my ignorance, but what is this and how do you do it?

    • 1. Load Steam
      2. From the Library section, right-click on the game and select Properties from the menu.
      3. Select the Local files tab and click the Verify integrity of game cache… button.
      4. Steam will verify the game’s files – this process may take several minutes.
      5. Once the process is completed, the Check Window will automatically exit.

  49. Justin says:

    I have Vista x64 and SP2 w/ DirectX11 installed. When I am given the options to play the game via DirectX9 or DirectX 10/11 (Recommended), I choose DX10/11 option and the program locks up instantly and gives me an error message.

    When I then try to play the game in DirectX9 instead this is also installed on my CPU), the text within ALL menus is unreadable (a garbled mess).

    Between a rock and a hard place here – anyone else experiencing the same issues? Can anyone help??

    • citurqpixie says:

      I also get this problem. The text is too garbled to read. Did you ever get a fix?

      I have enjoyed prior versions of this game, but this one is unuseable even though I have the required settings and have checked my video drivers.

    • idevel says:

      I’ve got the same problem! Garbled mess of text….I’ve tryed everything I can think of…getting a little pissed off now!

  50. james bramman says:

    Hi guys i got the same problems as ‘leigh’
    whenever i start the game all the writing is all scrambled up.

    please help !!

  51. tsoyj says:

    I just Dl’d the game Civ V from direct 2 drive and steam.

    I too have a garbled text problem.

    Everything else runs smoothly.

    I have an integrated graphics card (which means it is shit and can’t be upgraded).

    I guess I was assuming a strategy game would be simple enough for my compy to handle. I did have problems playing Leaft4Dead on this machine. The game would play, but was ultra laggy and slowed.

    The reason I think this garbled text issue in Civ V may be fixable, is that the game actually plays very smoothly with no lag, and no problems with the graphics.

    The only problem is garbled text. Which is a problem in a strategy game :)

    Other notes:
    – Icannot get the DX10 version to start AT ALL on my computer
    -Dell inspiron 1525 with original factory integrated video card.
    -I meet all the other requirements

    Frustrating . . . Especially since I made a specific effort to NOT PIRATE this game. I went online and paid for it thinking “surely a purchased version will be higher quality.”

    Perhaps I should have pirated it first to make sure it would work on my machine.

    Nonetheless, if anyone has any thoughts on “Garbled text during game play as a sole problem with Civilization V.” I’d be grateful.

    • MICHEL QUIJADA says:

      It could be a Pixel Shader issue, have you noted the pixel shader version of your Integrated video. Years ago the same happened when you played let’s say Need for Speed Unerground in a Nvidia TNT2 (It lacks of the T’nL Texel and Lighting technology) and the text of the game appeared “garbled”.

      Maybe the 3d Analyze could make the pixel shader emulation for you…

  52. leigh schultz says:

    Hi Guys,
    When I loaded the game the writing on all menus is garbled (messed up).

    Can anyone help?

    Thanks fellow gamers!

  53. DEMIANLEO says:

    My Civ V crash when game launch with this error:

    AppName: civilizationv.exe AppVer: ModName: civilizationv.exe
    ModVer: Offset: 0042f78d

    any idea? I am very sad. I buy the game via Steam
    and never worked!!!

  54. Anon says:

    My game crashed everytime I tried to start a new game or load one. I was able to fix this by doing the following thing:

    -When the game started, I started task manager and set Affinity for the game only for the first cpu core.
    -> Tada, game doesn’t crash when starting or loading a game.
    -After the game has started properly, I can restore the rest of affinities (all four cores)

    • CIV Fan but totally disappointed says:


      I am having the exact EXACT same problem…thing is I do not totally understand what you mean when you say you changed the affinities… I thought I was pretty computer savvy, but apparently I am not. :-(…

      Could you explain this in more step by step (as much detail) please?

      It would be GREATLY appreciated.

      Thank You

  55. puls says:

    I was able to play this at my dad’s house. Here at my mom’s, though, i cannot. i installed it last night and never got the chance to play it (took too long to download before i had to go to bed) and today it won’t launch.

    I’ve tried all the fixes that are relevant, and none have worked. I start playing the direct x 9 version (can’t play normal version, if there even is one, on this computer appearently. there’s not even the option.) and it waits a few moments, then this little screen pops up for just half a second and it’s titled something like “Civilization V Direct X 9” and once it’s gone nothing else happens.

    Right now i’m reinstalling it from steam, and hoping that this will fix any problems. (also, i found the direct x folder in the civ.V folder and installed it there, but that didn’t help solve any problems either.)

    • rak9 says:

      It’s the same with me , i downloaded it yesterday , installed , when i try to run it , it just flashes a black screen for half second then closes……..nothing else .
      I use windows 7
      Pls help !!

  56. R2D2 says:

    despite having the right specs (RAID5, ATI Radeon 5750, 6GB, 4core-processor, etc.) the game is extremely slow and can never load game after have started and loaded the first game;
    I hope things will be patched so I can try to enjoy this game, despite the various changes in this 5th installment (been playing since Civ2…)

  57. Txerrok says:

    My Civ V crash when game launch with this error:
    AppName: civilizationv.exe AppVer: ModName: msvcr90.dll
    ModVer: 9.0.30729.4148 Offset: 00036d36
    Any ideas ? got latest versions of Directx 9 and drivers

  58. Sam V says:

    I have another one – C:/ G: drive conflict

    Civ V wouldn’t load on my PC (Vista 64) despite having the right hardware – it crash and close down either before or during the startup sequence.

    My PC had been trying to save info it would normally save in C: Documents to G: Documents. I don’t know what prompted this, but I had to create a drive G: by partitioning the C: Drive to get this, and other programmes to install.

    While the main game was saved on C, the startup files were on G:.

    I moved the path of Documents to be on C: rather than G: then copied the files that were in G accross to C and voila

    now it works fine.

    I don’t know if this can help anyone else, but it worked for me


  59. odeon says:

    i got memory parity error and my system crashes.

    *** Hardware Malfunction
    Call your hardware vendor for support
    NMI: Parity Check/Memory Parity Error
    *** The system has halted ***

    got sony vaio laptop
    2gb ram
    core2duo t7250
    ati radeon x2300

  60. Sam Illingworth says:

    Here’s another one:

    After the opening video (which may have had a windows task bar on top of it) you just see a blank screen with a Civ style cursor.

    Set your DPI to normal (what Windows 7 calls small), ie 100%

    The DPI settings used to cause a problem with iTunes that was cured by setting Windows 7 to use the Windows XP font scaling – I haven’t tested this with Civ 5 yet.

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