How to Create PlayStation 3 Custom Themes

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You don’t have to waste your money on buying PS3 themes, you can create your very own theme with PlayStation Official Custom Theme Kit.

What You Need ?
Sony’s PS3 Theme Tool
Image Editing Software (like Paint, Photoshop)
USB Flash Drive

Once you have the prerequisite to the theme, you can follow this guide that will help you through making your own theme for PlayStation 3.

PlayStation 3 Custom Theme Guide

Step 1| How to Edit PlayStation 3 Theme Images

Note: If you just want to change Background image, then you do not need this guide, you just have to place desired image in “Pictures” folder and set it is as your Background.

You can customize images like your background, icons, pointers and even the notification Box using any image editor that you feel home at.
But, you need to edit the images with these specific rules in mind.

Background Images

24 Background images can be included in a theme, each background image must be scaled as SD and HD sizes.

  • SD image size 640 x 480 JPEG
  • HD image size 1920 x 1080  JPEG

Maximum image size can only be 2MB.
While selecting your images as background, you must keep in mind that your icons would be readable.

Icons placed on the XMB bar of your PS3 can be modified.
Icons must be 128 x 128, 32-bit PNG with a transparent background and alpha channel enabled.

Some icons have special size, Size of default icon of photo file and photo folder is 170 x 128 and that of video file and video folder is 228 x 128.

Rename your icon image files as given in sample.xml like

<icon id="icon_user" src="icon_user.png" />
<icon id="icon_setting" src="icon_setting.png" />
<icon id="icon_photo" src="icon_photo.png" />
<icon id="icon_music" src="icon_music.png" />

Notification Box
Your notification box can be modified to make it compatible with you theme, image size for the notification box is 64 x 64 and should be 32-bit PNG with alpha channel enabled.

The color of the default background and fonts used in the theme should be set in the XML file. Guideline Specification manual for editing XML file is given in the Custom Theme Kit.

<font selection=”2″ />
<color selection=”4″ />

Step 2| How to Edit PlayStation 3 Theme XML File

Editing XML file is not a very easy task, you have to code in HTML which is not everyone’s expertise. But there is a Sample.xml given in the Custom Theme Kit with a specifications manual.
Now you just have to rename simple.xml to any name you desire for your theme, and edit values/filenames.

Note: Read carefully the “readme_e” file to get directions on how to complete the XML file.

Like I edited the Infotable as:

<info name="MyTheme icon="icon.png" url="" author="SegmentNext" authoricon="authoricon.png" genre="games" version="version 1.0" comment="this is a sample theme." preview="preview.png" />
<localizedinfo locale="en" name="sample(simple)" />


Step 3| How to Set Up Rotating Background images

You can set up rotating background images for your desktop which can change on every start up or on the specific date and time of your choice. For this task you have to edit Sample.xml.

You have to edit this portion of the Sample.xml; theme timings can be in “day” or “datetime”.

<bgimagetable showtype="day">

1. YYYY/MM/DD Format

<bgimage hd="a_HD.jpg" sd="b_SD.jpg" from="20090101" until="20090131" />

2. MM/DD Format

<bgimage hd="b_HD.jpg" sd="b_SD.jpg" from="0101" until="0131" />

<bgimage hd="c_HD.jpg" sd="c_SD.jpg" from="20090104" until="20090105"/>


<bgimagetable showtype="datetime">
HH Format
<bgimage hd="a_HD.jpg" sd="a_SD.jpg"  from="00" until="05" />

In a similar way you can add up to 24 images.

Step 4|How to Compiling your PlayStation 3 Theme

If you have completed your XML file then compiling your theme is very easy, just drag your xml file onto the p3tcompiler.exe icon and your theme will be compiled automatically creating a .p3t file.

Step 5| How to Use your theme on your PlayStation 3

Create folder like “/PS3/THEME” on your USB flash drive and copy .p3t file in that folder.

Plug in your flash drive in your PS3 and goto “Settings > Theme Settings > Theme” and install the theme. Now verify your theme in the list of available themes.

Brief Steps to your very own PlayStation 3 Theme.

  1. Edit Images.
  2. Edit XML File.
  3. Add Rotation to Background Images If You Like.
  4. Compile Your Theme.
  5. Install and Apply The Theme.


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