Tom Clancy H.A.W.X 2 Cheats Achievements and Secrets

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Tom Clancy H.A.W.X was one of the best flight combat simulator of its time,although there was lack of engaging story and overall balancing issues.
Still there is always room for improvement, and for Ubisoft, extending Tom Clancy franchise from ground based combat to air combat simulation was a new experience.
So, we can safely say the sequel to the game would certainly be improved overall product . Tom Clancy Hawx 2 is expected to hit the stores this fall, infact the developers have already released the achievement list of the game.

Tom Clancy HAWX 2 Cheats Achievements and Secrets

Crash test (5)
Complete the first story mission on any difficulty.

Eye in the sky 15
Complete “The Prisoner” on any difficulty.

Ground support (15)
Complete “The Rescue” on any difficulty.

Nightvision (15)
Complete “Thieves in the Night” on any difficulty.

Red is not dead (40)
Complete “Stand-Off” on expert difficulty

Till the end (50)
Complete all story missions on any difficulty.

Team play (30)
Complete any story mission in coop.

No restrictions (40)
In story mode, fly for 60 minutes in Assistance OFF.

Peripheral vision (40)
Fly faster than mach 2 for 60 minutes in story mode.

Confident (30)
Perform a carrier landing without using the Assisted Approach.

Going tough (50)
Inflict 4000 damage on enemy players in a single Team Battle game.

Spoils of war (15)
Win a Team Battle game.

Can I keep it? (15)
Fully master a plane.

Hard work pays off  (50)
Fully master 15 planes.

The way I like it (15)
Create a custom weapon pack.

Swiss cheese  (40)
Shoot down a player while using a plane equipped with 4 gun pods.

Rushed (15)
Score 3 kills in 15 seconds in Survival mode.

Still alive    50
Complete any of the Survival mode maps.

Resilient    30
Complete 5 waves in Survival mode without being shot down.

I, Support (30)
Use 3 different team support abilities.

Engineer (30)
Repair 90 hp by using repair drones.

Copycat (50)
Kill 100 opponents that use the same plane as you in Team Battle games.

Veteran (50)
Participate in 100 Team Battle games.

Nimble  (30)
Dodge a total of 100 missiles without using flares in Team Battle games.

Nice skill, captain!  (30)
Using a Mig-23, shoot down a player flying an F-22.

Overpowered (30)
Score 5 player kills in a Team Battle game without being shot down.

Coup de grace  (30)
Using only the gun, bring down 10 players that have been damaged by your team members.

Bad luck (30)
Reach level 13.

Maxed (50)
Reach level 50.

Getting there (20)
Purchase 5 different upgrades for all your planes.

Still counting (30)
Purchase 5 different team support elements for your planes.

Who needs them? (30)
Win 10 Team Battle matches while your team is outnumbered.

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