Need For Speed World Online Errors, Crashes, Joypad Fix, and Fixes

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Need For Speed World Online is first ever MMORG of its kind released by EA. It is PC exclusive and is being admired by many. Now since its a massively multiplayer game which has been launched recently, there have been some errors and bugs in the game that need to be addressed.
The game is in its initial stages, and as expected most of the reported problems are not solved yet. Developers hopefully will soon release a patch to fix all the issues currently being faced.Meanwhile, you can go through the following guide for the solution of your problem.

Need For Speed World Online Errors Bugs Crashes and Freezes

Joypad Problems
You should have a joypad included in EA’s supported list. Most of the supported Joypads seem to work normal but if you have been facing problems with mapping keys on  Logitech “Dual shock Joypad” then you can simply use Logitech Profiler application to map your keys.

How to make unsupported Joypad work?
If your Joypad is not in the supported list then you can try this tutorial to make it work. Theoretically, it should work for any Joypad, but its not 100 percent method for unrecognized Joypads.

Step 1
Open your “regedit” using “run” in the start menu. Now follow the path to reach the file named “OEMname”.

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You will see your joystick name written under “data”.

Step 2
Now you need to change the default registry key (name of the joypad) to anyone from the supported list e.g  “Logitech MOMO Racing USB”.
Launch the game to test your pad and it should work now.

Loading Freezes
This can happen sometimes. All you need to do is be patient, as the game will ultimately load up even after the wait of 3-5 minutes. Since it does not happen repeatedly, no fix has been proposed which I think is not required for the minor problem. This problem can also be due to network connection problem.

No Shadows
If your video card is unable to show the shadows then you must update your drivers to latest and make sure you are running the latest version of the DirectX. If this does not solve the problem then I will suggest that you contact their support to solve your problem.

Crash Problems
Many players have confronted different form of crashes either during the gameplay or before even the game starts. You can use the following solutions.

1# If you are unable to start the game via launcher then try launching “As Administrator”

2# You can use this file to solve your problem.

3# You can also try this Font fixer.

4# As the final resort, you can contact their support and tell them your problem.

Game Crash while in a chase
Your game may crash when you reach the stadium (meeting point) after the chase is over. This may be absurd but, if you start chase with heat level 5, the game does not crash. Game may crash on other pursuit breakers too. No solution for this problem has been devised yet.

This is one of the major problems faced by many gamers. You can solve this problem by making sure that your network connection (through which you are using your internet) is at the top of network connection list in “network connection” options. Uninstalling any installed VPN like Hamachi etc may also help the cause.

Safe House Crash
This actually is not a permanent problem. If your game crashes after pressing “H” to save the game, try restarting the game and it will be saved normally.

These are some of the major reported problems. EA’s technical staff has been very sluggish and inactive in solving problems while the game seems to have many. I will recommend that you try the game before you actually buy the game. Any other problem or solution should be posted so that others may get help from it.

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14 responses to “Need For Speed World Online Errors, Crashes, Joypad Fix, and Fixes”

  1. miki says:

    my pc restart when i play nfs world,and i do not thik that is problem in pc because i other games like a crysis 3 working normally

  2. mrbonki says:

    im playing like 10 min and then it starts blinking and then it stops working :( help plzz

  3. omo says:

    pls help me!! when i log into game,start, and game starts loading, it suddenly kicks me!! i can not play the game fix it

  4. omo says:

    pls help me!! I log into game,click start,lunches the game and when it starts loading i am getting kicked from the game!!! It happens permanently and pls help help helppp!!!!

  5. James says:

    The loading freezes crash just freeze sometimes and I have to close it via Task Manager and start game again.

    I really think you need to sort this problem out!

  6. The one says:

    why create a game if we cant play it, this is just bull8&*^$….

  7. Berroock says:

    hey when i try to open the game to play it it says there has been an error connecting to the server. please check your network connection and try again. how do i fix that so i can play the game

  8. eXzisTa says:

    Same here. When I hit the launch button, my monitor blacks-out and then i need to reboot my pc, so as I could continue using it…

  9. christian says:

    I got the same problem as you guys.
    I hit launch and then nothing happens and then my internet connection is gone. Then i reboot my pc and the same happens again and again :S

  10. pascal says:

    got the same problem man did you be able to fix it ?
    if so could u help me ? greetz pascal

  11. Vinchino says:

    This didn’t really help me. My problem is that when I hit the launch button, the game just crashes on the spot. I haven’t been able to play the game once.

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