Sniper Ghost Warrior Errorrs,Black Screen,Crashes, Freezes and Fixes

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Sniper Ghost Warrior, another game plagued by problems of its own, demo looked fine, with only one issue to worry about. But it seems like the full game release has come with many problems of its own and we believe a patch to fix these issues is already in the works. Anyway, till the developers release the official patch to fix all these issues, you can check this guide for possible fixes to your specific problems.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Errors, Crashes, Freezes, Black Screen Fix, Keyboard Unresponsiveness, Multiplayer Connection Errors

1# Sniper Ghost Warrior Black Screen Fix
Sniper Ghost Warrior doesn’t support multiple monitors. So if you have more then one monitor, the game will often give a blackscreen on launch.
In order to resolve this issue, create a shorcut to the game executable and in the compatibility toggle “Disable Desktop Composition”.
Another workaround is, disable your second monitor, run the game, close the game, enable the second monitor, run the game again and it should run without any problems with both monitors enabled.

2# Sniper Ghost Warrior The Game Doesn’t Launch (Win7)
Run the game in compatibility mode of Windows XP Service Pack 2. Right click on the game executable, go to properties, select compatibility tab, and choose Windows XP Service Pack 2 from the drop down menu.

3# Game Crashes to Desktop From Time to Time
If you are facing frequent game crashes, either you have corrupted install or some application is conflicting with the game.

4# Sniper Ghost Warrior Invalid Serial Key Error
Launch the game by clicking on the “Play Game” button in your library in steam client. Once you have played the game from inside steam client, your desktop shortcut will work as well.

5# Unresponsive Keyboard
When you launch the game, keyboard doesn’t respond, only mouse works, even the “Press Any Key” page responds to right click on the mouse. This issue still needs to be addressed by developers, so expect some sort of fix or patch soon.

6# Multiplayer “Joining Server” Crash to Desktop
When someone tries to connect to the multiplayer, the game crashes to desktop whenini “Jong Server” message appears. Try reinstalling the game as few corrupted files may be the reason for this.

7# RMB is Sticky
Sniper Ghost Warrior doesn’t allow you to remap right mouse button to anything else other then the default zoom. If you were looking for some sort of a fix, you will have to wait as developers have this to say.

In next patch we’ll fix this – we’re sorry for this situation.

8# Connection to Server Timed Out
Double check if your P2P traffic is not restricted or blocked by your ISP, if that’s the case then you are unlucky.

9# Keyboard @ Key Doesn’t Work
The game doesn’t respond to @ key, due to which some of you may be enable to create the multiple profile hence, unable to play multiplayer. Here are few possible workarounds, which may work for you but its a hit and trial.
The developers are onto this situation anyway and may release a patch sooner then expected.  Try to map @ key to any mouse button using its key emulator software. If that doesn’t work, press “NumLock”, hold “ALT”, first press 6 and then 4 “ALT+64” and see if that works.

10# Game Start > Out of Range on Monitor
When you start the game, you can hear the game sounds, but get out of range on monitor. Now if you have downloaded the game from Steam, you can try these command line options to force start the game in native resolution and refresh rate.
-w <width> – Forces the engine to start with resolution set to <width>. Example: -w 1024
-h <height> – Forces the engine to start with resolution set to <height>. Example: -h 768
-refresh <rate> – Force a specific refresh rate. Example: -refresh 60.

Alternatively you can edit game configuration file to achieve the same.

11# Game is Currently Unavailable Error
Right click on the game inside steam, go to properties>local files> verify the integrity of the game cache. If that doesn’t work go to Steam folder, and find “ClientRegistry.blob”, rename it to “OldClientRegistry.blob”.
Once you have done that it should update your steam, it will ask you to login back into your account, once steam has updated, try running the game again.

If you are facing difficulties in resolving any problem running the game, write it in comments.If you know any other fix that will help resolve these issues more conveniently, please share.

86 responses to “Sniper Ghost Warrior Errorrs,Black Screen,Crashes, Freezes and Fixes”

  1. help says:

    I installed through steam and when I launched the game it only appeared on the top part of my screen less than an inch from the top. from what I can see it looks like the start up menu with a sniper in a gillie suit but when i click on the games box in the lower left coner to enter full screen nothing but blurry yellow and grey lines show up? anyone?

  2. asif says:

    when i am loading the game the game crashes to desktop…

  3. Logical13 says:

    After messing with this issue myself, for 2 hours, i found a fix 😀

    When it starts up, goes black and throws you back to windows, click
    its icon in the bottom of the screen, and as soon as it starts up,
    click left and right mouse button! Have fun :)

  4. MrClint says:

    Black Screen: I’m using Windows 8..Could that be a problem?

  5. Reis says:

    About blank screen:

    Im using windows 7
    Close the game. Go to my documents\Sniper – Ghost Warrior\out\Settings.
    There are 2 files here one called: AUDIO and VIDEO…and they are tagged as ‘Screen Saver’ and you cannot open them by clicking on them.
    So…open word/wordpad something that can open txt, and find this file…(remember to open all types of document), and open the VIDEO file.
    You will get a word document that looks like this (dont get scared by all this gobely goop, its not that difficult

    !Monitor(i) // -1 primary monitor
    !FSAA(i) // Full Screen AntiAliasing, 0 – none, higher is better
    !TextureQuality(s) // VeryLow, Low, High
    !Filtering(s) // Bilinear, Trilinear, Anisotropic, AnisotropicTrilinear
    !Shadows(s) // Low, High
    !VSync() // enable vertical sync
    !MaterialQuality(i) // lower is better
    !WaterQuality(i) // lower is better
    !GrassQuality(i) // lower is better
    !FXQuality(i) // higher is better
    !FXFadeLevel(i) // 0-4 (lower is better)
    !EnvQuality(s) // FullDynamic, RareDynamic, Static
    !ShaderPath(i) // 0 – 1.1, 1 – 1.4, 2 – 2.0, 3 – 3.0, 4 – x360, 5 – 4.0, 6 – ps3
    !PostProcess(s) // Simple, Normal
    !DisplayDeviceType(i,f,f,f,f) //device type (LCD TV etc.): 0 – default
    !Curves(s) // curves texure

    DisplayDeviceType(0,0.000000,1.000000,1.000000,1.0 00000)

    Just change the line; Fullscreen() to Fullscreen(“Yes”)
    Obs: do not change the line !Fullscreen(), ok? Just the line Fullscreen(). Did you see the diference (!)?
    Then save the file…
    It solves almost every blank screen problems in Sniper Ghost Warrior.

  6. Despised Gamer says:

    Quoting :

    “2# Sniper Ghost Warrior The Game Doesn’t Launch (Win7)
    Run the game in compatibility mode of Windows XP Service Pack 2. Right click on the game executable, go to properties, select compatibility tab, and choose Windows XP Service Pack 2 from the drop down menu”

    I tried that also and I am Still getting the Black Screen …. Why is this … I tried Running the game in COmpatibility mode and still Black Screen .. Although i can hear the Background Music ad SFX .. But i cant play th game . Reply ASAP ….

  7. Loki says:

    OUT- Videosch.exe : DELETE

  8. abhinow says:

    It, is very crazy thing most of the people having he same Black Screen problem who bought and wanna play this game………. But it seems to be City Interactive also don’t know how to resolve this problem….. That why they didn’t taking care about this issue….. If they really know how to fix it…. They will update in their web site…. ;-P

  9. arcturus291 says:

    check this out for those who have black screen problems..

    go to the main launch folder, then Game/out/Settings

    change the Video.scr file to Video.txt

    clear the file and copy this:

    !Monitor(i) // -1 primary monitor
    !FSAA(i) // Full Screen AntiAliasing, 0 – none, higher is better
    !TextureQuality(s) // VeryLow, Low, High
    !Filtering(s) // Bilinear, Trilinear, Anisotropic, AnisotropicTrilinear
    !Shadows(s) // Low, High
    !VSync() // enable vertical sync
    !MaterialQuality(i) // lower is better
    !WaterQuality(i) // lower is better
    !GrassQuality(i) // lower is better
    !FXQuality(i) // higher is better
    !FXFadeLevel(i) // 0-4 (lower is better)
    !EnvQuality(s) // FullDynamic, RareDynamic, Static
    !ShaderPath(i) // 0 – 1.1, 1 – 1.4, 2 – 2.0, 3 – 3.0, 4 – x360, 5 – 4.0, 6 – ps3
    !PostProcess(s) // Simple, Normal
    !DisplayDeviceType(i,f,f,f,f) //device type (LCD TV etc.): 0 – default
    !Curves(s) // curves texure


    change the Video.txt file back to Video.scr, you are done !

    good luck

  10. cameron says:

    I hav ehte game as well ive tired running advanced launch options in steam on my resolution and i still only have black screen. Im using a dell inspiron n4010 with a 2.6 ghz intel core 2 duo processor (overclocked from 2.0 ghz) with 3gb ram and the processor itself is an intel p6100 series

  11. STALKER says:

    i ran a registry repair tool,set my quality option’s in game low,set my video card(nvidia 9800)to better performance,reset my windows virtual memory min. and max . at the same value 2000mb,deleted 5 of my saved games,started back playing the chapter before lock up ,crash,run time error,etc,before error message,and also set my video card to video rendering by card dont let choose between on board video or card.hope this helps it seemed to work for me.spent 4 hours working on it.good sniping…………STALKER

  12. ninj says:

    when i get into a server all my functions re disabled i can press “t” and type or “enter’ and quit but that is all. i triple checked my controls and the are all the way they are suppose to be

  13. zulqarnain says:

    hey can any one help
    these are my system specs AMD athlon 64 x2 dualcore processor 5400+ with 2gb ram 512mb video card nividia 9300GS with shader model 3.0

    i can play the game but it is running very slow can any one help
    plz plz help me i want to play this game

  14. zulqarnain says:

    hey can any one help
    these are my system specs AMD athlon 64 x2 dualcore processor 5400+ with 2gb ram 512mb video card nividia 9300GS with shader model 3.0

    i can play the game but it is running very slow can any one help
    plz plz help me i want to play this game

  15. Jim says:

    Dear Support:
    OK. I have just spent the last 22 hours of downloading the game updates from the Internet which added another 4G to my data download, which is going to add $40 to my Verizon Broadband connection. When I click on the “Sniper Ghost Warrior” Icon, a small black pop-up screen appears stating “Preparing to launch sniper: Ghost Warrior. . . ” After that nothing happens.
    I opened Windows Explorer and opened the disk “BD-RE Drive (E:) Sniper GW. I clicked on application file “Setup” which brought up the Sniper: Ghost warrior jungle screen with “Play Sniper-Ghost warrior, Reinstall, Uninstall, Technical Support and Exit. When I click on Play Sniper-Ghost Warrior. The same small screen appears for a few seconds with “Preparing to launch sniper: Ghost Warrior. . . ” Again, after that nothing happens.
    Did you people ever Beta test this thing before you put it out? I am just about to create a web site letting people know how difficult it is to load this game and get it running. People need to know they are wasting their valuable time and their money.

    A staff member has replied to your question:

    Hello Jim, If the previous instructions did not succeed in installing the game from the disc then you will need to download the game from our servers in order to play. If you have any further questions, please let us know – we will be happy to assist you.

    I sent this letter Five days ago and have not had a response. How do I get this game to work.
    Yes, I have the boxed version of the game. I had previously downloaded over 40% of the game after 8 hours. I thought this was ridicules since I had paid $27 for the game to be on disk. Now I have to pay an extra cost to for download fees from the broadband service.

    I have Windows7.

    I followed your instructions to:
    Launch Steam. If the game is listed in the “Installed” section, right click on it and click ‘Delete local content’.
    I did this which means that I will lose the data that I had already downloaded.

    In the window Run box enter the following and click OK:
    I type the following command in the Windows run box. c:\program files\steam\steam.exe
    The computer tells me it does not exist. So I find the path at C:\Program Files (x86)\ Steam there is no steam.exe. However, there is a steam application file which brings up the steam screen that I had deleted the program out of.

    It went through the same file download from the DVD as before. The popup screen mentioned it was going to use about 4200Mb of space. OK, there is enough room for that. When that ended it went on line to proceed to download 4200Mb of data over the next 14 hours. THE WHOLE GAME AGAIN. WHICH I HAD ALREADY DOWNLOADED 40% AND 8 HOURS FROM THE PREVIOUS TIME. Now it is going to cost me another $20 in broadband costs.

    I am paying enough for the game up front . . . and it should be there. Then I get on line and see that you are offering a 75% discount for the game.

    Jim Daniels

  16. chobelo says:

    the ghost warrior sniper game I have not been able to play, to start freezes and does not move at all, after I close as I can for unbootable. someone who can help me, please answer me quickly.

  17. stoshdm says:

    my sniper game has a problem, when i start new level at times it goes into a spot where i can only go foward or side to side and i get a small red box with a star in it and weapon picture ans numbers and will not allow me to turn around or move gun up or down.
    tried to reload game but stuck with it at this level.

  18. mil says:


    I´ve a different problem with this game a few days ago it works fine. Yesterday I tried to load the game and then the screen changed into black and the game crashed to desktop

    Can everyone help me??


  19. vijay says:

    sniper ghost warrior sound fix:
    Installed Drive- :\Program Files (x86)\City Interactive\Sniper Ghost Warrior\DirectX
    Click on DXSETUP.EXE

  20. bob says:

    wayyyyyyyyyy too laggy help me fix it

    my computer : HP Pavillion Dv7

  21. Thorvald says:

    Hey. I have a problem, when i start the game it works fine, but when i enter story and starts the first mission, then i stand at the camp, i can hear them talking, but my screen is all messed up and i cant se a thing. plzz help me 😀

  22. medu says:

    plz.any one know and solve this problem tell me

  23. thorne33 says:

    well i tryed everything still have the black screen thing got sound and i get the spash screen system is a asus and it works well with all pc games to date please email with a fix

  24. joe says:

    my ghost warrior is running really slow the game loads great n that but when i go to play and load the mission it goes extremly slow how can i get it to run normal speed or is my pc just not good enough

    • Deejay Zero says:

      Hi, i have this problem too, my ghost warrior works very slow.
      the game loads very fine but when i play its very slow…(in the game when i walk normaly its “slow” but when i look up in the sky the “slow” disappear…..) what is my problem and what can i do to resolv it!???!!!??? please help me!!!!!!

  25. Monkey says:

    The game is fine. Make sure after you download the game that all the latest updates are in place. If your running Steam, quit steam FULLY (Close it from the task bar, bottom right) then re-open steam and it should auto start downloading the updates. It was about 500Mb download for me, so you can go cook me some food while you wait 😀 nom nom

  26. random says:

    try going 2 steam and right clicking on the game and go 2 proporties. then go to view integranty of game cache. then defragment and do integrity of game cache

  27. Rafael says:

    I tried disabling second monitor, I tried upgrade of graphic drivers, I tried changing screen resolution, and changing language. Nothing seems to work. Everything goes fine installing software, but when it’s time to play the game, you can hear the sound but no picture. I an really disappointment in this game. One should not have to go through so much painsaking ordeals just to download a game. Is there a fix?

  28. Tyler Good says:

    Hi, im having a problem with this game: I have windows Vista and i installed the game fine and made an account on steam or whatever and was checking out the trailer videos. Then i wanted to play the game so i went back to my library and clicked play now but it brought up a red “X” saying “Fatal Error” cannot initialize renderer. Please Help.

    Thank You.

  29. omar says:

    heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey i got the resolve finalyyyy hahahhahaha now see this steps : D
    1. make tha compilacty at sp3 windows xp
    2. delete file name out on the sitting folder in game deireaction
    3. make your resoulotion on pc at 1024 – 768
    4. haaave fuuuuun hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    5. final i made it hehehehehhehehehhehe

  30. Carmen says:

    I got this game for my son for X-mas; we have tried the solutions above, to no avail. He hasn’t been able to play it. We can hear him getting shot at, but the screen stays black. Has ANY one come up with a solution for this yet?
    acording to the info under the “play” button he has played the game fot 47 min. but hasn’t seen a thing!! Help?!

  31. Killstreet says:

    I do have a problem, single player is working fine. No sounds missing, or black screens. But the multiplayer isnt working. If I join a server I get * Connection to host timed out* I’ve tryed pretty much everything I could do. Now I try to reïnstall the game. I will try to look for any other solutions for you guys :).

  32. Tony says:


    Tell me the bloody answer to the problem someone…I cant stand hearing that everyone has the same problem as me – I dont care just tell me how to fix it step by step…telling me to run the game in the same resolution as my desktop makes no sense…tell me step by step!



  33. Indigo75 says:

    The game does not start in Windows XP SP2 or SP3 (upgraded). Nothing appears on screen not even a black screen. Sniper_x86.exe can be found as an idle process in the background. Checked for multiple monitors and native resolution issues with no luck. Installed twice. – XP SP3, AMD X2 3GHZ, 4GB RAM, 9800GT.

  34. nahrafqifahs says:

    Make sure you have enough RAM!… also have latest DirectsX.

  35. nahrafqifahs says:

    Most of the problem, it’s cause by old graphics card driver. Try to update your graphic card driver first. It’s seems all crash cause by this problem.

  36. carlos says:

    I click to start playing the game and appears a message saying: STEAM – ERROR: FAILED TO CONTACT KEY SERVER

  37. Saeed says:

    Hi Guys
    I have same problem also, black screen with sound,i tried all solution proposed in many forums but all of them don’t work,
    if you find any efficient solution, please share it.


  38. aussie mike says:

    in “left alone” game crashes with a visual c++ runtime error at the exact same spot every reboot.

  39. Neveryield says:

    Black Screen, Win7 32bit, HP ProBook 4520s, New machine(less than half year).

  40. andrew howard says:

    Need help with this problem, I’ve installed the game fine, even reinstalled twice, but whenever I run the game, and go into single player, new game, and medium difficulty, the first level shows up….with an attack of polygons and random light flashes.
    Help =.=
    Windows 7 Acer here.

  41. Dave Navaro says:

    LOL the Game runs fine for Oh cause i gots teh Pirate version from a Friend its teh CRAP the Linear thing with the Oil Rig mission was annoying, The sniping etc thats fine but this close quarters stuff needs work maybe a Patch or something LOL not really Pirate guys get a Crack that removes the stupid security Junk MP is nowhere Single player with the 1.2 patch is ok the Maybe a Patch for the AI detection of Dead Soldiers etc aswell its to crap the AI is like something from Doom its the Retard with a stick thinking he is JEDi

  42. Billy Bob says:

    Me too! Game is for chit so far. Keeps wanting to “upload” files. Says game will start in approx 4hrs 35 mins. WTF?

  43. david newark says:

    i need help people i cant even get the game too load on to my computer . every time i put the disk in it keep loading steam . ive made an account with steam and i still cant get the game to install on my computer

  44. kumar says:

    below is my system configuration. tell me can i play this game or i have to upgrade my system.

    OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate
    Version 6.1.7600 Build 7600
    Other OS Description Not Available
    OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation

    System Model DH55TC__
    System Type X86-based PC
    Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU 530 @ 2.93GHz, 2926 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)

    Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = “6.1.7600.16385”

    Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 2.00 GB
    Total Physical Memory 1.86 GB
    Available Physical Memory 829 MB
    Total Virtual Memory 3.73 GB
    Available Virtual Memory 2.13 GB
    Page File Space 1.86 GB

  45. kumar says:

    I am also having this problem. when i start the game . I heard the sound but there is a black screen. my processor intel i3 2.93 Ghz. ram 2 gb. can any buddy tell me what to do.

  46. dahellboy says:

    man!!!!!! everyone the same problem…….i hve got too……black screen with sound……i hve win 7 64 bit….

  47. SkiSa says:

    I got the same prob.. hear sound, but black screen… this so bs.. i tried new drivers, and i doesnt work.. i got the ATI HD 4730 and ya.. but im so pissed off now cause the same game works on this other guys pc, but i think he has windows 7. I got XP.. sp 2.. I realy wana play this game so plz some 1 help :`C

  48. rafael says:

    Hi im having also the same problem.. got sounds but black screen , I tried to use the compability but still it doesnt work.. need help..


  49. gishan says:

    hi friends, my computer is a hp 6530s laptop..screen res. is 1280*800
    there are not multiple monitors..but i have the problem of black screen…any solutions…?

  50. MrCyclone says:

    this is lame, the Demo rules ass, but i want to do more as multiplayer n stuff like that. i Torrented it and got the crack on it. no video only audio. as i have been trying to fix this for like 4 hours and still no effect. im getting really pissed off really hoping on a reply here guys

  51. Curiouz says:

    I got huge problem,i was playing and everything was pretty good,but accidentally nobody is killing me,they just stay the way they are and thats all =( no one shooting me,no one killing me…how come?!why?! and it wasnt 1 or 2 level,i played pretty much.what should i do now?!

    Please help

    • Restarting the game should have worked or the problem still remains. Same happened with me once in Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer, but restarting the game made it revert back to default settings. Or Restore default settings just a try.

  52. Oscar says:

    everytime i run the mission *on Your Own* then after i plant the c4 and destroy the air thingies i get an *runtime error* on my screen and the game freezes and crashes shortly afterwards plz help..

  53. Joel says:

    Yeah I’m also having a problem with the black screen with sound upon game startup. I used to have it working perfectly but for some reason it’s not working anymore … Perhaps I had updated graphics drivers or other system drivers… Either way I know my system is fully up to date with drivers and my graphics card is more than enough to handle the game. So if the solution is to downgrade your drivers that might work BUT that’s just ridiculous. The shortcut tricks mentioned here do not work. I’ve come to the conclusion that since this seems to be a large problem for a lot of us that this is just a really flop game. When you buy a game and your not able to run it due to fail programming and unable to return the game as it’s opened it’s not a very pleasant experience.

    So moral of this story for those wanting to try this game …. TORRENT IT if it works then go ahead and buy it .. otherwise if it doesn’t work you’re not out the cash.

  54. Bernie says:

    I have the video, video is great …. but no sound. I have a silent assassin. Would be handy in the real world but not in a game. Any help would be great.

  55. Ryan says:

    Hey im have the same issue as everyone else black screen can hear sound lol seems to be a very common problem last time i buy a game from them.. anyone find a fix for this yet i have tryed many things but nothing seems to work and my computer has run games with good graphics before.

  56. Justin French says:

    Im having the same issue with the start up of the game…i hear sound but no video…its a black screen and i really wanna play this on my laptop pls help asap thx


  57. SAm says:

    If i want to play it, there comes a loading window and after it it stops, there isn’t even a window for the game. plz help

    • jerry says:

      I have the same problem , game startts to load and loading
      3 hours and when I’m tired I stop computer and go to sleep.
      After many hours of loading there is nothing on computer even
      if I got a cd with game ,only some steam and thats it. I completly deleted that game and I do not want to see it again.


  58. eljaber says:

    me too please help

  59. ManitoN says:

    hi I’m having a trouble with this game. when I fire with weapon, game freezes for 3 seconds and menus are invisible, when I move the cursor on the texts, they become visible. help please

  60. richard davey says:

    hi i am having the same proplem running windows 7 64bit game loads up hear audio but screen black even purchased a graphics card as only had a on board chipset thinking this was my proplem. tried all the items above and none worked seems its a 64bit problem even installed the game in administrator user still wont work any help much appreciated

  61. Collin says:

    Im having an issue where when i boot up the game i can hear everything and the screen is completely black. It’s not the issue listed about black screen ive tried it and have been successful with the method but the game will still not work. I know this because i can still run the shift+tab in game and when i shift tab out it leaves glitchy traces of the main frame. If you have any idea what this is about please help

  62. tam006 says:

    ผมใช่ win 7 ลงเสร็จ เข้าโปรแกรมมีเสียง แต่จอสีดำ บอกวิธีแก้หน่อยคัป

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