Sniper Ghost Warrior Errorrs,Black Screen,Crashes, Freezes and Fixes

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Sniper Ghost Warrior, another game plagued by problems of its own, demo looked fine, with only one issue to worry about. But it seems like the full game release has come with many problems of its own and we believe a patch to fix these issues is already in the works. Anyway, till the developers release the official patch to fix all these issues, you can check this guide for possible fixes to your specific problems.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Errors, Crashes, Freezes, Black Screen Fix, Keyboard Unresponsiveness, Multiplayer Connection Errors

1# Sniper Ghost Warrior Black Screen Fix
Sniper Ghost Warrior doesn’t support multiple monitors. So if you have more then one monitor, the game will often give a blackscreen on launch.
In order to resolve this issue, create a shorcut to the game executable and in the compatibility toggle “Disable Desktop Composition”.
Another workaround is, disable your second monitor, run the game, close the game, enable the second monitor, run the game again and it should run without any problems with both monitors enabled.

2# Sniper Ghost Warrior The Game Doesn’t Launch (Win7)
Run the game in compatibility mode of Windows XP Service Pack 2. Right click on the game executable, go to properties, select compatibility tab, and choose Windows XP Service Pack 2 from the drop down menu.

3# Game Crashes to Desktop From Time to Time
If you are facing frequent game crashes, either you have corrupted install or some application is conflicting with the game.

4# Sniper Ghost Warrior Invalid Serial Key Error
Launch the game by clicking on the “Play Game” button in your library in steam client. Once you have played the game from inside steam client, your desktop shortcut will work as well.

5# Unresponsive Keyboard
When you launch the game, keyboard doesn’t respond, only mouse works, even the “Press Any Key” page responds to right click on the mouse. This issue still needs to be addressed by developers, so expect some sort of fix or patch soon.

6# Multiplayer “Joining Server” Crash to Desktop
When someone tries to connect to the multiplayer, the game crashes to desktop whenini “Jong Server” message appears. Try reinstalling the game as few corrupted files may be the reason for this.

7# RMB is Sticky
Sniper Ghost Warrior doesn’t allow you to remap right mouse button to anything else other then the default zoom. If you were looking for some sort of a fix, you will have to wait as developers have this to say.

In next patch we’ll fix this – we’re sorry for this situation.

8# Connection to Server Timed Out
Double check if your P2P traffic is not restricted or blocked by your ISP, if that’s the case then you are unlucky.

9# Keyboard @ Key Doesn’t Work
The game doesn’t respond to @ key, due to which some of you may be enable to create the multiple profile hence, unable to play multiplayer. Here are few possible workarounds, which may work for you but its a hit and trial.
The developers are onto this situation anyway and may release a patch sooner then expected.  Try to map @ key to any mouse button using its key emulator software. If that doesn’t work, press “NumLock”, hold “ALT”, first press 6 and then 4 “ALT+64” and see if that works.

10# Game Start > Out of Range on Monitor
When you start the game, you can hear the game sounds, but get out of range on monitor. Now if you have downloaded the game from Steam, you can try these command line options to force start the game in native resolution and refresh rate.
-w <width> – Forces the engine to start with resolution set to <width>. Example: -w 1024
-h <height> – Forces the engine to start with resolution set to <height>. Example: -h 768
-refresh <rate> – Force a specific refresh rate. Example: -refresh 60.

Alternatively you can edit game configuration file to achieve the same.

11# Game is Currently Unavailable Error
Right click on the game inside steam, go to properties>local files> verify the integrity of the game cache. If that doesn’t work go to Steam folder, and find “ClientRegistry.blob”, rename it to “OldClientRegistry.blob”.
Once you have done that it should update your steam, it will ask you to login back into your account, once steam has updated, try running the game again.

If you are facing difficulties in resolving any problem running the game, write it in comments.If you know any other fix that will help resolve these issues more conveniently, please share.

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