How to Play Medieval II Total War On Hamachi

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Medieval is an epic turn-based strategy game released in 2008.Although it’s an old game but still many gamers out there like to play it’s mulitplayer with great zeal. Now if you were wondering that how this game can be played using hamachi then you can follow this simple and short method for playing this game on hamachi.

Step 1
Go to your Medievil 2 installation directory. In my case it was “D:\Program Files\SEGA\Medieval II Total War”

Step 2
Now locate the notepad file named  “medieval2.preference.cfg” in the directory and open it.

Step 3
Now locate the term “network” in the text file.You can used the word finder by pressing Ctrl+F key.

Step 4
Now where it says “use_ip” put your Hamachi IP in the given place.Close the file and save the changes you did.

Step 5
Create/join a network on Hamachi, you and your friend should be in the same network, needless to say really but still.

Step 6
Now all you need to do is host the game from LAN options inside the game.Your friends will be able to join you in the lobby without any problem.

If you face any issue while playing Medieval II:Total War,  you are welcome to ask in comments, we will be glad to help you out.

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  • Pendulum

    the problem occures when i host a game. The other player can see my name in the lobby, and i can see his. But he doesn’t notice the game server.

  • Ozguros

    I do not have network i just have video and game like andrea need help here :/

  • Andrea

    I do not have [network] mentioned in step 3.. i just have [video] and [game].. can you help me?

  • Nomman

    Old guide, but hopefully you’re still around!

    I have followed step 1-4, entering my hamachi IP in the config file. But when I hit the Lan Battles button I receive the following message: “Could not connect to LAN”.

    Any ideas what might be wrong? It works perfectly on my other computer.

    Software wirewall is disabled. Using Windows Vista on this computer. Win7 on the other..