How to Play Age of Empires III on Hamachi

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If you have been wondering that why you can’t play Age Of Empires 3 over Hamachi by following the traditional method then you must know that due to some built in network IP conflict in the game,it can’t be played on any virtual network adapter (IP) unless edited. Confused? Well don’t be as I am going to show you the method for playing AOE 3 successfully using Hamachi.

You should have the patch version 1.04 on your game to establish a successful connection without any disconnects and the Hamachi version of series 1.x not 2.x.It does not always work on the latter version of Hamachi.

Step 1|Hamachi Must be at top in Priority List
You should make sure that Hamachi network adapter is at the top of priority list in network connections.You can do this by going to Network Connection>Advanced>Advanced settings.Move the Hamachi adapter to the top if it is not.

Step 2|Edit the User.cfg
Now go to My Documents>My Games>Age Of Empires 3>Startup and look for the file named User.cfg.If it’s not there then create one using any text editor like Notpad etc.Now add the following command in this text file:


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Here 5.x.x.x is your Hamachi IP displayed at the front Hamachi interface.Now close the file and save it on it’s current location.

Step3|Setting Up a LAN Game
If you have followed the procedure correctly then you should be able to play AOE 3 over Hamachi with your friends.You will be able to see your friends in lobby and enjoy the game :).

If somehow you can’t find your friends in the lobby the you should check the following things:

1. Make sure that the IP displayed in the lobby before connection is your Hamachi IP you have added. If it’s not then you must have done something wrong in putting the IP address or the complete command line.
2. When you create a new cfg file then make sure that you have named it as “user.cfg” and not as “user.txt.cfg.”

Still cannot connect? Notify us and we will try to solve your problem.

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  • Ds Salcido

    Hello, I’ve got a problem: We’ve followed the instructions and when i host the server I get the hamachi IP, that’s good. But when my firend tries to connect using the IP its says that the game failed to enter de game
    If you can please help me as soon as possible.
    Thank you

  • LittleSmoke

    Hello, i have a problem with hamachi, my ip’s begins with 25.x.x.x, how can i change my ip to 5.x.x.x?

  • Dragossteaua

    Buna, am o problema la care ma incurc de cateva saptamani, IP-ul meu de la hamachi incepe mereu cu 25.x.x.x, cum as putea sa il schimb sa fie 5.x.x.x?

    • Dragos

      sa sti ca nu trebuie sa il schimbi… pui ip-ul exact de la hamachi… ”noob”

  • Angelo

    Hey dude i’ve also have 1 problem with my IP of hamachi i changed both user.cfg in both maps of age of empires 3 but still it aint working because my ip says something else like my hamachi ip. It does work on my friend his computer? and i even made hamachi my top priority of networks

    Please help me out quicke

  • dan

    a friend and i followed all the steps correctly but it is showing both our ip adresses as, any hints?

    • Gioacchino Agosta

      press the “on”

  • abhijit

    i have same problem as kurahiro,I’ve done exactly what it is here, I’ve done the priority list; I can see my friend’s game but I can never connect it, it says “Failed to Join Game.”
    what should i do.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      What operating system are you one ?

      • PuffPuff

        Where can I find the priority list on Apple Macbook 10.5.8 ?

  • Kurahiro

    I’ve done exactly what it is here, I’ve done the priority list; I can see my friend’s game but I can never connect it, it says “Failed to Join Game.”

  • daveblack

    hello, i’ve done everything what you said. I have Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

    the IP is correct in my and my friend AoE but when I or He Host a game we doesn’t see any game.

    how it is possible? can you help me?

    • rattlesnake

      Check priority list.
      And which OS your friend is using?

  • Maxim

    I have done everything what you said. I run windows Vista check everything a 100 times. But it keeps saying the old IP above when I try to run a server. Plaese help me!!!

  • Tarmo

    Hello, my friend and I have made everything what you have written here, still he cant see he’s ip when he hosts and he cant connect mine either.
    Would appreciate if you could help us out.

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