How to Play GTA San Andreas Multiplayer Online

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GTA franchise is liked by gamers around the globe due to it’s awesome gameplay and freedom it allows players in game. GTA San Andreas being the best in the series has no doubt attained legendary status in the category of MMO RPGs.

Although we can say GTA 4 was by far the best but still San Andreas has the massive following thanks to its multiplayer ability.
Which is enabled using an emulator.If you want to play this game online then follow the this tutorial and you will be playing GTA San Andreas online with your friends in no time.

How to Play GTA San Andreas Multiplayer Online

Step 1
Download the game if you don’t have it already. Mount the image with daemon tools that comes with the download, don’t apply the fix.

Note: Don’t apply any crack.

Step 2
You need to download this fix so to play it online without having the legit copy.Click here to download the GTA San Andreas multiplayer crack and replace this file with the original exe installed in game folder.

Step 3
Download the GTA SA_MP file and place it in your game folder.You can download it from here.

Step 4
Now mount the no DVD Fix you downloaded in the 3rd step with the help of daemon tools.

After you have successfully  mounted the file on daemon tools,you should now be able to play GTA SA Multiplayer. Launch the “GTA SA_MP” file to join the servers, no CD key required. Enjoy the multiplayer of your favorite game without any fuss.

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  • fuet

    Hey, what you mean by mounting the no DVD fix? I can’t mount an .exe file with daemon tools.. please help!!

  • carl norbi


  • Ante Luketić


  • rakin areef


  • syafiq bin ehsan

    i like gta san adres multilplayer

  • helpneeded

    I have a problem, I downloaded al of it,
    but if I join a server it says that SA MP has crashed
    this happens at all of the servers
    plz help me

    • Costosky

      Do you have any mods in tha game? If you have thats the problem… MODS!! its crashes the servers when u enter beacuse it isnt the original files … hope I helped

  • micalle13

    I already download the gta san andreas multiplayer but I will create the account can give me a website please

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