How to Setup Star Wars Galactic Warfare Mod on Call of Duty 4 Server

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The much anticipated Star Wars Galactic Warfare mod for Call of Duty 4 has finally been released by Black Monkeys but its still beta. Players choose between Imperial trooper or a soldier from a Rebel alliance and take part in the fight taking place at Totooine in the streets of Mos Eisley.

Everything in this Call of Duty 4 mod is designed with Star Wars in context, the weapons, the soldiers, the customizations, everything. But as its beta so it only has one map that is Totooine but developers are working on other maps with more weapons and customizations also on the way.

So lets get down to how you can install it on your server and enjoy your remaining holidays.

Setup Star Wars Galactic Warfare Mod on COD:MW Server

Now if you want to setup Galactic Warfare mod on your Call of Duty 4 dedicated server you will need to follow the steps below and you will have Call of Duty 4 Galactic Warfare server online in no time. Meanwhile if you don’t know how to setup Call of Duty 4 server then read our guide to setup call of duty 4 server.

Step 1|Download Galactic Warfare Mod
Download Star Wars Galactic Warfare Mod either from torrent or use direct download link.
Galactic Warfare Mod COD:MW—Torrent
Galactic Warfare Mod COD:MW—Direct Download

Step 2|Install Galactic Warfare Mod
Once you have download the star wars mod for call of duty 4, you will see these files inside.
Mod Folder
Usermaps Folder

Readme file has the description of the mod so nothing big here. Mod folder has the actual galactic warfare mod files (swm_04b) which you will have to put in “Call of Duty 4/mods”.

Usermaps folder has the “Totooine” map that you will have to put in your existing “usermaps” folder if you already had custom maps. If not then create a new folder, name it “usermaps” and put “Totooine” map in it.

Step 3|Configure COD:MW Server For Galactic Warfare Mod
In the mod folder you will see a “config” folder as well, in which you will see “config_swm.cfg” which is the server config file for Galactic Warfare mod so put in the your Call of Duty 4 main directory “Call of Duty 4/main”.

Step 4|Start COD:MW Galactic Warfare Server
Now all you need to start your Call of Duty 4 Galactic Warfare server is change the command line of the server shortcut to this:

+set dedicated 2 +set sv_punkbuster 1 +exec config_swm.cfg +map_rotate +set fs_game mods/swm_04b

Note:Make sure there is a SPACE between “iw3mp.exe” and “+set dedicated 2”. Now start your server using your server shortcut and you are go!!

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  • Azety

    hello ! i just cant find any server.
    help please ? thank you

  • nehuge


    Everyone doesnt have to copy and paste the stuff above into the shortcut. If you get the latest version of the mod, in its folder it has a server program already. I have the steam one too and it works. Its called swm_gw_serv_lan.bat or swm_gw_serv_ded.bat for lan or online, respectively.

    The “fs_game is write protected” thing doesn’t matter. Just remember to tell everyone joining your game to click “filters” then choose “yes” next to “mods” when picking a game to join. Also in your program files x86/steam/steamapps/common/call of duty 4/mods/swm_gw1/configs folder, open the file called “maprotation” with notepad.

    The instructions say how but basically you will remove one set of slashes “//” in front of the game mode you want…I wanted team deathmatch whose gamemode is called ‘war’ so I removed the “//” before the word ‘set’ in the WAR Maprotation section.

    The very bottom one is set by default. If you don’t want the bottom one just ADD the “//” in front of it, and remove the slashes in front of the one you want.

    • billy

      I’m using the Steam version too. This is not working at all. I couldn’t find the server directory you mentioned and when I start up it just gives me the regular maps and won’t start. There’s an error message that pops up and loops. I get the GW startup screen but that’s about it.
      Any suggestions?

  • matthew

    I NEED HELP I’ve done everything it says here for me to do (except I’ve done it on steam) but the mod does not work! when i open the game i switch to multiplayer and then go to mods is it meant to say galactic warfare instead of cod 4 swm gw1??? anyway i click on it and its just the same thing but with a blue background ( like the mod warfare background)

    could the fact i’m using steam be the problem?

  • Nolan

    Not sure if you will ever reply but…

    When ever i try to start the server it says, fs_game is write protected.
    Please Help!

  • Matt

    hey this isnt for the Star Wars mod but i have tryed many mods such as Waffle Mod and Frontlines and the mod loads but when i actually try to PLAY IN THE SERVER THE GAME CLOSES AND A COD4 CONSOLE OPENS COULD SOMEONE PLEASE REPLY AS I NEED THIS MOD WAFFLE MOD TO WORK FOR MY BIRTHDAY IN 2 WEEKS :'(

  • Josh Meinzinger

    Do you play this on a PC or laptop. And if so can u play it on a mac or do u need a windows laptop. Also do u need to connect your xbox to your Pc/ laptop or something. Basically what do I do because I have no idea and I really want to play this game.

  • Jachu

    So. I can run my server, but when im trying to run the mod on my server it doesn’t work, there are normal maps, weapons, and skins.

  • Jachu

    I can’t run the mod on my server, dunno why. ;/

    • Farhan

      elaborate your problem!

  • matthew

    Hey man thanks for the download and info on installing this game, but im very confused and cant find any servers and i think it’s because of “change the command line of the server shortcut” how do i do this? A reply would be much appreciated 😀

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Make a shortcut of the iw3mp.exe to your desktop.
      Now go to the properties of shortcut and add the following code line in the target box after the “iw3mp.exe” text.

      +set dedicated 2 +set sv_punkbuster 1 +exec config_swm.cfg +map_rotate +set fs_game mods/swm_04b

      Also make sure there is a single space between iw3mp.exe and added command,otherwise it will give an error.

      I hope this helps. Farhan will further elaborate it if you face any other issue.

      • billy

        Having trouble with this one. Firstly, I can’t figure out where to put the maps. I created a “usermap” folder but that doesn’t seem to do anything, I tried copying the files directly into the mods folder and that didn’t work…
        I think some of the issue is that it’s a Steam game. The URL is steam://rungameid/7940 I pasted “+set dedicated 2 +set sv_punkbuster 1 +exec config_swm.cfg +map_rotate +set fs_game mods/swm_04b” after that and I ended up getting some crazy error looping. Any advice on this issue? Did anyone else get this working on a Steam game?
        Thanks in advance.

  • Sad Run and Gunner

    Can’t get this to work, i can run the dedicated server but no one else on the network can see the game. Works fine in vanilla install of COD4 but not through the mod. Can anyone help? Be very much appreciated.

    • Hopefull Helper

      Well, they may have to do a direct IP connection.

      1. Open CMD
      2. Type in ‘ipconfig’
      3. Look for ‘Default Gateway’ in either Wireless LAN adapter or Ethernet adapter
      4. Open COD4, go to settings, and make sure that Console is set to yes.
      5. Press the tilde, or ` key, (top left below esc)
      6. Type ‘/connect

      EC: Mine is Static, (yours might be dynamic, so it might change with each reconnection) /connect If I had my server running, I’d be able to join. Oh, and make sure you have a dedicated shortcut, as above.

      Have fun!

      • Hopefull Helper

        Sorry, the “” won’t show. But, it’s /connect (Your Gateway Here)