Serious Sam HD LAN Co Op Hamachi Tunngle Guide – How To

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Serious Sam, one of the most addictive games of the decade or so is back, this time with better graphics and new game engine but no dedicated servers. Yeah!! new graphics, new engine, no dedicated servers. But what’s so new about this game if its only an HD version of its predecessor.

Well graphics look really good and the fact that new engine has made the cooperative gameplay must play experience, is the only reason you would want this game. But then again its something that Sam fanatics would surely want to try their hands on.

Anyway the game developers Croteam have really balanced and fine tuned this version for the vast array of followers. Still didn’t provide one essential feature that is dedicated server support, which they tend to compensate with an amazing co op gameplay setting in Serious Sam HD.

Well all the previous modes for Serious Sam won’t work on Serious Sam HD which is the downside to this.The developers haven’t really  added any gameplay mode other then what was already in the previous title.

That’s all for the micromini review of Serious Sam HD, now lets focus our attentions to how you can enjoy its awesome co operative LAN game mode.

How to Play Non Steam Serious Sam HD Co op LAN

Step 1
Download Serious Sam HD Co op LAN Loader by TeknoGods (Try Google, we have removed the link for obvious reasons).

Step 2
Copy “TeknoGods_SamHD.exe” and “TeknoSam.dll” to your game folder.

How to Host Serious Sam HD Co Op LAN Server

Step 1
Go to TeknoGods Cooperative, and click on start TeknoGods Server.
(In game menu)

Step 2
Choose the settings of your choice and start the game.

How to Join Serious Sam HD Co op LAN Server

Step 1
Go to TeknoGods Cooperative and click join game or quick game.
(In game menu)

Step 2

Join the game your friend hosted and enjoy Serious Sam HD’s addictive cooperative gameplay.

1. This release will only work with executable that doesn’t use Steam.
2. Game may crash when you exit to Windows after hosting a server.
3. You can also use any VPN to connect directly.
4. This release is only a beta quality so try it at your own risk.

(via TeknoGods)

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  • kenz

    can i use this way to play SS Second Ecounter?? i wanna play multiplayer lan.. thanks..

  • Anders

    Should I be worried that my computer freezes and tries everything to remove the .exe file?

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      It’s a false positive. Anyway, upload the file to and see how it goes. Few antivirus mark the file as malicious.

  • me

    my virusscanner reports trojan on both the DLL as the exe file so no thank

  • Tobbe

    When my friend is trying to extract the Teknogods_samhd.exe file it stops at 4% and doesnt extract.. someone knows the problem? would be great help

  • Zawad Iftikhar

    Did you extract all the files into Serious Sam HD installation directory ?

  • WizzY

    Please help me!!!!
    While extracting the “TeknoGods_SamHD.exe” file,I receive this uncommon error wich stated:Windows can not open C:/…..TeknoGods_SamHD.exe.Make sure you type the name correctly and use the search program……..

  • SolutionMan

    To play coop make sure:

    1. Server can PING clients and clients can PING server.

    2. You downloaded “Teknogods loader” and you unzipped it into the “bin” folder of the game.

    Now, you have these options to connect each other:

    A. Use TUNNGLE (it hardly fails).

    B. Use HAMACHI (make sure Hamachi connection is above the rest, the first one).

    C. Use LAN (offline). Successfully connected using Windows 7 as server. Not success at all using Windows XP 64-bit as server.

    Launch the game in every machine using “TeknoGods_SamHD.exe”.

  • friend

    Hello! please help me,i downloaded TeknoSam1.0 we both have installed hamachi programm, i create in there network, my friend connected to me, i write i shortcut my hamachi ip, and friend try to wright first his ip, after don’t work my IP.. but he canno’t see the game.. I create server, but he don’t see it.. why? what we done wrong

  • Leonardo D.

    I have everything installed properly, but when I try to connect to a game of SS HD it says i got disconnected by host no slot available. and there’s more than one game i clicked and same result.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      make sure your Windows/system32/drivers/ is not set to read only, see if that helps.

  • Zawad Iftikhar

    Now you still cant start the game or just start the game but somehow can’t connect to your friend.
    Use tunngle why because its simple. How you can play Serious Sam HD over there is pretty self explanatory.But still:
    -Install the patch files
    -Install Tunngle
    -Go to Shooters category
    -Join the game channel
    -Start the game via TeknoGods Loader..

    I hope it solves all your issues.

  • Zawad Iftikhar

    For Windows Make sure your C:/Windows/system32/drivers/ is not set to read only.

  • Zawad Iftikhar

    Now to play Serious Sam HD cooperative using TeknoGods leader, always start the game using shortcut.

    Create a shortcut and add this in the target box “X:\SeriousSam HD\“TeknoGods_SamHD.exe” –ip=”myhamachiIP”. or alternatively Tunngle IP…

    Generic: Drive:\GameFolder\TeknoGods_SamHD.exe -ip=”hamachiIP”.

    Now start the game with this shortcut.

  • Zawad Iftikhar

    If you are using Skidrow version do this:
    – install skidrow release

    – copy over crack from skidrow image

    – download crackfix from skidrow copy that one over too

    – download SS HD TEKNOGODS COOP LOADER and put it into your BIN dir…


    – now start SS HD with the TEKNOGODS SAM HD LOADER in your BIN DIR…


    C2D Intel e4600 2.4ghz
    3gb RAM
    Windows XP home edition (SP3)

    -Every time I start running the “TeknoGods_SamHD.exe”, I get an error message.

    AppName: samhd.exe
    ModName: samhd.exe
    Offset: 000a41f5

    However, in the small DOS window that comes up when you run the exe, it doesn’t note any unexpected errors. Please help.

  • Anonymous

    Im not sure, is there a specific order I run the TeknoGods_SamHD, and SamHD?

  • Anonymous

    I\’m using Skidrow, and I launch the game manually, going in a running \"SamHD.exe.\" I\’ve also tried \"SeriousLauncher.exe,\" however, Cooperative doesn\’t change to \"TeknoGods Cooperative\" like it should be?

    I use Windows 7.

    • saint-nobody

      Hey, just a question… could you perhaps help me get the crack? I got a skidrow crack but Im not sure its right, Ive copied the files into the bin, and i get into the menu, but as soon as I begin a game it kicks me out with an error regarding texture files not found… something like that… any help on getting a working game?

      I get pi**ed off with this steam crap, I baught an origanal copy of the game, and yet I dont have internet at home, so I need a crack desperately please

      can email me at my gmail, my email account is shea7993

  • Anonymous

    Where exactly is TeknoGods Cooperative?
    I put the two files in, ran the exe, and it brought up a DOS window. What exactly do I do from here?
    I loaded up my game, and went to cooperative, still requires a Steam connection.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Which version of the game u are using ? Skidrow ? and are starting the game using shortcut or plain straight ?